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Daily Caller | The University of Florida (UF) agreed yesterday to pay their Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) student chapter $66,000, and amend their school policy to allow conservative groups to have access to more financial resources.

Paul Joseph Watson | Jahangir “John” Turan left with severe bruising after attack.

Paul Joseph Watson | The bigotry of low expectations.

Zero Hedge | Newly surfaced text messages between Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and his counterpart at MI-5, the UK’s domestic security service, have cast new light on Britain’s role in the FBI’s 2016 ‘Russiagate’ investigation, according to The Guardian. 

Paul Joseph Watson | But only Trump was called a bigot.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I can’t believe it, it’s staggering.”

Information Liberation | Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D) on Saturday shared a video boasting about escorting an 8-and-a-half-months pregnant Mexican woman over the border so she could give birth to an anchor baby in the United States.

Zero Hedge | “I was terrified, and I was telling him to stop. ‘Please stop,'” said Araoz, now 32.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Those who do not comply, will not be let in.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Apologizes and cries for not contributing to “diversity”.

Campus Reform | “If you’re wearing a black mask, you’re more than likely up to something that’s not good.”

Breitbart | Two Trump-supporting YouTubers were egged and “milkshaked” in Seattle, Washington, last week while holding a sign that read, “Free Hugs from a Trump Supporter.”

Jihad Watch | An official in the French town of Montpelier celebrated his birthday with a cake decorated with a swastika, which he described as “a gift from my SS friend.”

Paul Joseph Watson | When two worlds collide.

Zero Hedge | Should it come as any surprise? And yet the details are shocking and outrageous.

Paul Joseph Watson | Trend appears to be spreading.

Campus Reform | “This isn’t a curriculum that aims at a broad and balanced understanding of American life”.

Zero Hedge | A bipartisan group of eight state attorneys general met with US Attorney General William Barr on Thursday to discuss “the real concerns consumers across the country have with big tech companies stifling competition,” according to Politico. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Protect Epstein so “the people who want him dead” don’t go free.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tweets that beauty shop “no longer exists.”

Campus Reform | “Questionable ethical behaviour.”

Zero Hedge | The article and the interview challenged the mainstream consensus on a number of items, which is why it should surprise absolutely nobody that, by Tuesday morning, YouTube had removed the video.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I didn’t want any more children anyway.”

Daily Mail | An Islamic TV station that said gay people are worse than pigs and magicians should be executed faces being stripped of its UK broadcasting licence. 

Campus Reform | “The twelve persons listed below have been selected…tomorrow the planet Earth is doomed for destruction.”

Breitbart | The immigration enforcement operation touted by President Donald Trump that targeted more than 2,000 people resulted in 35 arrests, officials said Tuesday.

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite claims it’s included in every order.

Paul Joseph Watson | Mayor blamed for being soft on crime.

The Daily Sheeple | Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro wants to strike the words “alien” and “illegal alien” from the government’s legal code, arguing that the terms are hurtful to the immigrant community.

Politicalite | THE SUNDAY Mirror and its sister paper Daily Star Sunday ‘MADE UP’ a story that claimed Tommy Robinson was attacked by an OAP in Belmarsh Prison, it is claimed. 

Breitbart | The far-left has largely refused to condemn the violent actions of its extremist groups like Antifa.

Paul Joseph Watson | Jessica Yaniv filed human rights complaints against fifteen female beauticians for refusing to wax her penis and balls.

Daisy Luther | The “Cradle to Career Data System” will study and document everything about a child born in the state.

Campus Reform | “Most of the suggestions in it are common sense”.

Zero Hedge | Twitter reinstated it after President Trump tweeted that he would “help” with the situation.

Zero Hedge | Lies, Dem’d Lies, and Sadistics…

Paul Joseph Watson | “Hateful, intolerant radicals who pursue their extreme agenda through aggressive violence”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Because everyone is terrified of addressing the real causes.

Paul Joseph Watson | Language guide says “male” and “female” should also be avoided.

Paul Joseph Watson | Is there anything they won’t spoil?

Paul Joseph Watson | Describes Willem Van Spronsen’s manifesto as “beautiful”.

Politicalite | FAR-LEFT Hate group ‘Hope Not Hate’ has sensationally claimed that Britain’s so-called ‘far-right’ are a BIGGER threat to Brits than Islam.

Breitbart | An Australian cyber researcher alleges that social media giant Facebook embeds tracking codes in monitor who sees and shares your photos.

Paul Joseph Watson Document found in safe along with piles of cash and diamonds.

Mac Slavo | In what could be the final nail in the Russiagate hoax’s coffin, a federal judge has destroyed a key claim made by Robert Mueller.

RT | Tech giants such as Google or Facebook store vast amounts of personal data for their own gain but they are also “happy to hand over” this data to governments, making people vulnerable to persecution, Edward Snowden warned during an interview with RT.

Paul Joseph Watson Yes, really.

Breitbart | Twenty-one U.S. flags were stolen from veterans’ graves in South Carolina on the Fourth of July and later burned by unsuspecting vandals.

Information Liberation | Neocon Andrew Klavan, who works for Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, said Monday that a US war with Iran would last “about 15 minutes” with Iran being swiftly “blown off the face of the earth.”

American Mirror | The National Education Association – the nation’s largest teachers union – has decided against an effort to “re-dedicate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning.

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