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Cruxnow | “Satanism is getting much more aggressive and also diffused.”

Zero Hedge | The Morrison Government appears to be the next target of climate change thugs, led by Thunberg and her “greenie” cult.

Daily Mail | A genetically-modified ‘urban agriculture tomato’ plant whose fruit grow in compact bunches like grapes has been developed by researchers from the US.

Zero Hedge | A swarm of smaller quakes rattled a secretive Navy base in the Mojave Desert Thursday afternoon and before dawn on Friday, according to the US Geological Survey.

Sputnik | In philosophy, the “brain in a vat” thought experiment suggests that a captive brain could be wired-up to a supercomputer, like in the blockbuster Matrix trilogy, that perfectly simulates experiences of the outside world.

Zero Hedge | Millions of Americans are walking around with phones that have, unknowingly, created one of the most disturbing and unintentional “surveillance states” to ever exist. 

Paul Joseph Watson | “There’s no evidence Hillary Clinton killed Jeffrey Epstein.”

Daily Mail | People living in polluted areas are more likely to die by suicide or be depressed, research shows.

Paul Joseph Watson | The left can’t meme, so easier to ban memes.

Breitbart | The Scottish National Party (SNP) has unveiled a set of proposals that would allow 16-year-old children to legally change their gender after a period of just six months.

Daily Mail | All the better to spy on you with.

Paul Joseph Watson | Don’t question dear leader.

Sputnik | In October, a scientific team from the Balearic Institute of Maritime Archaeology Studies found another Roman cargo ship with jugs containing olive oil and perfectly preserved garum sauce or an ancient form of ketchup.

Zero Hedge | The “end of the world” apocalyptic hyper-gloom-and-doom rhetoric of Greta Thunberg and other self-anointed climate prophets are leading followers to take greater and greater risks.

Daily Mail | Facial recognition may not be as secure as previously thought.

AFP | Instagram on Monday went global in its fight against misinformation, making alliances with fact-checkers around the world to expose deception in shared photos or videos.

Paul Joseph Watson | Clown world strikes again.

Zero Hedge | Those with autism “were over four times as likely to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria” compared to those without autism.

Daily Mail | Scientists have made a disturbing discovery in our oceans – there are a million times more microplastics floating around than previously estimated.

Paul Joseph Watson | Situation represents a “medical scandal.”

Daily Caller | The rivalry between China and the U.S. is affecting the lives of millions of citizens in both countries.

Michael Snyder | Is the clock about to strike midnight for the United States of America? 

American Mirror | “Miss Universe” contest host Steve Harvey couldn’t hide his contempt after asking one of the contestants about “climate change” on Sunday evening.

Sputnik | “I’m sharing this!.. Ufo activity is increasing so fast! The world is gonna get a big wake up call!”

Daily Star | A retired United States Air Force (USAF) general has hinted three groundbreaking forms of technology are ready to be developed by the Space Force.

The Mises Institute | Not every square inch of the planet earth is suitable for a housing development.

RT | All good things must come to an end and our Sun, which sustains all life on Earth, is no exception.

Sputnik | Worried parents found the school’s encouragement problematic as it raises ethical concerns, bolsters fears of double standards, and reinforces the so-called “Greta phenomenon”.

Daily Mail | This week, Japan’s health ministry recommended a ban on implanting genetically modified human embryos, warning that such procedures could lead to a market for ‘designer babies.’

RT | Twitter’s new terms of service will allow the platform to “shadow ban” users – secretly suppressing their content. While critics have long suspected the company of doing it, the new rules appear to make the practice official.

Sputnik | The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson has launched another rant at Greta Thunberg, saying that the self-professed climate messiah should go back to school and abandon her climate crusade.

AFP | He Jiankui’s original research, published for the first time, could have failed, scientists say.

Daniel Taylor | AI tyranny to be “built into the software that runs our society”.

Daily Star | Silicone Lovers is producing dolls that look so life-like, human beings are mistaking them for real people because of a breakthrough in how they are produced.

Michael Snyder | The New Madrid fault zone has altered the course of the Mississippi River before, and someday it will happen again.

Mike Shedlock | China was once very dependent on US chips for its phones. The latest Chinese phones have no US parts.

Robert Jay Watson | The search for one of the most legendary boats of human history has made a potential breakthrough as multiple teams of scientists have zeroed in on a curious ship-shaped rise on Mt. Ararat in Turkey.

Breitbart | Most babies in the UK will be born to couples who met online rather than in person by 2037, a study suggests.

Breitbart | A team of UK scholars have fired back at unscientific claims by PETA and other groups that veganism is a “greener” option that eating meat, insisting that meat has “massive social benefits.”

Daily Mail | There’s no shortage of questions surrounding artificial intelligence, but one thing is indisputable: AI is really good at Go.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some kind of connection here?

John Vibes | Ring, the home security system developed by Amazon, is planning to build a database of neighborhood watchlists using facial recognition technology.

Mac Slavo | The embattled biotech company Monsanto will have to pay a hefty fine of $10 million for spraying a dangerous pesticide on “research crops” in Hawaii.

Paul Joseph Watson | CNN fails to mention men are leading the decline.

Sputnik | Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has accused Twitter of holding high-profile users to a different standard than others – saying that US President Donald Trump should’ve been banned from the platform “a long time ago.”

Daily Mail | With nearly 27 million people set to travel on a plane this holiday season, the Transportation Security Administration warned flyers to expect long lines at check-in. 

Breitbart | Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has once again sounded the alarm on the environment, reportedly telling an audience in San Diego that all heavy industrial activity must be moved to space to save Earth.

Daily Mail | Giving fraudsters enough information to impersonate them.

Michael Snyder | This week, three major winter storms will batter most of the country with ice, snow and bitterly cold temperatures just in time for Thanksgiving. 

Martin Armstrong | The volatility in weather that our computer has been forecasting on a long-term basis should result in this winter being colder than the last.

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