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S. Watson Articles

Steve Watson | Record numbers say no to proposed handgun ban

Steve Watson | “People are not happy. BIG lines. What is going on?”

Steve Watson | Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is at home sleeping

Steve Watson | White House says it’s a “debunked conspiracy.”

Steve Watson | President also suggested Trump has a “bromance” with Putin.

Steve Watson | Desperately wants Hispanics to believe election fraud is a myth.

Steve Watson | What’s So Funny?

Steve Watson | Ahead of final debate, Trump again warns of ‘rigged’ system.

Steve Watson | “Many reporters dropped their veil of fairness and decided that he had to be stopped.”

Steve Watson | The Clinton News Network strikes again.

Steve Watson | They are “putting stories that never happened into news!”

Steve Watson | Hillary’s “weapon” corporate media “no longer involved in journalism.”

Steve Watson | NYT reporter says there are ‘no smoking guns’ among Podesta emails.

Steve Watson | More in depth analysis from the Clinton News Network.

Steve Watson | Suggests Trump is “creepy” because of the way he stood and walked around during the debate.

Steve Watson | Plan was shut down by debate Commission, who threatened to have security remove the women.

Steve Watson | Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz are basically Clinton allies.

Steve Watson | “She wants to build up her energy for Sunday night.”

Steve Watson | “The deplorables are starting to wonder if govt has been lying to them”

Steve Watson | Girl who asked question on ‘body image’ is daughter of democratic State Senator.

Steve Watson | GOP nominee labels Hillary’s running mate “a fool” during blundering debate performance.

Steve Watson | Falsely claims Trump keeps a copy of Hitler’s collected speeches by his bed.

Steve Watson | “Her only method of making money is by selling government favors.”

Steve Watson | “We are in such a rigged system”

Steve Watson | “Hillary Clinton was unable to get there and I will tell you she tried.”

Steve Watson | GOP nominee says Clinton stripping away US “status as a sovereign nation”.

Steve Watson | Hillary’s campaign has been funded by shady foreign entities.

Steve Watson | “They were leaving all of her little goodies out”

Steve Watson | The “embodiment of the rigged system Donald Trump is running against.”

Steve Watson | Senator says Americans don’t buy ‘dishonest’ Hillary’s pneumonia diagnosis.

Steve Watson | Rep. blamed welfare system for racial division.

Steve Watson | “There’s no need for that.”

Steve Watson | Amid mass vandalism, looting, shooting, assaults, MSNBC anchors complain of violence by police.

Steve Watson | “Our Leaders Are Stupid.”

Steve Watson | “Several thousand deaths per year; Equivalent to a 747 plane going down once a month.”

Steve Watson | What?

Steve Watson | “I think that the real questions need to be directed toward Donald Trump”

Steve Watson | “Do you think Hillary would be able to stand here for an hour?”

Steve Watson | No They Don’t.

Steve Watson | Washington Post gives column inches to crackpot theory.

Steve Watson | Demands Clinton retract ‘deplorables’ comment or quit.

Steve Watson | “Some people need to be hospitalized, and they take weeks and weeks to recover, from pneumonia”.

Steve Watson | Clinton claims she has “already met a high standard of transparency” on her health.

Steve Watson | Campaign now claiming pneumonia has been striking Hillary’s staff for TWO MONTHS.

Steve Watson | GOP nominee says Hillary’s health is serious issue.

Steve Watson | GOP nominee says he would have prevented 9/11.

Steve Watson | Libertarian candidate wants in on foreign policy debates but asks “What is Aleppo?”

Steve Watson | Clinton team is in lock-down over coverage “bleeding to the mainstream media.”

Steve Watson | “No one takes all the risks Hillary Clinton took unless they are trying to cover up massive crimes.”

Steve Watson | Kaine claims 275 days without a press conference, destroying mobile devices with hammers, desperately deleting emails is transparency.

Gay Muslim Drag Queen Causes Confusion See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

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