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Seattle’s New Ban on Plastic Bags ‘Pushes People to Less Environmentally Friendly Options’

Elizabeth Harrington
CNS News [1]
December 22, 2011

A move by the Seattle City Council earlier this week to ban plastic bags and levy a five-cent tax on paper bags at retail outlets will push consumers to “more resource-intensive alternatives,” and will actually harm the very environment the ban seeks to protect, a leading plastics manufacturer and a major conservative group say.

“Moving consumers away from plastic bags only pushes people to less environmentally friendly options such as paper bags, which require more energy to produce and transport, and re-usable bags, which are not recyclable,” said Mark Daniels, vice president of sustainability & environmental policy at Hilex Poly, which manufactures plastic bags.

The Seattle City Council unanimously voted 9-0 on Monday to ban single-use plastic bags to “protect marine wildlife,” and charge 5 cents per paper bag, with the money going to retailers.

Council members argue that 292 million plastic bags are used in Seattle annually, “too many” of which “end up in Puget Sound where they do not biodegrade.”

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