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Paul Joseph Watson | Media demonizes conservatives who say the same thing as racists.

Paul Joseph Watson | “This was not a murder.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Who needs borders?

Paul Joseph Watson | Piece called ‘Comedian’ – presumably because the artist is laughing all the way to the bank.

Steve Watson | Every gun control proposal that has failed in the past is included.

Paul Joseph Watson | “They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services.”

Daily Caller | In a Thursday tweet, Turley lamented the fact that his own calls for civil and rational discourse had been tossed aside, giving way to “agitated passions.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Twitter users not buying it.

Breitbart | “Be careful what you wish for.”

Daily Caller | “Where are the black leaders who don’t have three-piece suits, leather jackets and nice clothing?”

Michael Snyder | Nancy Pelosi knows that the Senate will not vote to convict Trump, but that is not what she is after.

Paul Joseph Watson | Trump Derangement Syndrome goes supernova.

Michael Snyder | If we fill kids’ minds with garbage, we shouldn’t be surprised when there are very negative consequences.

Information Liberation | A group of young French-Canadian Catholic men are asking their bishops to teach the traditional faith and give the spiritual leadership they say is essential to combat the nihilistic culture that tempts many to despair.

Daily Mail | Gross opulence, and a bit close to the rising global warming sea, no?

Daily Caller | Democratic Texas Rep. Al Green said Thursday that House Democrats could impeach President Donald Trump multiple times.

Paul Joseph Watson | So much for the tolerant left.

Paul Joseph Watson | Speaker of the House loses it with reporter.

Paul Joseph Watson | Interrogated by police about his views on immigration.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I hope we never have that in Russia.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Who could blame him?

Steve Watson | Violent crime rate has decreased by 48.6 percent in tandem with ownership rise.

Daily Caller | Professor Pamela Karlan offered a qualified apology Wednesday after being called out by First Lady Melania Trump for using Barron Trump’s name during her impeachment testimony.

Breitbart | Bloomberg, who has pledged to end the American coal industry, has for years flown around the world to his multiple million-dollar mansions in the comfort of his own private jets and helicopters.

Information Liberation | If leftist cities can declare themselves to be sanctuaries for illegal aliens in defiance of federal law, right-minded cities can declare themselves sanctuaries for the Second Amendment.

Information Liberation | Carlson mocked her testimony and found some old footage of her pushing the lie of “white male privilege” all the way back in 2006.

Breitbart | The ordinance specifies that snowballs cannot be thrown “at, in or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground or other public place within the city.”

Michael Snyder | If you want to waste your life, a great way to do that is to spend tens of thousands of hours watching television. 

Zero Hedge | “This reporting by the @WSJ is wrong.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Some cultures are better than others.

Paul Joseph Watson | The invasion of the man-babies.

Paul Joseph Watson | Told building had to be closed because toilets were 5cm too small.

Paul Joseph Watson | Leak from inside campaign about wealth confiscation by force.

Steve Watson | This whiny leftist says the holidays are null and void because of Trump.

Breitbart | “I can give them to you. You can take every one you want.”

Zero Hedge | Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson were all caught on a hot mic appearing to ridicule President Trump.

American Mirror | With California Senator Kamala Harris announcing an end to her 2020 presidential campaign on Tuesday, there are now six Democrats who have so far qualified to participate in the next presidential debate.

Information Liberation | If you’re wondering why conservatives have failed to conserve anything, look no further.

Information Liberation | Our ruling oligarchs are clearly in panic mode.

Michael Snyder | Our society is literally in a death spiral, but nobody seems to have a way to stop it.

Breitbart | President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign ribbed Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) after announcing that she is ending her flailing bid for the White House.

Daily Caller | The Department of Homeland Security is proposing a rule that would allow the government to use facial recognition data to identify everyone traveling to and from the country, including U.S. citizens.

Paul Joseph Watson | PredictIt chart proves her downfall began when Hawaii Congresswoman called out her hypocrisy.

Paul Joseph Watson | Another lawsuit coming?

Paul Joseph Watson | Mayor claims he did an excellent job.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Now you know what torture is.”

Steve Watson | Insulted crowd, and said “what you need here is far right comedians”.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I’d have to make up my mind really quickly.”

Sputnik | The photos show the disgraced American financier and the prince dressed in formal clothes while attending the event with Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged mistress Ghislaine Maxwell back in 2000.

Breitbart | Sanders said that the environmental crisis cannot be addressed “unless you deal with the economic crisis at the same time.”

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