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Paul Joseph Watson Diversity leads to the downfall of America.

Steve Watson | Trump asks if Democrats will investigate.

Paul Joseph Watson German leader sways and trembles during playing of national anthem.

Paul Joseph Watson Potential next UK Prime Minister recruited by MI6 at Oxford University.

Paul Joseph Watson The truth about a monumental fake news scandal.

Daily Caller | “They will be removed as fast as they come in.”

Breitbart | Valette was left with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

NY Post | “It was something that came way out of left field.”

Breitbart | Many adults migrants are refusing to enroll in federal anti-poverty welfare programs.

Paul Joseph Watson Imagine if a Republican had said this.

Michael Snyder | The clock is ticking, and one wrong move could spark World War 3.

Information Liberation | Despite public sentiment being overwhelming negative, I guess we need to go to war to defeat “Haman.”

Free Beacon | Two Senate Democrats falsely claimed Monday that the AR-15 is not used for hunting and isn’t “viable for home protection” in a tweet promoting gun control proposals.

Zero Hedge | “Iraq did not knock down the World Trade Center.”

Paul Joseph Watson Victim had his penis torn off and replaced with a “fake female sex organ” before being beheaded.

Paul Joseph Watson “If I’m a “bigot” for opposing this evil, then so be it”.

Paul Joseph Watson Our collective future?

Paul Joseph Watson Author says results highlight problem of “transprejudice”.

Paul Joseph Watson While violent crime continues to soar.

Steve Watson | “This is a huge distraction and will only help Donald Trump get elected.”

Paul Joseph Watson “Yes, sex work is real work!”

Paul Joseph Watson And a link to an article which doesn’t even mention father’s day.

CNS News | “The fastest way to get the fire and fury of the U.S. military unleashed on you is to interfere with the freedom of navigation on the open seas and in the air.”

Daily Caller | “At some point, we are going to have to defend the biology and stand on women being a protected class, and it might as well start in Minnesota.”

Breitbart | Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is surging ahead of the Democrat’s first presidential primary debate.

Daily Mail | None of the four appear to have been deported or be facing deportation.

Michael Snyder | Giant rocks go whizzing by our planet on a continual basis, and much of the time we do not even see them until they have already passed us.

Zero Hedge | Progressive feminist author Naomi Wolf’s new book has been delayed by the publisher after a BBC radio host destroyed a major part of the book’s premise during a live interview in May. 

American Mirror | The “poor huddled masses” coming across the southern border may not be so poor after all.

Zero Hedge | “Not even the slightest thought of consequence!”

Paul Joseph Watson The sickness of today’s society

Zero Hedge | The Pentagon indicated it’s further implementing plans to coordinate with America’s international allies in the event of military confrontation with Iran.

Mediaite | ‘TOTAL LOSERS!’

Newsweek | The president likened Melania Trump to former President John F. Kennedy’s wife.

AFP | The document is a “supplementary agreement” to the deal the US and Mexico signed last Friday, and outlines additional measures the two sides agree to take.

Breitbart | “Trumps a psychotic Ass.”

Newsbusters | Had a same-sex pet couple existed, it might not have pushed enough social justice points to truly qualify as progressive.

Newsbusters | Camerota was blind to the correlation between the DNC-funded Steele dossier and the situation Trump described during his interview.

Zero Hedge | “I think there is heightened interest in this situation because it’s the mumps.”

Breitbart | “What happened the other day changed my mind because that was treason.”

Newsbusters | For Mika Brzezinski, something that the Clinton campaign actually did in 2016 apparently makes Trump akin to an evil dictator.

American Mirror | “Central American migrants are rushing to enter Mexico ahead of a security crackdown on the country’s southern border .”

Breitbart | Facebook reportedly spent $382 million on ads in the last year, which is up $50 million from 2017.

Paul Joseph Watson “I don’t understand what the controversy is”

Paul Joseph Watson New note actually delayed for security reasons.

Paul Joseph Watson The future of social media.

Paul Joseph Watson Police say attack suggests there is “a motive against the church”.

Paul Joseph Watson “I am in downtown Brooklyn, but I swear it’s Saudi Arabia”.

Steve Watson | “He does not know the difference between right and wrong”.

CBS Detroit | “It’s the fluid of your body that’s being given to you.”

The Truth About the 'ISIS Bride' See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

Jussie Smollett is a Complete Idiot See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

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