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Breitbart | The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has doubled down on its publication of a poem describing the “struggles of getting a haircut as a non-binary person”, warning that critics have been “reported”.

Nextgov | The chairman of a House Oversight panel wants a briefing with Amazon officials about the consumer security tool.

Paul Joseph Watson | The mind boggles.

National File | Pro-Choice Activists do not care about the amount of pain the Pre-Born feel.

Paul Joseph Watson | Anyone for bat soup?

Campus Reform | “The current campus does not consistently promote free expression…”

National File | A Veteran in Tampa Florida had to battle the courts to reinstate his firearm license after he was falsely identified as another man who had threatened an elderly couple.

National File | Threatened to kill and dismember victim if she moved.

The Sun | DESIGNS for a breathing mask that apparently allows wearers to unlock their mobiles while shielding themselves from deadly viruses have surfaced online.

Campus Reform | “How will you and your crew build and f*ck sh*t up”.

Information Liberation | Have you ever heard of this thing called the “First Amendment,” Mr Zuckerberg?

Daily Mail | A former Amazon Executive revealed he switches off his Alexa smart speaker whenever he wants a ‘private moment’ as he doesn’t want it listening in.

National File | PM said ‘Islam has no place in this country’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite the fact that some things labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true.

Moonbattery | Prior to Rudy Giuliani, getting through Grand Central Station was rough.

National File | “He is a man – go on, prosecute me.”

Breitbart | “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people are non-binary. All gender identities are valid,” Khan tweeted.

Paul Joseph Watson | And white men are first to go, obviously.

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite being a clear violation of Twitter’s policy on ‘glorification of violence’.

Paul Joseph Watson | “It does make some of us POCs uncomfortable.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Don’t worry. Things will get better.”

Paul Joseph Watson | It’s only acceptable to talk about huge demographic changes in a positive context.

Paul Joseph Watson | Beach Body commercial banned, but this one is celebrated.

Paul Joseph Watson | OK, racist.

National File | Thomas Woollard’s dissent was deemed a “welfare concern” by Sheffield’s UCU.

National File | Authorities wish to prosecute father for keeping son from school.

Paul Joseph Watson | Gee, I wonder why.

Campus Reform | “Watching the Iowa Caucus is a sickening display of the over-representation of whiteness”.

Zero Hedge | WHO infectious hazard chief says outbreak ‘not a pandemic’.

Campus Reform | “I MIGHT be offered to join an editorial board of a particular math book series. If so, I’d accept only to advance #socialjustice.”

Zero Hedge | Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh announced on his Monday show that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

Paul Joseph Watson | String of terror offences included encouraging his girlfriend to behead her “kuffar” parents.

Campus Reform | “I was talking to the students pictured in the video about how far along during a woman’s pregnancy they thought abortions should be allowed”.

National File | Tears of rage stain the keyboards and screens of Chiefs haters.

USA Today | A clear sign of location-based tracking?

London Evening Standard | Katie Hopkins has been temporarily locked out of her Twitter account after anti-hate campaigners called for her to be removed from the site.

Campus Reform | “As usual our meeting was disrupted by ANTIFA”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Would essentially purge global warming skepticism from the platform.

RT | Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has called for criminalizing knowingly disseminating ‘disinformation’ about voting, a move that would give the government the power to decide what constitutes truth and lies.

Paul Joseph Watson | Passage referred to “angry ape,” but had previously been directed at a white person.

National File | Emergency services mete it out in a makeshift melee.

Moonbattery | Police have told a French teenager to go into hiding after she received death threats for insulting Islam.

Zero Hedge | What’s with royals and pedophilia?

National File | School Board Votes on Mandatory Requirement.

London Telegraph | An Oxford University professor has been given security guards to accompany her to lectures after receiving threats from transgender activists.

Breitbart | Stephan Halper, the longtime CIA and FBI operative who conducted espionage on the 2016 Trump campaign, was feeding information to Washington Post reporter David Ignatius through his handler.

Information Liberation | Rural Virginians who are being run over by these cultural imperialists should seriously take a look at seceding and joining West Virginia.

Information Liberation | You ain’t never seen “progress” like this before!

Campus Reform | “[Abortion] should be considered a health service…”

Fox News | A controversial Miami police captain is under fire this week for claiming he was black because of the “one-drop rule” while speaking at a public meeting.

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