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Money Watch

Daily Sheeple | In recent years, experts have provided many different estimates for how many human jobs will be lost to automation, and in what time frame.

Bloomberg | Austria is seeking ways to make digital services like Alphabet Inc.’s Google or Facebook Inc. pay taxes for transactions with the nation’s internet users.

Michael Snyder | Should we make homelessness against the law and simply throw all homeless people into prison so that we don’t have to deal with them?

Market Watch | The government’s official scorecard for the U.S. economy in the first quarter pointed to the weakest growth in three years.

Zero Hedge | Trump added that a shutdown would be a “very negative thing” but that his administration was prepared if it was necessary.

SHTFplan.com | You’ve probably heard the following advice a thousand times already: Precious metals are safe haven assets.

Michael Snyder | We have just witnessed one of the greatest routs in modern American political history.

RT | “I informed South Korea it would be appropriate if they paid. It’s a billion dollar system,” said Trump.

Birch Gold Group | Donald Trump and the GOP face a major hurdle as their first budget test looms next week, along with several problematic issues that could prevent an agreement and trigger a government shutdown.

Zero Hedge | Here is Goldman with an elaboration of the handful of bullet points contained on the much anticipated one page, extending it by nearly 600% to some 6 pages of details.

Michael Snyder | Have you ever wondered how tech companies that have been losing hundreds of millions of dollars year after year can somehow be worth billions of dollars according to the stock market?

American Mirror | “Economic disparity continues to increase.”

Zero Hedge | The rally is likely to be reignited no matter what Trump announces today.

Zero Hedge | JPM has released what may be the best summary assessment.

Zero Hedge | Trump Bump.

Breitbart | Too many Republican have become timid about tax cuts, often spouting the milquetoast line of “revenue neutral tax cuts.”

Washington Free Beacon | Task Force will evaluate agriculture issue to promote economic stability.

Zero Hedge | World stocks hit a new record high on Tuesday.

Daily Caller | Barack Obama will earn the equivalent of his annual presidential salary to speak at a Wall Street lunch conference later this year.

Daily Mail | Trump told a gathering of around 20 conservative media reporters Monday evening that he would be willing to return to the wall funding issue in September.

Louder With Crowder | Yes, that’s right. MSNBC is blaming Venezuela and their violent protests on… Donald Trump.

Zero Hedge | With European stocks on fire, and US futures moving fast to recoup recent all time highs, it is no surprise that Wall Street is feeling particularly bullish this morning.

Michael Snyder | Most people still seem to be in denial about what is happening.

Wall St Journal | Congress must pass a bill this week to keep the government open.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that approximately 40 percent of all American workers have absolutely nothing saved for retirement?

Zero Hedge | Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones has a message for Janet Yellen and investors: Be very afraid.

The Hill | President Trump on Friday will sign one executive order and two presidential memoranda dealing with financial regulation and taxes at the Treasury Department, according to the White House.

The Daily Sheeple | Venezuela has been at the end of its rope for a long time.

Mac Slavo | The march to war is deafening.

InternationalMan.com | On April 23, French voters could drive the entire European Union into its grave.

Zero Hedge | Goldman’s Jan Hatzius believes the odds of a government shutdown next week are fairly low, but rise to around one in three if the debate extends into May.

Moneyish.com | Many Americans discovered they don’t owe the government a dime.

Prison Planet.com | Why aren’t you giving 70% of your income to the government?

Zero Hedge | The president was making a factual comment.

Zero Hedge | The big question is – did Goldman let Trump front-run this?

Charles Hugh Smith | We all have a Plan A—continue living just like we’re living now.

Ron Paul | Federal Reserve chairmen have also used their power to shape presidential economic policy.

Mac Slavo | The world is awash in crisis with wars looming, economies crashing and revolutions brewing.

Peter Kurer | The EU had its chances. It squandered them.

Breitbart | More than half a dozen sources on Wall Street and in the White House said Cohn has gained the upper hand over Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

RT | Two Saudi banks, along with businesses related to the family of Osama bin Laden face more than $4 billion in lawsuits.

American Mirror | Consumer confidence is continuing to increase in a pro-growth economy during the Donald Trump presidency.

Michael Snyder | Stock prices just keep on falling, and many analysts are now wondering if a full-blown stock market crash is in our near future.

Market Watch | 234,000 Americans apply for unemployment benefits in early April.

Mac Slavo | When Donald Trump was elected, there was so much optimism among libertarians and conservatives, it was almost palpable.

Louder With Crowder | This is simply the latest effort on behalf of crusty, old, card-carrying leftists desperately trying to make themselves appeal to the youth.

Axios | From 2014-2016, Uber reportedly had a secret program, named “Hell,” to spoof Lyft accounts and track its main U.S. competitor’s drivers, according to The Information.

Daily Mail | The ‘rise of the robots’ could trigger a fresh wave of migration as jobs in developing countries are automated, the head of the World Bank has warned.

Breitbart | In an interview with Fox Business Network, President Donald Trump pledged “phenomenal tax reform,” but added he had “to do health care first.”

RT | Rising global tension around Syria and North Korea have pushed gold prices to their highest level since November as investors shift to safe haven assets.

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