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Money Watch

Michael Snyder | The pace at which Americans are losing their jobs is absolutely breathtaking. 

Information Liberation | “Ackman doesn’t seem embarrassed by this in the least.”

Zero Hedge | Millions of Americans stand to lose their employer-sponsored health insurance when they might need it the most, according to Bloomberg.

CNBC | The Senate passed a historic $2 trillion coronavirus relief package Wednesday night, as it tries to stem the destruction the pandemic has brought to American lives and wallets. 

Information Liberation | “The last thing you should be doing is pulling your money out of the banks now.”

SchiffGold.com | It wasn’t long ago that all of the pundits were telling us that the economy was strong.

Zero Hedge | Over the past decade, one of the most fascinating observations in the world of precious metals has been the bizarre decoupling in the supply/demand dynamics and thus pricing, between paper and physical gold.

Zero Hedge | The Fed unveiled its ultimate bazooka today – unlimited buying of pretty much any- and every-thing until this all calms down.

Zero Hedge | We’re the lender of last resort.

RT | European markets have plunged over 30 percent over the last 30 days as the coronavirus pandemic threatens to crash the global economy.

Market Watch | Treasury secretary says Fed will play key role in helping businesses hurt by coronavirus.

Information Liberation | As Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr was privately warning about the dangers of coronavirus, he was offloading between $500k and $1.5M in stocks.

Michael Snyder | As America slowly but surely shuts down from coast to coast, everyone is acknowledging the fact that we are heading into a very serious economic downturn. 

Zero Hedge | Global stock and bond markets have seen $25 trillion of ‘paper’ wealth erased in the last month, wiping out all the gains from the Dec 2018 crash lows….

Zero Hedge | Sydney-based consultancy CAPA Centre for Aviation warned in a statement on Monday morning that most of the world’s airlines will be bankrupt by the end of May. 

Zero Hedge | Is a global recession already beginning as the vast majority of the US and other countries’ workforce grinds to a halt while large cities begin to receive ‘shelter in place’ directives?

Michael Snyder | As communities all over America shut down in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, job losses are already starting to rise to extremely alarming levels. 

Breitbart | President Donald Trump said at the White House Tuesday he wanted the federal government to send direct payments to Americans suffering economically from the coronavirus as part of a larger rescue package.

RT | European aviation giant Airbus has decided to pause production and assembly activities at its French and Spanish facilities for the next four days to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Zero Hedge | With Europe reeling under the weight of a record number of new coronavirus cases, especially in Italy and Spain, both countries announced today they they are banning short selling for the foreseeable future.

Moonbattery | Hyper-statist extremism is nothing new for de Blasio.

Michael Sndyer | Unless the Federal Reserve is purposely attempting to spread panic on Wall Street, the decisions that the Fed just made don’t make any sense at all. 

CNBC | “The coronavirus outbreak has harmed communities and disrupted economic activity in many countries, including the United States.”

CNBC | Cryptocurrencies took a battering following a global sell-off in stocks, with bitcoin seeing a near 40% plunge.

Fox News | Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard denounced the partisanship surrounding the coronavirus pandemic on Capitol Hill Thursday, saying it was time to put the American people first.

Zero Hedge | Spain’s Regulator also set a one-day short-sale ban on 69 stocks that fell more than certain amounts Thursday.

Michael Snyder | In all of U.S. history, we have never seen the Dow Jones Industrial Average go from an all-time high to a bear market as quickly as we just did. 

Zero Hedge | Today the stench of a desperate liquidity scramble as The Dollar rallied while Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin, Crude, and Gold were all dumped.

Zero Hedge | Industry sources told Reuters on Tuesday that global luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Parada, and others, have significantly reduced orders with top Italian suppliers as Covid-19 disruptions are seen across the world.

Zero Hedge | Europe “will see a scenario that will remind many of us of the 2008 Great Financial Crisis.”

Zero Hedge | As Covid-19 grinds the world’s economy to a halt and supply-chains break, anxieties flourish among multinationals, AP news reports.

Reuters | Payments on mortgages will be suspended across the whole of Italy after the coronavirus outbreak, Italy’s deputy economy minister said on Tuesday.

Michael Snyder | We haven’t seen anything like this since the last financial crisis erupted in 2008. 

Breitbart | U.S. stocks lurched sharply lower Monday, unable to regain their footing even after automatic market stabilizers kicked-in overnight and shortly after the market opened.

Zero Hedge | It was just a matter of time before the ongoing financial and economic crisis spawned by the coronavirus pandemic morphed into a political intervention to save capital markets from evil short sellers.

CNBC | Oil prices plunged after OPEC’s failure to strike a deal with its allies regarding production cuts caused Saudi Arabia to slash its prices as it reportedly gets set to ramp up production, leading to fears of an all-out price war.

Paul Joseph Watson | Capitalism uber alles.

Zero Hedge | “It just means we don’t know what’s going on.”

Zero Hedge | For some the recession is already here.

CNBC | OPEC has reportedly agreed to impose a deeper round of production cuts in order to support oil prices, paving the way for crunch talks with non-OPEC leader Russia, who has to agree to the plan.

Paul Joseph Watson | “It’s basically an insurance policy against chaos.”

Breitbart | Democrat presidential candidates have already wasted over one billion dollars on failed presidential campaigns, according to finance records and reports.

Zero Hedge | The virus has now spread to 60 countries, infecting more than 92,000 people, resulting in 3,100 deaths.

Zero Hedge | Pandemic fears grip the world as cases and deaths surge ex-China.

CNBC | Summer vacations could be off the table this year as tourists put off traveling to avoid catching the new coronavirus, experts told CNBC.

Prison Planet.com | Appreciate the honesty, Sleepy Joe.

Mac Slavo | The odds of the coronavirus outbreak becoming a pandemic have jumped 40% recently. As nations struggle to contain this virus, it’s taking its toll on the markets too, wiping out $5 trillion.

Breitbart | Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) raised a whopping $46.5 million in campaign cash in February, and he is using the cash to plan television ad buys in nine states.

Brandon Smith | In order to determine if a geopolitical or economic threat is legitimate, I find it helps to watch how the mainstream propaganda narrative flows and changes.

Michael Snyder | Stock prices are falling faster and harder than they ever have before. 

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