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Zero Hedge | Trump tweeted his reaction to the latest provocation.

Westmonster | Shocking survey lays bare the failure of multiculturalism in France.

Breitbart | What does the Secretary have to hide?

RT | The Russian Defense Ministry has stated that North Korea launched an intermediate range missile on Tuesday morning.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones takes a look back at what the Infowar (meaning all of those who fight the infowar) has accomplished.

SHTFplan.com | Over the past 20 years, European cities have slowly become more ethnically diverse, as EU governments open their borders to foreign populations.

Paul Joseph Watson | Dear mainstream media; save me your sanctimonious crap.

Kit Daniels | Fake history.

Steve Watson | Yet it complains about ‘violent’ Trump wrestling tweet.

PBS | Americans broadly believe their country’s political tone has become less civil.

The Hill | A supporter of President Trump who went viral for cleaning Trump’s Hollywood star said she was “blown away” by the level of disrespect she received for the act.

Breitbart | Sunday on CNN, White House Correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta said President Donald Trump’s tweet of a video that shows him wrestling a CNN logo was “going to lead to a journalist being hurt.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Feds slap extremist anti-Trump group with domestic terror label.

Daily Caller | Democrats on the committee are silent about it.

Breitbart | “Please RT if you agree the cabinet must invoke the 25th Amendment, TODAY, and immediately remove @realDonaldTrump from the presidency,” Olbermann wrote.

CNBC | “If our markets are down 25 percent and gold is up 50 percent it wouldn’t be a total shock to me,” said Paul.

Information Liberation | Trump tweeted out an hilarious meme from the memers on r/The_Donald and the media has responded by hysterically claiming it’s a threat to their lives and an impeachable offense.

American Mirror | Barack Obama visited Indonesia this weekend, and in a series of appearances, attacked love of country and the policies of Donald Trump.

Breitbart | At least 11 sexual assaults so far of young girls.

Paul Joseph Watson | Bizarre clip defies explanation.

Breitbart | “People know the truth.”

Fox News | “America is a land rich with heroes.”

Breitbart | “We start seeing a rise in sectarian politics, we start seeing a rise in an aggressive kind of nationalism.”

The Hill | Trump plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week.

The Hill | “To those supporters of the Trump administration who are worried by all the fake news reporting of the last 23 weeks, I can assure you, just ignore it.”

Speisa | Swedish police have received several reports of rape after music festivals Friday evening.

Daily Mail | For being mentally ‘incapacitated’.

Breitbart | AP Covers Up Invention of Imaginary Pruitt Meeting.

Newsbusters | They Only Reject Illegal Immigration Because of Politicians Like Trump Selling Fear.

Mediaite | Maher said right now they’re in the “Donald Trump promotion business.”

Information Liberation | Trump-haters responded by attacking her as a “dumb white b*tch” and saying they want to violently attack every “white girl” that “looks slightly like” her.

Truth Revolt | “Wow, you guys are getting worse.”

Newsbusters | Conway’s remarks came after the release of a video that shows CNN producer Jimmy Carr calling her an “awful woman, you know, the blonde” who “looks like she got hit with a shovel.”

Mikael Thalen | President urges regional allies to confront Pyongyang.

Paul Joseph Watson | And how it’s used as a tool of social engineering.

Paul Joseph Watson | California refuses to comply with Trump investigation into illegal voting.

Reuters | President Donald Trump urged U.S. Republican senators on Friday to repeal Obamacare immediately if they cannot agree on a new healthcare plan to take its place.

The Hill | President Trump on Friday accused MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” of being “FAKE NEWS,” disputing the hosts’ claims that he threatened bad publicity against them.

Paul Joseph Watson | Jimmy Carr reveals what mainstream media really thinks of ordinary people.

Steve Watson | “He is a vulgar human being. He’s vulgar to look at. He’s disgusting.”

Breitbart | “This calls for a rethinking of both domestic policies and international cooperation.”

Daily Caller | FAKE NEWS.

RT | “Freedom of speech ends where criminal law begins,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said.

The Daily Sheeple | “We have had our parental rights stripped away as if they don’t matter at all.”

Michael Snyder | Politicians love to borrow money, but over time government debt slowly but surely impoverishes a nation.

Breitbart | “We have minorities with relatively large numbers in Frankfurt but no group with a clear majority.”

Adan Salazar | Kate’s Law and ‘No Sanctuary for Criminals’ Act aim to ‘Make America Safe Again.’

Mikael Thalen | Two world leaders set to meet on the sidelines in Hamburg.

Paul Joseph Watson | The media has spent the last 2 years viciously attacking Trump over his appearance.

Steve Watson | Claims Republicans “really know what they’re talking about.”

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