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American Mirror | “The SS is looking into Maxine’s comments that incite violence against @realDonaldTrump & his staff.”

Information Liberation | Leftists are losing their minds because they’re losing their control over our society.

Information Liberation | President Trump is the funniest man in America.

Michael Snyder | When sitting members of Congress start talking about a coming civil war, it is time to start paying attention.

Paul Joseph Watson | “This is all going to get more extreme. And it should,” says columnist for Univision-owned website.

Paul Joseph Watson | Polarized political environment increases threat of violence.

Paul Joseph Watson | Feature prompts angry reaction on social media.

Steve Watson | “They follow the exact pattern that Hitler has”

Zero Hedge | While it is evident that global civilian arms holdings have rapidly expanded post-2008, it seems as the majority of the increase came from the United States.

The Hill | “I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!”

Breitbart | “Migration movements have become the driving force behind growth and decline of the population of Europe.”

Breitbart | The cover, the Time story that accompanied it, and the original image that spread on social media, were misleading in every way.

Daily Caller | Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters shocked political observers over the weekend by encouraging liberal mobs to harass Trump officials at restaurants, gas stations and even at home.

RT | Fallon says that he would have conducted a 2016 interview “differently,” and that it was a “mistake.”

Zero Hedge | It will be interesting to see years from now which “narrative” concerning Obama’s legacy in the Syrian conflict future historians choose to emphasize.

Michael Snyder | Unless something drastically changes in the very near future, there is no way that the U.S. is going to be able to get through this without experiencing severe pain.

The Strategic Culture Foundation | Indeed, just having voted for Trump is now reason enough for Americans to be labeled as Nazis.

Daily Mail | ‘Obama kept them in cages’

Zero Hedge | Moscow is closely examining Washington’s plan to weaponize outer space.

Daily Caller | Americans are helping foot the bill.

Daily Caller | “Do you disagree with that? Well, then in the words of an MSNBC commentator, you’re pure evil.”

Daily Mail | Devastating ‘Truth Project’ report reveals paedophile attacks by doctors, teachers and social workers are far more widespread than feared.

American Mirror | Now he’s got a book deal, and publicists — and armed guards.

Daily Caller | There is no record of Michelle Obama making a public visit to any child detention center.

Breitbart | If approved, it would not be the first time unaccompanied migrant children are housed at military bases.

The Hill | The Trump administration’s immigration priorities are toppling the dysfunctional status quo in Washington.

Zero Hedge | “She [Hillary] better win… otherwise i’m gonna be walking around with both of my guns.” 

London Telegraph | The plus-size movement may help promote body positivity but it is having the unintentional consequence that people start believing they are a healthy weight.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Anti-racists” attack couple for showing support for World Cup team.

Steve Watson | “If you vote for Trump, you are ripping children from parents’ arms”

Daily Caller | According to a new Rasmussen poll, a majority of Americans blame illegal immigrant parents for the child crisis on the border over the U.S. government.

Breitbart | Almost five in nine likely American voters say the United States should not become a migrant camp for the world’s poor, a new poll found.

Paul Joseph Watson | “They are safer now than when they were making that journey to the border”.

Infowars | Alex Jones issues an ultimatum to his longtime friend, Joe Rogan.

Breitbart | The mother and daughter were never separated, and were in fact in U.S. custody at a family residential facility in Texas.

CNS News | Through a web survey of 1,440 U.S. adults, Gallup wanted to find out how much “problematic information” people find via T.V., newspapers, radio, and social media.

CNBC | After the cancellation of the hit sitcom “Roseanne,” Disney-owned ABC ordered 10 episodes of a spinoff with a working title “The Conners”.

Information Liberation | No one was buying it.

The Local | A survey carried out by YouGov and published on Friday shows that 43 percent of Germans want Merkel to leave office.

Michael Snyder | According to Axios, 113 Mexican politicians really have been murdered since last September…

Paul Joseph Watson | The left hates families and children, why should we believe them now?

Steve Watson | Facility opened in 2007.

The Hill | President Trump said during a new interview that media coverage of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “almost treasonous.”

The Hill | Young migrants placed in a Virginia facility say they were abused during their time there, according to a report in The Associated Press published Thursday.

Paul Joseph Watson | “We were on our way home when he suddenly started to sing ‘Allah, Allah’”.

Breitbart | Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday that keeps border crossing family units in detention together while they are prosecuted.

Information Liberation | President Obama forcefully told Central American parents in 2014 not to send their children unaccompanied to America.

Daily Wire | “Don’t try to find me because you won’t.”

Daily Caller | “He’s going home to his mom. Say hello to Mommy!”

Daily Caller | Kim Kardashian said she wants to see President Donald Trump “succeed” and called out “everyone who doesn’t want that.”

UK Trump Protesters Are Complete Idiots See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

The Trump Baby Balloon See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

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