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Daily Mail | Technological singularity will turn us into super humans some time in the next 12 years, according to a Google expert.

The Daily Sheeple | You can learn a lot about a culture by taking a close look at what makes the people in that culture afraid or stressed.

Truth Revolt | But New Yorkers are now experiencing the really inconvenient truth.

Daily Mail | Spending several days playing Space Invaders may seem like a waste of time.

Zero Hedge | The messages and swastikas appeared on the verified Twitter accounts of German newspaper Die Welt, Forbes Magazine, Duke University, BBC North America, UNICEF, and Reuters Japan.

American Mirror | The horrific mess left behind by pipeline protesters is putting your tax dollars to work.

London Telegraph | A facial recognition app that can identify strangers from a photograph has been created by a British entrepreneur.

RT | North America may well have witnessed an extinction-level event similar to the one that killed the dinosaurs, but one third of its size.

Breitbart | More than 4,700 flights have already been cancelled as the Northeast is preparing itself for a blizzard set to hit the area Tuesday.

New Scientist | Could two rival theories of the make-up of the cosmos really be the same thing? Pulling at the threads could reveal a deeper reality.

Sky News | The government’s push comes after a one-month-old baby died from whooping cough possibly contracted from a childcare centre.

Space.com | Bizarre flashes of cosmic light may actually be generated by advanced alien civilizations, as a way to accelerate interstellar spacecraft to tremendous speeds, a new study suggests.

Zero Hedge | With humans long gone, and robots dying off amid the radiation, Fukushima has become home to ‘something else’.

London Independent | The research could have huge medical and ethical implications for things such as organ donation.

Information Liberation | Seeing as how there’s a new opening in the “environmental justice” division at the EPA, perhaps Kohn may want to apply.

London Independent | The extra-cold space will be used to look at the bizarre ways that atoms behave when they are frozen.

CNBC | Investor Peter Thiel— who stumped for President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention and has remained close to the president — believes the era of globalization is over.

London Independent | The latest probe was destroyed in less than a day.

BBC News | Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are causing more people to feel alone, according to US psychologists.

CBS SF | After keeping it hidden for years, California’s Department of Public Health has released a draft document outlining health officials’ concerns about cellphone radiation exposure.

Daily Sheeple | There’s been a lot of speculation, but authorities still don’t know what the source is of a mysterious cloud of radioactive Iodine-131 that has swept across Europe in recent weeks.

RT | Scientists have discovered a breakthrough way to rapidly rewarm large samples of cryogenically-treated human and pig tissue without damaging them.

Dallas News | A booming meteor rocketed over Texas this weekend, rattling houses with a sonic boom, according to reports.

London Telegraph | A self-driving bus which not only carries passengers but talks to them could be seen in several major US cities within months.

SHTFplan.com | To really appreciate the magnitude of what occurred that day, you have to see it with your own eyes. And now you can.

CNS News | Conservationists worldwide have cause to celebrate on International Polar Bear Day as the global population of this “endangered” animal is surging.

Prison Planet.com | Bill Nye has argued that climate change deniers suffer psychological delusions. Tucker takes him on in an unforgettable debate

Daily Sheeple | Physicist Brian Cox claims the LHC at CERN has proven ghosts and the “paranormal” simply do not exist.

London Independent | Despite DiCaprio’s environmental stance.

Wakefield Express | A US Air Force plane which helped in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster has been called in.

SHTF Plan | The press in Europe is raising the alarm on a recent spike in radiation.

Michael Snyder | The problem is that we are flat broke.

Michael Snyder | We aren’t supposed to be creating them in the real world.

RT | Musk again said that he is willing to die on Mars.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tens of thousands of people have been fleeing California towns downstream from the Oroville Dam.

Daily Mail | DIY geneticists may face jail time following fears they could create bioweapons.

RT | Will the robots play nice, or will they try and kill us all?

Michael Snyder | Six years ago, an absolutely devastating tsunami caused a triple meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power facility.

American Mirror | Twitter is taking on social media rival upstart Gab by suspending its account.

London Independent | Experiments suggest normal method for cooking rice can expose consumers to range of health problems including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Accuweather | A quick change to colder weather will be accompanied by accumulating snow from the mid-Atlantic to eastern New England into Thursday night.

Sputnik | An explosion hit a nuclear power plant in northwestern France. Several people have sustained injuries as a result of the blast.

The Sun | Billionaire pays for research into ‘neural recording’, a creepy-sounding technique which could change the lives of people suffering serious illnesses.

Daily Mail | FOUR of Iceland’s volcanoes are on the brink of erupting.

Daily Mail | Robotic arms controlled by thought are now being developed in Britain.

Daily Caller | Billionaire George Soros in 2016 invested $238 million in 11 oil and gas companies, according to his federal financial filings, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

Daily Mail | The report claimed that the ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming in the period since 1998 – revealed by UN scientists in 2013 – never existed.

American Mirror | People who claim to care about the environment left enough evidence behind at a recent protest site to make others wonder about their sincerity.

Daily Mail | This year, five space mining companies plan to send missions to the lunar surface in the hopes of mining the moon for precious metals.

Sky News | Pictures from deep inside the disaster-hit power plant reveal extensive damage to a metal grating that contained nuclear fuel.

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