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Paul Joseph Watson | They “don’t give a shit about you even in the slightest.”

RT | A Google search outage had users panicked around the world as their search queries returned “internal server errors,” forcing them to use DuckDuckGo or (shudder) Bing – or take to social media to complain.

Daily Mail | China has accused Apple of monitoring its users through spyware on its phones and computers.

London Metro | A former software engineer at Google has warned that autonomous killer robots could accidentally start a war in the future.

RT | A transgender advocacy NGO has told teachers that puberty blockers are harmless and should be given to children as young as 12 in a “model” training session for UK schools. Scholars and medics warn such advice is “disturbing.”

Daily Mail | Amazon has announced a new program for its Echo smart speakers that will put anyone with an Amazon account in charge of answering search queries.  

Zero Hedge | Is the end of the “like” coming?

Zero Hedge | While streaming content has displaced all forms of physical media as the preferred medium for sonic consumption, nostalgia-driven audiophiles have driven Vinyl sales through the roof – at least compared to CDs. 

Daily Mail | Earthworms are getting smaller because they’re digesting microplastics from the soil and struggling to grow, according to research.

Mac Slavo | Google wants you to bring Big Brother into the privacy of your home with its Google Nest surveillance system.

Paul Joseph Watson | Well, this is awkward.

Paul Joseph Watson | “My girlfriend enjoys her pregnancies and she enjoys the abortion.”

Breitbart | A federal judge has ordered Facebook to face a nationwide lawsuit seeking damages for allowing third parties to access users’ private data, calling Facebook’s views on privacy “so wrong.”

Daily Mail | China’s largest telescope has detected more than 100 mysterious radio pulses coming from a source around three billion light years from the Earth.

Breitbart | Pope Francis continued his ecological campaign in Madagascar this weekend, admiring the nation’s extensive flora and fauna while warning of devastating fallout due to a loss of biodiversity.

Michael Snyder | It is being called “the Pacific marine heatwave of 2019”, and officials are warning that it could have very frightening implications if it does not dissipate soon. 

Daily Mail | Turning back time!

Paul Joseph Watson | Slavoj Zizek says the prospect is “pretty horrifying.”

Paul Joseph Watson | More cases starting to emerge.

Daily Caller | A senior Google employee managing Google Cloud business with the U.S. government appears to have assaulted a pro-life activist near a Washington, DC, Planned Parenthood on Saturday.

RT | Hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts were left exposed on an unprotected server in the latest massive security breach to plague the embattled tech giant.

London Telegraph | Children are being put at risk by transgender books in primary schools that “misrepresent” medical knowledge on puberty blockers, an academic has claimed.

RT | Security teams for Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft met with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence’s office to coordinate a strategy to secure the 2020 elections.

Silicon Angle | During Facebook Inc.’s continuing crackdown on fake accounts, its latest victim is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Daily Mail | We are all eating around 73,000 tiny bits of plastic every year through our food and drink, according to a new study.

Paul Joseph Watson | Do as we say, not as we do.

Paul Joseph Watson | DARPA declares war on memes.

Paul Joseph Watson | Monitors how often students look up, whether they’re listening or not.

RT | Facebook is experimenting with hiding “like” counts from public view, according to a researcher who uncovered a similar test by Instagram. While the company admits it plans to test the feature, it won’t say when, where, or why.

Daily Mail | Another popular face-swapping app is generating backlash after many users called attention to potential privacy concerns. 

BioEdge | There is no single “gay gene”, according to an article in Science which analyses survey responses about same-sex sexual behaviour and correlates them with genetic data.

Zero Hedge | Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says it’s time to break up big tech monopolies – including Apple, Facebook and Google. According to The Woz, these tech titans are abusing their powers to crush companies in other markets. 

Michael Snyder | We haven’t seen this sort of seismic activity on the west coast in a very long time. 

Daily Mail | Pinterest has announced it will direct users searching for information about vaccines to results from leading public health groups.

Breitbart | She told reporters that fossil fuels should be kept in the ground and that the world needs to “stop its war on nature.”

Breitbart | Chinese spies are using the Microsoft-owned social media platform LinkedIn to recruit spies, according to intelligence officials in the United States and Europe.

Breitbart | Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma are set to debate the concept of artificial intelligence at the World AI Conference in Shanghai, China, this week.

Michael Snyder | A world without forests would be an apocalyptic wasteland, and right now we are losing our forests at an astounding rate. 

Daily Mail | More than three quarters of teenagers spend over two hours with a screen daily.

Daily Mail | A new polymer can vanish when in contact with sun light or by push of a button.

Barry Brownstein | For their unorthodox views, some physicians are being treated as medical heretics. Google’s search engine algorithm has essentially ended traffic to their websites…

Daily Mail | Nursery workers say imaginary friends are becoming less common, with too much screen time affecting children’s imaginations.

Daily Mail | A prominent futurist warns that humans may soon cede their top spot on Earth’s hierarchy to their own artificially intelligent creations. 

Daily Mail | North Korea has miniaturised nuclear warheads and made them small enough to fit on ballistic missiles, Japan believes.

Zero Hedge | No word on whether they can be remotely hacked and driven into palm trees. 

Daily Mail | Amazon have come under criticism for new packaging that cannot be recycled.

Mac Slavo | The United Postal Service has been using self-driving trucks to deliver cargo and no one knew about it.

Bloomberg | Pesticide use in Brazil sparks concern among environmentalists.

Fox News | Two Russian nuclear monitoring stations—specifically designed to detect radiation— “went silent” in the days following an explosion.

RT | Ever wondered what an alien astronomer might view when looking at our planet from a star system far-far away? US scientists say they just pictured that in an experiment aimed at improving our search for other pale blue dots.

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