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Information Liberation | A “non-white” student at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, Missouri reportedly confessed to writing “White Lives Matter Ni**ers!” on a mirror inside of a girls’ bathroom.

Information Liberation | At least 45 teachers have quit their jobs in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania due to constant attacks by violent students, including first graders.

Truth Revolt | “This act is a serious violation of…the core values of this community.”

Truth Revolt | The First Amendment doesn’t protect you from criminal activity.

Information Liberation | Edith Macias, the UC Riverside student filmed bragging about stealing a fellow student’s “Make America Great Again” hat back in September, is facing up to a year in prison for her crime, The College Fix reports.

Information Liberation | MSNBC host Kasie Hunt apologized Monday for saying the violent assault on Rand Paul which left him with six broken ribs and a pleural effusion was “one of my favorite stories.”

Daily Mail | Some of the web’s most popular sites could be tracking your every move, a shocking new study has found.

Truth Revolt | He’s also a dictionary!

Information Liberation | According to MSNBC panelist Jamira Burley, it’s “documented and verified” that white men “pose the biggest threat to Americans every single day.”

Breitbart | Doug Jones, the Democrat running for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat, says he loves to hunt but the Second Amendment has “limitations.”

Campus Reform | A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested for assaulting two students during an anti-Trump protest Thursday, stealing the phone of one student and throwing it on the sidewalk.

Westmonster | The company Paperchase have issued a grovelling apology for launching a promotion with the Daily Mail. A cardinal sin!

Daily Mail | Standing 6 foot 9 and weighing in at 167 pounds, Atlas is a robot that you really don’t want to argue with.

Truth Revolt | “I f***ing hate white men.”

Truth Revolt | Should we call him a hero?

Daily Mail | The future of open online communication is under threat, according to web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee who believes ‘the system is failing’ when it comes to the internet.

friatider.se | For the first time in Sweden’s history, the police will now monitor the suburbs of Stockholm with the aid of sound detectors.

Truth Revolt | More tolerance from the Left.

Daily Mail | You would be forgiven for thinking that your private conversations were just that, but Google’s Voice Assistant could be recording everything you say.

Campus Reform | “The endorsement of violence in any form is contrary to Dartmouth values.”

Truth Revolt | The list of offensive things on campus keeps growing.

Daily Mail | Tom Sizemore was removed from set of Born Killers for allegedly violating an 11-year-old girl, according to his former cast and crew.

Truth Revolt | Wonder if they’ll offer “woke” up calls?

Truth Revolt | “I’m surprised they said unborn child and not mass of tissue.”

London Guardian | Technology now exists to create autonomous weapons that can select and kill human targets without supervision as UN urged to outlaw them.

Breitbart | Around 60 French conservatives in the Paris suburb of Clichy gathered to protest Muslims praying in the street which has been going on every Friday for the last nine months.

Information Liberation | A preliminary report from the International Business Times suggests donations to the Clinton Foundation have dried up since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election.

Campus Reform | “[W]hat are some things you have been told men need to work on? (Ex: Mansplaining, Relationships & Gender Norms…)”

Daily Mail | Time Warner Inc and will fight the government in court if a negotiated settlement is not reached, the wireless company’s chief executive said on Thursday.

Information Liberation | Confederate statues and others honoring our Founders are being taken down all over America, but that doesn’t mean other statues will not be taking their place.

Louder With Crowder | When it comes to cops and racism, Black Lives Matter has no shortage of sputtering accusations.

Daily Mail | One of the biggest names in Silicon Valley criticized Facebook and other social media sites in an interview with Axios earlier this week.

PJ Media | Monday is the two-year anniversary of coordinated attacks on Paris in which nine terrorists killed 130 people.

Truth Revolt | “Children as young as four years old could be taught to support the EU.”

Daily Caller | Messages that read “Go home n***er” were discovered drawn on whiteboards outside the rooms of African-American cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy late September.

Information Liberation | A non-citizen and suspected illegal alien went on a shooting spree with an AR-style rifle at Interstate 35 in Texas on Saturday morning.

Truth Revolt | “Military planners consider the collapse of the EU conceivable.”

Breitbart | The gunman who opened fire in the Texas church was able to pass a background check because the Air Force “mishandled” the process for reporting his domestic violence conviction, according to a report.

Zero Hedge | The German military is preparing for a number of scenarios over the next two decades ranging from “the disintegration of the EU” to “multipolar competition” and the unraveling of Western order.

Campus Reform | “The statement also shows that the attorneys recognize precisely why their changes are controversial.”

Daily Mail | Animated graphic shows the time and location of every attack across the globe for the last 30 years.

Daily Mail | Former Bear Stearns trader Howard ‘Howie’ Rubin, 62, is accused by three women.

Campus Reform | “To advocate for civil discourse…serves to fan the flames of fascism.”

Truth Revolt | “In the end, it had little real meaning.”

Turning Point News | The Columbia University College Republicans are under investigation for discrimination and harassment.

Truth Revolt | Don’t let the media and Islam apologists spin this to deflect attention from where good and evil lie.

Daily Mail | It is claimed star lured young men from a bar under the Old Vic to his private residence promising parts in his plays.

Breitbart | Think about it–a terrorist ran over eight people, killing them, and wounded another 15, yet Kristof’s response is that it could have been worse were it not for gun control.

Washington Free Beacon | CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz told viewers Tuesday he would not share the description of the suspect believed to be responsible for multiple deaths in New York City.

Washington Free Beacon | Several CNN commentators argued for stricter regulation of speech on the Internet during a segment Monday night in which they discussed Russian activity online.

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