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Information Liberation | September 11th happened because the CIA was “too white,” according to the BBC.

Zero Hedge | As the United States and parts of the rest of the globe pause to remember the tragic September 11 terror attacks and nearly 3,000 Americans who lost their lives, China has used the occasion for crude and cheap propaganda purposes. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Infants remained alive for hours after abortion procedure.

Campus Reform | Students who interfere with free speech will face “disciplinary sanctions.”

Breitbart | The group posted an assembly location in a residential area of Aurora, Colorado, in an image on Facebook, which has yet to take the post down.

City Press | 12 people have died and 639 people have been arrested following the recent xenophobic unrest that began in Pretoria and made its way to the Johannesburg CBD.

Campus Reform | “The administration has long promoted a ‘nanny state’ type atmosphere on campus.”

Information Liberation | Imagine if the Department of Justice went after the Russiagate/Epstein conspirators just half as hard as they’re going after the families who bought their kids’ way into college.

Daily Mail | Firm launches $229 Nest Hub Max with camera that can recognize every member of the family.

Campus Reform | “This really puts freedom of speech in a different context, we need to rethink this…it’s not an absolute.”

Mike Shedlock | Some of UK politicians’ Brexit positions are nearly beyond belief. Here’s one of them.

Paul Joseph Watson | School told girls they could no longer wear skirts.

Breitbart | America’s premier soccer league, Major League Soccer, has declared the red, white, and blue Betsy Ross flag a “symbol for hate groups” and banned a couple in Utah from waving it at games.

Paul Joseph Watson | Criticized Evangelical Lutheran Church for supporting gay pride week.

The Sun | TWO British Muslims have been arrested after allegedly plotting to kidnap and murder a female relative who renounced Islam.

Paul Joseph Watson | Not the Onion.

Daily Caller | A member of the audience asked the Vermont senator about human population growth during CNN’s climate town hall Wednesday.

Breitbart | More than 600 Border Patrol agents were assaulted in the line of duty so far this fiscal year. They remain among the most assaulted of all federal law enforcement officers.

Paul Joseph Watson | The “food of the future” may be dead bodies.

Campus Reform | “That is a shame for them, their parents, and the taxpayers.”

Zero Hedge | “In a complex situation lacking a simple solution, we are trying to take constructive steps to reduce the risk that events like these will happen again.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Hidden force could be used for military intervention.

Politicalite | You don’t see much mention of the ugly side to these demonstrations.

Zero Hedge | Speaking to reporters Monday evening, Boris Johnson insisted that he would never ask for another Brexit delay.

Information Liberation | You’re going to love the New America™!

NBC News | Police are looking for a group of teens who robbed and brutally attacked a 67-year-old woman with her own cane in Queens earlier this month, authorities say.

USA Today | Apple says it will no longer retain audio recordings of your interactions with Siri by default and has issued an apology for having done so previously. 

Daily Mail | The scope of Amazon’s partnership with police departments across the US continues to grow.

Zero Hedge | A top executive at the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA), Steven Fabrizio, has been arrested by Metropolitan Police Department detectives over allegations of “rape and blackmail,” according to a police report obtained by Breitbart and confirmed by Vanity Fair. 

Breitbart | Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) has styled himself as a champion of press freedom, tweeting last October: “The press is not the enemy of the people but the best defense against tyranny.”

Daily Caller | An El Salvadorian national was recently charged with rape in Montgomery County, Maryland, making him the fifth illegal immigrant to be arrested for sexual assault in the county in just the last month.

American Mirror | Cheryl Boyles is the new face of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and she brought it all on herself.

Daily Caller | CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta repeatedly shouted at President Trump as he ended a press conference in Biarritz, France at the G7 summit Monday.

Breitbart | PragerU has announced that its case against Google and YouTube over claims of online censorship will be heard in court on Tuesday.

Fox News | “It was something that I needed.”

American Mirror | Tennessee superintendent Bryan Johnson issued a formal apology to the Hamilton County community Wednesday after a staff development presentation about “white privilege” generated controversy for weeks online.

Breitbart | An English police force is to become the first in the country to issue every officer with electric stun-guns known as Tasers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Begs to be transferred to another jail.

The Conservative Treehouse | Watch out California…  Pretty soon you might not have options when the proletariat mandates the installation of compliance regulators inside the A/C system.

American Mirror | Three teachers and a union organizer flew to Venezuela to study the country’s successes in government and education in person, and now they’re taking heat for using the union’s name “on what appears to be a state-chaperoned propaganda tour.”

Information Liberation | The New York Times is looking to rewrite America’s history by putting “slavery” at “the very center.”

London Telegraph | Akey investor in a 67-acre development in London’s King’s Cross has expressed its concern over the controversial use of facial recognition technology in the area.

Paul Joseph Watson | Coming to the west soon.

Campus Reform | “It’s going to dissuade people from joining and it’s going to help us track people down.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Congresswoman calls them “peaceful protesters.”

Zero Hedge | The night of Epstein’s death, correctional officers did not check on the extremely high-profile prisoner for “several hours” before he died.

Breitbart | Three New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers were injured by “cop-hating mobs” outside a Brooklyn housing project on Sunday, according to a report.

Paul Joseph Watson | Social engineering will help.

Chris Menahan | “The week Heather Heyer died, I had exclusive interviews with medics who said state police forced them to stop working on her after the crash — which they believed led to her death.”

Daily Caller | Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

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