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Michael Snyder ” There is going to be more violence, more riots and more police brutality in the days ahead.

Breitbart | The Times’ leadership has scheduled a town hall on Friday to discuss the op-ed with its staff.

RT | “Non-violence is an important tool for protests, but so is violence.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Not a great way to use your white privilege.”

Steve Watson | Talking head decrees that white children should be indoctrinated to feel guilt about their skin color.

Zero Hedge | The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that it would resume trials involving hydroxychloroquine after The Lancet issued a major disclaimer over a study which prompted the WHO to halt ongoing trials, according to AFP.

National File | Tis but a scratch!

Paul Joseph Watson | Apparently, the virus can only spread amongst Trump supporters, not Antifa.

Steve Watson | Does not negate the fact that Antifa is actually causing the violence.

Steve Watson | Meanwhile, they’re burning America to the ground.

Michael Snyder | Being a police officer in this environment is one of the hardest jobs in America.

Information Liberation | Found him.

Information Liberation | “Antifa was ran out of town as quickly as they came in.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “It scares me!”

Steve Watson | From the safety of their gated mansions, virtue signallers cry outrage, claim Trump is using military against ‘peaceful protesters’.

Michael Snyder | Now that the economy has collapsed, a deadly pandemic is sweeping the land and riots are breaking out in most of our major cities, hopefully more people will start to listen.

Paul Joseph Watson | “If his own family and blood are not doing it, then why are you?”

Steve Watson | Hundreds of thousands declaring themselves in allegiance with Anarcho-communists.

Michael Sndyer | So much anger was building up all over America during the “good years”, and now this new economic depression is going to make things much, much worse.

Information Liberation | “All these white people, look at them with their guns.”

Ryan McMaken | We hear again and again the myth that law enforcement agencies will provide protection, retrieve stolen property, and keep the peace.

Zero Hedge | CNN spent the last 48 hours suggesting the destruction of private property was a legitimate form of protest, now it’s under attack, its output has changed.

Steve Watson | “We’ve taken action in the interest of preventing others from being inspired to commit violent acts.”

Information Liberation | While making the statement, Frey also acted like he was crying.

Ron Paul Institute | One of the few good things to come out of the government-mandated shutdown is that many parents have started homeschooling their children.

Michael Snyder | So much anger was building up all over America during the “good years”, and now this new economic depression is going to make things much, much worse.

Steve Watson | “Welcome to Accountability Bitch.”

Information Liberation | We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

National File | Vacuums, TVs, clothes stolen from Target as part of protest against police injustice.

Steve Watson | “He had plans to really fight this case.”

Breitbart | Stelter reported that Twitter is considering new “features and policies” to control content in the future.

Information Liberation | “If you’re going to do what you want, im [sic] going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.”

Michael Snyder | If fear of COVID-19 can cause this much chaos for our food distribution systems, what will happen once a much more severe crisis hits us?

Michael Snyder | As the past several months have demonstrated, if you wait until everyone realizes that a full-blown crisis is happening, it may be too late to get what you need.

Steve Watson | Urges that environmental goals “will not happen without a shift in people’s diets.”

Information Liberation | FBI Director Christopher Wray has ordered the FBI to investigate itself over their handing of Michael Flynn’s entrapment.

Information Liberation | KOMO News reported last week that officials in Washington state included deaths from gunshot wounds in their state’s official “COVID-19 death count.”

Zero Hedge | “If it keeps going the way it’s going, I have a chance to break the deep state. It’s a vicious group of people.”

Daily Mail | Falling infection rates since lockdowns were lifted suggest that the virus ‘likely has its own dynamics’.

Paul Joseph Watson | The cringe may finally be over.

Michael Snyder | What we have experienced so far is just the beginning…

Paul Joseph Watson | No TV allowed during worship.

Brandon Smith | Last week the Federal Reserve released a report predicting that the next print on GDP numbers will likely show a loss 34.9% in the second quarter.

Michael Snyder | We are literally committing national suicide in front of the whole world.

Zero Hedge | Over the last couple of weeks, reports of new cases in the province led to officials in Beijing designating the province as “high risk” and imposing a “partial lockdown” be restored a few days ago.

Steve Watson | Eerie 2012 document painted eurocrats as saving the planet from a killer virus and draconian lockdowns.

Michael Snyder | Global food supplies are going to continue to get tighter and tighter, and much worse shortages will eventually happen here in the United States.

Breitbart | “There is business that has to happen.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Keeps customers 6 feet apart.

Steve Watson | Who would have thought that hiding in a basement could lose you an election?

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