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Twitchy | CNN’s Brian Stelter is the Energizer Bunny of armchair Resistance media amateur psychiatrists when it comes to President Trump.

Prison Planet.com | Here is what’s really going down in Merkel’s utopia.

Louder With Crowder | Wrestling fans, generally speaking, at least still have our sense of humor.

Free Beacon | “I’m virtually certain if it was a Donald Trump-related question you would get like 10 percent that would be like ‘Donald Trump has the power to do whatever he wants, including kill my parents.'”

Breitbart | Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe contrasted the news media’s treatment of his organization’s undercover video investigations with that of former White House aide Omarosa Maginault-Newman’s secretly recorded audio.

Newsbusters | The former spook is now an NBC News analyst, so the network didn’t take too kindly to their guy losing the mighty privilege he was granted.

Louder With Crowder | Maybe I would care about Omarosa if there weren’t already seventy Trump “scandals” you’ve tried making me care about.

Daisy Luther | Extremists with ties to Northern Africa seem to be waging a war, but you won’t hear this from the media or the respective governments.

Media Guido | The left are hard-wired to “no platform” people.

Ron Paul | Are President Trump’s senior cabinet members working against him?

Newsbusters | The paper’s hypocrisy and left-wing double standards on racism are all too apparent.

The Daily Sheeple | When the Soviet regime exiled Sakharov in 1980, everybody assumed the USSR was permanent and impregnable to collapse.

The Guardian | Hundreds of well-intentioned campaigners, commentators and even journalists are celebrating the public hanging of Infowars – but this style of execution benefits no one.

Mises Institute | The de-platforming of Alex Jones and InfoWars is a subject that has a number of layers to it.

Information Liberation | “In some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore,” Ingraham said.

RT | This is the beginning of the normalization of internet censorship.

Brandon Smith | The key to understanding leftists resides in their inclination toward collectivism as a means of protection and power. To put it more bluntly, leftists love and embrace the mob mentality.

The Ralph Retort | Siraj Wahhaj, 40, is one of the men who has been arrested and charged with 11 counts of felony child abuse. However, that’s not his only crime.

Glen Ford | Facebook has assumed additional political police powers.

The Daily Caller | The radical leftist group Antifa is nominally against fascism, but their violent riots over the past three years and their Sunday attack on a Marine Corps recruiting office show otherwise.

Mac Slavo | The banning of Alex Jones’ YouTube channel has just set a dangerous precedent for free speech. 

Louder With Crowder | All Don Lemon did was prove Trump’s initial point: Don Lemon really is a stupid ass. He’s just too stupid to realize it.

Patrick Buchanan | What happens after Trump? Who and what comes next?

The Daily Caller | A Florida back to school event could have made tragic headlines on Saturday if not for the presence — and quick thinking — of a good guy with a legal license to carry a firearm.

Thomas Paul Wiederholen | As the “largest gateway” for migrants now entering Europe, Spain has a particularly great responsibility to wake up to and deal with reality.

Prison Planet.com | New York Times writer Sarah Jeong’s racist tweets surface and show that the left thinks it’s impossible to be racist to white people.

Louder With Crowder | Normally it would be shocking, or maybe it’s “shocking” to hear that a Senate candidate said they want to drag their opponent by the hair.

Brandon Smith | The past two years have seen a rather aggressive change in corporate policies toward the very customers they used to covet.

Information Liberation | Politico reporter Marc Caputo let it slip what he really thinks about supporters of President Donald Trump.

Twitchy | The interview’s on Facebook, and they’re very serious about policing for fake news, so …

Information Liberation | President Trump brought the house down Tuesday in Tampa, Florida.

Louder With Crowder | “I have nothing bad to say about the president. He has done something amazing.”

Newsbusters | On Monday afternoon, CNN went into full-blown panic mode.

Information Liberation | PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel discussed his support for President Donald Trump in an interview released Sunday.

Robert Gore | Strike while the iron is hot.

Brandon Smith | There is a disconnect within the liberty movement over the notion of where to find the root source of globalism.

Newsbusters | All three networks on Tuesday and Wednesday ignored a blockbuster Second Amendment ruling to come out of the usually liberal Ninth Circuit.

Michael Snyder | In 2018, we have seen an unprecedented crackdown on anti-establishment voices on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Newsbusters | The New York Daily News announced on Tuesday that the tabloid-style newspaper is to “fundamentally restructure” its focus on “its digital audience.”

Michael Snyder | I wish that I had different numbers to share with you, but I don’t.

Newsbusters | During the 18 months of the Trump presidency, immigration has received more airtime on the three broadcast evening news shows than any other policy topic.

Mac Slavo | Twitter is continuing their campaign of censorship of conservatives.

Information Liberation | Whoops.

Kai Weiss | It’s finally over: the flood of e-mails that every single human being who possesses an inbox has received in the last few weeks thanks to the new data protection rules by the EU.

The Independent | Previous research suggests those with right-leaning political beliefs boast greater life satisfaction.

Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock | The amount of venom on Trump over this is staggering.

Breitbart | Coulter said the reaction to the summit is similar to that of the screeching reaction to the constitutional travel ban.

Newsbusters | President Trump was set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, and the liberal media were in full campaign mode as they pushed speculation the President was a Russian agent meeting with his handler.

Piers Morgan | Isn’t that what ALL politicians are supposed to do?

Fans of Theodore Dalrymple | Does a country get the leaders that it deserves? asks Dalrymple.

Pathological Altruism See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

The Absolute State of the UK Right Now See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

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