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S. Watson Articles

Steve Watson | Candidate for Deputy Secretary of State said Trump was ‘not fit’ to be President.

Steve Watson | Two thirds of Americans reject harsher media coverage.

Steve Watson | “I don’t even know if they know what they’re protesting. Really, what is it, the free speech?”

Steve Watson | New Administration has placed ban on surrogates appearing on ‘fake news network’.

Steve Watson | “In Nazi Germany, the stock market rose and rose and kept rising, right up to Stalingrad.”

Steve Watson | MSNBC compares Trump to Kim Jong-un, Mussolini.

Steve Watson | “This was either leaked by intelligence officials or by Democrats that are part of the elite”

Steve Watson | Four days before inauguration Congresswoman brings the stupid.

Steve Watson | Corporate Media Freaks Out At possibility of Breitbart, Infowars Being Allowed To Ask Questions.

Steve Watson | Promises full Hacking Report in 90 days.

Steve Watson | “Whoever leaked it should be prosecuted”.

Steve Watson | “I invigorated the grassroots”

Steve Watson | Former official: “The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access”

Steve Watson | “They all need to be slimmed down”

Steve Watson | “What should we replace Obamacare with? Perhaps we should try freedom”

Steve Watson | Wikileaks founder says source of email hack is ‘1000% Not Russia’.

Steve Watson | Says only way back into power is to act crazy.

Steve Watson | Trump vows to wipe ISIS from the face of the Earth.

Steve Watson | Even MSNBC pundits call Clinton a sore loser.

Steve Watson | “We need to take action, and we will.”

Steve Watson | Fake news media says Putin personally ordered agents to hack the election.

Steve Watson | Disgruntled intel workers were angry that Hillary exposed classified information

Steve Watson | Obama says he ‘developed a culture’ where intelligence is not ‘subject to political spin’, despite operatives confirming intel was constantly ignored or spun.

Steve Watson | FBI does not concur with “fuzzy and ambiguous” CIA assertions.

Steve Watson | “Something else might happen, something crazy”

Steve Watson | Majority don’t see any conflict of interest; Trump sold stocks in June because he expected to win.

Steve Watson | President Trump “could make a dark moment in history a reality again”

Steve Watson | President-elect hits back at detractors who complain he uses Twitter too much.

Steve Watson | Almost 5 million people want a democratically elected president to be prevented from taking office and replaced with a candidate who lost.

Steve Watson | No one on our staff wrote it… We subcontract out to a company.”

Steve Watson | Intelligence officials have repeatedly warned of ‘gaping holes’ in refugee vetting.

Steve Watson | Enemies are looking for ways to get Trump out of office as soon as he enters White House.

Steve Watson | Romney openly called Trump a “phony,” a “fraud” and a “con man”.

Steve Watson | “The neocons always talked about it before 9/11.”

Steve Watson | President-Elect meets with corporate media heads and tells them he ‘hates them’.

Steve Watson | Mainstream media STILL doesn’t get it.

Steve Watson | “It’s packaged very well, and it looks the same.”

Steve Watson | “You want a diplomat in charge of diplomacy, not a bomb thrower.”

Steve Watson | Vast majority of Americans do not trust mainstream media.

Steve Watson | “I hope President Obama calls Harry M. Reid today and says, ‘Cut it out.’”

Steve Watson | “There is a lot of influence by people which are actually more powerful than our government itself”

Steve Watson | Claims Trump Welcomed Only By Despot Leaders.

Steve Watson | Yet It Was Hillary’s Campaign Who Actually Called Americans ‘F***ing Dumb’.

Steve Watson | “The media is extremely dishonest, and I think a lot of the polls are phony.”

Steve Watson | “If she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis that would cripple the operations of our government.”

Steve Watson | “They don’t necessarily know why, but they’re just going to impeach her.”

Steve Watson | President suggests Americans will vote against Clinton because “we’re just not used to” female leaders.

Steve Watson | “In these last days, let’s not get distracted.”

Steve Watson | “She’s the candidate of yesterday, we’re the movement of the future.”

Steve Watson | “It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool.”

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