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Steve Watson | ‘Crazy to somehow say that the vaccine in general is malign’

Daily Mail | A gene has been discovered in the brain that regulates male sexual desire, paving the way for new treatments for sex addiction and dysfunction.

Zero Hedge | A cursory check of Dr Yan’s twitter page reveals that the account has been suspended as of this moment.

Paul Joseph Watson | Americans have lost basic critical thinking skills.

Zero Hedge | The detection of phosphine is considered a “biosignature” – indirect signs of life which scientists have been using probes and telescopes to search for.

National File | Fauci recommends vitamins to avoid getting sick in possible reversal.

Daily Mail | The universe could be a neural network — an interconnected computational system similar in structure to the human brain — a controversial theory has proposed.

Zero Hedge | What first seemed like a gradual slide in the federal government’s use of biometrics is quickly becoming supercharged in a post-pandemic world.

RT | “When you actively jam another platform, that’s technically an act of war.”

Daily Mail | More evidence has emerged that the coronavirus pandemic started before China said it did as scientists in California say they had patients with symptoms of the virus before Christmas last year. 

National File | Smoke particles are smaller than COVID-19 particles, according to the CDC.

Paul Joseph Watson | Coming to America?

Steve Watson | “Nothing nefarious about that at all.”

Michael Snyder | In the end, this could be the final straw that motivates many people to finally leave the west coast for good.

RT | Audio of Donald Trump seemingly downplaying the Covid-19 virus in February has grabbed the nation’s attention, but top doctor Anthony Fauci has pushed back, claiming he never heard the president play down the pandemic.

Zero Hedge | The worst of the fire season doesn’t usually start until October, but so far, the state has seen more than 2 million acres burned.

Daily Mail | Rising civil unrest, conspiracy theories and racism typically follow in the wake of epidemics, a study of historical outbreaks has warned. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Cashing in on COVID hysteria?

Daily Mail | Facebook has been going all in on augmented reality but the company isn’t just focused on what we see. 

National File | Oops!

National File | The likely prank has been quickly shut down by Twitter.

Campus Reform | A new study from a professor at the University of Washington claimed a lack of trees in minority neighborhoods causes higher temperatures.

Zero Hedge | The Times is suggesting, based on leaks, that Barr is rushing the case for political purposes and the charges are premature.

Paul Joseph Watson | Colleges and universities asked to make buildings available for coronavirus shelters.

Zero Hedge | “Only in L.A.”

Steve Watson | Will also trigger if students fail to comply with social distancing.

Daily Mail | Facebook today threatened to block Australians from sharing news stories on its website if it is forced to pay for them. 

RT | Twitter has not specified which rules Wood may have violated.

Zero Hedge | The FAA designated Amazon Prime Air as an “air carrier,” allowing it to “safely and efficiently deliver packages to customers.” 

Zero Hedge | Navarro warned that user data gleaned from apps like TikTok and WeChat can be used to “surveil, monitor and track” Americans.

Paul Joseph Watson | Other 94 per cent had serious illnesses.

Steve Watson | “It’s like a Fitbit in your skull.”

Daily Mail | Apple’s next iPhone update could let users receive coronavirus exposure notifications without having to download a third-party app.

Daily Mail | Extinction Rebellion has called on activists to ‘flood the streets’ of Britain in a series of mass-gatherings despite the risk of spreading Covid – as it plans a weekend of Bank Holiday mayhem targeting airports and cities.

Daily Mail | Elon Musk has kept a tight lid on his brain implant chip startup Neuralink, but the billionaire is set to ‘show neurons firing in real-time on August 28.’

Steve Watson | “People feel safer and are more willing to take other risks”.

Michael Snyder | Nobody along the Gulf Coast should be relaxing just yet.

Daily Mail | Scientists have grown a liver in the lymph nodes of a pig and hope it could allow humans to grow their own replacement organs in future. 

Paul Joseph Watson | “The cure was worse than the disease.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Get on with your lives!”

Breitbart | After expressing frustration at the slow pace of approval for coronavirus treatments, President Donald Trump was set to announce on Sunday the emergency authorization of convalescent plasma for COVID-19 patients.

Michael Snyder | Could it be possible that someone is trying to get our attention?

National File | Hashtags, pages, and adverts were also restricted for those promoting the divisive content.

Daily Mail | ‘We hope to finish this pandemic (in) less than two years, especially if we can pool our efforts.’

Breitbart | “Every single American should be wearing a mask when they are outside for the next three months at a minimum,” Biden said.

Daily Mail | The team also wants the material to boast ‘the reconfiguration characteristics of the T-1000 character in the Hollywood film, Terminator 2.’

Zero Hedge | California is under a state of emergency following a two-week heatwave, wildfires, and widespread power outages.

Michael Snyder | Even if they do see a giant space rock heading directly toward our planet, that doesn’t mean that they will actually tell us.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tracked via an app that only allows them to visit “approved” businesses.

Information Liberation | Wind shortages are a major issue few even knew existed until just a few years ago.

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