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Breitbart | “The pandemic is the president has no intercourse whatsoever with the rest of the world on dealing with these things,” Biden said.

Paul Joseph Watson | According to new report.

Steve Watson | State media report warned “mankind must actively monitor the viral infections in bats and other wild animals.”

Steve Watson | Sleepy Joe still cannot string a sentence together.

Prison Planet.com | It’s not like there’s a highly contagious pandemic floating around.

Paul Joseph Watson | No social distancing here.

Steve Watson | “Then they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization.”

Steve Watson | CCP tries to mitigate overwhelming evidence that coronavirus leaked from lab with lax safety protocols.

Paul Joseph Watson | What a time to be alive!

Steve Watson | ‘Democrats can’t admit that he’s in cognitive decline’.

Paul Joseph Watson | People are starting to act weird.

Paul Joseph Watson | That’s not social distancing!

National File | Sickening video doing rounds on social media.

Paul Joseph Watson | Humanity isn’t sending its best.

Paul Joseph Watson | Border controls work.

Paul Joseph Watson | It’s that easy.

Weasel Zippers | Pushing bogus conspiracy theories on the Senate floor, well done.

Paul Joseph Watson | Eat the bat, bigot.

Paul Joseph Watson | The truth about simps.

Paul Joseph Watson | It has nothing to do with climate change.

Paul Joseph Watson | How would millennials react to an actual world war?

Prison Planet.com | Deplorable.

Paul Joseph Watson | The most retarded decade in history?

Paul Joseph Watson | For saying that biological sex exists.

Paul Joseph Watson | So salty!

Prison Planet.com | So obvious even Pelosi can’t lie about it.

Paul Joseph Watson | Who needs borders?

Paul Joseph Watson | The invasion of the man-babies.

Prison Planet.com | ‘Hey I Can Run for President Because I’m Worth $55 Billion’.

Paul Joseph Watson | America’s ignored epidemic.

Prison Planet.com | He has no idea what he said.

Paul Joseph Watson | Don’t be a coomer.

Prison Planet.com | Wow, and check why he says the ‘whistleblower’ is a material witness.

Welcome to the progressive utopia.

Paul Joseph Watson | Journey deeper into the nightmare of modernity.

Paul Joseph Watson | You’ve never seen eco-extremism this bad.

American Mirror | Trump said the climbers invited to participate were “very good” – “some of them were champions” – and the bollard style barrier “can’t be climbed.”

Paul Joseph Watson | It holds up a mirror to the trashworld they’ve created.

Paul Joseph Watson | How they plan to stop Trump winning re-election.

Paul Joseph Watson | Identity politics eats its own again. Glorious.

Paul Joseph Watson | Modern rent serfs who will never own a home.

Paul Joseph Watson | So-called conservatives are embracing it.

Paul Joseph Watson | Welcome to your digital gulag.

Paul Joseph Watson | What they’re not telling you.

Prison Planet.com | Deplorable.

Paul Joseph Watson | She wants you to panic.

Paul Joseph Watson | America’s future – rat infested, disease ridden hellscapes inhabited by a two caste society.

Paul Joseph Watson | What a coincidence!

Paul Joseph Watson | This is not a comedy sketch.

Prison Planet | “First of all, the day I get elected president I’m going to — DREAMers are going to be legalized, number one.”

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