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Money Watch

WSJ | Some Republicans want to stuff a state sales web tax in the omnibus.

Sputnik | According to new statistics, Russia is currently the sixth-largest gold owner after the United States, Germany, Italy, France, and China.

Breitbart | Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden inked a billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China just 10 days after the father and son flew to China in 2013.

CNBC | Large selling from a trustee of now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox was partly to blame.

Information Liberation | The media hailed female entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes as “the next Steve Jobs” because she wore a turtle neck and claimed to have revolutionized blood-testing with her company Theranos.

Zero Hedge | As part of Knight Frank’s latest Wealth Report, a survey of over 500 leading private bankers and wealth advisers was conducted to gain insights into the mindset of the world’s ultra rich.

Zero Hedge | In the past year, there has been a lot of debate whether Trump’s tax plan will make the poor poorer and the rich richer.

Breitbart | American small businesses are feeling more optimistic than any point in nearly 35 years, according to a National Federation of Business survey released Tuesday.

Westmonster | The Leader of Italy’s Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration Lega party has hit out at the Euro single currency once more, insisting that a government he led would ignore EU rules on it.

CNBC | Scammers appear to have made off with more than $2 million in cryptocurrency.

Bloomberg | Billionaire accepts award, eats iguana at Explorers Club gala.

Breitbart | Trump’s tight labor market is leading to corporations investing in construction jobs for U.S. veterans and young Americans, rather than relying on cheap, illegal alien workers.

Daily Mail | Experts now say Amazon is on track to beat Apple as the most valuable company.

Breitbart | Trade is so brisk, in fact, Heathrow is operating at capacity.

CNBC | Bitcoin fell below $9,000 during Friday afternoon Asia trade, extending losses seen earlier in the week when it dropped below the key $10,000 level.

Washington Examiner | President Trump received a letter on Wednesday in which 107 House Republicans urged him to back off his threat to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from all countries, regardless of origin.

Brandon Smith | Trump is in my view a modern day Herbert Hoover.

CNBC | Dow Jones industrial average futures indicated an open of more than 300 points lower.

Breitbart | Wants to make the British think they are “no longer going to have cheap holidays”.

Information Liberation | While previous presidents used the office to enrich themselves, President Trump is sacrificing hundreds of millions of dollars of his personal wealth by trying to save America.

CNBC | The situation facing stocks may appear more ominous with the addition of President Donald Trump’s tariff threat.

CNBC | The likelihood of bitcoin prices falling to $100 is greater than that of the digital currency trading at $100,000 a decade from now, Harvard University professor and economist Kenneth Rogoff said on Tuesday.

Mac Slavo | Gregory Mannarino, the founder of TradersChoice.net joined USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter for an interview.

Daily Mail | They’ll go into effect next week and no countries will be excluded.

Mac Slavo | Advances in blockchain technologies and peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies are sweeping the world and will soon become embedded in just about every aspect of our lives.

Truth Revolt | Georgia fights back.

The Hill | President Trump early Friday defended his plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, saying “trade wars are good.”

Mac Slavo | Financial guru Peter Schiff, who accurately predicted the recession of 2008, says the problems we face now are even bigger.

The Last Refuge | MAGAnomics baby!!

Michael Snyder | Many had been hoping that the financial shaking on Wall Street that we witnessed in February would subside in March, but so far that is definitely not the case.

Market Watch | The rate of layoffs as measured by U.S. jobless claims fell to the lowest level since 1969, reflecting the strongest labor market since the end of the dotcom boom nearly two decades ago.

RT | The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating the digital currencies market, according to the Wall Street Journal citing its sources.

Economic Collapse | If the U.S. economy is in good shape, then why has economic growth been so anemic for more than a decade?

RT | Microsoft founder Bill Gates has expressed major reservations about cryptocurrencies, warning that due to their use in the purchase of illegal dangerous drugs, crypto is actually killing people “in a fairly direct way.”

RT | Led by bitcoin, the entire market of digital currencies has continued its steady ascent over the last 24 hours.

Simon Black | It’s larger than the size of the entire Australian economy… and constitutes a loss of more than $2.2 million per minute.

Zero Hedge | The last hour or so has seen heavy volume buying in Bitcoin, lifting the cryptocurrency over $500 and back above $10,000…

RT | The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) boosted its holdings of gold by almost 20 metric tons last month, with reserves reaching 1,857 tons. It has increased its holdings every month since March 2015.

RT | The cryptocurrency market, led by bitcoin, plummeted after US-based exchange Coinbase said it would hand over the data of nearly 13,000 of its customers to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Mike Krieger | If we’re looking for some kind of national consensus, it appears to be centered around the view that mental health issues lie at the core of mass shooting events.

CNS News | Pelosi was pressed by two reporters at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Zero Hedge | $300 million is 3,000 times more than the Russian agents allegedly spent on Facebook ads ahead of (and after) the November 2016 vote.

Bloomberg | The dominance of a few firms risks harming productivity and growth, study finds.

Zero Hedge | The pace at which cash is vanishing has authorities worried.

CNBC | The recent sharp pullback and volatility in global equity markets is not yet over, according to the chief executive of financial advisory firm Longview Economics.

Brandon Smith | Ever since the credit and equities crash of 2008, Americans have been bombarded relentlessly with the narrative that our economy is “in recovery”.

The Guardian | Notes and coins set to fall to just 21% of sales by 2026, raising questions for those who rely on the cash economy.

Breitbart | President Donald Trump’s enforcement of immigration laws has delivered hundreds of jobs at higher wages to sidelined African-Americans in Chicago.

Sputnik | The price of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has surpassed the $11,500 mark and continues growing, trading data showed on Tuesday.

Information Liberation | The New York Times warned Monday that “the fate of the universe” may be at stake because of President Trump’s budget.

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