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RT | One on-site video shows the moment the truck was stopped, with the cameraman yelling to people to get on the other side of the street and away from the potentially dangerous vehicle.

Paul Joseph Watson | What do the Minneapolis riots tell us about the success of “diversity”?

Information Liberation | Firefighters were attacked earlier in the night by rioters while responding to fires at an AutoZone.

Paul Joseph Watson | The cringe just keeps getting worse.

National File | CDC conducted door to door testing in Georgia.

Steve Watson | “All that Russia stuff that they were claiming was going to happen didn’t take place.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Ritual public humiliation

Steve Watson | OK Karen.

Paul Joseph Watson | She’s angry!

Paul Joseph Watson | UK clothing company uses 100% non-white models.

Prison Planet.com | Yeah, no.

Steve Watson | “None of this Trump-Russia collusion stuff could have happened without Obama knowing about it.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Pubs closed, borders open!

Information Liberation | As I’m sure Tucker knows, it’s a list a mile long — going back decades.

Steve Watson | “If the Chinese Communist Party has evidence to the contrary, they need to bring it forward to the world.”

National File | Dr. Carol Baker Under The Microscope.

Paul Joseph Watson | We’re in this together!

Breitbart | “The pandemic is the president has no intercourse whatsoever with the rest of the world on dealing with these things,” Biden said.

Paul Joseph Watson | According to new report.

Steve Watson | State media report warned “mankind must actively monitor the viral infections in bats and other wild animals.”

Steve Watson | Sleepy Joe still cannot string a sentence together.

Prison Planet.com | It’s not like there’s a highly contagious pandemic floating around.

Paul Joseph Watson | No social distancing here.

Steve Watson | “Then they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization.”

Steve Watson | CCP tries to mitigate overwhelming evidence that coronavirus leaked from lab with lax safety protocols.

Paul Joseph Watson | What a time to be alive!

Steve Watson | ‘Democrats can’t admit that he’s in cognitive decline’.

Paul Joseph Watson | People are starting to act weird.

Paul Joseph Watson | That’s not social distancing!

National File | Sickening video doing rounds on social media.

Paul Joseph Watson | Humanity isn’t sending its best.

Paul Joseph Watson | Border controls work.

Paul Joseph Watson | It’s that easy.

Weasel Zippers | Pushing bogus conspiracy theories on the Senate floor, well done.

Paul Joseph Watson | Eat the bat, bigot.

Paul Joseph Watson | The truth about simps.

Paul Joseph Watson | It has nothing to do with climate change.

Paul Joseph Watson | How would millennials react to an actual world war?

Prison Planet.com | Deplorable.

Paul Joseph Watson | The most retarded decade in history?

Paul Joseph Watson | For saying that biological sex exists.

Paul Joseph Watson | So salty!

Prison Planet.com | So obvious even Pelosi can’t lie about it.

Paul Joseph Watson | Who needs borders?

Paul Joseph Watson | The invasion of the man-babies.

Prison Planet.com | ‘Hey I Can Run for President Because I’m Worth $55 Billion’.

Paul Joseph Watson | America’s ignored epidemic.

Prison Planet.com | He has no idea what he said.

Paul Joseph Watson | Don’t be a coomer.

Prison Planet.com | Wow, and check why he says the ‘whistleblower’ is a material witness.

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