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Zero Hedge | Yesterday, while reporting about PornHub making free porn available to Italians, we noted that during times of existential crisis, every last corporation has to pitch in and do their part. Cue Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Paul Joseph Watson | You knew it was coming.

National File | Local politicians of these states eliminate property rights by claiming these residents and property owners had no right to remove homeless campers.

Paul Joseph Watson | The law says it isn’t.

Moonbattery | If you are looking for hate hoaxes, there is no better place than a college campus.

Daily Mail | A civil liberties watchdog sued the US government Thursday seeking the disclosure of records on the use of facial recognition technology being deployed at American airports.

Paul Joseph Watson | Priorities.

Breitbart | Doctors working in Italy’s overwhelmed hospitals say they have been forced to ration services for older, sicker patients in order to prioritize younger patients who are more likely to be saved from the coronavirus.

Moonbattery | Whatcom Community College Students for Life discovered what pro-lifers are up against by praying outside of a Planned Parenthood abattoir in Bellingham, just up the Left Coast from Seattle.

National File | Rumored cure poisons several unsuspecting people.

NBC | More results from state-run testing for the novel coronavirus continue to come in, and as a result, the tri-state is seeing the number of confirmed cases increase exponentially with each passing day

National File | Some Wisconsin Schools allow for children of any age to have gender transition recognized.

Campus Reform | “Whiteness by its very definition and operation as a key element of white supremacy kills; it is mental and physical terrorism.”

National File | The Amazon show “Hunters” was lambasted for its idiotic portrayal of historical events.

Breitbart | President Donald Trump reacted to the stock market crash on Twitter Monday by criticizing the establishment media for fueling fears.

Zero Hedge | “Someone complaining of flu-like symptoms doesn’t need an engine company with five firefighters.”

Sputnik | False claims ranging from a coronavirus vaccine already existing to touted bogus cures on offer have been circulating on social media, often attracting hundreds of shares.

Paul Joseph Watson | Grocery stores may have to take drastic measures.

The Daily Sheeple | The Arizona House of Representatives passed a new bill that if signed into law would ban transgender female athletes from participating in school sports.

The Week | Mounting concern over the new coronavirus outbreak has caused school closures and movie premiere pushbacks, and now the crisis’ effect on the aviation industry is drawing comparisons to 9/11.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Dehumanizing speech” based on age no longer allowed.

Paul Joseph Watson | Celebrates her “yeast infections” during rally.

Paul Joseph Watson | Unless they clean up after black attendees.

Daily Mail | A Moscow court ruled on Tuesday that the city’s facial recognition system does not violate the privacy of its citizens – a blow to activists who had hoped to ban the technology’s use.

Sky News | Camilla’s joke came hours after Prince William was filmed making an awkward gag about “spreading” the virus.

Breitbart |“In some ways it kind of reminds me of Germany in the interwar years.”

Paul Joseph Watson | You can’t stop progress!

Breitbart | A woman given gender reassignment therapy as a teen is suing the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust for having “rushed” her into the treatment.

UK Daily Mail | Controversial facial recognition company, Clearview AI, is reportedly developing surveillance cameras and augmented reality glasses despite mounting public scrutiny over the company’s ethics.

Information Liberation | No one could have predicted this!

American Mirror | Donald Trump calls Joe Biden “sleepy,” and maybe that’s because he doesn’t have the energy or stamina for the job’s grinding pace.

Zero Hedge | A Manhattan-based facial recognition company that uses artificial intelligence to collect data from unsuspecting social media users has reported that its entire client list has been stolen.

Information Liberation | All history must be destroyed if we’re to march forward into our glorious prog-globalist future.

Paul Joseph Watson | Ban celebrated by Antifa supporter called ‘Pronoun Enforcer’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some call for group responsible to be labeled domestic terror organization.

National File | Feelings of trans students were to be spared amid change to lexicon.

Information Liberation | “Today, we’re making an update to address this gap.”

Zero Hedge | The 9th Circuit also tossed PragerU’s claim of false advertising.

CNBC | China could use the coronavirus outbreak to boost its mass surveillance capabilities as it looks to technology to help contain the epidemic in the world’s second-largest economy.

Moonbattery | Switzerland was once a bastion of relative liberty.

Zero Hedge | Allowing clearly biased jurors to serve on the trial of a guy you hate is nothing short of a miscarriage of justice.

Paul Joseph Watson | Poster says “It’s okay to hate white people.”

Breitbart | Eco-warrior Prince Harry will fly from Canada to the United Kingdom for the first time since renouncing his royal responsibilities to promote a project aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of frequent fliers.

Breitbart | A 35-year-old Muslim man in the commune of Cavaillon is facing trial after being accused of domestically abusing his wife and daughters who refused to wear an Islamic veil.

Zero Hedge | Several companies, as far as what we can see, are racing to build the next generation of wearable air purifiers for the face to block germs and dirty air, just because legacy masks aren’t effective.

Breitbart | The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has doubled down on its publication of a poem describing the “struggles of getting a haircut as a non-binary person”, warning that critics have been “reported”.

Nextgov | The chairman of a House Oversight panel wants a briefing with Amazon officials about the consumer security tool.

Paul Joseph Watson | The mind boggles.

National File | Pro-Choice Activists do not care about the amount of pain the Pre-Born feel.

Paul Joseph Watson | Anyone for bat soup?

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