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Newsbusters | The man who has bragged that his new book will “finally bring down” the Trump presidency.

Paul Joseph Watson | “What does that even mean?”

Daily Caller | It fell flat.

Information Liberation | The Democratic Party wants women to be elected to office — unless they’re white and Christian.

Breitbart | Oprah’s speech prompted applause, cheers, and a standing ovation from those inside.

American Mirror | Pelosi’s meltdown is likely due to Miller’s clash with CNN anchor Jake Tapper earlier in the day.

American Mirror | While cavalierly attempting to dismiss questions about a multitude of errors in his new tome, Wolff named an error that doesn’t even exist.

Information Liberation | Notably, Oprah does not condemn Harvey Weinstein, who she’s been pictured making out with.

Twitchy | Stelter noticed the GOP had quoted him cautioning people on Wolff’s credibility and initially thought he’d been misquoted. Oops! Time to delete.

The Hill | “That is such a shocking moment for a lot of our elites that they don’t know how to deal with it.”

Breitbart | Hollywood, predictably, reacted with jokes and mockery.

Newsweek | “As more time passes, we come closer to the greatest risk of danger, one that could even mean the extinction of the human species.”

Sky News | A man is seriously hurt after picking an object off the ground, but it is not thought to be terrorism-related.

London Telegraph | The brain is working hard to pick up tiny micro-signals that communicate what a person is thinking.

NY Post | “The Fake News Mainstream Media, are taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence.”

The Hill | “He is no longer allowed to report on Trump.”

Sky News | Michael Wolff says his book shows Donald Trump is unfit for the job, but the President calls him a “loser who made up stories”.

Daily Mail | The proposal by Customs and Border Protection calls for 316 miles (505 kilometers) of additional barrier by September 2027.

Air Force Times | F-15s intercept Russian fighters near Baltics.

Breitbart | “We have never seen something like this before in my career in the service.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “That infuriates me”.

Steve Watson | Claims that POTUS is “no more than semi-literate.”

Newsbusters | 20 minutes and 50 seconds out of a total of nearly 82 minutes of actual news coverage.

Zero Hedge | The book which was originally scheduled for publication next week, has been accelerated for broad release to Friday to capitalize on the widespread controversy it has generated.

CNS News | “The Weiner emails emphasize the need for the Justice Department to conduct a fresh, serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.”

CNS News | “I authorized Zero access to White House (actually turned him down many times) for author of phony book!”

Breitbart | The original Comey memo concluded that it was “reasonably likely” that Clinton’s private server was accessed or hacked by hostile entities.

Zero Hedge | Nearly a year later, Democrats and never-Trumpers are still working on a “soft palace coup” with the assistance of the MSM.

Information Liberation | It’s about damn time.

Michael Snyder | When the day arrives, are you ready for what will happen next?

Paul Joseph Watson | This is what a real feminist looks like.

Steve Watson | “Should Americans be concerned about the president’s mental fitness?”

AP | Left-wing showdown over so-called Dreamers heats up.

Zero Hedge | The White House is banning its employees from using personal devices while at work in the West Wing.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tweets image of Antifa book to “strike fear in the heart of” Trump.

Daily Caller | Grassley noted that he and his staff recently reviewed seven memos that Comey wrote after his meetings with Trump.

ABC News | The letter comes after excerpts from a forthcoming book by journalist Michael Wolff were made public Wednesday, causing a stir.

The Hill | A person close to Mercer told The Washington Post that she no longer supports Bannon.

Daily Caller | Alì Abdella, 38, has been accused of sexual violence and theft by attempting to rape an unidentified woman, 43, while she was in labor at the Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome.

GEFIRA | Facebook has become the smugglers’ channel for reaching out to people interested in getting from Africa to Europe.

Michael Snyder | We are not going to allow these jihadists to install their totalitarian system in the United States.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I voted for Trump…I didn’t vote for Bannon”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Billy Joe Armstrong triggered over Trump’s ‘nuclear button’ tweet.

Steve Watson | Senator repeats Trump’s call to end aid.

Zero Hedge | Shortly after President Trump claimed that the “nuclear button” on his desk is much bigger and more powerful than the button on the desk of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Breitbart | “Nielsen, who visited prototypes of Trump’s proposed border wall in San Diego, said the president would request $1.6 billion next year for the barrier.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Media freaks out over “big nuclear button” tweet.

Breitbart | According to Page Six, the witness noted that there are 20 jurors, 11 of which are black and two of which wore “peace T-shirts.”

Daily Caller | Clinton found herself in a Twitter conversation with The Church of Satan, model Chrissy Teigen, the restaurant Hooters and various assorted accounts.

Zero Hedge | “This was an effort to pre-bake the cake, pre-bake the outcome.”

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