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Information Liberation | According to new study involving hundreds of twins in Serbia, genes largely determine people’s intelligence.

The Daily Sheeple | As research into EMF sensitivity and social media addiction continues to surface, it’s no surprise that some institutions are trying their own little happiness experiments.

Daily Mail | A creepy surveillance start-up backed by the Chinese government is expanding its artificial intelligence-powered face-reading operations.

Zero Hedge | Boston Dynamics has upgraded their two “nightmare inducing” robots since last our last report – adding several new tricks to their arsenal that should help considerably in the robot uprising. 

RT | Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has issued a stark warning to humanity: advances in artificial intelligence could lead to a world which humans will no longer be able to understand — and we should start preparing now.

Twitchy | Inventor Elon Musk is busy preparing for Plan B.

Daily Mail | Researchers have proposed a radical method to slash carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

London Telegraph | Homosexuality is no longer the taboo it once was.  But figures suggest that young people are even more open to experimentation than previously thought.

New York Times | The growing concern over online data and user privacy has been focused on tech giants like Facebook and devices like smartphones.

Sputnik | Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg have rejected the copyright directive, with 318 voting against, 278 in favor and 31 abstaining.

CNBC | Qantas is acting as the launch partner for the trial, with passengers on select international flights taking part.

Daily Mail | Apps aren’t secretly listening to your private conversations but some will record video of everything you do.

Daily Mail | Will also protect the US from hostile government hackers.

Stat | The study participants read short accounts of violent behavior: In one, a man smashed a beer bottle over someone’s head; in another, an assailant raped an acquaintance.

CNBC | Samsung smartphones are sending users’ pictures to their contacts without their permission, according to complaints by a number of people posted online.

Daily Mail | As they roam away from the nuclear disaster zone, warns study.

Daily Mail | Dismisses Google backlash over controversial Project Maven as ‘part of being an American’

Charlotte Observer | A strange “sonar anomaly” had NOAA explorers diving off the coast of North Carolina on Wednesday, hoping for an explanation.

Zero Hedge | The era of hypersonic is now.

Daily Mail | The National Security Agency is using internet data processing centers run by telecommunications powerhouse AT&T to spy on American and foreign citizens, a new investigation claims.

Newsweek | Amazon’s facial recognition software is no longer being used in Orlando, government and police officials said in a joint statement this week, in the wake of criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Daily Mail | The root of violence?

Mac Slavo | Social media giant Facebook continues to ramp up the creepy factor.

Daily Mail | China is stepping-up its mass surveillance, with a flock of camera-equipped drones designed to look like doves.

RT | The chances of us coming across extraterrestrials are not looking good, according to a new study.

Daily Mail | Predictions made about gravity by Einstein more than a century ago have been proved correct on a massive scale.

Daily Mail | Report claims device blurted ‘Every time I close my eyes all I see is people dying’ – then refused to repeat itself.

Zero Hedge | Deaths now outnumber births among whites in more than half of the United States.

Daily Mail | Urgent action is needed to defend against man-made viruses that are ‘easy to develop’ and could wipe out tens of millions of people.

Information Liberation | Payment processor Stripe has given the boot to a host of alt-tech websites created by Trump supporters fighting political censorship from YouTube, Patreon and Kickstarter.

Daily Mail | Boldly going where no man has gone before.

Zero Hedge | The statistics surrounding the American opioid epidemic are becoming more and more alarming with each passing day, it seems.

Daily Mail | Sex robots will soon be able to say ‘no’ to unwanted advances from humans. 

Zero Hedge | Sarcos Robotics’ Guardian GT has earned comparisons from Wired to Sigourney Weaver’s Power Loader.

CNBC | Apple will automatically share a user’s location with emergency services when they call 911 in the future, the company said Monday.

Daily Mail | The secretive project has been under development since at least 2015.

Daily Mail | The software can track multiple people – and even works in total darkness.

The Fresno Bee | The proposal was approved in the House by a voice vote and now moves to the Senate.

Mac Slavo | As scientists continue to tell the public not to worry, the largest geyser in Yellowstone has just gone off for the ninth time.

Daily Mail | Intelligence officials are looking for a team to develop a new storage system

Daily Mail | The weapon will use laser ablation to destroy objects orbiting the Earth.

The Times Of London | The IQ scores of young people have begun to fall after rising steadily since the Second World War, according to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon.

Michael Snyder | Massive eruptions of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano and Guatemala’s Fuego volcano have captivated the entire world in recent days, and now it looks like even more volcanoes are starting to wake up. 

Michael Snyder | Fortnite is the most popular video game in the entire world right now, and for some people it is literally taking over their entire lives.

Daily Mail | But says it will continue to work with the military on other projects.

Mac Slavo | Yellowstone caldera eruption fears have spiked as the supervolcano’s largest geyser erupted for the eight time.

Vice | Here’s how I got to bottom of the ads-coinciding-with-conversations mystery.

Information Liberation | Weight training just twice a week may work wonders for your emotional and mental health, according to a new study.

Michael Snyder | We haven’t seen anything like this since Hawaii first became a state back in 1959. Kilauea began erupting on May 3rd, and it hasn’t stopped rumbling yet.

PA | Two-way ‘turn-taking’ communication occurs across a wide range of species, evidence suggests.

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