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Money Watch

CNBC | Google’s move to stop licensing its Android mobile operating system to Huawei could deal a huge blow to the Chinese tech giant’s ambitions to become the top player in smartphones globally.

Weasel Zippers | Sharing his son’s crack pipe?

Information Liberation | Total immigration numbers to the US are near or above record highs and yet millions of jobs are on the brink of being replaced by robots.

Michael Snyder | Global economic activity has already been slowing down dramatically, and the U.S. trade war with China is just going to make things worse. 

Zero Hedge | The UK and the US have already prosecuted FX traders involved.

Mac Slavo | The central banks of the world have been buying up gold at the fastest rate in 6 years. This is flashing warning signs for the future of the United States dollar.

Michael Snyder | 2019 is turning out to be a nightmare that never ends for the agriculture industry. 

Zero Hedge | “People just have to wake up and look at the trade data.’’

Michael Snyder | And as we move toward a presidential election year, the Chinese will increasingly be the ones with the strategic leverage.

Zero Hedge | “There’s little point trying to persuade Trump otherwise, because his belief in tariffs is “like theology.”

CNBC | Bitcoin rose above the $8,000 mark on Tuesday, extending a rally that has seen the digital currency more than double in value since the start of the year.

Michael Snyder | Wall Street responded to our escalating trade war with China by throwing a bit of a temper tantrum. 

Tom Luongo | There’s something about the timing of this Bitcoin rally that should have your attention.

Information Liberation | Tucker Carlson came out in support of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders’ bill to outlaw usurious high interest loans on his show Friday night.

Michael Snyder | Unless someone backs down in a major way, this trade war is going to last for a very long time, and the Chinese have made it exceedingly clear that they are never going to back down on the core issues. 

Zero Hedge | Trump did not rule out reversing the heavy tariffs if there is progress in future trade talks.

Michael Snyder | It has been quite a year.  In March, catastrophic flooding in the Midwest absolutely crippled thousands of farms and “as many as a million calves” were lost in Nebraska alone. 

Daisy Luther | New York state is still busily chipping away at gun rights and now they’ve introduced Obamacare for guns.

Michael Snyder | It sure looks like nothing can stop the trade war now, and that could potentially be absolutely disastrous for the global economy. 

Zero Hedge | The “serious” online attack included hackers breaking into about 100 seller accounts and moving cash from loans or sales into their own bank accounts.

Economic Collapse | If negotiations between the Trump administration and the Chinese government do not produce a trade deal by Friday, it is going to be absolutely catastrophic for Wall Street.

Zero Hedge | The Trump Administration is looking into altering how it determines the national poverty level.

Michael Snyder | If your head is spinning from the wild fluctuations that have shaken global financial markets, you are definitely not alone. 

Daily Caller | The Federal Trade Commission is haggling over whether to hold Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally responsible for mishandling privacy data.

Daily Caller | Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker both argued during Sunday interviews that former President Barack Obama deserves the credit for a good economy under President Donald Trump.

Charles Hugh Smith | Ironically, their ample compensation allows them to avoid the poor-quality services they’ve designed for everyone below them.

Zero Hedge | Rich people are picking up sticks and getting out of dodge.

Mac Slavo | Millennial and generation Z workers are becoming increasingly miserable with their jobs and careers.

Michael Snyder | When people are having a harder time paying their bills, that is a signal that the economy is slowing down. 

Zero Hedge | It only gets worse.

Campus Reform | Leftist comedian Bill Maher challenged liberals over the weekend on his HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher” on a key 2020 issue: free college.

Free Beacon | “Doubling all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax would be insufficient to finance” Medicare for All.

Virginia Fidler | Italy is not the only country embracing gold.

Zero Hedge | Lagarde cautioned that one strong GDP print doesn’t make a trend, and that the global economy remains mired in what she called a “delicate moment.”

Zero Hedge | Is the market going to assume this small cut would be the first in the Fed’s rate cut cycle?

Zero Hedge | As young Americans drown in debt, growing numbers of parents have been footing the bill for their kids’ car insurance, cell phone bills, health care costs and debt payments – often at the expense of their own retirement. 

Mac Slavo | The retail apocalypse is upon us and after hitting all-time record high levels of store closures, the pace has accelerated.

Michael Snyder | Wouldn’t it be horrible if the number of Americans without a job was higher today than it was during the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009?

Michael Snyder | Are you ready to cough up $220,000 to pay your share?  One of the reasons why a day of reckoning for the U.S. economy is inevitable is because we are in way too much debt. 

Zero Hedge | San Francisco – thanks to its balmy year-round climate and hospitable reputation – has long suffered from growing homelessness which, despite the city’s nosebleed-inducing taxes, it has been unable to curtail.

Mac Slavo | There is no better time than now to prepare for the inevitable financial meltdown. There is only so much time left before the bubble bursts taking everyone down with it!

Michael Snyder | Stocks just closed at a brand new all-time record high, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is coming to theaters, and a 24-year-old man from Wisconsin just won the 768 million dollar Powerball jackpot. 

Zero Hedge | Las Cruces, New Mexico officials reported on Monday that Border Patrol agents released almost 1,600 migrants into the town of just over 100,000 residents over a 10-day period, forcing the city to spend $75,000 on humanitarian assistance. 

Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner | You can’t help but call it a Ponzi scheme.

Fox News | “We’re talking about billions of dollars in taxpayer benefits over the next few years.”

Mac Slavo | Americans continue to dig themselves in a deeper and deeper hole.

The cost to care for illegal immigrants streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border is rising exponentially, with spending on food, diapers, and medical care expected to his $1.2 million in one sector alone for fiscal year 2019.

Mac Slavo | The social security Ponzi scheme is failing quickly.

CNBC | Pledges toward the restoration efforts have already surpassed 700 million euros, or $790 million.

Mac Slavo | According to Nobel Prize winner, Robert Schiller, an election victory for president Donald Trump would not only boost the stock market but postpone the impending and imminent recession.

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