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Zero Hedge | Aerosolized coronavirus can hang in the air for at least 30 minutes and travel up to 14 feet – approximately twice the “safe distance” recommended by health officials, according to SCMP.

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite virtually every other virus being referred to by its geographical origin.

Zero Hedge | “Keep digging yourself a hole. If this wasn’t so serious it would be funny.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Says governments have completely failed to prepare for full scope of crisis.

Breitbart | Wikipedia has deleted its ‘List of Scientists Who Disagree with the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming’.

Paul Joseph Watson | “They didn’t ask me anything.”

Paul Joseph Watson | And a global GDP loss of $2.4 trillion.

Daily Mail | US law enforcement agencies have partnered with a company that gives it the ability to track mobile location data without ever having to secure a warrant.

Paul Joseph Watson | Homes designed to repel “aggressive external influences.”

Mass Private I blog | What does the Church of Scientology and Airbnb have in common? If you answered secret risk assessments and personality tests, then give yourself a gold star.

Breitbart | Facebook recently announced that it will provide free ads to the World Health Organization (WHO) in an attempt to fight “misinformation” surrounding the coronavirus.

Daily Mail | Google is the latest tech company to scrap major event plans as fears over the spread of coronavirus escalate.

Prison Planet.com | Fear mongering.

Daily Mail | Scientists are experimenting with larva fat to replace butter in waffles, cakes and cookies, saying the grease from insects is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than the dairy version.

Breitbart | Dr. Zhong Nanshan, China’s “top respiratory specialist” according to state-run media, on Thursday floated a completely unsubstantiated theory that the Wuhan coronavirus did not originate in China. 

RT | The biggest cosmic explosion in recorded history was detected about 390 million light years from Earth and it made a dent in surrounding space that could fit 15 Milky Way galaxies inside.

RT | The boffins at the Catalina Sky Survey have stumbled upon an amazing and slightly goofy discovery, apparently Earth has had a second moon for the past three years and nobody noticed.

Zero Hedge | “This virus may use the packing mechanisms of other viruses such as HIV.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Police checking suspected Chinese people for signs of infection.

Paul Joseph Watson | Worst case scenario leaked.

Paul Joseph Watson | Sanctity of open borders beyond question.

Paul Joseph Watson | Coronavirus spread driving fears of shortages.

RT | A 19-year-old German girl has joined the right-wing Heartland Institute to counter “climate alarmism” with “climate realism,” leading MSM to dub her “anti-Greta” (Thunberg). But unlike Thunberg, she’s open about her backers.

Daily Mail | A new software solution may put an end to obscuring your laptop’s built-in camera with tape.

Paul Joseph Watson | Says asymptomatic nature of virus means it “will ultimately not be containable.”

Zero Hedge | Congratulations, Tesla!

Daily Mail | PlayStation and Facebook’s gaming division have pulled out of a major gaming conference due to take place next month over the spread of the killer coronavirus.

Paul Joseph Watson | Says “science might worry that it’s heading toward extinction.”

Daily Mail | A computer algorithm from Leiden University in the Netherlands has spotted eleven asteroids that could eventually hit Earth and cause ‘unprecedented devastation’.

Michael Snyder | The “high affinity of 2019-nCoV S for human ACE2 may contribute to the apparent ease with which 2019-nCoV can spread from human to human.”

Daily Mail | Scans reveal how grey matter of tech addicts physically changes shape and size in a similar way to drug users.

Paul Joseph Watson | Good luck with that.

Zero Hedge | Unseasonably warm temperatures in the Midi-Pyrénées region have left resorts facing uncertainty about their future as declining snowfall levels have resulted in fewer visitors.

Zero Hedge | Japan plans to start trials of “HIV medications to treat coronavirus patients”, the government’s top spokesman said on Tuesday.

Esquire | Dubai Crown Prince posts video showing first-ever 100% autonomous human flight with a vertical takeoff.

RT | Washington accusing other states of leading cyberwarfare against the US is like “a thief crying ‘stop, thief!’” Beijing said, reacting to revelations the CIA used Swiss cryptography firm Crypto AG to spy on hundreds of countries.

Daily Mail | Smart speakers, like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, have come under fire over the past few years for ‘listening’ to its owner’s conversations.

Breitbart | An elite hacker network sponsored by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) stole the personal data, including telephone numbers, credit card details, and passwords, of over 13 million people in Britain.

RT | Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson chose Russia for his detox because the country’s medical industry is less dependent on big pharma than North America’s, his daughter Mikhaila told RT’s World Apart program.

Daily Mail | Extreme weather has the potential to trigger an economic recession worse than anything else in human history, experts warn. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Yes, really.

Paul Joseph Watson | Because hurt feelings are important when dealing with a potential global pandemic.

Paul Joseph Watson | Creepy interaction similar to plot of Black Mirror episode.

NY Post | Burn bright; die young.

Breitbart | Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who spent $1.2 million on private air travel in the final quarter of 2019, is outraged that President Trump did not mention climate change during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

Paul Joseph Watson | Claims real numbers are ten times higher.

Paul Joseph Watson | House arrest gets a new meaning.

Zero Hedge | As the Washington Examiner reports, the Nevada Democratic Party also paid Shadow $58,000 for “website development.”

Michael Snyder | If you think that things are bad so far, just wait until you see what is coming over the course of the rest of the year.

Zero Hedge | Gilead’s experimental drug hasn’t been approved by any regulators, but it’s being tested on the front lines of the outbreak in the absence of any approved remedies.

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