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Money Watch

Zero Hedge | Finally, somebody at Davos is talking about something other than the weather…

Michael Snyder | Today, close to half of all Americans are living on the edge financially. 

Zero Hedge | Beyond Meat hit a session low of $119, last down about 7% in the last hour of the session, after CNBC reported Burger King slashed the price of the Impossible Whopper following declining sales.

Mike Shedlock | The Fed, ECB, Bank of England, and Bank of Japan have now embraced climate change as part of their mission.

Breitbart | Tim Cook, the CEO of tech giant Apple, has stated that a global overhaul of tax regulations is needed.

Sputnik | According to bank figures, gold reserves grew by 159 tonnes in 2019 to a total of 2,270.56 tonnes (73 million ounces).

Michael Snyder | Just like last time around, most people have tremendous faith in the system, and so they will be absolutely blindsided by the crisis that is coming.

Zero Hedge | How’s this for some New Years optimism?

Michael Sndyer | Stock prices have become completely divorced from economic reality, and this is setting us up for a major financial crisis.

The Mises Institute | When the US places financial sanctions one one country, it de facto sanctions many other countries as well — including many of its allies.

Mac Slavo | The robots are coming and once they do, they will take millions of jobs from human beings.

Zero Hedge | “It would mean collapse for Iraq.”

CNBC | Bitcoin has recorded its best start to the year since 2012.

Zero Hedge | The start of approximately 400,000 job losses in the German automotive industry is already underway as the industry shifts towards electric vehicles, reported the Financial Times. 

Zero Hedge | The letter alleges that President Trump told guests at the Mar-A-Lago resort that military action was pending in the Middle East.

RT | The extremely rare, silvery-colored metal rhodium has extended its multi year growth, surging 32 percent so far this month and touching the highest mark since 2008.

Michael Snyder | Even our lowest paying jobs will be vanishing in enormous numbers.

Michael Snyder | Lost in all of the headlines about Iran and impeachment is the fact that the U.S. economic slowdown which began during the latter stages of last year appears to be accelerating. 

The Mises Institute | Steps will simply be designed to acclimatize people to the idea of being “nudged” in the right direction before more radical measures are taken to use the UBI to shape their behaviour.

Zero Hedge | On a mountaintop a few miles north of the bustling streets of Harare, Zimbabwe, a curving, modern complex is beginning to take shape.

Zero Hedge | Morgan Stanley’s Managing Director of Research Michael Zezas warned on Monday that stock markets at all-time highs and a stable economy “does not guarantee a win for the president” in November. 

Zero Hedge | “It’s not jail. They’re still free to come and go, but they have to be in at night.”

Zero Hedge | Gold (priced in USDollars) spiked dramatically overnight, pushing towards seven-year highs as tensions in the Middle East escalated.

Zero Hedge | It’s official: the worldwide automotive industry recession is in full swing.

SchiffGold.com | Gold really is a no-brainer.

Information Liberation | This is part and parcel of living in a globalist kleptocracy.

Daily Express | BRUSSELS is preparing a new push to create an European Union-wide plastic tax to fill the so-called “Brexit gap”.

CoinTelegraph.com | Twelve major cryptocurrency exchange hacks occurred in 2019.

RT | The escalating situation in the region following the assassination of a top Iranian military commander has given the yellow metal its highest rates in seven years, and raised oil to prices last seen in mid-2019.

Brandon Smith | There are a multitude of false assumptions out there on what the collapse of a nation or “empire” looks like.

CNBC | Energy market participants are “on tenterhooks” after a U.S. airstrike killed key Iranian and Iraqi military personnel.

Mac Slavo | Authoritarian and communist mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio got upset that a Domino’s pizza chain was selling $30 pizzas on New Year’s Eve. 

Zero Hedge | The Fed is already conducting Helicopter Money (and MMT) in all but name.

Breitbart | The sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump on Iran have more than erased the benefits given by President Barack Obama under the nuclear deal, according to numbers presented by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Zero Hedge | In the past two years Russia has been quite explicit in its shifting preference between fiat, in the form of the world’s reserve currency, US Dollars and hard assets, i.e., gold.

Zero Hedge | The rise in welfare payments coincides with a sharp increase in asylum-seekers coming to Germany in recent years.

CNBC | President Donald Trump’s stock market stacks up well against the majority of his presidential predecessors.

Mac Slavo | More than 9,300 retail department stores have shut their doors this year. 

Zero Hedge | Biden has denied the allegations against him and asked the court to strike the filing from the record

Zero Hedge | So what happened to the money?

The Last Refuge | Donald J Trump was the only candidate in 2016 who knew how to use China’s panda playbook against them. 

Zero Hedge | The poll, released December 16, revealed 45 percent have nothing saved.

CNBC | Markets are shrugging off the impeachment of President Donald Trump because he is not expected to be removed from office.

Zero Hedge | She often referred to him as “Uncle Jeff,” which seems intensely creepy in light of all of which Epstein has been accused.

Breitbart | It’s not just the stock market that is rallying while Democrats seek to impeach President Donald Trump.

Paul Joseph Watson | Live in a pod, work in a pod, sit on an uncomfortable toilet.

Zero Hedge | Beverly Hills’ Millennials were far ahead of the competition in terms of credit card debt, showing, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz explains, the correlation that exists between high incomes and credit card use in the United States.

Breitbart | The Republican National Committee (RNC) has garnered over 600K new donors to the joint committees of the RNC and the Trump campaign since the start of impeachment.

Zero Hedge | Japan resumed its buying of USTs in October (the latest TIC data), while China continued selling…

CNBC | Local media reported early Tuesday that Johnson will add a revision to the Brexit bill (formally known as the Withdrawal Agreement Bill) that would explicitly rule out any extension to the transition period beyond December 2020.

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