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The Daily Caller | Only three Democratic senators voted against infanticide Monday when the Senate took a roll call vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Zero Hedge | Be afraid America.

Weasel Zippers | Something you will rarely see, a Hollywood celebrity praising Trump and advocating for first responders with a very impassioned plea.

Breitbart | Pro-gun control Hollywood celebrities attending Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony enjoyed security “similar to when a U.S. president visits” Los Angeles, according to law enforcement.

American Mirror | Chalk one up for the resistance.

Michael Snyder | Humanity never seems to learn. 

Daily Caller | CNN announced Tuesday that they hired a former spokeswoman for Jeff Sessions to serve as a political editor, and the backlash was intense and immediate.

Information Liberation | If we judge by Trump’s past nominations, odds are overwhelming Barr’s just another establishment crony.

Michael Snyder | Do you remember what television news was like before the Fox News Channel came along? 

Mac Slavo | Collapse can be defined as a rapid and enduring loss of population, identity and socio-economic complexity.

Newsbusters | CNN Right Now reacted with what’s become predictable hyperbole, deeming it a sign that America’s in “a constitutional crisis” with a President who committed an “impeachable offense” by meddling in one of those investigations.

Daily Caller | Although the actor and historically frequent Twitter user hasn’t tweeted a single time since the Jan. 29 incident, here is one that hasn’t aged well at all.

Blain’s Morning Porridge | Another fascinating weekend…

Breitbart | Celebrity activist Alyssa Milano is apparently having a hard time believing that Jussie Smollett would actually fake a hate crime attack, wondering who “could be that hurtful.”

Daily Caller | When Jussie Smollett claimed he was assaulted by two men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, many Democratic politicians quickly came to his defense.

Mediaite | “I don’t know why it’s a win for him.”

Michael Snyder | The Republicans are playing checkers while the Democrats are playing chess, and meanwhile our entire country is going down the tubes.

Daily Caller | Obstetrician and GOP Rep. Roger Marshall of Kansas said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that mothers will die as a result of New York state’s late-term abortion law.

Campus Reform | Students “may self-censor or think twice before sending a valentine…”

Michael Snyder | This just shows what can happen when you let crazy people run a state for several decades. 

Newsbusters | President Trump offered another example on Tuesday night of how he’s become quite the troller-in-chief.

Breitbart | Actress Sarah Silverman exploded on President Donald Trump over his criticism of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) in a vulgar social media rant Monday, calling him a “greedy twat” and telling him to “eat shit.”

Prison Planet.com | Singers Joy Villa and Ricky Rebel each wore pro-Trump clothing at the awards ceremony.

Weasel Zippers | He never said he was afraid. But a Democratic representative thinks it’s cool to threaten not only an American citizen but a 16 year old kid.

Campus Reform | “Sometimes you need to take extreme measures to save the environment, but I think this is too extreme.”

Information Liberation | They’re coming for our memes.

Mediaite | “Being a progressive allows you to attack others for the very same sins that you yourself are committing in greater abundance.”

Mac Slavo | Lured in by the lies socialists tell about how great it would be to have government control every aspect of everyone’s lives, Venezuelans are now disgusted with how much they have suffered.

Michael Snyder | For weeks, Americans all over the country have been rattled by extremely loud booming sounds that seem to have no explanation, and they are often accompanied by “mysterious flashes of light”. 

Free Beacon | Democrats often remained seated and avoid applauding.

Michael Snyder | A historic interfaith covenant was signed in the Middle East on Monday.

John Whitehead | These are dangerous times.

Zero Hedge | When Weiss attempted to smear Gabbard by calling her an “Assad Toady,” Rogan didn’t toe the line – asking her “what does that mean?” in reference to the word “Toady.”

Michael Snyder | A shocking new public opinion poll seems to have settled the debate about whether religious people or non-religious people are happier. 

Newsbusters | “My concern, though, about tomorrow night is that he’s going to be used as a political pawn.”

Michael Snyder | Scientists tell us that someday the “Big One” will strike California and large portions of the coastline will plunge into the ocean “almost instantly”. 

Information Liberation | America’s “melting pot” is beginning to boil.

Newsbusters | “The Washington Post is not a serious newspaper.”

The Daily Caller | Tucker Carlson called on Congress to ban smartphones for children during his show Thursday night.

Robert Bridge | When will corporations be forced to live up to the law of the land, especially considering they have in many cases become an actual arm of the government?

Michael Snyder | Mike Pence is the most hated vice-president in modern American history, and mountains of abuse have been heaped upon his wife Karen Pence. 

John Whitehead | The American Police State does not discriminate.

Campus Reform | Actor Rob Lowe defended the Pledge of Allegiance on Wednesday morning.

Michael Snyder | Isn’t it nice to have a press secretary in the White House that is not afraid to speak the truth?  Sarah Sanders has an extremely tough job, and she has done it with dignity and grace. 

Daily Caller | “Some walls aren’t evil at all.”

The Last Refuge | Roger Stone pleaded not guilty today in DC court. Mr. Stone appears on Laura Ingraham to discuss all the recent events.

Newsbusters | On Monday, the White House held its first press briefing in 41 days, a stat passed around the press about how it was the longest span between briefings since cameras were brought in during the Clinton administration. 

Information Liberation | What’s funny about this is the reaction from Hollywood would be more severe if he merely smirked at an Indian person while wearing a MAGA hat.

Campus Reform | “museums, monuments, and formal spaces of incarceration interact to sustain regimes of segregation…”

The Daily Caller | A Catholic bishop apologized Thursday to students the Diocese of Covington prematurely condemned over a video of their confrontation with Nathan Phillips and black supremacists.

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