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Daily Mail | Facial recognition has been widely adopted at airports, stadiums, traffic intersections and even some schools.

Zero Hedge | Efforts to contain the disease have been hampered by localized armed conflict and community resistance to health officials. 

Michael Snyder | Our sun has been behaving very strangely, and this unusual behavior is really starting to affect our weather patterns. 

Daily Caller | There are “larger margins of error” than they initially thought.

Daily Mail | Genetically modified foods was mixed with another species’ DNA.

Daily Mail | System would let users flick channels and adjust the volume with their brains.

Mac Slavo | “The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age.”

Sky News | Antlia 2 avoided detection due to being extremely faint and being obscured by our own galaxy’s disk.

Breitbart | It is “cruel and unscientific” to define a person’s legal sex by their biology, says a pro-transgender complaint signed by 98 Democratic House legislators.

Zero Hedge | “It is possible that Russia has been the disrupting party in this. Russia is known to possess such capabilities.”

Mac Slavo | Most people tend to have a difficult time using their social media accounts in moderation. 

Daily Mail | Hawking wondered if subject of time travel could be approached scientifically.

Michael Snyder | California has been absolutely devastated by horrific wildfires in recent years, but the state has never seen anything quite like this. 

CNBC | A TV anchor has joined a Chinese news agency, but with a twist: he isn’t human.

BBC | There has been a remarkable global decline in the number of children women are having, say researchers.

Daily Mail | Scientists reveal radical plan to cool the atmosphere.

Sputnik | The discovery of this black hole may add significantly to understanding how galaxies are formed in the universe.

Daily Mail | Insects that live near streams are being poisoned by drugs and medicines.

RT | Footage of a plane, which has ‘stopped’ mid-air, has been captured by baffled motorists just outside Moscow.

Daily Mail | Patent reveals creepy feature that can even spot if people close to each other have ‘similar movement patterns’.

NY Post | Democrats have tried to make Tuesday’s elections about health care.

Daily Mail | Children as young as two are developing mental health problems because of smartphones and tablets, scientists warn.

London Independent | The first known interstellar object to travel through our solar system could be a gigantic alien solar sail sent to look for signs of life, according to a new study.

Information Liberation | Anyone dumb enough to be tricked by a meme into not voting should not be voting in the first place.

Free Beacon | Beijing hosts seminars on cyber censorship with dozens of countries.

Mac Slavo | Genetically engineered viruses could very well become the next generation of warfare.

Information Liberation | It’s amazing how the same people demanding we “bake the cake” transition into free-market libertarians when their own corporate power is on the line.

RT | Many technologies have dual use potential and can be applied to either civilian or defense projects, depending on the intent of those in charge.

Daily Mail | New images suggest a supermassive black hole lurks at the centre of our galaxy.

Reuters | Silicon Valley technology giants such as Facebook (FB.O) and Google (GOOGL.O) have grown so dominant they may need to be broken up, the inventor of the World Wide Web told Reuters.

RT | Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious tunnel and funeral chamber beneath the Pyramid of the Moon near Mexico City which was believed to represent a passageway to the ancient underworld.

Mac Slavo | The United States Geological Survey has increased the Yellowstone supervolcano threat to “high.” This is the first time that the USGS has updated its volcano threat assessments list since 2006.

Reuters | They found 95 percent of kids apps contain at least one type of advertising

Daily Mail | New details have emerged about how Amazon markets its controversial facial recognition tech, Rekognition, to law enforcement.

Information Liberation | Silicon Valley is not biased against right-wingers!

The Daily Sheeple | What could it be?

Daily Mail | The prototype is made of small plastic wheel, a lithium battery, and liquid gallium.

Daily Mail | Facebook ads were a major reason why some voters showed up at the polls in the 2016 presidential election.

Daily Mail | Almost 90 per cent of apps on Google Play store share data with its parent firm.

RT | Russia must develop the capability to destroy the US in a single swift blow if it wants to persuade the Americans to end the nuclear arms race and return to the negotiating table, military expert Konstantin Sivkov said.

Bloomberg | In Haidilao International Holding Ltd.’s hotpot restaurants, robots are replacing chefs and waiters.

Breitbart | The biggest of the Big Tech companies are quickly positioning themselves as the internet’s thought police, threatening to stamp out one of America’s most cherished freedoms — the right to free speech.

Daily Mail | US research agency DARPA has called for experts to build AI with common sense.

Mac Slavo | Thousands of people in Sweden are microchipping themselves in an effort to speed up their day.

Newsbusters | All three network morning shows bizarrely accused the Trump administration of considering “changing the definition of gender” by simply reversing Obama-era regulations.

PHYS.org | Up to now, it had been assumed that the trace amounts of oxygen on Mars were insufficient to sustain even microbial life.

Daily Mail | Apple and Amazon denied claims their products contained Chinese spy chips.

Reuters | Elon Musk’s Boring Co is nearing completion on the first tunnel for its high-speed transit system.

Zero Hedge | “We are improving our attack systems in response to the construction of a missile defense system by the United States.”

Bloomberg | Patrick Kramer sticks a needle into a customer’s hand and injects a microchip the size of a grain of rice under the skin.

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