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Campus Reform | Bill states “This employee shall have a designated area in order to create a safe space for undocumented students to seek support.”

PJ Media | Thousands of illegals pouring into US every day

National File | “But my wife Jill, as you know, and Doug Emhoff, uh Kamala’s wife will be back later this week, I think on Friday.”

Information Liberation | None of these propagandists will be censored, demonetized, throttled or anything for pushing these blatant hoaxes to their millions of followers.

Michael Snyder | If Trump loses the popular vote but wins the Electoral College in 2020, that will make it the third time in the last six elections that the loser of the popular vote has ended up winning the presidency.

Paul Joseph Watson | Polling firm only one of two to accurately call 2016 election.

National File | Fearing the Attorney General will cop to the excuse he doesn’t want to look political in an election year, the President urged Barr to move quickly on the Hunter Biden issue.

National File | Amazing Accomplishments.

Steve Watson | Trump campaign says it’s the “latest attempt to provide advantage to their favored candidate”.

Information Liberation | Joe Biden could literally die from sneezing too hard!

Paul Joseph Watson | The revolution will be…sponsored by giant transnational corporations.

Paul Joseph Watson | A Biden victory won’t mean the end of Trump.

Steve Watson | The platform has told the Post that access will not be restored until all Hunter Biden coverage is completely deleted.

Information Liberation | There’s plenty of evidence implicating Biden in these pay-for-play schemes but nothing implicating Russia in the release of Biden’s emails!

National File | The Michigan Court of Appeals has reinstated the legislated absentee ballot deadline in a brutal loss for Governor Whitmer and Democrats

National File | Joe Biden was finally forced to respond when confronted by a CBS reporter.

Paul Joseph Watson | Perfect logic.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Remember how the media would be spinning this if it wasn’t Kamala Harris.”

Breitbart | Nearly 29,000 incorrect ballots were sent to voters in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, according to election board officials.

Zero Hedge | Is octogenarian Nancy Pelosi fit to lead the House?

Paul Joseph Watson | Big Tech censorship goes nuclear.

Paul Joseph Watson | Winning hearts and minds.

Steve Watson | “Just like Hunter. Where’s Hunter?”

Zero Hedge | Did CNN just realize that if Trump loses, their viewership will truly go thru the floor?

Steve Watson | Slams ‘China dominated’ World Health Organisation

Michael Snyder | Needless to say, this has enormous implications for the future of our society. 

Paul Joseph Watson | “It’s kind of boring out here.”

National File | The Democrat presidential candidate was defiant in avoiding the question of whether he would pack the US Supreme Court if elected, denying the people had a right to know.

National File | Rejecting the Democrats’ emotional argument about voter disenfranchisement, a US Appeals Court reserved the crafting of election law to ‘elected officials, rather than the judiciary’.

National File | As Nancy Pelosi unleashes the weaponization of the US Constitution, congressional Republicans are considering moves to reign in her activism.

Paul Joseph Watson | Speaker’s corona hypocrisy strikes again.

Breitbart | On Thursday evening, Biden tweeted a video from the vice presidential debate the night before.

Steve Watson | Highest number on record.

Paul Joseph Watson | Trump campaign says “swamp creatures” at Commission on Presidential Debates are bailing out former VP.

Paul Joseph Watson | President refuses to take part.

Steve Watson | Media cannot defend her so cry “sexism” against Pence.

RT | “She got run over by Pence over and over again.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Social media network says as “a global community we understand people may express themselves differently.”

Breitbart | “No redactions!”

Steve Watson | Imagine if Trump had said this…

Paul Joseph Watson | Network continues to spin conspiracy theory that Trump isn’t recovering from COVID.

Paul Joseph Watson | Dictator responsible for around 50 million deaths.

Steve Watson | “CNN reporters like Kaitlin Collins obsess over masks when the cameras are on, but when they think they’re off, off comes their masks!”

Breitbart | “I want to see these beautiful young ladies.”

Zero Hedge | The convenient qualifier should give the Biden camp an “out” – since Trump isn’t really interested in debating anyway, according to Nancy Pelosi.

Steve Watson | Documents concern Hillary’s alleged authorization of a plan to link Trump to the Russian hacking attempts.

Steve Watson | Leftists angry that Trump was able to wave to supporters.

National File | Congressional Democrats are doing everything they can to stall the confirmation of Amy Cony Barrett, but Mitch McConnell says she will get her vote before the end of October.

RT | “He has completed his first dose and is resting comfortably.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “He’s not above weaponizing this.”

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