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Secret CCTV cameras fitted INSIDE people’s homes to spy on neighbours outside

Daily Mail [1]
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FLASHBACK: UK Government To Install Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes [2]

CCTV cameras are being fitted inside family homes by council ‘snoopers’ to spy on neighbours in the street outside, it was revealed today.

The £1,000 security cameras have been placed inside properties but are trained on the streets to gather evidence of anti-social behaviour.

Each device is linked to a laptop computer and accessible online by police and council officials 24 hours a day.



But the trial inside two homes by Croydon council in south London has sparked new fears about invasion of privacy and Britain’s ‘surveillance society’.

And critics said the extra surveillance was only needed because police had failed to tackle the problem.

A council spokesman said the cameras would allow the authorities to respond quickly to anti-social behaviour and gather evidence for criminal prosecutions.

Full story here. [1]