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Weasel Zippers | Seems like Nadler is playing both ends against the middle, suggest he’s doing it while not actually doing it formally.

Michael Snyder | The relative stability that we have been enjoying for the past several years is ending, and it appears that the months ahead could potentially be quite chaotic.

Weasel Zippers | Nice! Chances the Baltimore Sun retracts? I’m not betting on it, although of course, they should.

Daily Caller | “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

Paul Joseph Watson | She really is on thin ground.

Paul Joseph Watson | “These characters…they are who they are and they’re a product of their time.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Maybe a milkshake filled with piss.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Our job is to create and to facilitate fair and secure commerce.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Says white supremacy is a “subconscious virus”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Locks down her Twitter account after backlash.

Paul Joseph Watson | Well, this is awkward.

Steve Watson | “Why all the videos of Baltimore residents thanking Mr. Trump?”

Steve Watson | I don’t blame anybody. …These are sick people, these are people that are really mentally ill, mentally disturbed.”

Breitbart | “This was not a volatile, explosive, erratic behaving kid. It’s not like alarm bells were going off.”

Daily Caller | Two retirees that made Castro’s list spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday, calling the congressman’s actions “sickening” and “disgusting.”

Breitbart | Not since 2008 — when about 595 illegal workers were arrested — has this many illegal aliens been arrested in a workplace raid by ICE.

Zero Hedge | The plane was spotted flying extremely low to the ground over Altadena and Southern California on July 22.

Information Liberation | “This has been going on for years,” Bailey said. “It is a massive problem. This poison is being sold everywhere.”

Michael Snyder | Already, virtually everything that we do is being watched, monitored or tracked somehow. 

Daily Caller | President Donald Trump said he is “all in favor” of requiring background checks for gun purchases during a Wednesday press pool on the White House lawn.

Breitbart | Former vice preisdent Joe Biden relied on the discredited Charlottesville hoax — also known as the “very fine people” hoax — in blaming President Donald Trump in a speech in Iowa on Wednesday for recent mass shootings.

Paul Joseph Watson | “We need them.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “No community is immune from this political hate”.

Paul Joseph Watson | This is not a comedy sketch.

Paul Joseph Watson | When gang-related shootings are included, white people are underrepresented.

Paul Joseph Watson | Also wore Antifa head covering during protest.

Paul Joseph Watson | Pakistani Prime Minister warns that conflict is near.

Steve Watson | Weirdo counterintelligence guy seems to be feeding alt-right with conspiracy theories.

Breitbart | “Anyone who thinks that political change should come from the barrel of a gun is anathema to what Bernie has advocated for decades.”

Sputnik | People who witnessed the panic took to Twitter to share their videos.

The Post Millennial | Two stun guns, pepper spray, and bear spray were seized from Yaniv’s apartment.

Prison Planet.com | Tucker Carlson: White supremacy is “actually not a real problem in America.”

Information Liberation | There is no getting around the fact we’re getting the exact opposite of what we voted for.

Michael Snyder | Things will continue to go from bad to worse for U.S. farmers, and this will take a major toll on the U.S. economy as a whole.

Weasel Zippers | So if it isn’t about video games, what was she talking about in 2005?

Daily Caller | Lawyers representing Boy Scout sexual abuse victims called on Congress to act in a Washington, D.C., Tuesday press conference.

Paul Joseph Watson | So much for the tolerant left.

Paul Joseph Watson | While performing in his death metal band ‘Menstrual Munchies’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Providing killers with ghastly fame they crave is incentivizing future massacres.

Paul Joseph Watson | And 30 per cent say they are often or always lonely.

Paul Joseph Watson | After 48 hours of misleading statements.

Paul Joseph Watson | “How can this be allowed”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Disgusting harassment caught on camera.

Paul Joseph Watson | Twitter says his rhetoric doesn’t violate their rules.

Paul Joseph Watson | Globalization as it has existed since WWII could be finished.

Steve Watson | Compares President to ‘Islamic violent extremist’ Jihadi leader.

Breitbart | “How about the Muslim girls try NOT wearing a hijab for a day and see how nice life is in a free society where women are equal with men and don’t need to cover themselves to get respect?”

CNS News | This is bottom-of-the-barrel morality.

RT | Many agreed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “is secretly an alien from Area 51 and he doesn’t want us to know.”

Daily Mail | While stressing that Tehran is willing to negotiate over its nuclear programme, Rouhani said that America must drop all sanctions before the country will talk.

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