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American Mirror | Parents of sixth-graders in Texas’ Gatesville school district are livid after officials administered a survey with probing personal questions about everything from sex, drugs and STDs to suicide, bullying, and sleep patterns.

Paul Joseph Watson | Says anti-IQ terms are “divisive and humiliating.”

Daily Sheeple | Georgia State Senator Donzella James, (D-Atlanta), has pre-filed legislation that would ban the possession of semi-automatic firearms.

Breitbart | Crowds of illegal aliens lined up to get driver’s licenses on the first day that the sanctuary state of New York officially allowed for all eligible illegal aliens to obtain the state ID.

Paul Joseph Watson | Oh, the irony.

Newsmax | Dozens of Navy pilots have written a letter to congressmen insisting that they be permitted to carry weapons on bases, Fox News reported on Sunday.

Breaking 911 | Video posted to Facebook Monday shows a Muslim woman berating and attacking a Jewish New Yorker on a subway train from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Information Liberation | Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is beginning his second term with demands for new regulations on “hate speech” and a nationwide ban on conversion therapy.

Paul Joseph Watson | Apology not enough for politically incorrect speech crime.

Paul Joseph Watson | Stripper exposed breasts, twerked in attendee’s faces.

Campus Reform | “You and I have every right to stand by marginalized students and call out Trump and the Republican Party for being poison.”

Information Liberation | Boris Johnson’s election was reported as an indictment of open-borders, liberalism and the government’s failure to follow through on Brexit but his top priority is apparently punishing critics of Israel.

Fox News | Alqahtani was “creating a list of people who he wants to kill before he leaves the U.S.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Climate kid goes full Commie.

Daily Caller | New York Times reporters butchered a story Tuesday night on a forthcoming executive order from President Donald Trump addressing anti-Semitism on college campuses.

Breitbart | Pro-life website LifeSite News was locked out of its Twitter account yesterday after it referred to radical transgender activist Jessica Yaniv by his male birth name, “Jonathan.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “If they’ll ban me, they’ll ban anybody.”

Daily Sheeple | A San Diego County man is in police custody after posting graphic videos on YouTube where he appeared to be practicing a mass shooting, police said.

Breitbart | Leaks suggest Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is not dealing with complaints of endemic antisemitism as it claims, as the Simon Wiesenthal Center puts the party at the top of its antisemitism list.

Paul Joseph Watson | “We know who committed the crimes, and it wasn’t Trump.”

Paul Joseph Watson | And taking their children.

Breitbart | Twitter locked the accounts of journalist Andy Ngo and documentary filmmaker and journalist Mike Cernovich after they shared links to the stated motivations of Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

Daily Mail | A performance artist shook up the crowd at the Art Basel show in Miami Beach on Saturday when he grabbed a banana that had been duct-taped to a gallery wall and ate it.

Paul Joseph Watson | “They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services.”

Breitbart | French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has announced the formation of a National Anti-Hate Office.

Breitbart | Far-left CNN’s Chris Cuomo is now so morally compromised he cannot even condemn the mockery of a 13-year-old Barron Trump without suggested he had it coming.

Campus Reform | A University of Wisconsin-Madison housing fellow at the school’s Multicultural Learning Center has been placed on paid leave after telling students to limit the number of white people they invite to the dorm. 

Information Liberation | History made!

Breitbart | UC Davis Professor Abigail Thompson is facing a backlash on campus for her decision to publish an essay in which she criticized the university’s mandatory “diversity statements” which faculty applicants must sign before they are hired.

Campus Reform | Students at the University of Florida were told that their home country is facing the “lethal threat” of  “metastatic racism” during a guest lecture from an “antiracist” activist last week.

Breitbart | Billionaire and 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate Michael Bloomberg is vowing to free hundreds of thousands of accused criminals who are deemed “non-violent” by eliminating bail nationwide.

Zero Hedge | The failures of the nationalist Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) are starting to be realized in a huge way.

Paul Joseph Watson | Another lawsuit coming?

Breitbart | A gang of four Muslim men attacked a Christian street preacher in Norway, kicking him in the face and threatening to kill him if he did not convert to Islam.

Daily Caller | Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked to CBS about reports suggesting he had a private dinner with President Donald Trump while the tech company discussed how to handle political ads.

Paul Joseph Watson | Social credit score coming to the west soon.

Daily Caller | Nearly a dozen people were shot and wounded in an early Sunday morning shooting in New Orleans’s famed French Quarter district, according to local police.

Daily Mail | A British yacht skipper’s flight to the US to help Greta Thunberg sail to Portugal has produced the same amount of carbon emissions the voyage hoped to save.

Paul Joseph Watson | 12-year-old ‘drag queen kid’ appears alongside 53-year-old who killed his drug dealer.

Paul Joseph Watson | Wait, what?

Breitbart | Before you sit down for your Thanksgiving feast or unwrap this year’s gifts tucked under the Christmas tree, environmentalists want you to know that your holiday traditions are contributing to climate change and hurting the planet.

Zero Hedge | More details are emerging after a massive chemical explosion at a southeast Texas refinery in the early hours of Wednesday.

Miami Herald | State agents are trying to figure out who recently posted a Craigslist ad purporting to want to sell a newborn child for $500.

Information Liberation | Surveillance photos released by Toronto police show a suspect accused of dumping a bucket of feces and urine on university students in three separate attacks over the past four days grinning from ear to ear.

Breitbart | Last week, it was reported that Google plans to stop advertisers from using voter data to create targeted ads.

Breitbart | The American Music Awards (AMAs) hit an all-time low in the all-important 18-49 age demo Sunday, and pretty much tied its record-low total viewership.

Campus Reform | Dozens of climate protesters stormed the football field in New Haven, Connecticut where Harvard and Yale were playing Saturday, forcing game officials to delay the event. 

Breitbart | Amelia County, Virginia, Sheriff Ricky L. Walker is making clear he will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws even if ordered to by a judge.

Campus Reform | “You’re not arresting me for my free f**king speech”.

Information Liberation | A 22-year-old British man is facing multiple years in prison for ranting on Facebook that Muslims should be “wiped off the face of the earth” in the wake of a series of deadly terrorist attacks in his country in 2017.

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