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Paul Joseph Watson | Police say motive unknown.

Paul Joseph Watson | 14 also shot during July 4 street party.

Steve Watson | Democrat Senator says ‘national dialogue’ should be held on whether to trash statues of founding fathers.

Steve Watson | Protesting against people defending their property.

Steve Watson | They “consume a lot of time complaining about trivial matters”.

Breitbart | “When you lie about what I believe about mental health medication… you cross a line.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Diving deeper into hell world.

Daily Mail | Socialite could have access to Jeffrey Epstein’s secret videos recorded in the pedophile’s homes.

Breitbart | “We’re gonna have lots of fights over actual voting procedures between now and November.”

Sky News | The American rap star posted a message to his Twitter followers in which he suggested he was entering the 2020 presidential race.

Zero Hedge | Is either Israeli or US intelligence behind this?

Breitbart | China has also quietly dropped its claims that it told the WHO about the virus.

The Sun | The discovery of a strain, made seven years ago at the copper mine in south west China, is said to be the strongest lead yet in the hunt for where the pandemic began.

Zero Hedge | Don’t even think about misgendering – the ultimate microaggression.

Deutsche Welle | Speaking at Mt. Rushmore, US President Donald Trump decried “cancel culture” and threatened sharp punishments for those defacing monuments.

National File | Former Epstein lawyer demands alleged Epstein madame be “presumed innocent,” defends Epstein-linked figures Al Gore and Ehud Barak.

Daily Mail | Starting from when she was 14, and claims she was forced to abort Jeffrey Epstein’s baby.

Breitbart | Two biggest Harry Potter fan sites — Leaky Caldron and Mugglenet — said they will no longer provide links to Rowling’s personal website, cover her personal endeavors, or use photos of her.

Daily Mail | “I don’t believe in gestures.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “It’s designed to replace the womb and pregnancy.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Some kind of contradiction here.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tell other radicals not to record incident.

Paul Joseph Watson | Black Lives Matter protesters can go home.

Paul Joseph Watson | Documents were “improperly obtained.”

Steve Watson | Most are adamant that the country is racist.

Steve Watson | “It is time to update the Constitution to reflect America’s modern values.”

Steve Watson | Source claims Trump regrets listening to Kushner in the past.

Paul Joseph Watson | Same speculation surrounded Epstein himself before billionaire’s “suicide”.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Summer of love” turns into a nightmare.

Paul Joseph Watson | Lawyer surprised Epstein co-conspirator left relative safety of Paris.

Paul Joseph Watson | Or will she be “suicided”?

Paul Joseph Watson | “You’ve been warned.”

Paul Joseph Watson | But seemingly not in response to weeks of violence.

Steve Watson | Plastic pods are going up everywhere

Steve Watson | “I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Enough is enough.”

Steve Watson | Terrorists are using ‘infected members to spread COVID-19’.

Steve Watson | Author has claimed the trans movement is being used as a cover for violence & sexual assault.

Steve Watson | Majority of voters want sleepy Joe to go public about mental breakdown.

Paul Joseph Watson | Site’s policy on bullying and harassment explicitly says it won’t protect every group.

Paul Joseph Watson | More hateful tweets surface as Cambridge University continues to back Priyamvada Gopal.

Steve Watson | Retiring detective warns the “demise” of NYC is coming if police continue to be stripped of resources.

Steve Watson | Woke mob hounds ex USA soccer player into grovelling apology.

Steve Watson | Media attempted and failed to spin incident as threat to ‘peaceful protesters’.

Breitbart | The president tweeted out 15 flyers featuring people photographed at the scene.

Breitbart | Princeton University is removing President Woodrow Wilson’s name from its public policy school and a residential college due to the former president’s “racist thinking.”

Andrew Torba | If you’re deemed “politically incorrect”, you will be silenced, fired and harassed by major corporations, journalists and “activists” who claim to be committed to social justice and equality.

Sky News | Demonstrators marched through streets which were much quieter than usual due to the pandemic moving the annual Pride event online.

Zero Hedge | The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) confirmed the higher than normal activity.

Daily Mail | Images show infected cells growing tentacle-like spikes, known as filopodia, which appear to be littered with viral particles.

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