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Free Beacon | ‘This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like’

Mac Slavo | The censorship seemed to have cooled off, but only for a moment.

Fans of Theodore Dalrymple | Dalrymple notes that those British legislators who agitated most vociferously for Brexit declined, when the time came, to carry out the policy.

The Last Refuge | President Donald Trump is THE disruptor.

Daily Mail | Study concluded that as societies get bigger, religions become more ‘moralistic’.

Breitbart | The London Fire Brigade has attacked Peppa Pig, the cartoon famous with little children the world over, for referring to one of the female characters as being dressed as a “fireman.”

Mediaite | President Donald Trump regularly denounces CNN as “fake news,” but this afternoon he touted a poll released by the network this week showing a notable positive result for him.

The Daily Caller | A majority of New York State voters, according to a newly released Siena College poll, overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigrants receiving driver’s licenses.

The Gatestone Institute | Three crises in three continents: Iran in Asia, Algeria in Africa and Venezuela in Latin America. Do they have anything in common?

Fans of Theodore Dalrymple | The EU has successfully united the vested interests of the European political class.

Michael Snyder | One record breaking disaster after another has been hitting America in recent months. 

Newsbusters | Throughout the morning on Friday, CNN repeatedly tied the mosque shooting in New Zealand to President Trump.

Nafeez Ahmed | Meanwhile, the bulk of the NSA’s surveillance and “offensive” information warfare capabilities remain completely unknown…

Information Liberation | The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart released a column on Wednesday suggesting the only reason Tucker Carlson is anti-war is because he’s a “bigot” who believes Iraqis and Afghans are “too barbaric to subjugate.”

Information Liberation | James Damore of Google diversity memo fame tweeted this gem out on Thursday…

Free Beacon | Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D., N.Y.) short but busy stint on the national stage has certainly been full of colorful comments.

Vlad Tepes | An excellent example of the extent to which the modern West has succumbed to Soviet style thought. Reality is made illegal where it conflicts with Neo-Marxist ideology such as biological reality of sexual dimorphism.

Michael Snyder | A lot of Americans are mocking Venezuela right now, but the truth is that what has happened to them could also happen to us very easily. 

Breitbart | President Donald Trump pointed to media bias against first lady Melania Trump on Monday, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

Free Beacon | The wheels have been coming off for Donald Trump, his campaign, and his presidency since he officially arrived on the political scene in 2015.

Michael Snyder | If this sort of extreme censorship continues, pretty soon anybody that has anything even remotely important or interesting to say will be completely banned by Facebook.

The Last Refuge | Fox News host Tucker Carlson is the latest target for the leftist horde.

Newsbusters | Stelter reveled in the controversies surrounding two opinion hosts to the point that he wondered why their straight news anchors aren’t quitting in mass protest.

Michael Snyder | Hopefully we can find our way back, because the path that we are currently on doesn’t lead anywhere good.

The Daily Caller | A dark money group with links to several high-profile liberal activists contributed $2 million to The Democracy Integrity Project.

Newsbusters | Tucker Carlson reminded viewers Thursday night of why his colleagues were the bigger people.

Fans of Theodore Dalrymple | Technical sophistication has been accompanied by mass incompetence in the art of living.

Mark Angelides | The tentacles of the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels threaten to unravel British democracy.

Breitbart | Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, President Trump is abandoning his prior “America First” legal immigration reforms to support increases of legal immigration levels in order to expand profits for businesses and corporations.

Daily Caller | Tucker Carlson promptly shut down Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo after he asserted that the Fox News host’s argument was racist, during a Wednesday debate about the southern border on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

PJ Media | How long will it be before Hamas-linked CAIR starts demanding that books that criticize jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others also be dropped by Amazon?

Newsbusters | “If that flag could tweet,” did it “say #MeToo”?

Washington Examiner | President Trump’s campaign promise to “take back the country we love,” once deemed racist by Democratic sympathizers, is now finding its way back into mainstream acceptance as Democrats hope to win the White House in 2020.

Mike Shedlock | Looking for a reason for the upsurge in radical socialism, don’t blame Trump, blame the Fed.

Daily Caller | A group of conservative street artists reportedly erected an anti-CNN billboard Friday directly across the street from the network’s office building in Hollywood.

Bloomberg | Only 25 percent of respondents ranked “socialist” as a desirable trait for a candidate.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton still really believes she’s the “legitimate” president of the United States.

Michael Snyder | Denver International Airport has just installed a brand new animatronic talking gargoyle statue that is making fun of the “conspiracy theories” about the airport. 

Newsbusters | Two ghastly pieces recently published at The Independent, a British newspaper that no longer has a print edition, provided further depressing proof that the journalistic left is no defender of free speech.

Washington Examiner | Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., floated the idea of dramatically changing the way the House works.

Information Liberation | British activist Tommy Robinson spoke out on Thursday after being banned from Facebook and Instagram and having his book criticizing Islam banned from Amazon.

AntoniusAquinas.com | Until it is realized that the Constitution is an impediment to rolling back the American Leviathan, there will be little progress in the fight for individual liberty and economic progress.

Zero Hedge | CNN has been accused of ambushing Bernie Sanders.

Breitbart | This is a terrible day for freedom of speech.

Newsbusters | Two abortion-related stories in the New York Times revealed the paper’s hostility to the pro-life movement.

The American Institute for Economic Research | Thirty-five percent of Americans put that concern above all others.

John Whitehead | Big Brother wants you.

Free Beacon | ‘Just following orders is no more an excuse today than it was back in Germany.’

PJ Media | YouTube last week deplatformed a YouTube channel that specialized in exposing Stolen Valor cases. 

Free Beacon | Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) ignored a question Monday at CNN’s town hall about whether the U.S. would become a “socialist country” under his hypothetical presidency.

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