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Zero Hedge | It’s anything but clear just what is going on in the newly released CENTCOM footage.

Zero Hedge | Scientists at Stanford are doing their part to create what will be an inevitable dystopian nightmare.

American Mirror | The criticism comes the same week Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico convinced our neighbors to drastically increase efforts to slow the tide of illegal immigrants making their way through the country, bound for the U.S.

Information Liberation | Mobs rioted in Memphis and attacked police on Wednesday night after 20-year-old Brandon Webber was shot and killed by police for allegedly ramming them with his vehicle and exiting his car with a weapon.

Breitbart | The document, titled “Hate Agent Policy Review” outlines a series of “signals” that Facebook uses to determine if someone ought to be categorized as a “hate agent” and banned from the platform.

Zero Hedge | Just with Thursday’s tanker incident, Saudi defense leaders are pointing the finger at Iran for ordering its on-the-ground Shia proxy rebel forces in Yemen to conduct the prior attack as well.

Paul Joseph Watson Media once derided concerns as a conspiracy theory.

Paul Joseph Watson Labour & Remain voters approve of milkshaking right-wing politicians.

Paul Joseph Watson Black Pigeon Speaks warned independent voices were being “silenced – relentlessly, pathologically and ruthlessly” by Silicon Valley.

Paul Joseph Watson Mother wanted son to be a girl.

Paul Joseph Watson Says France is prone to Islamization because of “political correctness”.

Steve Watson | “Congress fails its responsibilities to the American people and the constitution when it leaves the executive virtually unchecked.”

Paul Joseph Watson Labour went on to win election by less than a thousand votes

Breitbart | This projection indicates that far more than half a million foreign minors, adult border crossers, those claiming asylum, and illegal aliens are set to be released.

American Mirror | “Um, capitalism by design is extractive and in order to generate profit in a capitalist system, something has to be exploited, that’s land, labor or resources.”

Information Liberation | Investigative journalism exposing Big Tech is not allowed.

Prison Planet.com | “This is the watershed moment.”

Michael Snyder | If we stay on the current path that we are on as a nation, it isn’t going to lead anywhere good. 

Newsbusters | An upcoming free speech platform promises to provide users the best features of other social media, but without the censorship.

Zero Hedge | “With a couple of clicks of a mouse, access to a federal government web resource containing 12 years of primary source materials on ICE’s history was lost.”

Paul Joseph Watson “It’s OK when we do it.”

Paul Joseph Watson Viral video showcases disgusting act of random violence.

Paul Joseph Watson City worker assaults cameraman for filming the scene.

Paul Joseph Watson Despite being smeared as a racist by the media for the past 3 years.

Paul Joseph Watson Democratic frontrunner tries to own Trump insults by repeating them.

Paul Joseph Watson “Why bother with a milkshake?”

Paul Joseph Watson Amazing coincidence: Only became one after running as a Republican.

Steve Watson | Democrat leader says it is not off the table.

Breitbart | “I think that would be viewed by many millions of Conservative voters as being a second betrayal.”

Zero Hedge | “The main advantage of a robot over a human is that physical danger no longer matters.”

Information Liberation | Your businesses are failing despite Big Tech doing everything in their power to prop you up because nobody wants the propaganda you’re selling as “news.”

Information Liberation | After banning tons of conservatives for their “dangerous” political views, Facebook-owned Instagram promotes trans disabled model actively calling for the “killing” of all “transphobes.”

Michael Snyder | We have become accustomed to living in a world where the weather is cooperative, but now that is changing in a major way.

Daily Caller | At least two other blacklists are applied to Google’s web answers feature, one of which is manually edited, documents obtained by The Daily Caller indicate.

Breitbart | “This is actually fantastic news and a huge legal development.”

Paul Joseph Watson “Being a couple here in this still very white Germany, we are exposed”.

Paul Joseph Watson Africans fleeing pandemic being transported throughout America.

Paul Joseph Watson This is gross.

Paul Joseph Watson Locals decry outside interference in their affairs.

Paul Joseph Watson “The vast majority of liberals in this country hate it.”

Paul Joseph Watson “It’s OK when we do it”.

Steve Watson | Globalist is attempting to ‘remake American society’.

Breitbart | Google CEO Sundar Pichai defended YouTube’s censorship practices in a recent interview following the latest round of content creator demonetization and bannings caused by leftist outlet Vox.

Breitbart | Former Vice President Joe Biden told a journalist in 1974 that “cruddy politicians” like himself could “take away” the First Amendment if they wanted.

Breitbart | “Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence and economic stability of our employees and customers.”

Breitbart | “Earth has plenty of workers to do the jobs we need, just not in the countries where the jobs are right now.”

Mac Slavo | Politicians are left scratching their heads and wondering why New Zealanders won’t comply with their authoritarian edicts. 

Information Liberation | Imagine my shock.

Paul Joseph Watson Kevin Roose’s smear job continues to unravel.

Information Liberation | They know this is going to radicalize people but they don’t care.

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