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Money Watch

Zero Hedge | There’s much greater potential for rates to fall than rise in reaction to the Fed decision and statement on Wednesday.

NY Post | Time for that second home in the Hamptons.

Mac Slavo | The government really dislikes it when people make a living by conducting moral business practices without paying for their permission to do so.

Michael Snyder | Are you ready to pay 37 percent more for health insurance in 2018?

Zero Hedge | The last time – Aug 09 – that spending surged like this was when the government unleashed ‘cash for clunkers’, it plummeted the following month…

Bloomberg | The greenback could keep pushing higher if U.S. tax cuts happen.

Breitbart | The economy is now at its best in a decade, according to economist and CNBC regular Larry Kudlow.

Michael Snyder | The federal government is now 20.4 trillion dollars in debt.

RT | Bitcoin is going to implode, repeating the fate of US energy and commodities giant Enron, Saudi billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said.

Zero Hedge | “Things go down. We’ve been in an artificially inflated market for stocks and bonds largely around the world.”

CNBC | Bitcoin’s market value will catch up with Apple in five years, according to a bitcoin proponent.

Zero Hedge | Euro Slides With Spain On Edge.

Sputnik | Britain is haggling over how much it should pay to the European Union as its final settlement when it leaves in March 2019.

Reuters | Bitcoin is booming, digital currency hedge funds are sprouting at the rate of two a week and the value of all cryptocurrencies has surged tenfold this year to more than $170 billion.

Axios | Opting to keep taxing million-dollar-earners at the current 39.6 percent-rate will help stem the deficit increase from tax cuts for corporations and the middle class.

CNBC | The IRS is warning tax professionals that it will block or suspend processing of 2017 income tax returns that do not comply with Obamacare rules.

Zero Hedge | The “British press” is wrong (although it wasn’t just the British press): Brexit negotiations are going well and the divorce settlement should be finalised by December. Really?

Zero Hedge | As tensions escalate in Spain, Catalan Separatists are potentially about to do some real damage and hit Madrid where it really hurts.

Reuters | On the 30th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash, U.S. stocks are at a record high.

Zero Hedge | Somewhere in the mountains near Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne lies a hidden underground vault containing a vast fortune.

Zero Hedge | 8 of the 10 worst funded states in America just happen to be “deep blue” bastions of liberalism.

Zero Hedge | “If we get it done this year, it will be extraordinary.”

Zero Hedge | “A ‘no cash’ sign is a ‘not welcome’ sign for many without ready access to credit.”

LA Times | Billionaire George Soros has pumped nearly $18 billion into the Open Society Foundations the last several years, turning it into one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations.

Zero Hedge | Draghi’s minions have been busy again.

Michael Snyder | Even though the nations of the world are very deeply divided on almost everything else, somehow virtually all of them have been convinced that central banking is the way to go.

Market Watch | A resurgence in the so-called Trump trade has investors once again contemplating a fresh milestone for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Zero Hedge | Once again the unintended consequences of government intervention are exposed…

Michael Snyder | Throughout human history, those in the ruling class have found various ways to force those under them to work for their economic benefit.

Washington Free Beacon | New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) plans to keep more than half of the campaign donations he received from Democratic donor and Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Zero Hedge | Elon Musk can’t seem to catch a break lately.

Zero Hedge | Bitcoin has now topped $5800 amid unconfirmed rumors that China will restore cryptocurrency trading.

Sputnik | “The patient is about 75 years old.”

Zero Hedge | Both Goldman and JPM have once again announced it is “open season” for hunting banks.

Charles Hugh Smith | The quality, durability, utility and enjoyment-of-use of our products and services has been plummeting for years.

Speisa | More than a quarter of the population in London now lives below the poverty line.

CNBC | U.S. stocks rose to record highs on Tuesday as Wall Street sifted through a slew of corporate news.

RT | Cryptocurrencies have captured the attention of investors and world governments alike.

Zero Hedge | Stated simpler, if indeed Trump tax reform is dead – again – a sharp market turnaround may be imminent.

Breitbart | Conservatives and economic nationalist leaders are looking past the current dysfunction in Washington to a group of new and exciting young candidates.

RT | Bad loans along with growing levels of global debt may push the world into another financial crisis, said Wolfgang Schaeuble in his parting speech as German Finance Minister.

Truth Revolt | Merkel’s dream of ‘refugees’ replacing the aging German workforce goes up in flames as 2 million immigrants go on the dole.

CNBC | Jobs fall by 33,000 in September as hurricanes hammer employment.

Zero Hedge | No matter what Jamie Dimon may say, bitcoin’s durability can be expressed by one simple fact: With a market cap of $100 billion, digital currencies have become too big for banks to ignore.

Michael Krieger | If you need further evidence regarding how wasteful and irresponsible Washington D.C. is when it comes to our tax dollars, look no further than the behavior of agencies under Donald “drain the swamp” Trump.

Market Watch | Some market veterans think stocks are at long last due for a meltup.

Reuters | Global stock markets hit a record high on Wednesday.

CNBC | Amazon has been ordered to pay 250 million euros ($294 million) back to Luxembourg after the European Commission said the online retailer had received illegal tax benefits.

Zero Hedge | Doubts have emerged about the viability of the “new and improved” tax plan

Zero Hedge | It’s deja vu all over again.

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