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E&E News | Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said yesterday he has reached an agreement with legislative leaders over a bill to slash New York’s greenhouse gas emissions, setting the stage for one of the most significant state climate victories since President Trump took office.

Zero Hedge | Modern life is transforming the human skeleton. Humans are now developing a bone spike at the back of the head caused by regularly looking down at their smartphones, according to a recent study.

RT | The global population will add 2 billion in the next three decades, closing in on the 10-billion milestone by 2050, the UN said. India, projected to overtake China, will lead the charge.

Mac Slavo | Scientists are warning that plans to “hack the Earth’s weather” could result in a third world war.

Zero Hedge | The air taxi is slated to be “fully automated” and “not requiring a pilot”. 

Paul Joseph Watson Our collective future?

Zero Hedge | Maybe we just don’t understand the scuba diving community quite as well as the country of Turkey does.

Daily Mail | Thousands of photos of drivers have become available for download on the dark web, following a ‘major’ breach of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Daily Mail | Pig organs might one day be transplanted into human patients, as researchers look to boost supplies of donor organs to meet presently overwhelming demands.

AFP | Uber said Wednesday it plans to speed up restaurant meal delivery by using drones for its Uber Eats service, in the latest effort by the ride-hailing giant to disrupt the transport sector.

Information Liberation | “It’s ok to be white” is not okay, according to the search engineers at Google.

Daily Mail | Facebook will now pay you to hand its market researchers otherwise out-of-reach data on what you do on your phone.

RT | Ridesharing giant Uber plans to start trials of its flying cars next year in Melbourne.

Zero Hedge | Documents leaked to Project Veritas by a Pinterest insider reveal that the San Francisco-based social media company has blocked links from Zero Hedge and several conservative or religious-based websites.

Daily Mail | Brain scans on fanatical Islamists show they have a reduced capacity for rational thought, new research suggests.

Daily Mail | Scientists have detected a mysterious mass of material beneath a 1,200-mile crater on the surface of the moon.

American Mirror | Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants his fellow countrymen to drastically reduce plastic waste and do their part in his campaign for “A Cleaner Future.”

Michael Snyder | Scientists are quite “concerned” about the huge earthquake swarm that has been shaking southern California in recent weeks, and right at this moment bubbling tar is literally coming up through the streets in one section of Los Angeles. 

Paul Joseph Watson Channel later restored after backlash.

Alt Market | Officials at Glacier National Park (GNP) have begun quietly removing and altering signs and government literature.

Daily Mail | Microsoft has discreetly pulled a facial recognition database from its site that contained 10 million images of some 100,000 people. 

Daily Mail | President Donald Trump said Friday that NASA should look beyond the moon to Mars, after his strategy for exploring space came under criticism from an Apollo 11 astronaut.

Daily Mail | Gadgets such as Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming increasingly popular but people are being warned of the dangers of filling their homes with smart technology.

RT | The Pentagon agency tasked with developing new technology for the US military says it’s just a few short years away from beginning human tests of a headset that gives its wearer telepathic powers.

Daily Mail | A mind-reading chip that let you control a computer by just thinking has been unveiled at a conference in China.

American Mirror | Maxine Waters has an affinity for anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan — but YouTube doesn’t want you to know that.

Mediaite | Apple CEO Tim Cook said he is “proud” to engage with the Trump administration and defending meeting with President Donald Trump by arguing that discussion between opposing sides is the first step to reducing political polarization.

Bloomberg | Around the world, governments are hitting on a modish new idea: Turn the internet off. Sometimes they mean it literally.

Michael Snyder | It looks like 2019 could be the worst year for U.S. agriculture in modern American history by a very wide margin. 

Michael Snyder | The unusual shaking on the west coast continues to intensify.

Daily Mail | How is this going to jive with ‘body positivity’?

Daily Mail | A U.S. judge ordered Facebook Inc to give shareholders emails and other records concerning how the social media company handles data privacy after the company’s lawyers argued users ‘have no expectation of privacy.’ 

Daily Mail | Using Twitter to debate may be responsible for a drop in the quality of public discourse, a new study suggests.

Daily Mail | Even most atheists can’t entirely shake their belief in the supernatural, says a new study. 

Zero Hedge | iPhones are surprisingly active in the middle of the night, according to a report by Washington Post Technology writer, Geoffrey Fowler.

RT | The Bluetooth, SD and Wi-Fi alliances, which stripped Huawei of membership after US President Donald Trump declared its products a national security risk, have reinstated the Chinese tech giant without any official announcements.

Zero Hedge | Several weeks ago, we reported that U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sounded the alarm over a large concrete dome constructed 40 years ago in the Marshall Islands to contain radioactive waste from Cold War-era nuclear tests.

Daily Caller | Ohio meteorologist Jamie Simpson lost his temper with viewers Monday when, during a live tornado warning, they complained about interruptions to “The Bachelorette.”

Mac Slavo | With hurricane season right around the corner, forecasters are urging the public to prepare themselves for it.

Zero Hedge | The new OS will be developed by a newly established “Internet Security Information Leadership Group” as reported by the Epoch Times, citing Kanwa. 

Zero Hedge | After upgrading the radar systems on F/A-18 fighter jets, several Navy pilots operating from the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt began to see unidentified flying objects that appeared to defy the laws of physics. 

Zero Hedge | The United States is no longer supplying its enemies only with conventional weapons – that list now also includes cyberweapons.

Zero Hedge | China also used the opportunity to denounce Washington’s blacklisting of Huawei.

Washington Examiner | President Trump’s tweets have less of an impact now than they did two years ago.

Michael Snyder | Very early on Sunday morning, a massive 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck a sparsely populated area of Peru. 

AFP | NASA on Thursday unveiled the calendar for the “Artemis” program that will return astronauts to the Moon for the first time in half a century, including eight scheduled launches and a mini-station in lunar orbit by 2024.

Paul Joseph Watson | Social media giant subsequently banned conservative commentators as “dangerous persons”.

Mac Slavo | The co-founder of Skype, Jaan Tallinn, is on a desperate mission to save the human race from the destruction of artificial intelligence. 

Michael Snyder | Every single day, most Americans eagerly gobble down foods that contain ingredients that have been genetically-modified without ever considering the consequences. 

Daily Mail | The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding research that could give a future generation of soldiers the power to control machines and weapons with their minds.

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