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Mac Slavo | When antibiotics prove ineffective against an E. coli infection, as many as half the patients with it die within two weeks.

Michael Snyder | The middle of the country has never seen anything quite like this. 

ArmstrongEconomics.com| Al Gore in 2009 forecast that there would be no more ice by 2013.

The Sun | Hermeus wants to develop supersonic planes that will fly five times the speed of sound.

Daily Mail | ‘One-strike’ rule to stamp out violent content online following the broadcast of the Christchurch massacre

Paul Joseph Watson | Maurice Levy happy that socials will clamp down on “hateful content”.

Spunik | Over the past 2.1 million years, the monstrous volcano erupted at least three times, transforming the landscape around it each time.

Zero Hedge | Reuters reports that the U.S. Commerce Department is adding Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and 70 affiliates to its so-called “Entity List”.

Mac Slavo | WhatsApp has asked users to update their systems after a malicious attack.

Daily Mail | Jeff Bezos outlined his vision of self-sustaining space colonies during secretive event in Washington DC

Paul Joseph Watson | “They can be disposed of as you wish”.

Sputnik | The Facebook-owned company confirmed that the spyware used infected phone calls to take over the functions of operating systems and is urging users to upgrade their app to the latest version to protect themselves.

Daily Mail | Could be ready in just two years.

Daily Mail | Google’s bias towards left-wing media outlets has been laid bare by an algorithm which detected that it favors sites including CNN and The New York Times over others. 

Daily Mail | The robot is named Atlas and uses a ‘path planning algorithm’ to trace its route .

ABC News Australia | China has made a music video promoting the importance of integrity and trustworthiness ahead of the scheduled national rollout of the controversial Social Credit System next year.

RT | After five months of research, a whistleblower says Facebook allows terrorist sympathizers to thrive not only by failing to remove their accounts, but also by auto-creating celebratory videos and pages for terrorist groups.

Zero Hedge | Having monopolized the earth, the world’s richest man turns his attention toward the stars.

Daily Mail | While most law enforcement agencies are focused on mitigating the impact of the dark web, the CIA will attempt to use the anonymous network in a novel attempt to solicit tips and information.

National Geographic | Something strange is happening off the coast of Portugal, and scientists have now proposed a groundbreaking explanation.

Daily Mail | Informing parents of the risks posed by climate change may be best done through their children, a new study suggests. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Because the left can’t meme.

Sputnik | “I believe people should be allowed to smoke, drink and eat as much red meat they just want.”

Michael Snyder | According to an absolutely stunning 1,500-page UN report that was just released, we are about to see plant and animal species go extinct on a scale that is hard to imagine. 

Daily Mail | Details of effort were provided by multiple employees at outsourcing firm Wipro.

Sputnik | Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, who has recently ended his war with T-Series for the most subscribed channel, has just released a bombshell episode on his PewNews show.

Michael Snyder | Thousands of farmers in the Midwest have been waiting for a very long time for floodwaters to recede so that they can finally plant some crops, but instead more rain just keeps on coming. 

The Verge | Similar to the one set up in the US in October 2018.

Breitbart | Twitter suspended Woods for a tweet that read, “‘If you try to kill the King, you best not miss’ #HangThemAll.”

Daily Mail | In a previously undocumented use of facial recognition software, police in Washington state are using Amazon’s ‘Rekognition’ to track down criminals with as little as an artist’s sketch. 

Paul Joseph Watson | “Most people are sick from Syria and Afghanistan”.

Daily Mail | He praises Trump’s plan for moon mission but warns against a new space race

Daily Mail | But where are the hundreds of other ones?

Daily Mail | United, Delta and American Airlines are taking steps to cover cameras on seat backs after the practice sparked a privacy backlash.

RT | Scientists studying Saturn’s moon Titan have discovered a bizarre, frozen feature that stretches some 6,300 kilometers (3,900 miles) across its tropical region and which might indicate the former existence of an ‘ice volcano.’

Mac Slavo | NASA is going to be using a simulation of an “asteroid apocalypse” in order to help the space agency prepare for the cataclysmic event.

Zero Hedge | Coachella “is a perfect place for the herpes virus to pop up.”

Ethan Huff | “Frankenscientists” hailing from the communist “paradise” of China have successfully inserted human brain genes into live monkeys, creating a real life “Planet of the Apes” scenario with the world’s first half-human, half-ape hybrid being.

Daily Mail | Within many workers’ lifetimes, jobs will be radically altered by automation.

Daily Mail | The number of people who fear artificial intelligence is on the rise. 

Mac Slavo | Privacy advocates are sounding alarms about Amazon’s Alexa device.

Mac Slavo | As politicians in the United States do their best to remove Americans’ freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines, Japan has medical freedom.

Zero Hedge | Bloomberg has it in for Amazon these days.

CNBC | The U.K. government will reportedly allow Huawei to build out parts of its 5G wireless networks, defying U.S. demands for a blanket ban on the Chinese tech giant.

Peter Baggins | In contrast to the dire Earth Day predictions of 1970, climate-related deaths have been declining strongly for 70 years.

Daily Mail | Elon Musk believes humans must link up with machines in order to fight the inevitable onslaught of artificial intelligence.

Michael Snyder | We live at a time of great change, and many believe that the Earth changes that we have seen so far are just the beginning…

Zero Hedge | Robotics company Boston Dynamics published a stunning video Tuesday of ten SpotMini robots pulling a Freightliner box truck across a parking lot, presumably at their headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Daily Mail | Researchers say they’ve successfully created a more powerful computer-like human cell that could eventually be used to help monitor one’s health or even fight against cancer and other illnesses.

Daily Mail | Company said 1.5 million new users since May 2016 may have been affected.

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