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RT | Pharmaceutical company remains embroiled in controversy

RT | “They’re finally coming to kill us”

Campus Reform | Bill states “This employee shall have a designated area in order to create a safe space for undocumented students to seek support.”

ZeroHedge First state to make move as businesses struggle to lure workers off the dole

PJ Media | Thousands of illegals pouring into US every day

Information Liberation | Thugs attack motorists in residential neighborhood

National File | Unspecified “security risk to law enforcement data” in officials’ refusal to turn over subpoenaed internet routers to state legislature

Deutsche Welle | Berlin implementing vaccine apartheid

ZeroHedge | City sees 17% jump in homicides from 2020

RT | U. Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation claims 900,000 COVID deaths in US

Steve Watson | “The bomb squad is on the scene at this hour”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Sentiment rises following beheading of teacher.

Paul Joseph Watson | The new normal is a muzzled population.

Steve Watson | Big Tech censorship doesn’t work.

Steve Watson | These people will be in charge if Biden gets elected.

Paul Joseph Watson | Polling firm only one of two to accurately call 2016 election.

Paul Joseph Watson | “What if my store is hot? I’m not allowed to open the door?”

Paul Joseph Watson | Interstate transfers to Melbourne blocked due to corona lockdown restrictions.

Paul Joseph Watson | Dr Zhao Yongchen responds to accusations of human rights abuses against Uighur population.

Steve Watson | How dare people have enough “disposable income to spend on fun”

Steve Watson | Oops, I accidentally masturbated. Said no-one, ever.

Steve Watson | Trump campaign says it’s the “latest attempt to provide advantage to their favored candidate”.

Steve Watson | 79% don’t trust any social media content

Steve Watson | Accuses big tech of “playing god” with US politics

Paul Joseph Watson | The revolution will be…sponsored by giant transnational corporations.

Paul Joseph Watson | Perpetrator still at large.

Paul Joseph Watson | A Biden victory won’t mean the end of Trump.

Steve Watson | The platform has told the Post that access will not be restored until all Hunter Biden coverage is completely deleted.

Paul Joseph Watson | Says he was just suffering from mental illness.

Steve Watson | Sleepy Joe scuttles off with his milkshake.

Steve Watson | “It gives him a feeling of security”

Paul Joseph Watson | The great reset.

Breitbart | “Lock up the Bidens. Lock up Hillary. Lock them up.”

National File | President Trump is slamming his opponent, Joe Biden, in a devastating new campaign ad highlighting his deep ties to Communist China.

National File | NBC News has slated yet another Democrat operative as a presidential debate moderator for the upcoming and final round between President Trump and Joe Biden.

National File | Isabella DeLuca was assaulted while holding a Trump flag.

National File | The Michigan Court of Appeals has reinstated the legislated absentee ballot deadline in a brutal loss for Governor Whitmer and Democrats

National File | ‘2.5 million “Diversity Built Britain” 50p coins will enter into circulation’.

Breitbart | “You have big tech oligarchs declaring war on Donald Trump, on the Republican Party, on conservatives across America.”

National File | Joe Biden was finally forced to respond when confronted by a CBS reporter.

National File | The University of Minnesota offers a course for credit that centers on a ‘12-Step Program’ titled ‘Recovery from White Conditioning,’ focused on helping people recover from Whiteness.

National File | Democrat Mark Kelly was forced to apologize for statements made by his staffer about law enforcement but not before the prevailing sentiment from his campaign was exposed.

RT | Five more people were taken into custody after the raid.

Paul Joseph Watson | Enforcing “social justice in gaming” by tattling on your private conversations.

Paul Joseph Watson | Perfect logic.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Remember how the media would be spinning this if it wasn’t Kamala Harris.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Twitter is now blocking a government website.”

Steve Watson | President slams Facebook and Twitter for censoring massive story

Paul Joseph Watson | Social distancing and mask wearing to become permanent.

Steve Watson | Even CEO Jack Dorsey says the response is “unacceptable”

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