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Mac Slavo | The horrific outbreak of “eye bleeding fever” in East Africa has forced one doctor to admit the disturbing truth.

Daily Mail | High-tech Toronto neighbourhood that will monitor resident’s daily lives using sensors in everything from bins to traffic lights raises privacy concerns.

ABC News | A flying saucer? No. A shooting star? Not quite.

Mac Slavo | Over 21,000 villagers fled to safety early Tuesday when the Mayon Volcano, which was glowing red hot a few days ago, began spewing lava.

Zero Hedge | Radiation in tap water poses serious health threats, particularly for children, and women during pregnancy.

Daily Mail | Human corpses frozen by cryogenics could be brought back to life in the next decade, an expert has claimed.

AFP | Regulators will “carefully and responsibly” review General Motors’ request to test an autonomous car without a steering wheel, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Sunday.

Zero Hedge | Some 100 meters from the giant metal sarcophagus that contains the infamous Reactor Four at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, a new solar project has been built, providing hope of salvaging something positive from the disaster zone.

Daily Mail | Billionaire CEO Elon Musk admits to attending a now infamous drug-fueled sex soiree in Silicon Valley, but says he didn’t know it was a sex party.

Daily Mail | The US Air Force is understood to be developing a spy plane that travels at more than 4,600mph (7,400km/h).

Sputnik | The famous vlogger was harshly criticized all over the world for uploading an astonishing video showing the body of a suicide victim in Japan’s “suicide forest” to his channel.

Daily Mail | A massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake has struck the Caribbean Sea, prompting a tsunami warning for nearby islands including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

Mac Slavo | The San Andreas fault has seemingly come alive in recent days, putting the highly populated Bay Area in California on alert.

Information Liberation | It’s up to us to get the word out and avoid these drugs like the plague.

Daily Mail | Samsung pledges everything it makes will be ‘intelligent’ by 2020.

RT | The highly classified and expensive government satellite launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral has reportedly been destroyed.

Mac Slavo | Liberal fear mongering climate change alarmist, Al Gore, was put firmly in his place by meteorologists.

Newsweek | So much extra water is being added into the world’s oceans from melting glaciers that the ocean floor is sinking underneath its increasing weight.

Information Liberation | Global warming caused this.

Climate Depot | “It’s bitter cold in parts of the US, but climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis.”

CNN | Two major flaws in computer chips could leave a huge number of computers and smartphones vulnerable to security concerns, researchers revealed Wednesday.

Sputnik | Artificial intelligence is making its way into the global sex market, ushering in a revolution in robotic “sex tech”, with “android love dolls” offering sexual gratification with a near-human touch.

CNBC | A Korean tech giant on Thursday announced new robots that take aim squarely at the jobs of many services industry workers around the globe.

Truth Revolt | “It is absolutely not what I want.”

Daily Mail | Hundreds of Android apps covertly use your handset’s microphone to listen in on your TV habits.

Daily Mail | A woman who battled blood cancer for years without success finally halted the disease with turmeric, it has been reported.

Daily Mail | Experts predict treat will disappear in 30 years because cacao plants are perishing in the warm climate.

Sunday Post | THEY listen, they talk and very soon, according to some experts, they will be taking over our homes, our jobs and our lives.

News.com.au | THIS year, China plans to boldly go where no superpower has previously been before — the far side of the moon.

Daily Mail | By ‘helping people genetically modify themselves’ using DNA injections (and he’s even tried them on himself).

RT | Following a strong backlash for conceding they reduced the processing speed of aging iPhones, Apple apologized to customers and lowered the price of the out-of-warranty battery replacements by $50.

Daily Mail | Investigation reveals the site takes down ‘less than half’ of dangerous hate content that is reported to it.

Sky News | A model of the Sun’s magnetic activity suggests the River Thames may freeze over within two decades, experts say.

RT | Two Israeli citizens have filed a class action lawsuit against tech giant Apple.

Daily Star | KILLER robots with a conscience may become so advanced they could enslave the human race before killing our species, a leading expert has warned.

Daily Mail | In four hours, a robot taught itself chess, then beat a grandmaster with moves never devised in the game’s 1,500-year history and the implications are terrifying.

Mac Slavo | The scary-looking skull-shaped asteroid that flew past Earth on Halloween of 2015 is returning.

Daily Mail | How thousands of people are convinced ‘coincidence’ adverts are anything but.

Business Insider | Apple on Wednesday admitted it’s been secretly throttling the performance of older iPhones.

Daily Mail | Scientists create an AI that can detect deception in the courtroom (and it’s already ‘significantly better’ than humans).

RT | The world’s largest social network has just rolled out a new feature of its facial recognition technology.

Daily Mail | AI robots could soon be having ‘children’ with their owners, according to a leading artificial intelligence expert.

The Daily Sheeple | Since Western medicine tends to focus on the symptoms, rather than a cure, major red flags in certain drugs are becoming more obvious.

Daily Mail | The California Department of Health warned that people need to keep their cell phones several feet away from them to reduce radiation exposure and health risks.

Daily Mail | NASA’s Kepler space telescope has discovered an eighth planet in a distant star system called Kepler 90 – the first time a faraway star has been found to have the same number of planets orbiting it as our own sun.

Zero Hedge | Why use a robot to chase away humans? Simple: money.

Louder With Crowder | There is no room within the progressive-socialist movement for those with Down syndrome. By now their hatred is as obvious as Chris Christie’s diabetes.

Daily Star | HUMANS may soon be able to communicate without speaking a word as a leading tech company develops “brain augmentation”.

CNS News | “Donald Trump pulled Donald Trump out of the Paris agreement, so don’t worry about any of that.”

Daily Mail | Today, scientists led by Stephen Hawking are using high-tech scanners to discover if a huge, cigar-shaped ‘comet’ is in fact, an alien probe.

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