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American Mirror | Elizabeth Warren thinks Mike Bloomberg needs to drop out of the Democrat race for president.

National File | The New York billionaire is also quoted as saying, “What’s a 16-year-old going to do on a business trip?”

Washington Examiner | People are practically giddy with the economic improvement under President Trump, and they believe by a 2-1 margin that it will only get better.

Paul Joseph Watson | “The woman that was in charge of the jury is totally tainted.”

Paul Joseph Watson | One of them tried to kill Scalise and other Republican Congressmen.

Paul Joseph Watson | He’s also trouncing every Dem opponent in Wisconsin.

Paul Joseph Watson | There was one clear winner.

Information Liberation | Can Bernie Sanders and the Bernie Bros stop Michael Bloomberg from outright buying the Democratic primary?

Zero Hedge | Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has widened his lead against the other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, according to a new national poll by the Washington Post/ABC News.

American Mirror | Joe Biden is blaming the racial makeup of Iowa voters for why he took a drubbing in the Democrat caucuses there.

Information Liberation | I’m still waiting to see whether the reports were true that President Trump is going to release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to Israel to aid Netanyahu’s election.

Breitbart | Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) took direct aim at his rising rival Michael Bloomberg (D) during a massive rally at the Tacoma Dome on Monday, blasting his record as New York City mayor and warning him that he is “not gonna buy this election.”

Information Liberation | Bloomberg went on to say it’s a “solemn obligation” of the United States to ensure Israel remains a “Jewish state”.

Zero Hedge | “You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.”

National File | Sickening crime allegedly committed by mother.

Breitbart | The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is accusing the sanctuary state of California of refusing to disclose if they plan to release a number of criminal illegal aliens, including those accused of crimes against children.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some still think racial segregation is progressive.

Paul Joseph Watson | “It’s truly disgusting and honestly I’m getting sick of it.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Told police “someone had to take a stand.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Despite him being essentially correct.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Proving they are sorry for what their forefathers have done.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Absurdly claims calls made after Shadow app failure affected vote count.

Paul Joseph Watson | Promises them he will “get rid of fossil fuels.”

Breitbart | President Donald Trump released a devastating video criticizing Mitt Romney after the Utah senator voted to impeach him as president.

Zero Hedge | Now, the Democrats are hoping to take a mulligan.

Paul Joseph Watson | Heyo, optics check?

American Mirror | Elizabeth Warren attempted to hide behind a staffer as she exited a private jet, but she failed miserably.

National File | The Hawaii congresswoman sent her best wishes on Twitter.

Paul Joseph Watson | Trump proven right.

Paul Joseph Watson | App responsible for delayed results owned by Buttigieg supporter.

Breitbart | The Iowa Democrat Party has reported the discovery of “inconsistencies” in its multiple sets of caucus results but downplayed it as “simply a reporting issue.”

National File | “This is one of the funniest news segments perhaps in world history”.

Breitbart | Billionaire Democrat presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg is a staunch proponent of gun control for America with one caveat–he gets to spend his days surrounded by good guys with guns to keep him safe.

Information Liberation | This is how you KAG, folks!

American Mirror | The grind of the campaign trail is catching up with Joe Biden.

Paul Joseph Watson | Yes, really.

National File | Paul did not inquire about Ciaramella’s possible function as a whistleblower.

Zero Hedge | Former Vice President Joe Biden won’t reveal his short list for VP candidates, but whoever it is will have to be able to “immediately” take over in the event the 78-year-old politician dies while in office.

Zero Hedge | Two more Bernie Sanders staffers have been caught on tape speaking passionately about ‘the revolution’ they’re fighting.

Information Liberation | Former first lady Michelle Obama won a Grammy award on Sunday for reading aloud a memoir that President Obama reportedly revealed was written for her by a ghostwriter.

Zero Hedge | The US Department of Justice Antitrust Division has been on a hiring spree amid investigations into Silicon Valley tech giants, according to Reuters, citing two DOJ officials with knowledge of the matter.

Paul Joseph Watson | Comedian’s comments spark outrage.

American Mirror | Just imagine how exhausted she’d be if she was president of the United States.

Weasel Zippers | In other words, we couldn’t wait for the witnesses we claim are necessary because we needed him impeached for the election.

The Last Refuge | A good reminder of what we can expect when President Trump’s defense team has their first opportunity in five months to defend him. 

The Daily Sheeple | The Illinois State Board of Elections admitted Monday that noncitizens illegally voted in the 2018 election due to the state’s new automatic voter registration process.

Information Liberation | Transracialphobic bigotry is hitting record levels in America and yet the media and Democratic Party are silent!

Paul Joseph Watson | Mental health check?

Paul Joseph Watson | If Google trends is anything to go by.

American Mirror | This wasn’t a stutter — he just flipped out.

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