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Breitbart | Tweets of the destruction showed Heg’s pedestal vandalized with the words “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” scrawled across it.

RT | Protesters were seen torching an American flag during a demonstration in the nation’s capital, not far from the White House, where a crowd erupted into cheers as the banner burned.

Mark Almond | The CIA calls it ‘blowback’, when the unintended consequences of what seemed like a good policy at the time come back to bite you.

National File | Streamer was unsuspectingly praising graffitied mural when mugging occurred.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cartoon probably intended to represent a “trans” parent.

Steve Watson | Erasing history altogether.

Michael Sndyer | Our entire society is in the process of imploding.

Peter Hitchens | My actual existence infuriated them, and possibly so did my refusal to be scared of them.

Zero Hedge | Freemasons, Norwegian salmon and even Bill Gates have been blamed for the latest outbreak in Beijing.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some films affected are little over a decade old.

INAYA FOLARIN IMAN | Britain cannot be reduced to a simplistic narrative of oppression and exploitation in order to justify a wave of cultural vandalism.

National File | Twitter’s top source on the satirical nature of the meme, which Twitter characterizes as “fake,” is none other than CNN itself.

Paul Joseph Watson | Clown world strikes again.

Zero Hedge | UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was involved in a car wreck when a protester ran out in front of the convoy as it departed Westminster on Wednesday.

RT | A splinter group of about a hundred people assembled outside Mayor Wheeler’s residence.

Paul Joseph Watson | Hitchens optics are the best optics.

Paul Joseph Watson | UK cops killed one person of colour in the whole of 2019, and he was a terrorist.

Steve Watson | Hypocrite celebrities can rest safe in their mansions while sending money to mobs elsewhere

Joel B. Pollak| We already see the outlines of that tyranny in the “woke mobs” ushered in by the Black Lives Matter movement. Under the “silence is violence” slogan, they demand public statements of allegiance. Dissent is punished by being “canceled.”

Information Liberation | Shoving old white ladies to the ground was just another day in the city for a thug allowed to freely roam the streets after being arrested over 100 times.

National File | The Centre for Countering Hate wants 10 US-based websites banned from Google AdSense.

Paul Joseph Watson | Never Trumper hack gets owned.

Zero Hedge | Journalists at the Los Angeles Times are upset with how the paper has covered the George Floyd protests – with one black reporter suggesting that the paper’s focus on rampant looting is ‘pandering’ to white people.

National File | A new superhero team has emerged in Antifa-occupied Seattle.

Zero Hedge | It didn’t take long for the woke mobs to target statues of the founding fathers and American Constitutional framers in the past days.

Michael Snyder | The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted every day is rapidly disintegrating, and all that stands between us and complete anarchy is a very narrow blue line.

Breitbart | The Woke Taliban have been chipping away at artistic freedom for three decades, and now the actual death of artistic freedom will be enshrined by the Motion Picture Academy’s new “diversity requirements.”

Breitbart | CHAZ, a six-square block autonomous zone, has clear and precise borders made up of mostly vehicle barriers and various forms of fencing.

Michael Snyder | It turns out that the homeless people grabbed more of the food than they should have, and that created quite a crisis…

National File | Carlson points out the common sense border control measures employed by the newly formed nation in downtown Seattle.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I don’t actually know who he is.”

Breitbart | Celebrities are opening up their checkbooks and PayPal accounts to give money to social justice causes, including Black Lives Matter, in the wake of nationwide protests and riots over the death of George Floyd.

Michael Snyder | In this “autonomous zone”, demonstrators are passing out free food to everyone and they want to show the world that society actually doesn’t need any police.

National File | A Facebook group for mothers opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour was banned.

Steve Watson | Post classified as “hate speech, disinformation, and targeted harassment.”

James Delingpole | Perhaps not since the era of Oliver Cromwell, when Puritans smashed and burned any work of art or architecture they deemed impure, has Britain engaged in such a frenzy of iconoclasm.

Patrick Buchanan | Newly painted in huge yellow letters on 16th Street, just north of the White House, is the slogan: “Defund the Police.”

National File | Pro-BLM white protesters perform virtue signal stunt.

Information Liberation | Regardless of the facts, leftists went crazy on social media and demanded everyone involved be punished (as looters and rioters were being set free).

Steve Watson | Agitator accused of incitement to crime.

Michael Snyder | At least locusts are not eating all of our crops and our population is not on the brink of starvation.

Zero Hedge | Anyone who doesn’t submit to the dominant narrative will be called a heretic, a racist, a white supremacist etc.

Breitbart | “Biggest antifa rally in history.”

Zero Hedge | Soros claims that the Open Society Foundation nor “any other” are funding protests.

Zero Hedge | Six days earlier Frieden tweeted “Gatherings—such as the one at this rural Arkansas church—can be fatal and social distancing life-saving.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Some women tricked into shaving their heads to show “solidarity” with Black Lives Matter.

Paul Joseph Watson | Social distancing Karen praises his own son for attending BLM rally.

Steve Watson | “I choose to call it an insurrection.”

Michael Snyder ” There is going to be more violence, more riots and more police brutality in the days ahead.

Breitbart | The Times’ leadership has scheduled a town hall on Friday to discuss the op-ed with its staff.

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