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Zero Hedge | A Dutch MP is still fuming over Formula One’s 2018 decision to remove grid girls from the sport due to “female patronizing.” 

Information Liberation | Justice is served!

Daily Mail | A now-banned research program run by Facebook harvested potentially sensitive personal data of 187,000 people around the world, including thousands of US teenagers.

Campus Reform | “There is nothing new about it, it’s just different means of messages being delivered.” 

Daily Mail | Mark Zuckerberg may have known more about Facebook’s controversial privacy practices than the company previously let on.

The Daily Sheeple | Christian baker Jack Phillips of Colorado is facing a third lawsuit over his refusal on religious grounds to make certain cakes, the latest legal battle for the Masterpiece Cakeshop owner.

Information Liberation | Rather than demand Twitter stop censoring conservatives, the GOP establishment is demanding Twitter censor the Hamas government to aid Israel.

London Telegraph | MI5 has been unlawfully holding people’s data collected through surveillance or hacking programmes, the high court has been told.

The Daily Caller | The most common response to identifying the biggest threat to gay rights was: President Donald Trump.

RT | WhatsApp is threatening users who violate its rules with lawsuits, even if the only evidence of “rule-breaking” exists outside of the Facebook-owned messaging app and the only judge is an AI.

Campus Reform | “Racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist.”

American Mirror | A Pennsylvania school is investigating complaints from two students whose Make America Great Again hats were blurred out in yearbook photos.

Breitbart | The Daily Beast is under fire after its fake news story on President Donald Trump’s two eldest sons — Don Jr. and Eric Trump — supposedly stiffing a local pub in Ireland.

American Mirror | “We Build The Wall” founder Brian Kolfage posted videos showing what he says is an “armed cartel member from Juarez” leading a large group of aliens around the end of a wall portion and into the U.S.

The Daily Caller | “You are making a Giant Mistake!”

Washington Examiner | The federal agency tasked with overseeing security at transportation hubs has been violating its own policy by allowing migrants who have been released from federal custody onto flights.

Information Liberation | Google’s censorship is hitting comical levels.

American Mirror | Even “God” can’t escape the wrath of Twitter.

Campus Reform | “Shout out to our E-Board/Coordinating Committee, which has literally no straight people on it”.

Weasel Zippers | When criticizing socialism, don’t bring up the Soviet Union or Venezuela to Bernie Sanders.

Free Beacon | “This weekend’s tragedy, as well as the tragedies that happen every day across Virginia, must instill in us a new level of urgency to act.”

The Daily Caller | Attacks on Jews have increased by roughly 90% in the past year.

Weasel Zippers | Evil.

Zero Hedge | China’s top economic adviser has issued guidelines over how to introduce incentives that can boost a person’s social credit score, according to ECNS. 

Prison Planet.com | Sadiq Khan was Louis Farrakhan’s lawyer to help him get into U.K. when they banned him for being a hatemonger and calling Hitler a great man

RT | The oddest reaction yet has come from a budding UK actor wondering why the show’s creators had not chosen more people of color for the cast.

RT | US transgender runner Cece Telferm, who previously competed against men, has become embroiled in controversy.

Daily Caller | A top House Republican is asking the Justice Department’s inspector general whether Peter Strzok is the former FBI official accused of leaking sensitive materials to the press and accepting gifts from a reporter.

Breitbart | House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called out Facebook, Google, and Amazon’s monopolistic control over the Internet, noting that they often engage in anticompetitive practices, and said that the country has to address this problem.

Breitbart | The Daily Beast identified the video creator as Shawn Brooks, whom they described as a forklift driver and Trump supporter from the Bronx.

Daily Mail | Facebook’s board of directors uniformly shot down a string of shareholder proposals calling for checks on CEO and board chair Mark Zuckerberg’s power. 

Free Beacon | Pelosi family has owned Facebook stock since 2012, increased investment in 2018.

John W. Whitehead | Red pill or blue pill? You decide.

Zero Hedge | Uber passengers who receive low ratings from their drivers will be subject to banishment from the service.

Information Liberation | Playing too many video games is a mental illness but believing you’re the opposite sex is not, the World Health Organization declared on Tuesday.

Zero Hedge | This is where Netflix has taken virtue signaling to a whole new level.

Zero Hedge | Do you find yourself running and gunning in 2 a.m. gaming sessions after telling your spouse hours earlier you just need to get past the next checkpoint? 

Breitbart | A total of eleven different young men, eight of whom were minors, have given light sentences of between three and eleven years after being found guilty of gang-raping four girls in a cellar.

Politicalite | ONCE again, Boris’ ‘Burka comments’ have resurfaced in the national media.

Zero Hedge | Tools for censorship are becoming more refined, analysts, academics and users say.

RT | US civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. allegedly “looked on and laughed” as a Baptist minister friend raped a woman, according to FBI records accessed by an American historian.

Daily Caller | The Al Jazeera news network and its AJ+ subsidiary have a long history of anti-Semitism.

Information Liberation | The Internet Association, a Big Tech lobbying group founded by Google, Amazon, Ebay and Facebook, presented awards to President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a fancy gala in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Breitbart | White House contender Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said Thursday that Congress will have “no choice” but to begin impeachment proceedings if President Donald Trump continues to fight subpoenas issued by House Democrats.

Campus Reform | “Social liberals showed significantly less sympathy for Kevin when he was described as white.”

Information Liberation | Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau on Tuesday threatened social media platforms with “consequences” and “meaningful penalties” if they don’t “step up” and ban everything his regime feels is “hate speech” or “disinformation.”

Breitbart | Underwood of Illinois accused the Trump administration of murdering children during a hearing with Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Sputnik | The government’s reported plans to ban the traditional runic alphabet alongside heathen imagery, due to their alleged popularity in Neo-Nazi circles, have sparked the ire of politicians and ordinary Swedes alike.

American Mirror | A North Carolina town is suing Camping World in an attempt to force the business to remove a massive American flag at its Statesville store while also imposing a $50 per day fee until it comes down.

Breitbart | British Prime Minister Theresa May has further distanced herself from the British public.

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