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Money Watch

Mac Slavo | About the only thing all people in government an agree on is that they need to spend more money and go further into debt.

Daily Caller | The Senate passed legislation Tuesday to reauthorize a fund that gives compensation to victims and first responders of 9/11, after prior delays.

Michael Snyder | Sadly, our leaders are a reflection of who we are as a nation, and at this moment a big chunk of the population wants Elizabeth Warren.

Weasel Zippers | Viva la socialism!

CNBC | The U.S. will likely emerge the winner in a “cold currency war” that’s heating up, according to Joachim Fels, global economic advisor at Pimco.

Weasel Zippers | What a great example of why his polices are such failure:

Mac Slavo | All this comes on the heels of the news that the Federal Reserve has turned more dovish.

Michael Sndyer | How long can the stock market possibly stay completely disconnected from economic reality? 

Zero Hedge | The bill’s provenance is unconfirmed, but crypto news site The Block quotes an inside source as saying it is with the Financial Services Committee. 

CNBC | Bitcoin fell sharply on Monday, following President Donald Trump’s criticism of cryptocurrencies.

CNBC | China released second-quarter figures on Monday showing that its economy slowed to 6.2% — the weakest rate in at least 27 years, as the country’s trade war with the U.S. took its toll.

CNBC | President Donald Trump could fight back against France’s new tax on U.S. technology companies by unleashing biting tariffs on key French goods, according to trade experts.

Zero Hedge | Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth has long been a topic of discussion since becoming known as a ‘billionaire pedophile’ and other similar monickers.

Zero Hedge | A day full of paradoxes just added one more.

Michael Sndyer | Even though everything else seems to be going wrong, the stock market just continues to soar to new record highs. 

Zero Hedge | Earlier this week, we drew attention to a photo of what we (and much of the Internet) assumed were freshly fired Deutsche Bank employeesheading for the exits after cleaning out their desks.

Mac Slavo | Truckers’ are fearing the worst as many don’t see themselves being able to remain in business for the long term. Their confidence has plummeted to recession levels and their fears of a downturn are skyrocketing.

American Mirror | The massive migration of illegal immigrants into the United States is overwhelming border agents and relief agencies, but U.S. Census Bureau data show it’s black Americans who are paying the biggest price.

Zero Hedge | The price of prescription drugs has been surging this year, despite president Donald Trump campaigning on lowering drug prices prior to the 2016 election.

Paul Joseph Watson Something doesn’t add up.

Daily Caller | House Democrats’ proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour would most likely leave 1.3 million Americans jobless by 2025, according to a study released Monday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Mac Slavo | An influential survey of some of the world’s largest fund managers shows that the risk for a global financial downturn is the highest it has been in four years.

Zero Hedge | “The cyclical stress on global financial imbalances has reached levels last seen on the eve of the financial crisis.”

CNBC | Gold prices can continue to climb even after they hit a multi-year high last week, a global investment strategist said Monday.

CNBC | Deutsche Bank announced Sunday that it will pull out of global equities sales and trading, scale back investment banking and slash thousands of jobs as part of a sweeping restructuring plan to improve profitability.

Zero Hedge | The bank which only a decade ago dominated equity and fixed income and sales trading and investment banking across the globe, and was Europe’s banking behemoth, is no more.

Philip Giraldi | Over the past two years, the White House has initiated trade disputes, insulted allies and enemies alike, and withdrawn from or refused to ratify multinational treaties and agreements.

CNBC | The U.K.’s competition watchdog has launched an investigation into Facebook and Google over their dominance in digital advertising.

Zero Hedge | Deportations in Mexico jumped by 33% in one month.

Zero Hedge | President Trump has never been a fan of the strong dollar.

RT | Moscow and Beijing have inked an intergovernmental agreement to switch to national currencies in bilateral trade and boost cross-currency settlements up to 50 percent as they ramp up efforts to move away from the US dollar.

CNBC | Roughly a decade after the global financial crisis, central banks around the world may not have much left in their toolkit to boost the economy, according to the head of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Zero Hedge | Gold’s recent rally isn’t just paying off for investors, it’s also creating a tailwind for gold buyers, as trading and sales of old jewelry has picked up as a result of the commodity’s price increase, according to Bloomberg.

CNBC | Robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world by 2030, economists claimed Wednesday.

Michael Snyder | Right now the entire nation is buzzing about the very first debates for Democratic presidential contenders in 2019, and much of the focus of those debates will be on the economy. 

Zero Hedge | American prosecutors are joining forces with prosecutors from several European countries to investigate an international ring of sophisticated traders who rely on insider tips to reap huge profits.

CNBC | Bitcoin skyrocketed close to $13,000 on Wednesday, notching a 17-month high and continuing a stunning turnaround for the cryptocurrency in 2019.

Zero Hedge | Well, it’s always good to be proven correct, even if it is years after the fact.

Michael Snyder | It is going to take a miracle for the U.S. economy to pull out of this tailspin, because the economic numbers are really starting to deteriorate very rapidly now. 

Zero Hedge | Having tested $1300 numerous times over the past few years, gold has broken dramatically higher in the last month, hitting 6-year highs as President Trump rhetoric around the world raises tensions and increases the odds of WWIII.

Daily Caller | “He is the enemy of every entrepreneur that’s ever going to be born in this country and has been born in the past.”

Allen Scott | As bitcoin’s price keeps setting new yearly highs, the question on everyone’s mind right now is whether it’s different this time. Let’s take a closer look at why this rally is nothing like the “bubble” in 2017.

Mac Slavo | Those skeptical of Facebook’s creation of their own cryptocurrency have every right to be.

Information Liberation | If you’re wondering why so many Republicans are so hawkish on Iran, this might be a clue.

Tom Luongo | If you still think Bitcoin and its derivatives weren’t designed for just this occasion, then you haven’t been paying any attention at all.

Breitbart | A federal appeals court held Thursday that the Trump administration’s rule that ends taxpayer family planning funding of abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood may take effect.

NTK | President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign just received a massive infusion of cash this week, according to the New York Times.

Sputnik | In May, China vowed to respond to US President Donald Trump’s plan to hike tariffs on products imported from China.

Michael Snyder | Even though there is a tremendous amount of evidence to the contrary, the Federal Reserve continues to insist that the U.S. economy is in good shape. 

Zero Hedge | “It seems abnormal that the United States, behaving so aggressively and unpredictably, continues to be the holder of the main reserve currency.”

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