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National File | Antifa had allegedly assaulted a man in a wheelchair before the clips began.

Paul Joseph Watson | The reason behind the hysteria.

Information Liberation | “Stop the nonsense.”

National File | The thugs rioted inside the Center, destroying it and attacking employees.

National File | The older lady told the toddlers they were going to kill her by not wearing a mask, then said “I hope you all die.”

National File | Mayor Levar Stoney says white supremacists disguised themselves among Black Lives Matter rioters, then destroyed the city.

National File | A black conservative was stabbed during the ongoing Black Lives Matter riots in Portland, Oregon.

National File | Antifa was on the scene as the protesters broke Flag Code, demanding people shut down their live streams.

Steve Watson | “If I’m just giving up a little of what I care about just to make others feel better, I’d do that.”

National File | This Is An Age-Old Political Tactic.

Steve Watson | Democrat Senator says ‘national dialogue’ should be held on whether to trash statues of founding fathers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Diving deeper into hell world.

Steve Watson | Most are adamant that the country is racist.

National File | “We’ve gotta use good to overcome evil. We’ve gotta stand up.”

Prison Planet.com | Eat sidewalk bitch.

RT | “He came on stage disguised as the lead singer of the last band, singing a bunch of racist, hateful, disgusting s**t.”

National File | “Oh, now you want the cops!” taunts directed at vandal who sought refuge behind police

Breitbart | Over a dozen left-wing activists entered Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar, a restaurant serving Peruvian cuisine with limited capacity due to coronavirus-related decrees restricting commerce.

Zero Hedge | How long before this brave Gen Z’er is #cancelled?

National File | “Old Hickory” saved by riot police, unruly vandals taken into custody.

National File | Not the heroes we deserve…

Zero Hedge | Here’s what actually happened…

National File | President Trump’s first rally since COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd is met by a smaller crowd than anticipated.

Paul Joseph Watson | Absolutely shocking.

Breitbart | White House trade advisor Peter Navarro, on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday, described former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s book “The Room Where It Happened” as “deep swamp revenge porn.”

National File | BLM protester tongue-lashed at mostly peaceful counter-demonstration in Bethel, Ohio.

RT | As the crowd began to pull on the chain, all hell broke loose.

Paul Joseph Watson | The Communist utopia of CHAZ.

Steve Watson | Woke website demands visitors ‘take responsibility’ for a choice of racism related issues and ‘make it better’.

Information Liberation | Do the rioters in the videos above look “terrified” to you?

Breitbart | ‘Corrupt Politicians’ Used a Public Health Emergency to Subvert Democracy.

RT | As one of the statues came down, its upper end hit one of the protesters right on the head.

RT | Thousands of protesters gathered in Richmond, Virginia’s Byrd Park Tuesday night.

National File | Football lads scrap with looters and political activists in Ealing, West London.

Zero Hedge | Project Veritas has released their third installment of #ExposeANTIFA, after undercover journalists infiltrated the leftist movement  to expose their violent tactics.

RT | One person was thrown off to the side, while two ended up on the hood of the minivan for a moment, before rolling off onto the ground when the driver slammed on the brakes.

Information Liberation | The media and Twitterati falsely reported this as a “plowing” attack carried out by a “white” man.

Information Liberation | After takeover, the Communists will shoot these useful idiots against a wall in the end!

Paul Joseph Watson | It’s OK when we do it!

RT | A video has emerged showing vandals using heavy equipment on the doors of the Best Buy store in Fairfield, a city in Solano County, located between San Francisco and Sacramento.

Information Liberation | The attackers fled and have not been arrested.

RT | One on-site video shows the moment the truck was stopped, with the cameraman yelling to people to get on the other side of the street and away from the potentially dangerous vehicle.

Paul Joseph Watson | What do the Minneapolis riots tell us about the success of “diversity”?

Information Liberation | Firefighters were attacked earlier in the night by rioters while responding to fires at an AutoZone.

Paul Joseph Watson | The cringe just keeps getting worse.

National File | CDC conducted door to door testing in Georgia.

Steve Watson | “All that Russia stuff that they were claiming was going to happen didn’t take place.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Ritual public humiliation

Steve Watson | OK Karen.

Paul Joseph Watson | She’s angry!

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