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Paul Joseph Watson | Woke morons are eating their own once again.

Zero Hedge | Ron Paul is not too impressed with the ongoing impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the US Senate.

Michael Snyder | A lot of researchers are now pointing out some really odd “coincidences” regarding this outbreak. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Yes, really.

Sputnik | Some call Jordan Peterson the most original thinker alive, others call him a guru, and still others a fascist.

Moonbattery | Because moonbattery is all-encompassing, it dictates even the clothes we wear — or at least the clothes fashion models wear.

Information Liberation | Her trans child was introduced to sex toy by trans friend’s mother.

Sharyl Attkisson | It is a dangerous practice: Government, corporations, universities, news outlets and “experts” curating our information so that we cannot access, see or believe that which they determine we should not access, see or believe.

Paul Joseph Watson | Orwell rolls in his grave; Newspeak dictionary 2020.

Israel National News | The alternative to demographic irrelevance due to the death of the family and a negligible birth rate, is mass immigration. And Europe embraced it.

Michael Snyder | As the death toll rises, so will the level of fear, and doctors are going to have very little that they can offer to those that become infected.

Campus Reform | “I am convinced that our diversity efforts are entering a dangerous phase.”

Paul Joseph Watson | You can’t stop progress!

Paul Joseph Watson | How dare he?

Breitbart | A black Second Amendment supporter at the January 20, 2020, rally pulled back the covers on the establishment media’s attempts to paint pro-gun Virginians as “nothing but white rednecks.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?”

Breitbart | The vehemently anti-Trump star was in a relatively restrained mood, stopping short of calling out the president by name.

Mac Slavo | Democrats, who’ve just taken over control of the Virginia legislature following the November 2019 elections, are set to pass a slate of gun control bills backed by comrade Northam.

Michael Snyder | Does life after death really exist? 

Tech Lapse | The relationship between the US and China has never been the healthiest.

Paul Joseph Watson | Checkmate, bigots.

Fans of Theodore Dalrymple | Sir Roger Scruton, writes Dalrymple, swam against the tide.

Moonbattery | Modern society has willfully descended to depths of sin and depravity not seen since Sodom and Gomorrah.

SchiffGold.com | The dollar is eventually going to collapse.

Sputnik | Rapper Cardi B has been showing an increasing interest in politics of late, floating the idea of becoming a politician in a series of tweets on Sunday, 12 January.

National File | CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan shared his doubts that those posting an article mocking Democrats knew that they were sharing satire.

Information Liberation | President Trump’s campaign is now recycling old Bush memes from 2004 to attack his opponents as terrorist sympathizers for advocating the same policies he himself ran on in 2016.

Michael Snyder | “Blue moons” don’t come along very often, and many are wondering if the “blue moon” that we will witness just 3 days before the presidential election in November is significant in some way. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Large news outlets characterized demonstration as an attack on children.

Campus Reform | An Arizona State University Professor has called for Twitter to shut down President Donald Trump’s account to combat hate speech online.

National File | They’ve been using their technique for 50,000 years.

Fox News | The regime “is in its most fragile and precarious time probably since 1979.”

moonbattery.com | “Mainstream” media propagandists hold to their narrative like shipwrecked rats clinging to flotsam.

National File | Tucker’s reporting may have prevented a ground invasion of Iran.

Michael Snyder | Any escalation of this conflict at this point has the potential to spark World War 3.

Breitbart | A forthcoming bombshell book from publishing giant HarperCollins will reveal how five members of Joe Biden’s family—the “Biden Five”—siphoned tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer cash and guaranteed loans.

Paul Joseph Watson | 52 per cent believe he was murdered.

National File | Tuesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” dwarfed the competition as news broke of possible conflict with Iran.

Mediaite | New York Times columnist Paul Krugman claimed on Twitter Wednesday that a hacker is attempting to use his IP address to “download child pornography.”

Michael Snyder | It certainly didn’t take long for the missiles to start flying. 

Zero Hedge | “Was the United States really moving to remove its remaining troops from Iraq? Nobody seemed to know.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Lays out details of how it could be successfully bombed.

American Mirror | It was only the best for slain Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani when his country’s religious leaders escorted what was left of his body home for a show funeral today.

Michael Snyder | Whether you want it or not, the war with Iran has already begun.

Mike Adams | The 2020s may one day be called the “decade of insanity,” given all the insane things believed by a surprisingly large number of people.

Michael Snyder | We are going to see even worse disasters in the months and years ahead, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it from happening.

Daily Caller | The New York Times claimed that a video shared Thursday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showing Iraqi people celebrating Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani’s death is “misleading” despite the video being “authentic.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Also slams ‘woke’ virtue signaling.

Campus Reform | “humanity is not ‘man,’ nor is it a ‘he.'”

Breitbart | The unnamed McCain staff member is known to be David J. Kramer.

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