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Second German soldier arrested over ‘false flag’ plot to assassinate left-wing politicians in terror attack

London Independent [1]
May 10, 2017

A second soldier has been arrested for allegedly planning a “false flag” terror attack  [2]to be blamed on refugees in Germany amid fears of a wider neo-Nazi network [3] within the army.

The plot was exposed with the arrest of a German lieutenant, Franco A, who was found to be posing as a Syrian refugee in order to carry out a shooting attack targeting left-wing politicians.

One of his friends at Illkirch-Graffenstaden barracks in France has now been detained for allegedly covering for the soldier’s absences as he periodically returned to Bavaria to continue the ruse.

Maximilian T, a 27-year-old German national, was also a member of Jägerbataillon 291 and was arrested on Tuesday after being questioned by military intelligence officers.

He had joined his friend on a trip to Vienna in January – supposedly for an officers’ ball – where Franco A stashed an unregistered gun to be used in the attack at the city’s main airport.

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