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Money Watch

Charles Hugh Smith | Dear shareholders and monopolists: the banquet of consequences is being served. Don’t choke on the cold serving of karma.

Michael Snyder | We are going to be dealing with an economic depression for a long time to come.

Zero Hedge | In yet another unprecedented COVID historic first, insurance companies are actually turning away Americans who want to purchase a life insurance policy.

Brandon Smith | The phrase “don’t fight the Fed” is an unfortunate but popular delusion.

Michael Snyder | Millions of hard working Americans are about to see their dreams go up in smoke right in front of their eyes.

Brandon Smith | The primary target, in my view, is the US dollar’s world reserve status along with the US economy.

Zero Hedge | The data shows that no EU member state is going to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis unscathed with countries in southern Europe set to be worst impacted.

Steve Watson | “We have no rainy day account. We have no savings account.”

Michael Snyder | The economic collapse that so many have been warning about is here, and it is going to continue whether there are lockdowns or not.

Michael Snyder | The U.S. economy is literally imploding all around us, and this is just the start of our troubles.

Steve Watson | Cruz’s legislation would ban Hollywood productions from using “Pentagon assets” if they enable Chinese censorship.

Ron Paul | Last week the Federal Reserve announced it will keep interest rates at or near zero until the economy recovers from the government-imposed shutdown.

Ryan McMaken | Many will kill themselves. Many will overdose on drugs.

Michael Snyder | As bad as things are already, the truth is that this is just the beginning.

Zero Hedge | The Golden State borrowed $348 million in federal funds after receiving approval to tap up to $10 billion for this purpose through the end of July, a Treasury Department spokesman said Monday.

Breitbart | “The U.S. will need to bring in more foreign talent, not less.”

Michael Snyder | COVID-19 has created an enormous amount of fear, and that fear is doing far more damage to the economy than the actual virus is. 

AFP | Dozens of New Yorkers were fined for violating coronavirus social distancing guidelines as they flocked to the city’s beaches and parks to enjoy balmy weekend weather, police said Sunday.

Zero Hedge | No temperature-checkers were present when the doors opened.

Michael Snyder | Now that the economic dominoes are tumbling, all of the economic momentum is taking us in just one direction.

SchiffGold.com | The mainstream is a fickle place.

Zero Hedge | Trump is exploring blocking a government retirement fund from investing in Chinese equities considered a national security risk.

Zero Hedge | “It’s breaking people’s freedoms in ways that are horrible and wrong and not why they came to America or built this country.”

Zero Hedge | Look over there…

Steve Watson | “There are a lot of ways you can hold them accountable.”

Zero Hedge | Coronavirus lockdowns in the state, along with international flight restrictions, have pushed Vegas to a near breaking point. 

Michael Synder | So many of the things that we have been warning about for a long time are starting to happen, but most Americans still do not grasp the seriousness of this crisis.

Zero Hedge | In light of his latest tweet, we now know where the president stands on this debate… at least for the time being.

Michael Sndyer | Even the mainstream media is beginning to use the phrase “meat shortages”, and we are being told to brace for supply chain disruptions all over America.

Michael Snyder | If we continue to try to keep the U.S. economy shut down for a few more months, the economic damage will be incalculable.

Charles Hugh Smith | When reality and truth become the sworn enemies of society’s political and economic elites, the society is well and truly doomed.

Bloomberg | “I would certainly be in favor of allowing states to use the bankruptcy route.”

Steve Watson | One suit is seeking $20 trillion; Missouri is suing the bio-lab in Wuhan.

CNBC | “An exciting turning point in history.”

Michael Snyder | The insanity that we are currently witnessing in the financial markets is difficult to believe. 

CNBC | Germany needs to understand it will have to fund the post-pandemic recovery across Europe, Spain’s economy minister told CNBC Monday, just days ahead of another pivotal meeting for the European Union (EU).

Information Liberation | Trader Tian Zeng on Thursday night highlighted a suspiciously timed large bet that Gilead’s stock would surge within around 24 hours.

Michael Sndyer | The road ahead is going to be filled with immense pain, and most Americans are not going to be able to handle it.

Zero Hedge | “In short, we don’t see a trade-off between what’s required to control coronavirus cases and a better long-run impact for markets and the economy.”

Breitbart | “The scale of this pandemic has laid bare the fault lines and injustices of our world,” George Soros, chairman of the Open Society Foundations, said in a statement.

Zero Hedge | Banks will have to take another $75-$100BN in reserves on loans that go bad.

Zero Hedge | As part of the deal all major US carriers including Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, United, SkyWest and Southwest will participate in the payroll support program.

Zero Hedge | While the first wave of the pandemic appears to be approaching its zenith, the big concern is that a second, even more powerful wave may emerge afterwards if the Spanish flu pandemic is any indication.

Zero Hedge | All developed central banks have cut rates to zero and buying trillions of assets. Inflation is very low.

Brandon Smith | Today, stock market investors are hoping desperately for Weimar-style hyperinflation to boost equities prices to dizzying heights in what some call a “crack-up boom”.

Zero Hedge | It probably wasn’t always easy to part with the $2 million each year.

Zero Hedge | The Wall Street Journal published a new monthly survey that outlines the severe economic impact of shutting down cities across America to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Zero Hedge | “Universal stay-at-home is the most devastating economic force in modern history… And it is man-made.”

Michael Snyder | Our leaders are being forced to make choices between saving lives and saving the economy.

CNBC | Stock futures pointed to a Tuesday opening jump in early morning trade, building on a steep rebound in the previous session.

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