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Zero Hedge | Researchers at Harvard University examined the probabilities of contracting COVID-19 during sex.

Information Liberation | “We are getting to the point where narratives are more important than truth.”

Zero Hedge | Independent and alternative voices have long complained of being demonetized or unfairly targeted for analysis and commentary falling outside of accepted ‘groupthink’.

Breitbart | Climate change is a product of white supremacy, a NASA scientist has claimed on Twitter.

Zero Hedge | Twitter claims it’s unintentional.

RT | The Trump campaign said the video contains “the same speech the media refused to cover.”

Steve Watson | Ex-MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove says China could be forced to pay ‘reparations’ to the rest of the world.

Daily Mail | Handheld UV light devices that can kill Covid-19 may soon be as commonplace as mobile phones, researchers claim.

Daily Mail | Infection of the lining of veins and arteries may explain bizarre symptoms like clots and ‘covid toes’.

Zero Hedge | Two unique features of SARS-CoV-2 are convincing a growing number of scientists that it was man-made, and not the result of natural evolution, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Zero Hedge | “Five studies, including two controlled clinical trials, have demonstrated significant major outpatient treatment efficacy.”

Daily Mail | The @WhiteHouse’s account continued to engage in the battle, by linking to a tweet sent out by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, last week that called for #jihad against Israel.  

RT | Unless we have accurate data, we won’t know which has killed more: the disease or the lockdown?

Nick Hankoff | It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that HCQ/zinc is being sidelined in order to clear the way for a profitable vaccine and a vaccination mandate.

Steve Watson | Hawley says Google has “long disturbing pattern” of appeasing Chinese government.

Ryan McMaken | Governments throughout the world and across the US justified extreme, draconian, undemocratic, and unconstitutional (in most US states) “lockdown” and stay-at-home orders on the grounds that the COVID-19 virus was exceptionally fatal.

Breitbart | This comes after Trump warned social media companies that continued political bias would lead to action from the administration.

Paul Joseph Watson | But you can trust him to be impartial.

National File | COVI-PASS will allow crucial medical information to be obtained by scanning a proprietary QR code.

RT | At least 11 local TV stations have run pro-Amazon news segments which closely follow scripts written and supplied by the retail giant’s PR people.

Zero Hedge | “To some extent, we’ve accepted that there will always be Covid patients.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Mental health toll of social isolation set to be substantial.

Daily Mail | Citing safety concerns – a day after Trump boasts about finishing his prescription.

Daily Mail | This is the moment a robotic dog tries its metal paws at herding unruly sheep on a farm in New Zealand.

National File | Filipino child porn is openly flogged on the platform showing explicit images and code words.

Breitbart | “Many patients are concerned about coming to visit us, to be screened for cancer.”

Zero Hedge | “If you don’t see a safety problem, you just keep going.”

Steve Watson | “Clearly mandation is there, it can be used in some instances.”

Daily Mail | Scientists have made a shocking discovery – the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

Paul Joseph Watson | Says gap is not necessary.

Zero Hedge |

Zero Hedge | A coalition consisting of more than 110 nations has formed to back the inquiry.

Paul Joseph Watson | “There are some people that should be afraid of me.”

Steve Watson | Virus was cultured to attack human cells, according to research.

Michael Snyder | At a time when the world is already being hit with major crisis after major crisis, our sun is behaving in ways that we have never seen before. 

RT | “We’re seeing a roughly similar pattern everywhere.”

NY Post | Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, former head of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University, says YouTube removed a video of him talking about the virus which had racked up more than 1.3 million views.

Zero Hedge | The theory has just been disproven by a team of researchers in Guangdong, China.

Daily Mail | Scientist in charge says he believes there WILL be a vaccine by next year.

National File | OnlyFans clashes with creators of sexual content.

Paul Joseph Watson | What happened to global warming?

Paul Joseph Watson | Advocates making it mandatory to take vaccine to fly.

National File | Carol Baker Proposed Eliminating White People To Increase Vaccination Rates.

Breitbart | Facebook is facing another censorship showdown in court, based on a suit brought by the owner of a censored viral news page set to appear before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this June.

Paul Joseph Watson | Not far off?

Michael Snyder | Our entire society is melting down because of this virus.

Paul Joseph Watson | “It doesn’t matter.”

Daily Mail | Men working in low paid jobs are significantly more likely to die of COVID-19 than anyone else between the ages of 20 and 64, a ‘horrifying’ report has revealed. 

Zero Hedge | These drones have been seen in China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, and will be shortly coming to the US. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Excess deaths due to patients avoiding hospitals over coronavirus fears.

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