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Breitbart | The FBI had wiretapped President Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort before and after the election, contrary to what former FBI Director James Comey suggested earlier this year.

John Whitehead | You want to be free? Break out of the circle.

Information Liberation | This is the type of top-notch commentary and analysis you can only get from The New York Times.

Michael Snyder | In the end, it is a battle that we cannot afford to lose.

PJ Media | A long, long time ago, Democrats had a lot of fun with signs. They posted them everywhere — on drinking fountains, in restaurants, in clothing stores, you name it.

Zero Hedge | The US is “witnessing a battle between authoritarian groups in America”.

Michael Snyder | All sorts of sensationalist claims are being made about what is going to happen on September 23rd, and all of them are false.

Information Liberation | Republican author Ann Coulter said Thursday that contrary to media reports, she is “on the Trump Train” — it’s Donald Trump who has gotten off.

Piers Morgan | Now get over it and give the rest of us a break.

Breitbart | Beatles legend Ringo Starr has said he supports Brexit because “to be in control of your country is a good move”.

Daily Caller | I’m glad Hillary Clinton isn’t president, and I enjoy the despair of the poor souls who think she should be.

Mac Slavo | The death of free speech is imminent.

Louder With Crowder | Leftist thought (if that’s what you’d call it) is a labyrinthian mish-mash of kooky ideas.

Campus Reform | “Every other medical specialty feels free…to speak out about public figures because it is a public service.”

Truth Revolt | The illiteracy is stunning.

Newsbusters | The broadcast network evening newscasts remain as hostile as ever.

Louder With Crowder | It’s funny how as soon as the extreme left finds out a celebrity has a different opinion than them, they go bananas and try to destroy them.

Truth Revolt | “Talking seriously about Nazis is part of the new normal.” Because the media, not Nazis, made it that way.

Daily Caller | Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played fast and loose with the facts on Sunday in an attempt to defend her infamous “deplorables” remark.

Breitbart | Scottish Television has aired a programme about the racist murder of white schoolboy Kriss Donald.

Michael Snyder | Two major hurricanes, unprecedented earthquake swarms and wildfires roaring out of control all over the northwest United States – what else will go wrong next?

Theodore Dalrymple | The threat of barbarism and mob rule.

Robert Spencer | As Sharia continues to descend over the Internet.

Brandon Smith | The goal of the establishment is to use extreme leftist groups like a short stick to prod the real tiger — conservative movements.

Truth Revolt | Suicide by virtue signalling.

Michael Snyder | Irma is not just another hurricane – it is a history making storm that is going to cause up to a quarter of a trillion dollars in damage once it makes landfall in the United States.

Westmonster | European culture is under threat due to mass immigration – that’s according to Paul Joseph Watson, Editor of InfoWars.

Dilbert | You can’t predict the future by looking at today’s weather, even when the weather is setting records.

Michael Snyder | Somebody really needs to be fact checking the so-called “fact checkers”.

Breitbart | “hysterical lecturing”.

Dilbert | You might have heard that North Korea and the United States are not getting along.

Michael Snyder | This is not just another storm.

Twitchy | Umm, really DUDE?

Gatestone Institute | In the current crisis, governments, NGOs, charities and the media have all embraced migrants in the millions, and welcomed them with open arms.

Michael Snyder | Americans are increasingly embracing socialism, and this is particularly true for young adults under the age of 30.

PJ Media | Unknown hackers may have dropped private and sensitive information on several members of President Trump’s inner circle onto an open source forum called Hastebin.

Mac Slavo | While many in the United States firmly believe that the government just isn’t working, it is.

Louder With Crowder | We bring you yet another dramatic story of terrible feminism.

Daily Caller | A federal judge ordered the FBI Thursday to publicly release previously unseen documents related to the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

SHTFplan.com | As with most terrible events, the destruction brought on by Hurricane Harvey has a silver lining.

American Mirror | “Stand with me! Stand for … social justice for all.”

Michael Snyder | It is now being estimated that the total amount of economic damage caused by Hurricane Harvey will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 190 billion dollars.

Washington Free Beacon | Media blame man-made climate change for Hurricane Harvey.

A dose of Theodore Dalrymple | The terrible deterioration in the character of the English.

Michael Krieger | “To love Google, you have to be a little bit of a monarchist, you have to have faith in the way people traditionally felt about the king.”

Truth Revolt | This is the only time you’ll hear the truth on CNN.

Daily Caller | Numerous journalists are worried sick that President Donald Trump incited violence against them during his raucous rally in Phoenix last week.

Louder With Crowder | College campuses are hardly a breeding ground for independent thinkers.

Truth Revolt | “I always like picking fights.”

Breitbart | Americans help each other survive through the worst of circumstances.

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