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Secret Service called in as Twitter users demand ‘a bullet to Barack Obama’s head’ over historic healthcare victory

David Gardner
UK Daily Mail [1]
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The bitter backlash against President Barack Obama’s sweeping health reforms has begun.

The Secret Service has been called in to investigate assassination threats against the president on Twitter as angry Americans made their stand against the reforms, which have been likened to civil rights legislation for the 21st century.

‘ASSASSINATION! America, we survived the Assassinations and Lincoln & Kennedy. We’ll surely get over a bullet to Barrack Obama’s head,’ wrote one user who identified himself as ‘authentic African American’ and conservative blogger Solly Forrell.

Shortly after, Forrell posted a message that actively called for someone with ‘a clear shot’ to kill Mr Obama.

‘The next American with a Clear Shot should drop Obama like a bad habit. 4get Blacks or his claims to b[e] Black. Turn on Barack Obama,’ he wrote.

Another user, identified by ABC News as Jay Martin, wrote: ‘You Should be Assassinated!! @Barack Obama.’

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