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Mediaite | Facebook has issued an apology after it removed content from Prager University’s Facebook page, prompting the organization to claim “we’re being heavily censored.”

Zero Hedge | Wisconsin technology firm Three Square Market has injected 80 employees with their own brand of RFID microchips over the last year, and according to MIT Technology Review, “they love it.”

Michael Snyder | Is something unusual starting to happen to the crust of our planet? 

RT | Google has confirmed that it still tracks users even after they turn off the “Location History” setting on their device. It comes just one day after the practice was revealed by an AP investigation.

Daily Mail | ‘It’s illustrative of a broader trend of reactive enforcement’ by the companies’ said Keegan Hankes, research analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project.

RT | A hearty bowl of oatmeal is a healthy way to start your day, but according to a new study, that bowl of oatmeal can contain dangerous levels of glyphosate, a weed-killing chemical linked to cancer.

Free Beacon | New CDC estimates show foreign-sourced fentanyl is at fault.

Bill Gertz | Russia has deployed a suspicious satellite the United States says is part of Moscow’s plans to attack orbiting satellites in a future conflict, a State Department official revealed in Geneva on Tuesday.

Breitbart | The alarmists have come up with an exciting new name for climate change: Hothouse Earth.

Zero Hedge | We’re sure the establishment’s cashless society will fix all these annoying vulnerabilities. 

UK Express | SCIENTISTS have successfully reversed the process of ageing in cells for the first time in a move which could help beat the likes of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Daisy Luther | We’re living on borrowed resources.

Daily Mail | Sharp-eyed conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted a secret ‘military base’ in the middle of the Gobi desert.

AP | For the most part, Google is upfront about asking permission to use your location information. An app like Google Maps will remind you to allow access to location if you use it for navigating.

BGR.com | Facebook’s traffic has fallen by about half since 2016.

Zero Hedge |

Daily Mail | Particles injected into the atmosphere may fix global warming but they could also kill off our crops by starving them of UV light.

Zero Hedge | On Tuesday Apple responded to US lawmakers whether its iPhones invade users’ privacy and listen in on conversation without their consent.

Daily Mail | While it seems Google is only growing, the analysis found that time spent on Facebook has plummeted, even with Instagram and WhatsApp use considered.

Daily Mail | Females are more likely to be ignored or attacked by males because the drugs make them lethargic.

Daily Mail | A rogue planet with a mass more than 12 times that of Jupiter has been spotted hurtling through space.

The Mirror | A study by scientists in Germany found for the first time that people can be ‘guilt-tripped’ by robots and find it hard to be rude to them.

Daily Star | THE JAPANESE will be extinct within the next 1,600 years if the dramatic collapse in the birth rate fuelled by the sex doll and robot popularity continues, experts have said.

Mac Slavo | Have scientists finally solved the mystery of the Bermuda triangle?

The Daily Sheeple | Scientists in Canada have picked up a brief burst of radio which was sent by an unknown source in deep space.

Daily Mail | A brief burst of radio sent from an unknown source across the universe has been picked up by the state-of-the-art CHIME telescope in Canada.

Washington Free Beacon | White paper suggests limiting anonymity, making sites liable for content.

Mac Slavo | As California burns, experts say these extreme fires are no longer rare, but the new normal.

Daily Caller | Read the news lately and you’ve probably come across headlines about the “global heat wave” that’s wreaked havoc from Japan to Europe to North Africa, which outlets attribute to man-made global warming.

Daily Mail | The remarkable electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid of Giza could soon inspire nanoparticle designs for highly-efficient sensors and solar cells.

South China Morning Post | The programme draws on a huge amount of data, with information ranging from cocktail-party gossip to images taken by spy satellites, to contribute to strategies in Chinese diplomacy.

London Metro | A chilling simulation has revealed just how easily a new pathogen could wipe out a huge slice of the world’s population – up to 900 million people.

RT | A possible Ebola infection has prompted Denver Health Medical Center to go into temporary lockdown, as medical staff in hazmat suits handled a patient who recently returned from a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Daily Mail | While top tech rival Facebook faces the aftermath of the biggest loss in Wall Street history, shares of Amazon marched higher Thursday after it bested analysts’ expectations.  

Zero Hedge | The robot uprising is right on schedule.

The Daily Sheeple | Oh, the irony…Amazon’s new facial recognition software identified 28 members of Congress as criminals. 

Zero Hedge | “We can measure some radioactive level that is much higher than the usual level.”

Daily Mail | AIs that can work out how to hack self driving cars and other vehicles to turn them into killers are coming – and sooner than many people think, a leading expert has warned.

Daily Mail | A series of earthquakes have shaken a region of ocean off the west coast of the US.

Zero Hedge | As Japanese birth rates plummet amid a generational fertility crisis, experts have fingered an explosion in sex dolls as an emerging threat.

RT | On top of planning your pension and future financial security, now’s the time to put money aside for downloading your brain data, according to a leading futurologist who says we’ll be attending our own funerals as robots by 2050.

Daily Mail | Humans are gobbling up Earth’s resources at record-breaking rates, worrying new estimates show.

American Mirror | A study released today by The Western Journal does nothing to ease concerns that social media giant Facebook is silencing conservative voices.

Information Liberation | Cortes was right.

Zero Hedge | Which prevents anyone not already following them from viewing their posts.

Daily Mail | ‘The decision to take a life should never be delegated to a machine’

Mac Slavo | A 100-foot-long fissure near the Yellowstone supervolcano has prompted the closure of parts of Teton National Park.

The Daily Sheeple | A sweet and innocent baby has died only two days after getting his four-month vaccinations.

Center for Public Integrity | Losses of civilian nuclear material are usually disclosed but when the government loses nuclear bomb ingredients it stays mum.

Zero Hedge | Warrior Maven has confirmed that the Army is literally “gearing up” for decades of hybrid conflict, and in doing so, testing and prototyping self-generating “Ironman-like” soldier exoskeletons.

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