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Zero Hedge | Trump slammed France for trying to raise money via a “digital tax” levy on US tech giants like Facebook and Google.

Daily Caller | Barr has told associates that he does not believe that the FBI had enough information to justify opening a counterintelligence investigation into Trump campaign associates in July 2016.

Information Liberation | Does anyone actually believe Greta wrote this?

Michael Snyder | The Pope considers millions upon millions of American Christians to be a plague that is infecting our planet.

Breitbart | More than 300 of President Donald Trump’s political ads have taken down by Google and its video platform YouTube, mostly over the summer, according to a report by 60 minutes.

Zero Hedge | Just a reminder, “if you like your news unbiased, you can keep your news unbiased.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Claim they didn’t encourage the transition.

Paul Joseph Watson | Social credit score coming to the west soon.

Steve Watson | Get woke, go broke.

Zero Hedge | He urged people this Sunday to “resist the blinding lights of consumerism, which will shine everywhere this month,” leading up to Christmas.

Daily Sheeple | An 11% increase from last year and falling just short of the single-day record: 203,086 in 2017.

Breitbart | “I don’t care if these people were in jail for six years or twelve years.”

Breitbart | “Why can’t we just own in America that some of the people that are trying to come from Mexico here are coming back to land we stole?”

Information Liberation | Ignore terrorism and the ripping apart of our social fabric and just go out and buy mass produced consumer goods.

Michael Snyder | We desperately need a return to common sense economics, but unfortunately common sense appears to be in short supply in America today.

Mike Shedlock | A UN study shows the “U.S. has world’s highest rate of children in detention”.

Reuters | The White House told Democratic lawmakers on Sunday that Donald Trump, the US president, and his lawyers would not participate in a congressional impeachment hearing this week, citing a lack of “fundamental fairness.”

Daily Mail | How WERE they freed?

Daily Caller | Philadelphia Police ignored their requests and released him back into the community, according to a press release from ICE.

Washington Examiner | The Newsweek reporter who wrote an inaccurate story about President Trump’s Thanksgiving Day plans has been fired.

Breitbart | “Why don’t they focus on making comics and not getting involved in politics?”

Zero Hedge | The Nazi network was found to have ties to similar groups abroad, including in France, Britain and Portugal, acording to the report. 

Brandon Smith | Choice means competition, and competition drives progress.

Breitbart | He was jailed in 2012 as part of a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange and build a terrorist training camp.

Daily Mail | It is believed James Ford rushed to the scene and tried to save the life of a woman victim of the terrorist. Now 42, Ford was jailed for life – with a minimum of 15 years – in April 2004.

Daily Caller | It is not known if the attack was terror-motivated.

Zero Hedge | The National Retail Federation (NRF) polled consumers earlier this month who said most of their shopping has already been done.

Fox News | “The barista has been suspended “pending the outcome of our investigation,” Starbucks said.

Daily Caller | Farrow said that Clinton’s aides seemed to almost make a 180-degree turn on a scheduled 2018 interview after the Weinstein story broke.

Paul Joseph Watson | 12-year-old ‘drag queen kid’ appears alongside 53-year-old who killed his drug dealer.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Greta is practically painted as a saint.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Complain he should have been arrested.

Paul Joseph Watson | Wait, what?

Paul Joseph Watson | While other shoppers squabble over $1.60 towels.

Steve Watson | 19% Of Republicans would vote for socialism.

RT | The MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) was not the appropriate authority to conduct enquiries in these circumstances.

Breitbart | One of the lessons non-Natives need to understand, HuffPost explains, is that Thanksgiving is a “National Day of Mourning” for Native Americans.

Breitbart | The AP spoke to etiquette coach Elaine Swann in an article titled “On the Thanksgiving menu: Turkey, with a side of impeachment.”

Zero Hedge | Doctors told her that in order to fix her ass, it may have to be amputated. 

Weasel Zippers | “I worry a lot that we’re setting ourselves up to impeachment, acquittal and reelection.”

Zero Hedge | Recall that the Obama administration had paid Halper over $1 million over a several years, with nearly half of it surrounding the 2016 election.

Daily Caller | Pro-democracy protesters gathered in Hong Kong on Thanksgiving to show their gratitude to President Donald Trump after he signed legislation in their favor.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Some of you don’t know what is best for your kids.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Cultural enrichment intensifies.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some kind of connection here?

Paul Joseph Watson | Fears of military crackdown intensify.

Steve Watson | Strategists admit they are losing the infowar and that they need to play dirty.

Free Beacon | “A joint wargame between several countries, whether on land, at sea, or in the air, indicates a remarkable expansion of cooperation among them.”

Daily Caller | The Washington Post noted in its article that she appeared to win over the crowd in the end, but no other outlet highlighted this.

Breitbart | This Thanksgiving will see some 55 million Americans traveling.

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