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Paul Joseph Watson | Says Gone With the Wind should be brought back.

Steve Watson | ‘Sleepy’ Joe wants to outlaw “clips that have multiple bullets in them.”

Breitbart | “Some of you are going to get mad at me with this.”

Information Liberation | Yahoo News gets to get millions of hits and tons of ad revenue out of the story regardless of it being a fraud.

Breitbart | “We are desperate — desperate — for more people.”

Moonbattery | A lot of supposedly recyclable garbage is shipped overseas.

Information Liberation | “It was only a matter of time, YouTube finally canceled our channel.”

Michael Snyder | What the Democratic Party has on their hands is a giant mess.

The Epoch Times | The propaganda department in virus-stricken Hubei Province has engaged over 1,600 censors to scrub the internet of “sensitive” information relating to the coronavirus outbreak, according to an internal document obtained by The Epoch Times.

Zero Hedge | Tehran surprised international health authorities yesterday when the Associated Press reported that two Iranians had died in the Iranian city of Qoms after succumbing to COVID-19.

Paul Joseph Watson | Broadcast allows YouTube users to play live audio clips to people who frequent crack alley.

Paul Joseph Watson | “The woman that was in charge of the jury is totally tainted.”

Paul Joseph Watson | One of them tried to kill Scalise and other Republican Congressmen.

Paul Joseph Watson | The mind boggles.

Paul Joseph Watson | Chilling echoes of Soviet realism.

Paul Joseph Watson | He’s also trouncing every Dem opponent in Wisconsin.

Paul Joseph Watson | There was one clear winner.

Steve Watson | “The ones at the top, they were absolute scum.”

Breitbart | “You have to accept some responsibility.”

American Mirror | “Where is your home? Which tax haven do you have your home?”

Information Liberation | Trump would have little to gain from Assange repeating what he already said before.

Information Liberation | Could you imagine denouncing your own supporters to please Megan McCain?

Michael Snyder | Never before in the modern era have we seen so many major threats to global food production emerge simultaneously.

American Mirror | Don’t think America will vote for socialism? Think again.

National File | Jonathan Greenblatt seemed very bothered by Cruz’s statement

Paul Joseph Watson | Anyone for bat soup?

Paul Joseph Watson | Burglaries and violent robberies also see significant spike.

Paul Joseph Watson | LGBT uproar.

Paul Joseph Watson | Good luck with that.

Paul Joseph Watson | What could possibly go wrong?

Steve Watson | “President Obama whispered to the Justice Department about it.”

Breitbart | “This county needs more people than its immigration system is willing to allow.”

Breitbart | Biden promised to expand immigration to the U.S. if elected president.

Zero Hedge | It seems Beijing has taken a page out of the American SJW’s playbook.

National File | Woman twice displeased at identity.

National File | Tax funded public education in Brooklyn New York is teaching minor students heavy duty indoctrination on social political issues.

Michael Snyder | This outbreak is getting worse with each passing day, and we definitely aren’t getting good information about this crisis from the mainstream media.

Breitbart | A study released by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health declares there is no evidence “assault weapon” bans lead to a lower “incidence of fatal mass shootings.”

National File | Where Is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Paul Joseph Watson | You knew it was coming.

Steve Watson | “He had the WEAKEST recovery since the Great Depression.”

Breitbart | “This county needs more people than its immigration system is willing to allow.”

Breitbart | “If you look at where crime takes place, it’s in minority neighborhoods…”

Zero Hedge | The number of people infected outside of the mainland is now accelerating at an alarming pace.

Information Liberation | So-called “assault” weapons/rifles are used in very few crimes.

Information Liberation | You need to kill your baby so Mr. Bloomberg can make few extra thousand bucks!

Michael Snyder | Hold on to your hats, because things are likely to get even crazier in the months ahead.

Sharon Begley | At least 550,000 cases. Maybe 4.4 million. Or something in between.

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite the fact that some things labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true.

Paul Joseph Watson | Happy Valentines Day.

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