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Daily Caller | Authorities in Washington state determined that a robbery at a local restaurant was a hoax concocted by immigrants hoping to qualify for special visas and avoid deportation.

Paul Joseph Watson | Coming soon to a dystopia near you.

Paul Joseph Watson | What could possibly go wrong?

Paul Joseph Watson | A valuable use of their resources.

Campus Reform | “As you can see, I cannot take off my blackface so adding on another shade, in my opinion, doesn’t change anything.”

Daily Mail | Technology giants Google, Apple and Facebook have been accused of facilitating an online slavery market. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Yes, really.

Daily Mail | The Defense Innovation Board have issued a series of recommendations to the Department of Defense on how artificial intelligence should be implemented in future military conflict.

RT | British comedian and star of ‘The Office’ Ricky Gervais has drawn the wrath of the PC patrol for a tweet making fun of “wax my balls” transgender activist Jessica Yaniv. Gervais, however, is unrepentant.

Information Liberation | MSNBC host Joy Reid helped lead a Twitter hate mob against Trump supporter Roslyn La Liberte.

Paul Joseph Watson | Poisoning children to own the racists.

Sputnik | Sheffield University has become the latest in a string of British and American educational institutions to have toughened their dress code for Halloween parties over ‘racially insensitive’ costumes.

Campus Reform | “Anything that may resemble a real weapon.”

Breitbart | More secret, closed-door hearings in the “impeachment inquiry” are scheduled for the next several days, despite a vote by the full House of Representatives Thursday to authorize public hearings.

Paul Joseph Watson | While violent crime soars to record levels.

Paul Joseph Watson | You can’t stop progress.

Campus Reform | “I don’t have a problem with it…”

Prison Planet.com | She’s responsible for the “false information” that has ripped the country up for the last three years. But yeah, Facebook should shut down those she doesn’t like.

Paul Joseph Watson | Yes, really.

Breitbart | The apprehension of migrants who crossed the border into the U.S. reached 1.1 million during Fiscal Year 2019. More than 850,000 crossed into the U.S. illegally. Of those, nearly a half-million of the migrants were family units.

Voice Of Europe | A school in Sweden has imposed vegetarianism on all of its students in a supposed attempt to help combat climate change. 

Zero Hedge | Australian lawmakers looking to limit kids’ access to online pornography have come up with one possible solution; facial recognition.

Information Liberation | Conservative YouTuber Hunter Avallone attacked yours truly on Monday by falsely claiming I failed to “provide any evidence” that “thousands of channels are getting banned for their political speech.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Because Christopher Columbus, or something.

Prison Planet | Rapper YG pulled a fan on stage and tried to get him to say the phrase, when the fan wouldn’t do it, YG shoved him off stage and cursed at him.

Daily Sheeple | A federal judge in Kentucky on Monday partially reopened Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann’s $250 million defamation lawsuit.

Paul Joseph Watson | A lawsuit waiting to happen.

Paul Joseph Watson | Clown world strikes again.

Ethan Huff | ID2020 microchips are also being “vaccinated” into the bodies of homeless people in Austin, Texas.

MassPrivateI | Forget the Bilderberg Group meetings and how the world’s power elite meet in secret to help shape governments. Because Rise Up’s Money 20/20 events puts them to shame.

American Mirror | The percentage of American parents who want to homeschool their children is at an all-time high, and they’re citing violence, drugs and bullying in public schools as the main reason why.

Prison Planet.com | LeBron disrespecting the Anthem?!? Oh no.

Paul Joseph Watson | 60 per cent of Millennials says Constitution ‘goes too far’ in allowing free speech.

Daily Mail | Your resume may not be the only deciding factor in landing your next job – it could be an ’employability score’ created by artificial intelligence that has the final vote.

Paul Joseph Watson | Females can’t be forced to wax hairy balls.

Information Liberation | Two Proud Boys members were sentenced to four years in prison for defending themselves against antifa.

American Mirror | Trump supporters facing hate from “inclusive” and “tolerant” liberals in academia is nothing new, but it’s now apparently evolved into personalized posters targeting individual students at the nation’s top universities.

Sputnik | Jordan Peterson rose to fame following a number of videos he posted on YouTube denouncing the extremes of political correctness, and arguing that quite a few widely accepted modern-day social norms go against his own freedom of speech.

Zero Hedge |

Paul Joseph Watson | Music legend says it’s self-righteous and suppresses contrary systems of thought.

Paul Joseph Watson | As part of “hate crime awareness week”.

Campus Reform | “Do you love America?” “No.”

Breitbart | British police have marked “Hate Crime Awareness Week” with a series of childish online cartoons urging the public to report “hateful” behaviour “even if it isn’t a crime”, offering assurances that “you don’t even need evidence”.

Zero Hedge | “People worry, and I worry deeply, too, about an erosion of truth.”

American Mirror | Gay is great, regardless of what parents think.

Information Liberation | Prog-globalism is truly taking humanity to new heights!

Sky News | After multiple delays the controversial age verification measures will “not be commencing”, according to the digital secretary.

Information Liberation | This is where our liberal elites are at intellectually.

Daily Caller | A teenager who was brutally murdered and then chopped into pieces, allegedly by a suspected MS-13 gang member, could still be alive today if local authorities had honored an ICE detainer, the agency said.

Sputnik | A new documentary about the personal life and social ideas of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has been widely criticised by representatives of the left-wing and mainstream media, with several theatres refusing to screen the film.

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