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Money Watch

Breitbart | A Labour government would leave the Single Market, Jeremy Corbyn has claimed, admitting that European Union (EU) freedom of movement rules have damaged workers’ conditions.

Shaun Bradley | Visa recently announced its new Cashless Challenge program, which offers $10,000 to restaurants willing to transition into accepting only digital payments.

Michael Snyder | One mystery trader has made an extremely large bet that the stock market is going to crash by October, and if he is right he could potentially make up to 262 million dollars on the deal.

London Guardian | From California to London, the tech giants are employing top architects to build spectacular symbols of their immense global power. But they have their critics…

Grabien News | ‘People hate it when their cable bills, airline fees go up’.

Sputnik | The increasing debate in Italy about the merits of “Italexit” is a reflection of the unresolvable difficulties that face the eurozone, financial expert Marc Friedrich told Sputnik Deutschland.

Mac Slavo | With the world seemingly in economic and geo-political shambles, those concerned with the real possibility of collapse continue to position themselves in precious metals.

SF Chronicle | “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things.”

CNBC | Foreign purchases of U.S. residential real estate surged to the highest level ever in terms of number of homes sold and dollar volume.

Josie Wales | Ontario announced earlier this month that it will become the fourth Canadian government to fund a behavioral modification application.

Reuters | The dollar fell to a 10-month low on Tuesday.

Zero Hedge | The Dollar Index sank to its lowest level since September.

Zero Hedge | The aggregate volatility measure is near its lowest level in twenty years.

Don Quijones | But the IMF has suggestions on how to win the War on Cash…

Michael Snyder | Disneyland is known as a place “where dreams come true” and where every story always has a happy ending.

CNS News | In August 2012, the Treasury spent $392,408,410,000 in constant 2017 dollars.

Daily Caller | The Trump administration gave $6.3 million to a group linked to liberal mega-donor George Soros as part of an effort to to develop “independent, professional media” in Moldova.

Zero Hedge | Mark Zuckerberg, the 30-something billionaire founder of Facebook, hasn’t lived a ‘normal’ life…at least not at any point in the recent past.

Bloomberg | Britain could easily withstand paying a hefty financial settlement to leave the European Union, the country’s fiscal watchdog said Thursday.

Mac Slavo | It should be well known by now that the Millennial generation was screwed over by factors outside of their control.

Campus Reform | “Too many institutions spend lavishly on…highly-compensated and narrowly-focused administrative specialists”

Zero Hedge | She said lawmakers need to work toward achieving “sustainability of this debt path over time,” …

Breitbart | Pro-EU diehards in Britain suffered fresh embarrassment on June 12th as unemployment fell to a 43-year low, despite high-profile official warnings that a Brexit vote would push it up by 500,000.

Zero Hedge | While Silicon Valley seems obsessed by ‘blood boys’, its another part of the world that appears to have gone full Mad Max.

Bloomberg | Google will find out this week if it owes 1.12 billion euros ($1.3 billion) in back taxes to France, just days after it was slapped with a record antitrust fine by the European Union.

Zero Hedge | The growing number of wealthy crypto investors is starting to infuriate regulators.

Mac Slavo | For decades suburbia was home to the highest concentration of wealth in America, and perhaps even the entire world.

Reuters | Robust economic data from the United States and Germany left investors increasingly confident about the strength of the world economy.

Michael Sndyer | Have you lost your spot in the middle class yet?

CNBC | The U.S. economy added a better-than-expected 222,000 new jobs in June and the unemployment rate held at 4.4 percent, according to a government report Friday.

Louder With Crowder | If ever you want proof of the left’s major misunderstanding of economics, one need only peep their minimum wage ideas.

Zero Hedge | It’s too bad for Norway’s ruling center-right party that Warren Buffett isn’t a resident.

CNBC | Job creation in the private sector tailed off significantly in June in another sign that the economy is getting closer to full employment, according to a report Thursday from ADP and Moody’s Analytics.

Louder With Crowder | Many of us would love to moisturize with gold, whilst driving a Lambo down Rodeo Drive, toting a Berkin with fists full of cash.

Zero Hedge | One former fund manager has had enough of some other words that are thrown around with abandon.

Zero Hedge | Tepid wage growth has been frustrating Americans for years.

London Telegraph | A bizarre computer glitch sent shares in dozens of US technology companies including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft to the same price.

Fox Business | Drivers will find the cheapest gasoline prices for the 4th of July holiday weekend since 2005, thanks to a rare summer break at the pump.

RT | The second-largest bank network in the US went down coast to coast, leaving customers unable to access their accounts or withdraw money Monday.

Zero Hedge | The tensions between the Trump administration’s populist win and its more traditionally Republican establishment types have been well-documented in recent months.

Breitbart | Physical editions of the Wall Street Journal will no longer be available in Europe as the business and finance newspaper beats a retreat from print outside the U.S.

Washington Free Beacon | Treasury may run out earlier if the government spends more money or takes in less revenue.

Chris Anstey | Currency moves can be “brutal,” as the European Central Bank well knows, since then-ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet used that memorable adjective more than a decade ago.

Zero Hedge | For some inexplicable reason, in the first quarter American consumer were scrambling to buy… recreational vehicles!?

Michael Snyder | Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is quite convinced that the United States will not experience another financial crisis for a very long time to come.

Brandon Smith | It is important to understand what the Fed actually is — the Fed is a weapon.

Daily Caller | Sarah Palin is suing The New York Times for defamation, according to documents filed in federal court Tuesday that were obtained by The Daily Caller.

Bloomberg | If you’re suing Google, European Union enforcers have just saved you a lot of legwork.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the federal government owns 28 percent of all land in the United States?

Mac Slavo | Investors like Peter Schiff have been predicting the collapse of the American economy for a long time, and for good reason.

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