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Michael Snyder | Our world is in turmoil, and it is going to get even worse in 2019.

Zero Hedge | “We’ll be providing many answers about 9.11 conspiracies through our 18.000 secret documents leak from @HiscoxComms and others.”

RT | A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit that alleged Google’s nonconsensual use of facial recognition technology violated users’ privacy rights.

American Mirror | Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee plans to reintroduce a bill that would create a committee to look at financial compensation for blacks.

Paul Joseph Watson | ‘Nothing to do with Islam’

Paul Joseph Watson | Hyperinflation due to money printing will cause “incendiary resentment” amongst Americans.

Paul Joseph Watson | Clashes with police also reported in Saint Denis.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Long live the Caliphate”.

Economic Collapse Blog | Now that the year is finally over, we can officially say that 2018 was the worst year for stocks in an entire decade.

Sputnik | Trump will give the Pentagon about four months to withdraw American troops from Syria.

RT | A car has rammed pedestrians on a busy Tokyo street.

RT | The bizarre message got almost 2,000 likes and close to 1,000 retweets before it was removed.

Breitbart | President Donald Trump sent a New Year’s greeting to the American people.

Breitbart | President Donald Trump took a shot at Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Paul Joseph Watson | Leftists have ruined comedy.

MIchael Snyder | Was 2018 everything that you expected it to be?

Prison Planet.com | The revolt against globalism accelerates.

Breitbart | The architect of Europe’s migrant crisis made oblique swipes at nationalism.

RT | The withdrawal of the US military from the country is currently in a “pause situation.”

Prison Planet.com | President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to call out President Obama’s hypocrisy over a border wall.

Prison Planet.com | Joyless idiots have ruined comedy.

Reuters | “If we were not to vote for that, I’m not sure I would give it (Brexit) much more than 50-50.”

American Mirror | The Facebook censors nailed a Christian leader over a “dehumanizing” post from over two years ago.

Sputnik | Nitrites used in the meat industry have long been a source of debate.

Breitbart | British counter-terror police have been engaged in protecting meat industry workers as action by vegan activists has become move violent.

Zero Hedge | “Your cash is not wanted here”, a growing number of retailers and restaurants throughout the US and UK are telling customers.

Zero Hedge | She sent a Direct Message (DM) to alleged Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0.

Paul Joseph Watson | Warns criminals have seized power in country’s numerous no go zones.

Paul Joseph Watson | Wild confrontation caught on camera.

Paul Joseph Watson | German Chancellor says people who complain about immigration should be ignored.

Michael Snyder| If a doctor tells you that his patient’s condition is swinging up and down wildly, is that a good sign or a bad sign?

CNBC| U.S. stock futures pointed to a higher open on Friday.

The American Mirror| The media now claims that President Donald Trump’s policies are responsible for the deaths of migrants.

Zero Hedge| Trump says he would consider closing the border to be a “profit-making operation”.

Information Liberation| Hans was haunted by the memory of “watching packs of predators hunt helpless prey”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Never Trumpers want America to fail and Americans to suffer.

Paul Joseph Watson | Due to how justice system has been weaponized against Trump.

Breitbart | Trump said he planned to go to the southern border at the end of January next year.

Zero Hedge | Huge if true.

Information Liberation | He linked to an article from the New York Times by neocon Bret Stephens.

Information Liberation | Israel may have tried to trick Syria into shooting down two civilian airplanes with their latest airstrike.

Michael Snyder | The Dow Jones Industrial Average just posted its biggest single day point gain ever.

Michael Snyder | If this government shutdown stretches into February there won’t be money for food stamps.

Paul Joseph Watson | Because we’re all going to be replaced with migrants anyway.

Zero Hedge | Sales have been generally strong throughout the holiday season.

Michael Snyder | Nobody was talking like this even four or five months ago.

Sputnik | “The sin of congratulating and greeting the non-Muslims on their false festivals.”

American Mirror | Joseph went with Mary to Bethlehem to register for the census. They weren’t refugees.

CNBC | “I do think we’re going into a recession”.

CNBC | Markets are bracing for a more difficult 2019.

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