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Paul Joseph Watson | We’re losing an entire generation to estrogen takeover.

Steve Watson | Karma in action?

The Hill | While liberals cheered the crackdown, conservatives worried that they’ll be punished next.

Daily Caller | “What’s the point” of an investigation into Sen. Al Franken, CNN’s John Berman asked Friday on New Day about Franken’s alleged sexual assault and harassment against Leeann Tweeden.

Paul Joseph Watson | Sexual assaults have increased since ‘refugee’ influx.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Not actually groping, but mock-groping”.

London Telegraph | “The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done. A full head swap between brain dead organ donors is the next stage”

Breitbart | The race is a virtual tie.

Sputnik | “The Al Frankenstein [Franken] picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words.”

American Mirror | Nancy Pelosi suffered an ill-timed brain freeze on Thursday, just as she was questioning Donald Trump’s “fitness” to serve as president.

Truth Revolt | If you’re known by the company you keep…

Information Liberation | The authenticity of Roy Moore’s signature has been widely questioned.

Paul Joseph Watson | Why are straight men so effeminate these days?

Steve Watson | The headlines emphasize how virulently the media hates Trump.

Paul Joseph Watson | Yet another “male feminist” exposed.

The Hill | A TV host and sports broadcaster on Thursday accused Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) of kissing and groping her without her consent in 2006.

Newsbusters | “Having a child is a major contributor to climate change.”

Paul Joseph Watson | This is not satire.

Zero Hedge | The group alleges killer robots now exist and the bulk of these technological developments are military funded in UK, China, Israel, Russia, and the United States.

Westmonster | ‘It was a legal vote. F***ing get it done and let’s move on.’

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the House of Representatives has paid out $15,000,000 to victims of sexual harassment in recent years?

Mac Slavo | Leftists continue to cry for more restrictions on guns.

Information Liberation | Twitter said they’re going to pull verification check marks from anyone they deem to be “promoting hate,” whether on or off their platform.

Big League Politics | Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times is calling on Twitter to “handle,” or censor, the content.

Kit Daniels | Discovery collaborates with Hillary State Dept. memo supporting jihadis in Syria.

Paul Joseph Watson | What they’re NOT telling you.

Steve Watson | “Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans.”

Zero Hedge | “We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we’ve introduced five articles of impeachment.”

Breitbart | “This is what tyrants have done for years, is sick their people on political opponents.”

WSJ | Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reclaim his Alabama post.

Paul Joseph Watson | “He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible”.

Daily Caller | “Democrats are guilty of apologizing for Clinton when they shouldn’t have.”

Breitbart | The poll gives Moore a six-point advantage over shows Jones by a 49-to-43 percent margin with 8 percent undecided.

Sputnik | The US president has opened a new round in his crusade against CNN after returning from his long tour to the Asia-Pacific.

Information Liberation | The app is rather shockingly accurate.

Daily Sheeple | Perpetrators exposing their genitals, to victims having their private parts grabbed on the House floor.

Adan Salazar | High-demand organs such as brains, hearts, lungs and eyes fetched top dollar.

Paul Joseph Watson | Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Kit Daniels | Country known for appeasing Muslims in every possible way.

Steve Watson | Donors include Rosie O’Donnell.

Newsbusters | Warren wants to marginalize and even silence legitimate pro-life messages, sites, facts, and viewpoints.

CNN | For the first time ever, Barbie will wear a hijab.

CNS News | “It’s amazing. Today we do an op-ed, and suddenly, the Department of Justice has had a come-to-Jesus moment.”

Daily Caller | Trump Jr. invited the public to read his “whopping 3 responses” to WikiLeaks.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Expressions of anxiety or fear” over immigration also hateful.

Breitbart | ‘The Biggest Level of International Political Collusion in History.’

PJ Media | Police recovered nine loaded firearms.

Truth Revolt | Anything goes these days!

Michael Snyder | These things are actually happening in America today.

Paul Joseph Watson | Christopher Langer supported anarchist, Occupy Wall Street groups.

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