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Michael Snyder | Anyone that believes that they know exactly what will happen on the night of the election and beyond is probably in for quite a surprise.

Michael Snyder | No matter which side you are on, we should all be able to agree that any voting method that disenfranchises a million U.S. voters is a bad voting method.

National File | NBC News offered a particularly nuanced take on today’s announcement by the FBI.

Paul Joseph Watson | Dr Zhao Yongchen responds to accusations of human rights abuses against Uighur population.

Steve Watson | Oops, I accidentally masturbated. Said no-one, ever.

Information Liberation | The FBI declined to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation into the laptop or the emails, as is standard practice.

Michael Snyder | It will be fascinating to see how the race evolves over these last two weeks.

Information Liberation | This opens the door to even more voter fraud and aids Democrats plot to stage a Color Revolution.

Michael Snyder | Joe Biden will not concede no matter how large the lead looks, and his campaign will be counting on the mail-in ballots to put him over the top.

Zero Hedge | Steve Bannon is master of ceremonies for this October surprise.

Michael Snyder | We all remember the rioting that we witnessed earlier this year, and many believe that what is ahead could be far, far worse.

Breitbart | “Lock up the Bidens. Lock up Hillary. Lock them up.”

National File | ‘2.5 million “Diversity Built Britain” 50p coins will enter into circulation’.

National File | The University of Minnesota offers a course for credit that centers on a ‘12-Step Program’ titled ‘Recovery from White Conditioning,’ focused on helping people recover from Whiteness.

Paul Joseph Watson | Enforcing “social justice in gaming” by tattling on your private conversations.

Michael Snyder | They may think that they are “saving America”, but the truth is that they are actually killing it.

National File | “I prefer this outcome as opposed to getting shot jogging in the morning”

Information Liberation | “He’s always been a corrupt politician. Disgraceful!”

Information Liberation | The statue, which they’re calling the second “Nightmare Elk,” is a giant pile of trash.

Michael Snyder| When you vote in person, there is much less of a chance that your ballot will end up in a dumpster somewhere.

Charles Hugh Smith | And so we face the ultimate irony: ‘bailing-out-everything’ destroys the entire rotten system.

Information Liberation | We should all celebrate this champion of diversity for bringing rich vibrancy to once-monochrome populations!

Paul Joseph Watson | Other students allowed to wear their religious symbols.

Michael Snyder | The Trump campaign has pointed out that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was using the slogan long before Biden ever did…

Caitlin Johnstone | Twitter has announced the rollout of even more censorship policies in the lead-up to the November US presidential election.

Zero Hedge | “One of alleged plotters, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June.”

National File | “I thought it was very important to show my affection for them, they were standing out there for 24 hours a day… I love the people of this country”.

National File | Pro-Biden partisanship of debate moderators remains heated issue for voters as the November 3 election approaches

Information Liberation | This is all about politics.

National File | Senate Democrats are coming to grips with the reality there is no “silver bullet” they can use to stop the Republican majority from confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.

Steve Watson | Nothing to see here…

RT | The research was done by a team from Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy.

Michael Sndyer | What are Americans that are desperately hungry going to do?

Malcolm Kendrick | Yes, coronavirus is a serious infection for the elderly and vulnerable. But, for just about everyone else, it’s a relatively mild condition with a very low fatality rate. The only thing to fear is our overreaction to it.

National File | A report by the Department of Homeland Security says the primary threat inside the US comes from violent extremists but fails to identify BLM or Antifa as threats.

Paul Joseph Watson | Critical race theory continuing to be taught despite Trump ban.

Paul Joseph Watson | Liberal journalist calls out Twitter for failing to stop disinfo.

Information Liberation | Welcome to the new normal.

Michael Snyder | The bottom line is that if we want to fix America, we have got to fix our families. 

Steve Watson | Deranged.

Michael Snyder | Have you noticed that people don’t treat one another with the same level of respect and civility that they once did? 

Steve Watson | “There is a long and ugly history in this country of presidents not being honest about their health with the American people and doctors being used as part of that cover-up.”

Michael Snyder | The tremendous outpouring of hatred for Trump that we have witnessed over the past several days makes it clear that there will be no healing for America any time soon.

Breitbart | “While not yet out of the woods, the team remains cautiously optimistic.”

Breitbart | “This is more about a person at the top setting the example.”

Information Liberation | How could anyone see the way all the most despicable cretins on the planet hate Trump and his family and not want to vote for him just out of spite?

Steve Watson | CNN wonders who is going to take over as President.

Michael Sndyer | So much is at stake, and right now Republican candidates are behind in the polls in critical races all over the nation.

Paul Joseph Watson | Suggested president should apologize for his wealth.

Zero Hedge | “They have the potential to destroy a lot of value at most companies, both by being a distraction, and by creating internal division.”

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