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Money Watch

RT | Former chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan has warned investors to get ready for a painful correction in the stock market, as it cannot stabilize and unlikely to muster another rally.

Mac Slavo | The trade war rhetoric continues to heighten tension between the United States and Chinese governments. 

Zero Hedge | Trump pointed out the incongruity in the Fed raising interest rates while “the world is blowing up.”

CNBC | Two benchmark U.S. stock indexes are careening toward a historically bad December.

Michael Snyder | U.S. stocks have not fallen this dramatically during the month of December since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

Bloomberg | The number of Americans expecting the U.S. economy to get worse in the next year is at its highest point since 2013, a national NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows.

Zero Hedge | The reason the banks were stuck with hundreds of millions in unwanted paper is because they had agreed to finance the bridge loan whether or not there was enough demand from investors, as the acquisition needed to close by the end of the year.

CNBC | Google will invest $1 billion in a new campus in New York City, the company announced on Monday.

Zero Hedge | It’s a sea of red to end the week as world stocks and US futures tumbled on Friday after weak economic data from China to Europe raised global recession fears.

Mac Slavo | A vast majority of chief financial officers in the United States say that the economy will sink into a recession by the end of President Donald Trump’s first term in 2020.

Mac Slavo | In a mere two years, the United States debt has massively grown.

RT | “We have nothing to do with minimal wage as we don’t talk working overtime because it’s all unclear when you work 70 hours a week.”

Zero Hedge | The tax would likely be a flat fee added to a customer’s monthly bill, instead of a per-text tax – and could be applied retroactively for five years. 

Mac Slavo | Market analyst and financial guru Peter Schiff says that the United States economy is headed for a disaster.

Free Beacon | Socialist senator’s total spending on private jets now over $400k this cycle.

Mac Slavo | The International Monetary Fund is sounding the alarms of another global crisis.  IMF is warning that the storm clouds are currently gathering for another financial crisis.

Zero Hedge | Forget soybeans, auto imports, iPhones, crude oil, and cheap Chinese gadgets. Also forget tariffs, duties, and subsidies. Even forget weapons.

The Last Refuge | The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has updated the data for the number of jobs that are available in the U.S. economy.

Michael Snyder | Netflix originally had a truly disruptive business model and they fundamentally changed the way that Americans consume media, but now they are heading for the same fate as Blockbuster. 

Michael Snyder | Fear is spreading like wildfire on Wall Street, and on Friday we witnessed yet another wave of panic selling. 

José Niño | Count Venezuela among the victims of hyperinflation.

CNBC | Bitcoin fell more than 11 percent against the U.S. dollar in 24 hours by Friday afternoon during Asian hours, marking fresh declines for the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Chris Menahan | I think I’m going to like the new Democratic Party.

Mac Slavo | Peter Schiff, a stock market analyst, said in his recent podcast that Americans just don’t want the truth.

American Mirror | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is so generous that she’s going to pay her interns “at least” $15 per hour — with other people’s money.

Daily Caller | The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to give the coal industry a boost by rolling back another Obama-era environmental regulation.

CNBC | U.S. stock futures indicated a sharply lower open on Thursday.

Zero Hedge | So much for a trade war truce between China and the US, or a stock market Christmas rally for that matter.

Michael Snyder | It looks like the turmoil for the financial markets is going to continue to get worse, and the mainstream media is really starting to freak out.

Breitbart | More than 7-in-10 households headed by immigrants in the state of California are on taxpayer-funded welfare, a new study reveals.

Zero Hedge | Consumer credit recently hit a new all-time high, mainly on the back of newfound love with credit cards.

Michael Snyder | Stocks aren’t supposed to crash in December. 

RT | The members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) may abandon border procedures and adopt a common currency.

Zero Hedge | Maybe the next question the Fed should spend tens of thousands in taxpayer funds to research is “Where could all have this debt come from?”

RT | One of the world’s key energy producers, Qatar, is quitting the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on January 1, Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi said. Qatar has been an OPEC member for 57 years.

The Daily Caller | Ticket prices for the Clintons’ world tour have bottomed out, with prices as low as $11 at some locations.

Zero Hedge | Forget “keep calm and carry on” – the message from The Bank of England is simple – Panic!

CNBC | Sandberg asked for the information in an email in January.

Michael Snyder | Real estate, oil and the employment numbers are all telling us the same thing, and that is really bad news for the U.S. economy. 

Free Beacon | Brenda Snipes, the supervisor of elections for Broward County, Florida, will receive nearly $130,000 a year in pensions when she resigns from her position in January.

CNBC | The Federal issues a cautionary note about risks to financial stability.

Zero Hedge | Investors are clearly not happy. After all, if the bank becomes weighed down with toxic legal risks, it will be much more difficult for Sewing to sell it.

Michael Snyder | The U.S. economy is definitely deviating from the script, and we just got more evidence that “Housing Bubble 2” is bursting. 

Bloomberg | Russian President Vladimir Putin said the U.S. is “shooting itself not in the foot but a bit higher” with sanctions and other steps that undermine confidence in the dollar.

CNBC | Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma has been a member of China’s Communist Party since the 1980s, a source familiar with the matter told CNBC.

Michael Snyder | There is a growing consensus that once the next economic crash finally arrives that it will be significantly worse than what we experienced in 2008. 

Brandon Smith | There are two kinds of globalist schemes.

Zero Hedge | The US is losing the race to contain China’s sprawling intelligence apparatus as it becomes increasingly embedded in the global tech and telecommunications infrastructure.

Zero Hedge | S&P futures slumped into the red, following a drop in European stocks while Asian shares traded mixed in a subdued day of trading thanks to Thanksgiving holiday.

Michael Snyder | Things just continue to get even worse for the U.S. housing industry. 

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