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Steve Watson | “I’m in support of the riots personally.”

National File | Trespassing vandal gets sprayed down with pellets, runs screaming into the night.

Zero Hedge | Postal Service investigators are looking into the dumping incidents, Glendale police said.

Steve Watson | “Someone has to trace the money”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Fish and chips exist so mass illegal immigration is good.

Paul Joseph Watson | The Red Guards are back.

RT | The law enforcers, among them armed uniformed officers, demanded that he open the door and let them serve a search warrant for allegedly inciting an anti-lockdown protest planned for this Saturday in Melbourne.

Steve Watson | “Getting rid of stuff that can harm American lives is perfect.”

Steve Watson | “I believe the (Black Lives Matter) movement is fake.”

Information Liberation | “It’s just amazing.”

Steve Watson | Compares out of control Democrat cities to World War II.

National File | Area Outside White House Was Under Siege.

Paul Joseph Watson | Journey deeper into hellworld

Breitbart | ‘Protesters’ shoving, cursing, and shouting Black Lives Matter slogans at RNC guests.

National File | The young woman thrashed in her seat and expectorated spittle over her camera lense during the profane, tear-stricken rant.

Paul Joseph Watson | The real explanation behind hate crime hoaxes.

Breitbart | “I urge people to come together in a civil manner.”

RT | A large group of white protesters can be seen crowding around the table of a white woman at a Washington DC restaurant and demanding that she raise her fist to comply.

National File | “Don’t point no motherf**king gun at me homie… f**k you and everything you got. Shoot me n**ga! Shoot me n**ga!”

National File | BLM supporters bothered by citizen activists’ daring demonstration.

Breitbart | The new video was published by the Daily Mail, which describes Blake “wrestling with at least two Kenosha officers” immediately before the shooting.

Steve Watson | “Um, I don’t really know, that is a good question…”

RT | A clip circulating on social media shows an angry crowd surrounding a patrol car.

Paul Joseph Watson | People are fleeing in droves.

Steve Watson | “How has he survived all of these waves of cancellation?”

Information Liberation | Alleged videographer dismisses outrage over the killing by saying people should “worry about the police killing Black people” and “treating us like animals.”

Steve Watson | But they thought Trump said it.

Steve Watson | “[Biden] has been brought over. I guess he’s a socialist.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Less self-awareness than a dog licking its balls in public.

Zero Hedge | Imagine if this was Trump’s people virtually shoving reporters out of the room.

Steve Watson | “It’s shocking in a way because, like, I also don’t like him, so it’s shocking that he did that.”

Steve Watson | Biden’s VP pick also compared ICE to KKK.

National File | Dr Ted Noel uploaded the demonstration to YouTube.

National File | Locals had enough with protesters, forcing them to leave.

National File | Antifa had allegedly assaulted a man in a wheelchair before the clips began.

Paul Joseph Watson | The reason behind the hysteria.

Information Liberation | “Stop the nonsense.”

National File | The thugs rioted inside the Center, destroying it and attacking employees.

National File | The older lady told the toddlers they were going to kill her by not wearing a mask, then said “I hope you all die.”

National File | Mayor Levar Stoney says white supremacists disguised themselves among Black Lives Matter rioters, then destroyed the city.

National File | A black conservative was stabbed during the ongoing Black Lives Matter riots in Portland, Oregon.

National File | Antifa was on the scene as the protesters broke Flag Code, demanding people shut down their live streams.

Steve Watson | “If I’m just giving up a little of what I care about just to make others feel better, I’d do that.”

National File | This Is An Age-Old Political Tactic.

Steve Watson | Democrat Senator says ‘national dialogue’ should be held on whether to trash statues of founding fathers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Diving deeper into hell world.

Steve Watson | Most are adamant that the country is racist.

National File | “We’ve gotta use good to overcome evil. We’ve gotta stand up.”

Prison Planet.com | Eat sidewalk bitch.

RT | “He came on stage disguised as the lead singer of the last band, singing a bunch of racist, hateful, disgusting s**t.”

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