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Daily Mail | He said the Government should be talking about it more and even making laws.

Daily Mail | An army of ‘killer robots’ that will assist infantry on the battlefield has been unveiled in propaganda footage released by Russia.

Zero Hedge | Apple has already discussed offering discounts to users who subscribe to multiple services.

Michael Snyder | We are witnessing things that we have never seen before, and “the new normal” is just going to keep getting stranger and stranger.

Daily Mail | MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes is testing a new ticket app called PreShow.

Daily Mail | A new robot-to-robot interface allows bees and fish communicate.

Sputnik | The vlogger from Sweden, who ruled YouTube for six years holding the status of most subscribed channel, was challenged almost a year ago by the Indian label T-Series.

Daily Mail | In a new paper, researchers say they’ve proved that two realities can exist at once, at least when it comes to the quantum world.

Sputnik | Scientists believe that humans were once able to sense the Earth’s magnetic field and use it for navigation purposes, just like many other living beings do.

Zero Hedge | The report ends by warning that the next severe solar storm could be immient and “threaten modern society.”

The Daily Caller | Polar bear numbers may have quadrupled in the last 50 years, according to a new book critiquing the alarmist predictions of polar bear population collapse.

RT | The Bering Sea meteor reportedly exploded near a commercial airline flightpath between North America and Asia, though no sightings have yet been reported.

CNBC | Sick of all the hatred being spread online, Chinese internet users are flocking to groups on social media where they can pay to be given exaggerated compliments.

Weather.com | Rivers have reached historic levels in 41 locations across the Midwest.

The Drive | An air ambulance pilot was flying west of Las Vegas when something odd caught his night vision goggle aided eye. We have the audio of his report.

Daily Mail | New Zealand’s biggest companies are set to pull ads from Facebook and Google after the Christchurch massacre gunman was able to live-stream his killing spree.

Washington Times | International Youth Climate Strike scheduled for Friday.

Michael Snyder | Could this be one of the reasons why cancer rates are steadily rising all over the world? 

American Mirror | Students across the country are ditching class on Friday to protest for the Green New Deal, and one of three young girls credited with organizing the event has direct ties to congressional socialists pushing the plan.

The Sun | Lead researcher Dr Gordey Lesovik said by putting scattered electrons back into their original shape they had effectively created a state which went against the ‘direction of time’.

Mac Slavo | One researcher is warning everyone that  “we are setting ourselves up for technological domination.” Dionysios Demetis warned that algorithms are “using and even controlling” human beings.

Information Liberation | Parents are demanding a cell tower at their children’s elementary school in San Joaquin County, California be removed after four students and three teachers were reportedly diagnosed with cancer.

Zero Hedge | Among those who spoke up were President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., Nigel Farage, Peter Thiel’s liberal foil at Thiel Capital, Eric Weinstein, Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson and many others.

Information Liberation | Coders have learned to journalism.

Daily Mail | IBM in particular took photos from Flickr to build its ‘Diversity in Faces’ database.

BGR | The Trump administration is pushing hard for the installation of facial recognition technology at the biggest airports in the US, with a goal of eventually using it to track every international passenger who passes through them. Including Americans.

Daily Mail | Facebook is developing technology that could soon make it possible to read your mind. 

Daily Mail | Sir Tim Berners-Lee has warned that the World Wide Web he invented three decades ago has now become a space for ‘those who spread hatred’.

Zero Hedge | Indonesia’s Transport Ministry will order the temporary grounding of all 737s while it carries out safety inspections, Reuters reported.

Daily Mail | Accuses them of ‘bulldozing competition and using data for profit’.

Daily Mail | Firm says pages spreading misinformation about vaccines will no longer show up in recommendations (but it WON’T remove them entirely).

Zero Hedge | When one of the best known pro-Tesla blogs on the web says that the Model 3 has a substantial design flaw, it’s time to pay attention.

Daily Mail | Mini ‘cheetah’ robot can perform impressive tricks like a 360 degree back flip.

AFP | Between distractions, diversions and the flickering allure of a random suggestion, the major computer platforms aim to keep us glued to our screens come what may.

Daily Mail | Google is still working on its controversial ‘Project Dragonfly’ to build a censored search engine for China despite claiming it had downed tools, whistle-blowers have claimed. 

American Mirror | As Google grapples with multiple lawsuits and a federal investigation into an alleged gender pay gap hurting female employees, an analysis of the company’s compensation shows it’s actually men who are earning less for similar work.

Daily Mail | A controversial new software developed by Japanese startup Vaak could be used to identify potential shoplifters based on their body language.

Tech Spot | Absher is an app available via Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Daily Mail | Facebook has once again come under fire for its questionable uses of personal information.

Zero Hedge | US companies deployed more robots last year than ever before – as advanced machines capable of specialized tasks have come down in price and availability, reports Reuters. 

The Sun | Applications include use by the military and helping people who are colour blind.

Daily Mail | The hugely popular video game Plague Inc. sees players take on the role of deadly pathogens hellbent on destroying the world.

Mac Slavo | The United States military is going to attempt to build deadly artificial intelligence-driven tanks.  Dubbed Project ATLAS, this type of tank would lead to the first autonomous ground combat vehicles.

Mac Slavo | The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has warned that California’s next big catastrophe might not be a massive earthquake.

Sputnik | A team of 12 archaeologists from across the UK has determined exactly where the rocks that form Stonehenge were carved some 5,000 years ago.

Daily Mail | Those who subscribe to outrageous conspiracy theories are more likely to commit low-level crime, a new study has found.

Times Of London | Children who grow up in greener surroundings have a greatly reduced risk of developing mental illnesses later in life, research suggests.

Breitbart | Los Angeles is officially experiencing the coldest February in nearly 60 years, according to the National Weather Service, as the city has endured a series of storms and is bracing for more later this week.

Daily Mail | Scientists have turned carbon dioxide back into coal in a world-first breakthrough which could lead to cleaner air.

Daily Mail | Billionaire Jeff Bezos wants to build a new community of super-humans in space.  

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