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Steve Watson | “If you needed anymore evidence these people hate America.”

Daily Mail | ‘Hotlines’ and ‘online portals’ set up where people can submit tip-offs if lockdown infractions occur.

Breitbart | With her tweet, Clinton is apparently accepting China’s statements about cases and fatalities.

Zero Hedge | The testicles could become a ‘major target’ in a coronavirus infection.

Prison Planet.com | Violent clashes erupted on a bridge between China’s virus-stricken Hubei province and neighbouring Jiangxi province.

Zero Hedge | History shows that emergency powers can be hard to relinquish

Zero Hedge | The risk of large-scale “internet rationings” by European governments could be on the horizon.

Paul Joseph Watson | “It is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Social distancing police state is here.

Steve Watson | Comparable to a 9/11 death toll every day for months.

CNBC | Johnson, 55, said in a video posted to Twitter that he has developed “a temperature and a persistent cough,” and that he would self-isolate at home.

Zero Hedge | His reasoning is that estimates of the virus’s transmissibility are much higher than previously thought.

Michael Snyder | Two weeks ago anyone that would have predicted that the U.S. would be the world leader in confirmed cases by the end of the month would have been relentlessly mocked.

The Last Refuge | Heir Whitmer’s foreboding warnings are in the interest of the State comrades.

American Mirror | Rapaport can attack Trump as much as he wants —the president can handle it— but going after his children crosses the line.

Information Liberation | “Ackman doesn’t seem embarrassed by this in the least.”

National File | Greenland Group shipped supplies of masks, hand sanitizer, and surgical gloves to China.

Zero Hedge | New York City hospitals report “apocalyptic” surge in cases

Paul Joseph Watson | Coronavirus denunciations continue.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some kind of connection here.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some continue to ignore social distancing rules.

Paul Joseph Watson | Not the brightest idea.

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite them adhering to coronavirus lockdown rules.

Paul Joseph Watson | Republicans even added $50 million to the total.

Steve Watson | “It’s lucky that you have this group here for this problem or you wouldn’t even have a country left.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Unable to cope with her world closing in.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Gordon Brown wants new powers for international bodies to deal with outbreak.

Steve Watson | “There will be a reckoning.”

Breitbart | She indicated that the U.S. response, including the actions of the federal government and the public, would prevent the infection rate from reaching dire levels.

Breitbart | According to the mayors, the asylum seekers have been under the impression that the measures announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel this week do not apply to them.

RT | States and cities across the country have imposed lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders in a bid to rein in the virus.

Sputnik | The underground shelter market is going through a period of unprecedented growth.

The Last Refuge | Perhaps we are about to find out what COVID-19 is all about.

Michael Snyder | What we are now witnessing is completely unprecedented. 

Zero Hedge | There are 236 employees of the NYPD who have tested positive for COVID-19, according to numbers provided by the department. Of those, 197 are officers and 39 are civilians.

Zero Hedge | Reports say people are being turned away from hospitals without being tested in order to back the official data.

Paul Joseph Watson | Shout “Allahu Akbar” during night time march.

Paul Joseph Watson | Denunciations in the era of coronavirus.

Paul Joseph Watson | The mask slips.

Steve Watson | Bro, don’t be a covidiot.

Steve Watson | Seventy-one percent think the worst is “still ahead.”

Breitbart | “New York City is definitely a hot spot.”

Breitbart | It also calls on China to pay back all nations affected by coronavirus.

CNBC | Britain’s heir to the throne, Prince Charles, has tested positive for the coronavirus, his London household announced Wednesday.

Zero Hedge | “The easiest way to avoid a visit is to follow the rules.”

Information Liberation | “Please do not panic, unless you plan to eat rats.”

Michael Snyder | It seems odd that so many among the corporate elite would be so exceedingly “lucky” all at the same time. 

Daily Mail | As the UK plunges into a draconian-style lockdown in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, fears for the safety of NHS staff have begun to emerge on social media.

Paul Joseph Watson | One of the most awkward exchanges ever.

Paul Joseph Watson | To prevent domestic abuse.

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