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London Telegraph | Ancient stone carvings confirm that a comet struck the Earth around 11,000BC, a devastating event which wiped out wooly mammoths and sparked the rise of civilisations.

Sputnik | Russian scientists have simulated the Earth’s collision with a one-kilometer-wide (0.6 mile) asteroid and created a model of the catastrophic consequences this could have on our planet.

CNBC | Tesla Inc founder and Chief Executive Elon Musk said his latest company Neuralink Corp is working to link the human brain with a machine interface by creating micron-sized devices.

London Telegraph | Dementia patients have been offered hope that their memory could be repaired after scientists showed that injecting blood from the umbilical cords of human babies restores brain function.

Daily Mail | Hundreds of tonnes of plastic are cluttering the once pristine Arctic Ocean and doing great damage to the planet, a new report has found.

Sputnik | Over a thousand of Swedes have chosen to voluntary implant a microchip under their skin.

Michael Snyder | It has been called “the long extinction”.

Daily Mail | ‘We’re building further out beyond augmented reality.’

Daily Mail | Machines that can think for themselves – and perhaps turn on their creators as a result – have long been a fascination of science fiction.

Daily Mail | Microscopic photos show how plankton consume tiny toxic microfibres that could devastate the ecosytem.

Daily Mail | Facebook was yesterday accused of hypocrisy for pocketing cash to promote sick scams proclaiming the ‘Queen is dead’ despite pledging to crackdown on fake news.

Daily Mail | Most employers will do a Google search on your name before they hire you.

Wired | Researchers at the University of Waterloo used a technique known as weak gravitational lensing to create a composite image of the bridge.

Sputnik | The Wikileaks has released a new batch of “Vault-7” leaks revealing top secret CIA virus control system dubbed HIVE.

The Daily Sheeple | According to the Daily Mail, two new studies have found that babies tend to be naturally racist.

Japan Today | Facebook Inc said on Thursday it suspended 30,000 accounts in France as the social network giant steps up efforts to stop the spread of fake news, misinformation and spam.

CNBC | Apple has hired a small team of biomedical engineers to work at a nondescript office in Palo Alto, California, miles from corporate headquarters.

RT | A mission to nab the first-ever photo of a supermassive black hole has been kicked off.

Daily Mail | Harvard researchers are set to test aerosol sprays that could be used to combat climate change.

The Daily Sheeple | The city of Dallas, Texas is no stranger to natural disasters.

Daily Mail | Mysterious briefing to reveal ocean world discovery that will ‘inform the search for life beyond Earth’.

TNW | Google wants to team up the crafty AI with humans so they can learn from its unusual moves.

CNS News | China changed its coercive family planning policy last year by lifting the limit on children from one per couple to two per couple.

Sputnik | “We have four unknown objects.”

Daily Mail | We live in an era of so-called fake news, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that internet giants are actively improving their content by attempting to separate fact from fiction.

Daily Mail | Bankers from Goldman Sachs hope to build an ‘asteroid-grabbing spacecraft’ to make billions from mining space metals.

Daniel Lang | Aerial drones may go down in history as one of the most game changing technologies of the 21st century.

CBS | The Centers for Disease Control released new information Tuesday showing the impact of the Zika virus last year — offering advice on what to do before the insects start biting this year.

RT | Researchers have finally been able to confirm that the baffling ‘fast radio bursts’, which are about 1 billion times brighter than anything in our galaxy, have their origin in outer space.

Louder With Crowder | That “clump of cells” might not be a person, but in India a giant cluster of ice is.

Daily Mail | The next billion dollar industry will not be a service or product – it will be upgrading humans, an expert has revealed.

Daily Mail | Rare and brief bursts of cosmic radio waves have puzzled astronomers since they were first detected 10 years ago.

RT | A huge 1km-wide asteroid is hurtling towards Earth, prompting astronomers to label it “potentially hazardous”.

Natural Society | One species is already presumed to be extinct.

Daily Mail | Horrific Facebook groups which makes homophobic and racist jokes are being set up all the time, and the social media site is struggling to keep track of them.

Daily Mail | People have been losing jobs to robots since the 1990’s, a new report has revealed.

RT | Thursday’s SpaceX launch is a high-risk, high-reward venture for the company.

Daily Mail | This dramatic footage show a Russian volcano awakening for the first time in 250 years.

Breitbart | Al Gore is back again.

Sky News | During trials Bill Kochevar grasped and lifted objects after having dozens of electrodes implanted in his brain and right arm.

The New Yorker | On a velvety March evening in Mandeville Canyon, high above the rest of Los Angeles, Norman Lear’s living room was jammed with powerful people eager to learn the secrets of longevity.

Breitbart | President Donald Trump will roll out a new executive order on Tuesday that eliminates several Obama-era climate change orders in favor of policies centered on energy independence.

RT | The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, is backing a new company that seeks to explore the possibility of merging the human brain with artificial intelligence (AI) to help humans keep up with machines.

Breitbart | “The additional stress this climate crisis is causing really poses the threat of some political disruption and chaos of a kind the world would find extremely difficult to deal with.”

Business Times | Transport Ministry looks at aerial taxis and on-demand dynamic-routing bus services for the future.

Heavy.com | WikiLeaks further claims that the CIA has the capability to permanently bug iPhones, even if their operating systems are deleted or replaced.

RT | Tainted water inside a reactor containment vessel at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has shown a radiation level enough to kill a person within 40 minutes, according to TEPCO, the power plant’s owner.

Mac Slavo | The earth has a history of violent uprisings, and a furious seismic temper.

Daily Mail | The Big One may be overdue to hit California, but scientists near LA have found a new risk for the area during a major earthquake.

RT | The rusty patched bumble bee has been given the dubious honor of being the first bee to make the endangered species list.

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