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Reuters | “Right now we are facing an extremely severe public health crisis.”

Zero Hedge | In such a densely populated city, it’d be difficult to imagine a virus with this much infectious potential would spread like wildfire.

Zero Hedge | They determined the first patient had no links to a shady seafood market selling live snakes and bats for human consumption.

Zero Hedge | This despite President Trump’s multiple prior pledges to “bring the troops home” especially related to Syria and Iraq.

NBC News | The Va. lawmaker is heard discussing the conversation in 2016 in “Hillary,” an upcoming documentary.

National File | Huge Winning From The President’s Lawyers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Bat soup is off the menu.

Zero Hedge | There is an ominous possibility that this is actually overly optimistic.

National File | Chinese authorities announce first cured patient discharged from Shanghai.

Prison Planet.com | Tucker Carlson DESTROYS the fraud that is Adam Schiff.

American Mirror | More than twice as optimistic as folks were when Obama, the nation’s first black president, left office.

LBC | Suspects wanted by police or the courts will be on “watchlists”, and if they are spotted by the cameras they will be approached by officers.

Zero Hedge | Some teachers even offer extra credit to students for being able to part with their phones during class. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Eat the bat, bigot.

Steve Watson | Washington residents worried after confirmed case in Seattle; Man treated by ROBOT.

Steve Watson | Government calls emergency COBRA meeting.

Steve Watson | WTF Is This?

Steve Watson | Says “Fate Of The World” Rests on 2020 Election.

Paul Joseph Watson | Fears scale of infection could be 10 times higher than SARS.

Paul Joseph Watson | Woke morons are eating their own once again.

Zero Hedge | Back in Wuhan, the center of the outbreak, conditions are deteriorating rapidly.

American Mirror | “He may speak up, is what we’re hearing.”

National File | The President Is Prepping ‘Tax 2.0’ Plan.

National File | Controversial bill could allow men who have sex with girls under 18 to avoid punishment if they marry their victims.

The Last Refuge | A good reminder of what we can expect when President Trump’s defense team has their first opportunity in five months to defend him. 

Information Liberation | Rural Virginians who are being run over by these cultural imperialists should seriously take a look at seceding and joining West Virginia.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some question if virus was accidentally released.

Paul Joseph Watson | Another clip shows deserted city streets being sprayed.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some cultures are better than others.

Paul Joseph Watson | Yes, really.

Paul Joseph Watson | Mental health check?

Paul Joseph Watson | If Google trends is anything to go by.

Steve Watson | “Corrupt” Press have won Pulitzers for “Russian hoax”.

Breitbart | A total of 50 residents were evacuated from their homes following the blasts.

Breitbart | Fox is a biological male fighting physically weaker females and inflicting life-altering harm.

Zero Hedge | Wuhan, the city at the center of the outbreak, is five times larger than London.

Akkad Daily | If Facebook had the evidence that Tommy called for his followers to “behead” Muslims, they’d produce it.

National File | Law enforcement unable to protect alleged rapist.

Michael Snyder | It looks like this could become a complete and utter public health nightmare very rapidly.

Breitbart | Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on Wednesday that 45 GOP senators are prepared to dismiss the charges against President Trump and effectively end the Senate impeachment trial.

Mac Slavo | The censorship continues, as a George Soros-linked group has joined forces with the mainstream media to ensure climate skeptics are silenced on YouTube. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Spanish flu killed 20-50 million people.

Paul Joseph Watson | Impacts gene that codes for production of oxytocin.

Paul Joseph Watson | Why are the biggest polluters being ignored?

Paul Joseph Watson | Orwell rolls in his grave; Newspeak dictionary 2020.

Paul Joseph Watson | Refused to “use only the words mandated by the perpetually offended.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Newsflash; They’re already not having babies.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I do not want to spread the virus.”

Steve Watson | “Should you do that, tear it down? I don’t know, maybe the answer is yes”

Breitbart | “The situation is alarming.”

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