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The Daily Caller | Witches aren’t thrilled with President Donald Trump’s repeated use of the term “witch hunt” to describe special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Campus Reform | “The university has at no point given even a scintilla of objective evidence or reasoning to justify the immediate suspension of the Plaintiff…”

Breitbart | The British Army is to scrap role titles like “rifleman” and “infantryman” for the more gender-neutral “infantry soldier” and “infanteer”.

Daily Mail | The NFL is scrambling find artists to guest perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show this year, which critics say has become music’s least wanted gig.

Campus Reform | “The Gestapo also rounded up human beings labeled as ‘illegal’ by the German government. Both agencies use similar tactics and I think it’s important we name that.”

Zero Hedge | The Committee to Protect Journalists, an advocacy group, has released its annual census showing the number of journalists imprisoned across the world.

Campus Reform | “Out of an abundance of caution, they refrain from expressing opinions…”

Mike Adams | A New Jersey law that makes it a felony to possess a gun magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds of ammunition is now active.

Information Liberation | The only explanation for different disciplinary rates is “racism.”

American Mirror | The Obama administration spent more than $310 million in tax money to provide attorneys for unaccompanied illegal immigrant children.

Weasel Zippers | Another loon from California.

Free Beacon | Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) sparred with Google CEO Sundar Pichai Tuesday over an executive at the company emailing about how to help Democrats turn out “key” Latino votes.

CNS News | New York State Senator Kevin Parker, a Democrat, is proposing a law that would require police to check the social media posts and search engine history of handgun license applicants.

Fox News | California state regulators have been working on a plan to charge mobile phone users a text messaging fee intended to fund programs that make phone service accessible to the low-income residents, reports said Tuesday.

American Mirror | CNN’s Alisyn Camerota apparently thinks any Democrat considering a run for president in 2020 should check their race before making a final decision.

Information Liberation | Rather than reform themselves and take steps to become a neutral platform, Google’s top focus is keeping the extent of their corrupt censorship practices from leaking, a new report suggests.

Campus Reform | “I don’t know I haven’t done much research on this. I just saw the petition and that’s the extent of it.”

UK Express | A LEADING expert on the ethical, legal and social implications of bioscience has revealed her concerns over handing over the control of our minds.

Washington Times | Trump tweeted Thursday, “It’s called Presidential Harassment!”

RT | Videos showing rows of French high school students on their knees, with hands on heads, some lined up against a wall with helmeted police officers armed with batons standing over them, have stirred waves of criticism online.

Zero Hedge | A futuristic eye-scanning lie detector reminiscent of the Voight-Kampff device in Blade Runner may be coming to a dystopian future near you. 

American Mirror | The classic Christmas film “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is rife with bigotry and bullying, set in winter wonderland that promotes intolerance, hate and oppression.

American Mirror | Dr. Sprankle has a Christmas story for his students, but it’s a slightly different take on the New Testament’s tale of the virgin birth of Christ.

Free Beacon | “Stuff that has gone on … that is just like 9/11.”

Sputnik | Political correctness gone too far.

American Mirror | Michigan Rep. Leslie Love thinks McDonald’s and other fast food places that offer free toys with kids meals are promoting “gender stereotypes” that are causing “harmful effects” on kids everywhere.

Information Liberation | A wife who filed a false police report claiming her husband “choked her and hit her until she feared for her life” was caught on surveillance cameras punching herself in the face just before she made her complaint.

Campus Reform | The student columnist further condemns the song as a “heteronormative attack on women’s right to oppose the romantic and sexual liberties taken by men” that is rife with “themes of toxic masculinity.”

PJ Media | Columbia University students invited Saturday Night Live comedian Nimesh Patel to perform on campus this weekend, then cut his mic and kicked him off stage after he allegedly made “rude” and “offensive” jokes.

Fox News | Two small migrant children appeared to be dropped from the Mexico side of the border into the Arizona side by a suspected smuggler.

Louder With Crowder | Never will you find a more wretched hive of self-righteousness and douchebaggery than within the vegan community.

Sputnik | In a much-critisised anti-white diatribe, one of Sweden’s most respected journalists argued it was “completely rational” for Sentinelse tribesmen to kill a US missionary who had travelled to their islands to proselytise.

Campus Reform | A College Republicans adviser claimed that Antifa activists vandalized his house with the words “Nazi lives here.”

Newsbusters | “The vast majority of Americans, not to mention all around the world, are really kind of, they’ve had it.”

American Mirror | About a dozen or so women in the migrant caravan camped out in Tijuana launched a hunger strike today in hopes of convincing officials to give them special treatment.

Louder With Crowder | On the drug scale, heroin is pretty bad.

Campus Reform | Temple University confirmed to Campus Reform that Marc Lamont Hill is currently employed by the college.

American Mirror | Jerome Corsi is going on offense against special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mac Slavo | Would-be mass shooters beware: Faculty and students at Oakland University in Michigan are going to be ready to fight back, should you target their school.

Zero Hedge | The “pre-crime” software, called the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS), uses a blend of AI, citywide smart cameras, and statistics to try to evaluate the risk of someone committing and or becoming a victim of a violent crime.

Voice Of Europe | Two Afghan migrants ‘pin down and rape’ 15-year-old girl. One migrant arrived in Europe as an ‘unaccompanied minor’ in latest shocking German case.

Campus Reform | “In the meantime, tenured faculty – especially tenured white men – should explain this stuff to our students…”

Michael Snyder | Some welcome the changes that are happening, while others are greatly resisting them.

Daily Mail | Breathtaking footage shows police knocking moped muggers off their bikes in new tactics to stamp out the scooter crime-wave that has plagued London.

Breitbart | The number of children admitted to hospital with stab injuries has increased 86 per cent in England since 2014.

Voice Of Europe | German police stopped a mother from searching for the alleged sexual molester of her 12-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Campus Reform | These overwhelming costs, paired with the rampant liberal bias and abuse on campuses throughout the country, can make choosing the right college challenging.

Washington Times | Mexican immigration agents on Wednesday detained almost all of the Central American migrants on a fourth caravan that recently entered Mexico seeking to reach the United States.

Information Liberation | Hispanic Store Owner Labeled A ‘White Supremacist’ For Calling Cops On Suspected Loiterer.

Mediaite | Scarborough is no stranger to over-the-top and hyperbolic criticism of the Commander in Chief.

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