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Daily Mail | Omar said taxes had been as high as 90 per cent before and could be once more.

Breitbart | “This is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.”

CNS News | “I think this was really blown out of proportion.”

The Last Refuge | Fake News Implodes.

Information Liberation | Paul said we can “give people a helping hand” but “we can’t be there forever.”

American Mirror | “His candidacy is not just a distraction. It is a potential fatal disease.”

Michael Snyder | The battle is not over, and many believe that the Trump revolution is just beginning.

Steve Watson | Champion has Eco-friendly title belt made of sustainable hemp, annoyingly lectures people about being vegan and recycling to save the planet.

Paul Joseph Watson | “People are terrified!”

The Daily Caller | Tucker Carlson got into a heated debate with a pro-choice woman on his show Wednesday night while discussing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s comments about abortion from earlier in the day.

CNS News | “This is morally repugnant.”

Breitbart | “The manner of this arrest appears to have only added to the spectacle.”

Zero Hedge | “The Commission sees the high-altitude nuclear explosion-generated electromagnetic pulse as an existential threat to the survival of the United States and its allies.”

The Last Refuge | “I don’t want to say he lied. I think he probably meant it at the time, I guess. I hope.”

Information Liberation | Remember, folks: a wall is an “immorality” but “aborting” a baby post-birth is a woman’s sacred right!

Michael Snyder | If there is enough abuse from the left, it is still possible that Schultz could pull the plug on his campaign before it has even begun.

Paul Joseph Watson | Just when you thought snowflakes couldn’t get any more pathetic.

Paul Joseph Watson | This is basically infanticide.

Steve Watson | “When I became President, ISIS was out of control in Syria & running rampant.”

Breitbart | “This is more of a long-term policy process, not a resolution for the shutdown.”

Breitbart | The Empire star was allegedly attacked by two men wearing ski masks in the early hours of Jan. 29 in Chicago.

Zero Hedge | If you listen to the government tell it, a post-“hard” Brexit Britain will inevitably resemble the post-apocalyptic Australia from “Mad Max”.

Free Beacon | During a CNN-sponsored town hall in Iowa Monday night, Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) said there is “no reason” to have assault weapons in a civil society.

Fox News | On Fox Nation’s “Liberty File,” former Clinton adviser Doug Schoen said that Hillary Clinton has not ruled out another run for the White House.

Michael Snyder | Cool, let’s vote for her! Said nobody with a brain.

Information Liberation | Stone told NewsWars the raid was “the most harrowing and chilling experience of my life.”

Information Liberation | Coding is the future, stop whining and embrace it.

Paul Joseph Watson | The media is terrified of anything they don’t control.

Paul Joseph Watson | FaceTime calls access microphone and camera even when user doesn’t answer.

Steve Watson | “The thought crossed my mind that I’ll never get up from this lawn again.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Says “cowardly right start whimpering” at the first sign of criticism.

Washington Examiner | “It would be hurtful. History shows it would be hurtful.”

American Mirror | Is Hillary Clinton running for president, again?

Jerusalem Post | “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.”

Daily Caller | “That way they can make Nancy Pelosi president,” Stone said. “She can make Hillary Clinton vice president and then step aside.”

American Mirror | Harris is against President Donald Trump’s wall along America’s southern border, but she supports one when it comes to keeping her safe.

Ron Paul | Trump’s Venezuela Fiasco.

Information Liberation | Twitter activist encourages people to target random elderly woman’s “grandkids, friends, old coworkers, & extended family.”

Michael Snyder | Since these “treatments” are so expensive, for now it will only be the wealthy that will be able to afford them.

Paul Joseph Watson | To elicit sympathy and bolster migrant wave.

Kit Daniels | Draws parallels to the 1983 movie WarGames.

Paul Joseph Watson | Thousands sign petition claiming design looks like word for Islamic God.

Steve Watson | President says second shutdown is “an option.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Annual address likely to be postponed despite government re-opening.

Prison Planet.com | Truly disgusting… but of course no consequences.

The Week | In an interview Sunday, President Trump told The Wall Street Journal he does not think lawmakers will be able to come up with a deal to fund a border wall, and another shutdown is “certainly an option.”

Westmonster | A whopping 66% of French citizens think that Macron hasn’t changed his approach.

Breitbart | During the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, support for President Donald Trump remained consistent across the country, according to a newly released poll.

Zero Hedge |  “Trump’s really hawkish” on Venezuela.

American Mirror | Despite the beating he takes from the mainstream media on a daily basis, President Trump is not the most unpopular politician in America.

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