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Money Watch

Mac Slavo | Authoritarian and communist mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio got upset that a Domino’s pizza chain was selling $30 pizzas on New Year’s Eve. 

Zero Hedge | The Fed is already conducting Helicopter Money (and MMT) in all but name.

Breitbart | The sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump on Iran have more than erased the benefits given by President Barack Obama under the nuclear deal, according to numbers presented by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Zero Hedge | In the past two years Russia has been quite explicit in its shifting preference between fiat, in the form of the world’s reserve currency, US Dollars and hard assets, i.e., gold.

Zero Hedge | The rise in welfare payments coincides with a sharp increase in asylum-seekers coming to Germany in recent years.

CNBC | President Donald Trump’s stock market stacks up well against the majority of his presidential predecessors.

Mac Slavo | More than 9,300 retail department stores have shut their doors this year. 

Zero Hedge | Biden has denied the allegations against him and asked the court to strike the filing from the record

Zero Hedge | So what happened to the money?

The Last Refuge | Donald J Trump was the only candidate in 2016 who knew how to use China’s panda playbook against them. 

Zero Hedge | The poll, released December 16, revealed 45 percent have nothing saved.

CNBC | Markets are shrugging off the impeachment of President Donald Trump because he is not expected to be removed from office.

Zero Hedge | She often referred to him as “Uncle Jeff,” which seems intensely creepy in light of all of which Epstein has been accused.

Breitbart | It’s not just the stock market that is rallying while Democrats seek to impeach President Donald Trump.

Paul Joseph Watson | Live in a pod, work in a pod, sit on an uncomfortable toilet.

Zero Hedge | Beverly Hills’ Millennials were far ahead of the competition in terms of credit card debt, showing, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz explains, the correlation that exists between high incomes and credit card use in the United States.

Breitbart | The Republican National Committee (RNC) has garnered over 600K new donors to the joint committees of the RNC and the Trump campaign since the start of impeachment.

Zero Hedge | Japan resumed its buying of USTs in October (the latest TIC data), while China continued selling…

CNBC | Local media reported early Tuesday that Johnson will add a revision to the Brexit bill (formally known as the Withdrawal Agreement Bill) that would explicitly rule out any extension to the transition period beyond December 2020.

Mac Slavo | The rampant consumerism in our society is what many say is driving the economy right now. 

CNBC | After the U.S. and China on Friday announced progress on a trade agreement, a critical point of the deal remains in question: agricultural purchases.

Thorsten Polleit | In the early 1920s, Ludwig von Mises became a witness to hyperinflation in Austria and Germany – monetary developments that caused irreparable and (in the German case) cataclysmic damage to civilization.

SchiffGold.com | The world’s rich are hoarding gold – this according to data buried in a recent Goldman Sachs note to clients.

Zero Hedge | It turns out that Americans don’t want to “be like Mike” after all… the other Mike…

Brandon Smith | If we are to measure the concept of “economic recovery” in real terms, then we would have to look at the fundamentals (not stock markets) and whether or not they’re improving.

Daily Caller | Billionaire Bill Gates and former Vice President Al Gore responded to criticism that their use of jets somehow conflicts with their desire to fight global warming, Axios reported Monday.

Zero Hedge | There is something very fishy about the world’s economic situation.

Zero Hedge | Just before he abruptly canceled a final news conference to cap off this week’s 70th anniversary meeting in London, Trump revealed a stunning conversation he says he had previously with the Saudi king.

RT | Chinese tech giant Huawei has filed a complaint seeking to overturn an FCC ruling that bans American firms from using an $8.5 billion federal fund to buy electronics from the company, dubbing it a metaphorical “carpet bombing.”

SchiffGold.com | Stocks closed out November on a high note with the hope of a trade deal fueling Wall Street. But is this warranted?

Zero Hedge | We’ve seen these headlines before…

Michael Snyder | Now that the relationship between the United States and China has been destroyed, the future is looking a whole lot more bleak for investors than it was just a few weeks ago.

Breitbart | Page’s role will be filled by current Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who will become CEO of both Google and Alphabet.

Zero Hedge | As the Federal Reserve remains unable to stoke inflation (because it refuses to measure it correctly) and refuses to factor in asset price inflation…

Michael Snyder | The truth is that we are headed for complete and total disaster, and the only real debate is about how long it will take for us to get there.

Zero Hedge | It has been long speculated that Epstein recorded his high-profile guests as part of an international blackmail operation.

Zero Hedge | “It was the eighth time we had made the trip, in the middle of the night.”

SchiffGold.com | A paper  by Scott A. Wolla and Kaitlyn Frerking for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis warns that the Fed’s own policy could lead to “economic ruin.”

RT | US President Donald Trump said a deal between Washington and Beijing is more likely, following a phone call between the negotiators of both countries on Tuesday.

Zero Hedge | Bowers was boss to Trump’s personal banker Rosemary Vrablic, who according to the NYT report helped steer more than $300 million in loans to Donald J. Trump in the years before he was elected president.

Zero Hedge | Turns out that many companies who seek to embrace equality by any means could actually be doing their shareholders a disservice. But hey, we thought equality of outcome was a guaranteed fast track to utopia! What happened?

SchiffGold.com | America’s economy is built on consumption.

Weasel Zippers | Because only rich people make more than $29k.

Zero Hedge | According to the OECD, more than half of the countries in question have a more vibrant middle class than the US.

Zero Hedge | The formal controls now include limiting withdrawals to $1,000 per week, with transfers abroad only ambiguously defined necessary for “urgent matters”.

Zero Hedge | As if the trade war – and soon to be currency war – between China and the U.S. needed another wrench thrown in its gears…

Mac Slavo | It’s a classic case of good intentions gone awry says Micahel Saltsman of the $15 minimum wage hikes.

Breitbart | Support for Donald Trump’s economic policies rose to the highest level of his presidency in November, according to the latest Gallup opinion poll.

Bloomberg | A few blocks from Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, 46 Park Lane resembles a private club with wood-paneled walls and an ornate fireplace dating back to Britain’s Victorian era.

CNBC | Climate change could shave off 3% of world growth over the next 30 years, according to a study from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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