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Scott Olsen: Iraq Vet in ‘Critical Condition,’ Occupy Oakland Vigil

International Business Times [1]
October 27, 2011

Scott Olsen, a 24-year-old Iraq war veteran, is in critical condition after his skull was fractured by a police projectile while marching in Occupy Oakland protests on Oct. 25.

Olsen, a former Marine Corps corporal and Wisconsin native, served two tours in Iraq before joining Iraq Veterans Against the War. Olsen was shot in the face by an unidentified police projectile while he and other Occupy Oakland protestors were marching towards City Hall. Police armed with riot gear met the demonstrators, who were attempting to “retake” Ogawa Plaza.

Although the object that hit Olsen in the head is still unknown, it appears to have been a teargas canister, part of several rounds of teargas deployed by Oakland PD last night. Dottie Guy, Bay Area chapter president of Iraq Veterans Against the War, said Olsen is stable but still in critical condition, and doctors at Highland Hospital are considering surgery. “It’s still too early to tell,” Guy said. “We’re hoping for the best.”

Following news of the Iraq veteran’s injuries, Occupy Oakland organizers have announced their plans for a peaceful vigil in his honor, The Los Angeles Times reports. The vigil will coincide with a second march and demonstration by Occupy Oakland protestors, who are determined to reclaim the occupied camp they lost to police in the Oct. 25 raid.

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