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Washington Examiner | He also put money in other inmates’ commissary accounts to avoid being targeted by them.

Breitbart | “We’re going to win with people who believe that climate change is real.”

Daily Caller | “They haven’t studied the issue.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “This is very bad.”

Washington Examiner | “We have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.”

American Mirror | “I love jihad so much.”

Daily Caller | The video, shows a chirping bird repeatedly interrupting al-Adeni, causing him to forget his lines.

Newsbusters | “She could tell me that she’s going to make me wear waffles as underpants and I’ll vote for her.”

Breitbart | “You know, I’m a little concerned when I hear the descendants of colonizers taking land from indigenous people.”

Mac Slavo | “I am a comedian. How can you fact-check a joke?”

Paul Joseph Watson | Demonstrators display banners asking for U.S. intervention.

Paul Joseph Watson | But say they have plenty of cash to deal with demand.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cow described as being “big and fierce.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Social engineering will help.

Information Liberation | A 75-year-old man shot a 14-year-old.

Steve Watson | “If you call Trump followers racist en masse, they simply coalesce around each other.”

Steve Watson | “Who are these people?”

Breitbart | Someone helped Jeffrey Epstein commit suicide, Epstein’s longtime bodyguard, Igor Zinoviev, said Monday.

Zero Hedge | Mixing Xanax, a popular prescription benzodiazepine, with alcohol is known to cause blackouts in recreational drug users, which can sometimes lead to seriously negative consequences.

Michael Snyder | For those on the left that would like to see Trump voted out in 2020, the timing of the next recession will be key.

Paul Joseph Watson | “This situation smells.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Muslims traditionally regard dogs as “impure.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Preparing for invasion?

Paul Joseph Watson | Officials refuse to comment on autopsy results.

Paul Joseph Watson | Chen Haotian asks citizens to withdraw cash deposits to target Chinese banks.

Paul Joseph Watson | One woman pushes a cop and calls him a “bitch ass ni**a.”

Steve Watson | Without any facts or details, network promoted the need for gun control.

Sputnik | The sources claimed that such injuries can happen either to people who hang themselves or those who are strangled.

Breitbart | “Feel the fear I feel every day.”

Daily Caller | “We have to remember we are not advocates for the left.”

Washington Examiner | Coulter began by slamming Trump for failing to fulfill his campaign promise of building a wall on the southern border.

Daily Sheeple | The arrest ended a dramatic, hours-long standoff in which six officers were wounded by gunfire while another was hurt in a crash.

Michael Snyder | This is a crisis that is going to affect all of us. 

Zero Hedge | What the tapes don’t reveal is how Epstein got so rich. 

Paul Joseph Watson | “It’s an exciting evolution.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “The ad presented gender stereotypes in way that was likely to cause harm.”

Paul Joseph Watson | But there’s no bias, honest!

Paul Joseph Watson | Ben Shapiro being lined up to replace him?

Paul Joseph Watson | Not right wing conspiracy theories.

Paul Joseph Watson | “She prefers to speak of ‘population'”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Latest explanation pushes ‘incompetence’ angle.

Steve Watson | “Misinformation that various politicians, media outlets and activist groups recklessly disseminate.”

Breitbart | “We know where all your children live throughout the country.”

Daily Caller | Parents are still not able to opt their children out of LGBTQ content when taught in other subjects, according to emails obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Breitbart | According to local media, two men used the parking lot of a local business where trucks unload goods that was closed for holidays, allegedly so they would not be discovered.

Breitbart | “The Trump administration is trying to roll back important protections for trans Americans.”

American Mirror | “You want to talk politics? I intend to have this election won by this November.”

Michael Snyder | Needless to say, this is going to make a trade deal even less likely, and that is really bad news for the entire global economy.

Reuters | Evening clashes at airport between protesters and police.

Daily Caller | President Donald Trump on Tuesday asked if former President Bill Clinton ever visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, which was rumored to have been used for secret sexual relations between powerful people and underage girls.

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