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Breitbart | A year-end Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report reveals how effective Trump’s pro-enforcement executive order has been.

Breitbart | “I’m very disturbed.”

Daily Caller | A reporter for the network confirmed that the truck had license plates that showed it belongs to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

AP | Two thirds of the $5 billion are due to changes in repatriation taxes.

Fox Business | The Dow still had another record-high close on Thursday.

Reuters | The outbreak of unrest reflects growing discontent over rising prices and alleged corruption.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cultural enrichment-free safe space will be made available to women who feel “harassed”.

Mediaite | Let’s face it — there are fewer things reporters and journalists love more than unchained Trump.

Prison Planet.com | What about Obama at same exact date first year in presidency?

Steve Watson | Even the dictionary was triggered.

Paul Joseph Watson | Trump Derangement Syndrome claims another victim.

Breitbart | “Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming.”

Breitbart | “Because in the meantime elections are being held in Europe.”

Daily Caller | “Whatever happened to Podesta?”

Michael Snyder | When Donald Trump gets hit, he always hits back even harder.

The Hill | “Without me, The New York Times will indeed be, not the failing New York Times, but the failed New York Times,”

Truth Revolt | Or better known as how to lose in 2018.

Steve Watson | ‘FBI and DOJ are the biggest alligators in the DC swamp’.

Breitbart | “ISIS has lost 98 percent of the territory it once held.”

Daily Mail | President Donald Trump sent 26 per cent fewer Mexicans back home this year despite his vows to crackdown on illegal immigration.

Paul Joseph Watson | Is it any wonder BuzzFeed is financially imploding?

Daily Caller | President Donald Trump hit 45 percent approval in the daily Rasmussen approval tracking poll Wednesday, marking his highest since November 15.

Breitbart | Attorneys for President Trump and his top advisers have privately expressed confidence that Flynn does not have any evidence that could implicate their clients.

Michael Snyder | Demonization is the first step toward making something illegal.

American Mirror | “It is intended to go directly toward the cultural base that feels that other people are taking their America away from them.”

Campus Reform | Lectures state rep on ‘sex determination stuff’.

Information Liberation | The text translates to, “PS Store sales for January are now available, take advantage of great deals on PlayStation Store.”

Kit Daniels | Prior to sending d**k pics to students, Arab tried to cut up rival clan during honor dispute.

Paul Joseph Watson | 2018 is going to be monumental.

Kit Daniels | Communists deploy more troops in information war.

Kit Daniels | France capitulates to Islam.

Paul Joseph Watson | Conflict to begin before March 20.

Paul Joseph Watson | And there you were thinking a news network couldn’t behave like a dumped bunny boiler.

London Telegraph | There is also a belief the US president has curbed some of his most radical policy instincts since taking office.

Zero Hedge | U.S. recon satellites have photographed around 30 illegal transactions involving Chinese vessels selling oil to North Korea.

Michael Snyder | When are people going to learn that you don’t mess with Trump?

Information Liberation | This is common sense. Most congressmen are too afraid of deep state retaliation to say it.

Information Liberation | These propagandists will run with absolutely anything to attack Trump.

NY Post | Retailers hoping to extend the Christmas buying frenzy will swing their doors back open Tuesday.

Breitbart | “Christianity is culture and civilization.”

RT | The US is well aware that a possible attack on North Korea would inflict heavy casualties.

Daily Caller | Alphabet announced on Thursday that Schmidt will be stepping down in January.

Michael Snyder | So where do things go from here?

Information Liberation | The question is whether people are paying attention.

The Hill | “It’s both sad and telling The New York Times would print the lies of their anonymous ‘sources'”.

Breitbart | “I promise to god i want kill you and your family amir” vowed one, in a now deleted message.

RT | The gunman opened fire and targeted police in several locations in the city.

LA Times | Even with ‘Star Wars’ surge, moviegoing could hit 22-year low. Blame bad sequels, rising ticket prices and streaming.

American Mirror | A number of editors appear in a video released on Saturday and mock the failed Democratic candidate.

NY Daily News | “There is a toxic environment where men can say the most disgusting things.”

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