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Moonbattery | The moonbattery they run on public television is sick, but not the sickest thing to come out of Germany.

Mac Slavo | If ever there was evidence that the media is overreacting and causing unnecessary mass panic amongst the public, it can be seen in Georgia. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Vanessa Hudgens annoyed that restrictions could be in place until July.

Michael Sndyer | Did you ever imagine that you would see the day when police are being called out to protect trucks that are unloading shipments of toilet paper? 

National File | “We know this will be hard for all of you”

Paul Joseph Watson | Fox News host saves America.

National File | Not the wisest business plan in the world.

National File | Viral video in age of Coronavirus.

Paul Joseph Watson | Ignored police warnings not to congregate.

Paul Joseph Watson | “The US might be the source of the virus.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Their highest priority is approval from Beijing.

Mac Slavo | The coronavirus is not “exactly like the flu” although both have similar symptoms. But the differences are important, as are the similarities.

Zero Hedge | The threat of Covid-19 hate crimes across the country is surging this week as Asian Americans in San Gabriel Valley, a region east of Los Angeles, are loading up on weapons as concerns they could be targeted. 

American Mirror | Meghan absolutely slams the royal family to friends, calling them “weird” and stating that her and Prince Harry were right to leave.

Yascha Mounk | People are going to get angry. You will be ridiculed as an extremist or an alarmist. But it is still the right thing to do.

Moonbattery | Coronavirus isn’t the problem.

Michael Snyder | What recourse do we have when our public health officials completely and utterly fail us? 

Mac Slavo | Leaked medical conference documents have warned that hospitals across the United States are preparing for 96 million coronavirus infections. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Says hysteria is being fueled to manipulate financial markets.

Information Liberation | We just have to hope and pray the virus goes away as the weather warms.

Zero Hedge | The grave risks and dangers of a globalized world of interlocking supply chains over the last four decades is starting to be realized as the crash of China’s economy could cost the world $2.7 trillion. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Maza engaged in exact same activity as Levine yet was not punished.

National File | The students ran an account with the handle @irishantifa for nearly four months unnoticed.

Michael Snyder | Jesus specifically warned us that there would be “pestilences” in the end times, and so if we really are approaching the time of His return this is one of the things that we should be watching for. 

National File | Shortly after Mikaela Spielberg announces she self-produces porn videos with her dad’s support, Spielberg was arrested for domestic violence.

National File | “They’re going to get nothing but pure war, because the season of war is now upon us,” Jones said.

Information Liberation | In the wake of Bernie Sanders’ weak performance in the Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday, Reddit announced a new partnership with a mental health crisis hotline to aid redditors feeling “depressed” or “suicidal.”

Michael Snyder | All across the United States people are getting really stressed out about COVID-19. 

Michael Snyder | Has the Federal Reserve finally met an opponent that it won’t be able to defeat? 

Daily Mail | Millennials admit they can not hang a picture or even change a light bulb and tend to turn to Google for help, a survey has found. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Karma.

Paul Joseph Watson | Clown world strikes again.

Zero Hedge | Want to go down a (strictly fact-based) rabbit hole?

Paul Joseph Watson | Leftists still claim it’s not sexual.

Fans of Theodore Dalrymple | A dictatorship of virtue.

Information Liberation | Singer recently has aggressively been pushing the transfer of America’s tech companies to Israel.

National File | National File can confirm exclusively Sunday that Dr. Jackson is indeed facing an investigation.

Paul Joseph Watson | Disgusting.

Paul Joseph Watson | Just what we needed.

Mac Slavo | As masks sell out everywhere, it’s time to understand what they do to help.

Moonbattery | Once Scotland was at the forefront of promoting liberty.

Breitbart | A major survey of the British television industry has found that, contrary to popular belief among “woke” commentators, gay people and ethnic minorities are massively overrepresented.

Paul Joseph Watson | Snopes ‘investigation’ determines it to be “mostly false” despite eerie parallels.

Ron Paul | The deep state Trump is serving by persecuting Assange is the same deep state that continues to plot Trump’s own ouster. Free Assange!

Zero Hedge | “Twenty-one of those were people that I spent $100 million to help elect.”

Paul Joseph Watson | This is where we’re at.

Paul Joseph Watson | Excuses, excuses.

Zero Hedge | “Excessive outbreak prevention measures.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Here we go again.

Paul Joseph Watson | Drag queen had previously uploaded sexually explicit content to Twitter.

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