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Campus Reform | A member of student government at Ohio University has been charged with a misdemeanor after she allegedly made false statements to police about receiving threatening messages. 

Information Liberation | White House aide Stephen Miller’s third-grade teacher is not afraid to take on any former 8-year-old student in her class, no matter how petty it may make her seem!

Daily Mail | Walmart has patented a shopping cart with handles that track a customers’ biometric data, such as their heart rate, temperature and stress levels.

Information Liberation | A “race riot” broke out at Hoover High School in Glendale last week between what parents say was Armenian students on one side and black and Hispanic students on the other.

Campus Reform | “My gut instincts question why a University cannot simply deny a speaker’s invitation to spread his message on their campus”.

Westmonster | Britain’s slide into bizarre authoritarian banning of all and sundry continues, with an advert featuring a healthy model next on the hit list after receiving a mammoth 22 complaints.

Sputnik | “They are outraged over Kanye’s recent political rants,” a source close to Beyonce told the website.

Information Liberation | Welcome to America’s “Cultural Revolution.”

Campus Reform | “I honestly would believe that that hasn’t happened before.”

Daily Mail | Piers Morgan slams professor calling Winston Churchill a racist after US astronaut was forced to apologise for quoting Britain’s wartime PM.

Campus Reform | “These past few days have shown how incredibly little respect there is for those with conservative values and beliefs.”    Tweet This

American Thinker | Why are Republicans and decent people everywhere celebrating the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

The Daily Caller | Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono on Sunday refused twice to answer whether she thought harassing Republican senators in restaurants was taking things a bit too far.

Campus Reform | “Race-conscious admissions ultimately benefit all students.”

American Mirror | The University of Southern Maine offered a “pop-up” elective course this week for students interested in traveling to Washington, D.C. to protest and pressure Sen. Susan Collins into voting against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Seattle Times | “The presidential text alert went out and after that I lost all internet, Gmail, apps — everything stopped working.”

Voice Of Europe | In September 2018, the French Government launched the “Reacting Can Change Everything” communication campaign to encourage witnesses of sexual or sexist violence to speak out.

Andrew Syrios | The Left has become increasingly and often bizarrely obsessed with all manners of supposed privilege these days.

Washington Examiner | Just a third of Americans can pass a multiple choice “U.S. Citizenship Test,” fumbling over such simple questions as the cause of the Cold War or naming just one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for.

Free Beacon | Pro-life demonstrators held an annual “Life Chain” event across Canada on Sept. 30, but one of the peaceful protesters ended up facing violence.

Sputnik | US Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has called on the public to avoid reading news from Russian media outlets, specifically the RT broadcaster and Sputnik news agency.

Zero Hedge | Asking students to use “jazz hands” instead.

Daily Mail | Cornell researchers called for the apps to be redesigned.

Zero Hedge | Alex Jones’s company, Free Speech Systems, LLC, has sued PayPal for the its ban of Infowars because the controversial website “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions.”

Star Tribune | Party report will be passed to local authorities for further investigation.

RNZ | Travellers who refuse to hand over their phone or laptop passwords to Customs officials can now be slapped with a $5000 fine.

Forbes | It finally happened. The feds forced an Apple iPhone X owner to unlock their device with their face.

American Mirror | ESPN won’t broadcast the National Anthem during Monday Night Football, and now the Green Bay Packers are honoring a fake American flag.

Daily Mail | An average of 43 people per year have died while taking selfies since 2011.

Free Beacon | Agency still arrests fewer people than much of Obama era.

Diversity Macht Frei | It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish reality from Onion-style parodies.

Louder With Crowder | Are these YouTube policies being arbitrarily weaponized?

BLP | Facebook has decided to censor evidence that CNN producer Scott Bronstein is cold-calling Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s former classmates in a bid to dig up dirt on the President Trump pick.

Free Beacon | Potential 2020 Democratic presidential nominee and Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti said he does not know when he first spoke to his client, Julie Swetnick.

Free Beacon | Polis ‘put both of his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back’.

Louder With Crowder | We may be reaching Kavanaugh accuser fatigue.

Daily Mail | A female law student has has been splashing water mixed with bleach onto men’s groin on underground trains in order to tackle ‘manspreading’. 

SHTFplan.com | The objective is total control: over everything you read, hear, and watch in the (so-called) media, and an eyeball on you in every facet of your life.

Kai Weiss | Elections are just around the corner in Bavaria, Germany’s largest and economically strongest state.

Newsbusters | “If you are a woman who has a credible claim against a Democrat on the ballot this November, the message is clear: shut up sister, and don’t rock the boat.”

Free Beacon | Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday chided CNN reporter Jim Acosta for asking the “ludicrous” question of whether he had ever discussed President Donald Trump’s removal from office.

Breitbart | Border Patrol officials in the El Paso Sector announced that construction of a new section of border wall began on Saturday. The new four-mile section of road will replace existing fencing near downtown El Paso.

Breitbart | The Los Angeles Times has joined the ranks of global warming alarmists, claiming that climate change is generating mass migration across the globe and fueling the worst refugee crisis “since World War II.”

Zero Hedge | China is developing a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens.

Daily Mail | The UK Government is working on plans to set up an internet regulator that would hold technology companies accountable for content published on their websites.

Free Beacon | “There’s not enough people thinking out about the long-term impacts of some of these kind of decisions.”

Breitbart | An MP for Rennes has proposed to bring over police officers from Morocco to help identify and deal with underage migrants who have formed criminal gangs operating in the French city.

Louder With Crowder | Yes, thought control.

Weasel Zippers | This guy is a lunatic. Scary that he ever had the power he had.

Newsbusters | Thought you knew Sesame Street stars, Bert and Ernie? Well think again.

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