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Michael Snyder | The mainstream media admits that a “collapse” has happened, but they still believe that eventually things will turn around and get back to where they were before.

Zero Hedge | Three weeks into a fiscal cliff, a large food bank line emerged on Saturday (Aug. 22) in Queens, a New York City borough, stretching for nearly a quarter-mile down the street. 

Zero Hedge | Officials in the US Virgin Islands plan to subpoena billionaire investor Leon Black over his decades-long relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to the New York Times.

Breitbart | “The purpose of the policy is to prevent American taxpayers from subsidizing abortion.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “When I first arrived in LA 40 years ago, the town smelled of orange blossoms. Now the streets stink of urine.”

Michael Snyder | We are only in the early chapters of this economic storm.

Paul Joseph Watson | Streets are deserted thanks to COVID and people fleeing due to crime & riots.

Michael Snyder | Unfortunately, this new economic crisis is just getting started.

Michael Snyder | No matter what happens in November, the global elite are going to continue to dominate our society.

Michael Snyder | Most Americans still seem to think that everything is going to turn out just fine somehow.

Michael Snyder | Many people are convinced that things are just going to continue to get even worse.

Zero Hedge | Everything’s boarded up.

Breitbart | “Nearly half of Black small businesses had been wiped out by the end of April,” Forbes reports off a report issued by the New York Fed.

Michael Snyder | Stockpile food while you still can, because very difficult times are approaching. 

Michael Snyder | There is no possible way that this is going to end well, and I think that most of you already realize that.

Michael Snyder | The worse economic conditions become, the worse the chaos is going to get.

National File | Trump’s strong tone proves victorious for TVA workers whose jobs were outsourced.

Michael Snyder | Instead of witnessing a “recovery” we are witnessing an “unraveling”.

Michael Snyder | Yes, food prices are already very high, but now is the time to stock up because they are only going to go higher.

RT | Analysts predict further weakness in the greenback.

Zero Hedge | Asked by CNN’s Manu Raju if she still wants a stimulus deal this week, and if she has a price tag she’d be willing to settle on, Pelosi replied “Yeah, $3.4 trillion.”

National File | “Let this serve as a warning to any federally appointed board: If you betray American workers, then you will hear two simple words: ‘You’re fired'”.

Zero Hedge | In short, ever since the Fed launched QE and NIRP, it has been making the situation it has been trying to “fix” even worse, all the while blowing a massive asset price bubble.

Michael Snyder | People are angry and frustrated, and our society seems to be coming apart at the seams all around us.

Michael Snyder | A great unraveling has begun, and it is imperative for all of us to find a way to survive the severe economic pain that is ahead of us.

Michael Snyder | History has shown that wildly printing money doesn’t work, but the U.S. is going down the exact same path, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Charles Hugh Smith | The abyss between the Fed’s illusion of phantom wealth for Wall Street and the collapse of Main Street is bottomless, and our descent into the abyss is accelerating.

Michael Snyder | Things have gotten crazy, and they are only going to get crazier. 

Michael Snyder | Our currency will continue to be rapidly devalued, our debt levels will continue to explode, and we shall get to see where this relentless march toward socialism takes us.

Breitbart | What she’s proposing is keeping working men and women from working.

Zero Hedge | Wealthy elites are fleeing cities for rural communities, have now decided to buy private islands as the virus pandemic shows no signs of abating. 

Zero Hedge | Cisco says it fired a “handful” of workers for “inappropriate conduct” because it won’t tolerate racism.

Campus Reform | Liberty University is suing the New York Times over its coverage of the college’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Michael Snyder | Most Americans believe that “the worst is behind us”, but the truth is that we are sleepwalking into an unprecedented economic nightmare.

Breitbart | The group, which was formed last December, has made national headlines for its viral ads, many of which attack Trump and his congressional allies.

Zero Hedge | The pandemic could be ushering in structural change, that is, a cashless society. 

Michael Snyder | What we have been witnessing over the first half of 2020 should be a major league wake up call for all of us.

Michael Snyder | More lockdowns are definitely not the answer, but unfortunately many of our politicians are convinced otherwise.

Daily Mail | All of the payments were made between August 2013 and December 2018, after Epstein’s 2008 conviction for solicitation of an underage prostitute in Palm Beach.  

Michael Snyder | The dominoes are starting to fall, and this is going to get really, really messy as we head into 2021 and beyond.

Information Liberation | The ADL applied for and received a PPP loan “ranging from $5-10 million,” The Wall Street Journal’s Marcus Baram’s reported Monday.

Michael Snyder | Many of our major cities already resemble war zones, and what we have experienced so far is just the beginning.

Michael Snyder | The truth is that the economic outlook has not improved one bit.  If anything, it has actually deteriorated over the past couple of weeks.

Michael Snyder | It has often been said that “cash means freedom”, and the total abolition of physical cash would be a major blow to everyone that still loves liberty.

Zero Hedge | Is this a more coordinated effort to shift all Ads to Google – which is perhaps less inclined to allow free speech from both sides of the aisle?

Michael Snyder | We have never seen a collapse of this magnitude in all of U.S. history, and it has been truly horrifying to watch so many people lose their jobs.

Michael Snyder | Once the coronavirus lockdowns ended, we were told that the U.S. economy was supposed to snap back very rapidly.

Michael Snyder | In the end, a lot more iconic companies will go under as America plunges even deeper into this new economic depression.

Daily Mail | The International Monetary Fund has laid out the unprecedented economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, sharply lowering its forecast for global growth this year.

Breitbart | Employees at tech giant Google are reportedly demanding that the company stop selling software to law enforcement agencies. Employees believe the company should be ” joining the millions who want to defang and defund these institutions.”

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