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Steve Watson | “He has told people close to him in recent days that he is alarmed.”

Voice Of Europe | “When I called the police no one came.”

Breitbart | “This is the wrong move. The word ‘control’ does not appear in the final text of the Compact.”

Daily Caller | Trump should not be worried because it would have to be a “campaign-related expense” for the contribution break any campaign finance laws.

Zero Hedge | His whereabouts are currently unknown and Global Affairs Canada said they are in contact with his family.

Information Liberation | Ruhle’s not angry with Ann Coulter for her “hate,” she’s angry because she’s got her number.

Michael Snyder | This is yet another example of the major psychological shift that is taking place in our nation.

American Mirror | Trump’s job approval stands at 46 percent, according to a new poll released by Fox News.

American Mirror | After saying her meeting with President Donald Trump was comparable to being peed on by a skunk, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said she got religious with the president.

Paul Joseph Watson | Claims “Allahu Akbar” shout should not have appeared in headlines.

Steve Watson | “The stuff you’re talking about is peanut stuff”

Zero Hedge | Three whistleblowers have come forward and agreed to testify.

Paul Joseph Watson | Terrorist shouted “Allahu Akbar” during attack.

RT | The move follows a week of chaos and speculation after May’s proposed Brexit deal was openly derided in the House of Commons.

Sky News | The suspect was wounded after being cornered by armed police but managed to escape, triggering a huge manhunt.

American Mirror | Pelosi told the media that she was the “mom” of the meeting and bizarrely described it as a “tinkle contest.”

Information Liberation | They also rigged their search algorithms in the Democrats favor.

Michael Snyder | If we had made wiser choices, things could have turned out differently, but that didn’t happen.

Paul Joseph Watson | Falsely claims users can opt out.

Paul Joseph Watson | Police threaten Jones with arrest during confrontation.

Paul Joseph Watson | Council to look at making decorations more “diversity” friendly.

Steve Watson | “He’s got to know his future looks like it’s behind bars.”

Breitbart | “Only through this we will be able to make our planet better.”

Voice Of Europe | A father of a 7-year-old boy in Malmö has been arrested for beating up a burglar who put a gun in the boy’s mouth.

Zero Hedge | According to a report from Deutsche Welle, rising perceptions of “insecurity” were cited as a driving factor.

Daily Caller | The documents reportedly showed that federal officials failed to investigate potential criminal activity.

GEFIRA | Soros is dissatisfied with the current EU refugee policy because it is still based on quotas.

Information Liberation | More Americans want fewer immigrants or none than want more.

American Mirror | Don’t look for billionaire Tom Steyer and the Democrats to tone down the rhetoric any time soon.

Michael Snyder | If our founders could see what we have become they would be rolling over in their graves, because this is not what they intended.

Paul Joseph Watson | French President capitulates to demands of yellow vest movement.

Steve Watson | “He has been a big supporter of the PATRIOT Act.”

Breitbart | “He stabbed her to death, and then ran like a coward.”

Sputnik | Since it is not legally binding, it just opens the door for global cooperation on migration.

Information Liberation | The media is furious Russian media is covering these protests.

Real Clear Politics | On ‘Meet the Press,’ Sen. Rand Paul expresses doubt about the severity of Mueller’s investigation, specifically with regard to the campaign finance violations and the Trump Tower Moscow deal.

Breitbart | “There’s a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office, the Justice Department may indict him.”

Information Liberation | Twitter SJWs targeted and doxed Columbia student Julian von Abele over an out-of-context video where he went on a late-night drunken rant saying white people “invented the modern world.”

Michael Snyder | Somebody out there apparently does not want President Trump to make a trade deal with China. 

Breitbart | “Maybe it’s time to end the ridiculous and extremely expensive Paris Agreement.”

Daily Star | ARMOURED vehicles bearing the European Union flag have stormed into Paris as protesters bring the city to a standstill.

Washington Examiner | “AFTER TWO YEARS AND MILLIONS OF PAGES OF DOCUMENTS (and a cost of over $30,000,000), NO COLLUSION!,”

Daily Caller | “Although we’ve been joking that because the Equal Rights Amendment hasn’t been passed yet.”

Free Beacon | Experts decry ‘pie in the sky’ environmental plan.

Free Beacon | The woman inside the home, who Clark said had a valid concealed weapons permit but did not identify publicly, shot McLaughlin once in the head.

Zero Hedge | Nearly 60% off after failing to attract crowds at full price – or any price. 

Zero Hedge | In his usual manner, he did say that President Trump’s attacks on the FBI and Justice Department are “deeply troubling.”

Breitbart | “I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.”

Zero Hedge | So of course for U.S. officials it must be a false flag attack staged by Assad. 

Zero Hedge | Recommending “a sentence of 42 months’ imprisonment.”

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