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Paul Joseph Watson | Bat soup is off the menu.

Paul Joseph Watson | Fears scale of infection could be 10 times higher than SARS.

Zero Hedge | Modern times come with modern problems, undoubtedly. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Some question if virus was accidentally released.

Zero Hedge | Millions of Chinese couples are still unwilling to have a second child.

Daily Mail | Apple’s anti web-tracking features meant to prevent sleuthy sites from monitoring users’ online activity came at the expense of their security says researchers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Spanish flu killed 20-50 million people.

Paul Joseph Watson | Impacts gene that codes for production of oxytocin.

Paul Joseph Watson | Why are the biggest polluters being ignored?

Paul Joseph Watson | “I do not want to spread the virus.”

Sputnik | In late December, a mysterious type of pneumonia broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has since been confirmed by China and the World Health Organisation to be a new strain of coronavirus.

Reuters | The tech giant’s reversal, about two years ago, has not previously been reported.

Zero Hedge | We can only imagine how much the Dow Jones Industrial Average would rally on news of the end of humanity. Thankfully we won’t be around to witness it. 

Mac Slavo | Corrupt deep state politician, Joe Biden, is criticizing Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook’s policy on who gets to run ads for the ruling class.

Daily Mail | Exciting new cancer therapies could be on the horizon after scientists discovered an immune cell that kills off multiple forms of the disease.

Michael Snyder | We are truly entering uncharted territory, and most people cannot even imagine the great challenges that lie ahead for all of us.

Daily Mail | Up to 4,500 patients in China may have caught the same strain of coronavirus that has killed two people, scientists fear.

Michael Snyder | We are truly entering uncharted territory, and most people cannot even imagine the great challenges that lie ahead for all of us.

CNBC | “This would be used to fund independent research and training packages for clinicians, teachers and others working with children and young people.”

Wired | Mojo Vision’s prototypes can enhance your vision or show you your schedule—right from the surface of your eyes.

Zero Hedge | Under the current rule, the U.S. Commerce Department has placed Huawei on a trade blacklist due to national security threats.

Michael Snyder | There has never been a time in modern human history when our planet has been changing as rapidly as it is changing right now. 

Zero Hedge | The World Health Organization has confirmed that a woman traveling from China to Thailand is infected with a SARS-like mystery virus at the heart of an outbreak in Wuhan.

Zero Hedge | An attention-seeking Japanese billionaire has put out a casting call for single females to join him on a voyage around the moon on a SpaceX rocket in 2023.

Sputnik | It’s a new class of artifact.

Zero Hedge | An amateur Deepfake artist using free software took scenes of ‘de-aged’ actors from Martin Scorcese’s “The Irishman” and took them to the next level.

Zero Hedge | The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has raised the alert level on Sunday after a volcano south of the Philippine capital of Manila erupted, prompting evacuations and canceled flights, reported Reuters.

Daily Mail | Amazon’s smart doorbell company Ring has admitted it fired four employees after they abused their ability to view customer video feeds.

Paul Joseph Watson | Well, this is awkward.

Michael Snyder | We live at a time when our planet is becoming increasing unstable, and what we have seen so far is just the beginning.

AFP | Surveys have indicated a broad public willingness to surrender some privacy in exchange for the safety and convenience that technology can bring.

Zero Hedge | “There are people who engage in media manipulation in order to mislead.”

Daily Mail | The White House on Tuesday proposed regulatory principles to govern the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) used in transportation, medicine and other industries.

National File | The Rebel Whopper is cooked on the same grill as meat burgers and uses real mayonnaise.

Daily Mail | No thanks.

Paul Joseph Watson | Yet media & celebrities continue to blame “climate change.”

Sky News | Dr Helen Sharman says “there’s no two ways” that aliens exist and that it’s possible “we simply can’t see them”.

Zero Hedge | “An attack in the homeland may come with little or no warning.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Sit down global warming alarmists.

Epoch Times | Hong Kong and Taiwan are on high alert following a notice from Chinese authorities that 27 people contracted an “unknown viral pneumonia” in the central city of Wuhan.

Daily Caller | A former Google executive said Thursday he resigned because the company abandoned its promise not to be “evil” and instead became a corporate behemoth pursuing profits over the public good.

Zero Hedge | For current users a key challenge is simply staying connected to 5G.

Zero Hedge | From 2018 to 2019, the population in the US expanded at .48% or about 1.5 million people, with a total population outstanding of around 328 million. 

Daily Caller | The Constellation Orion may look very different soon if astronomers are right about the giant star Betelgeuse which marks the starry hunter’s right shoulder.

Sputnik |The world’s leading provider of 5G technologies and second largest manufacturer of smartphones has been hit hard by US sanctions.

Sputnik | Biophysicist He Jiankui and two of his colleagues were slapped with prison terms and massive fines.

Paul Joseph Watson | Legitimizing web blackouts and free speech censorship.

Paul Joseph Watson | Oops.

Sputnik | “What is this trail of eerily silent “lights”?

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite containing 18 million times more estrogen than normal beef burger.

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