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Daily Caller | Republican Florida Rep. Brian Mast wished the U.S. Navy a happy birthday using a picture of a warship Sunday in a since-deleted tweet, but the ship apparently was not American.

Zero Hedge | A CIA ‘whistleblower’ who worked with former VP Joe Biden as well as two Adam Schiff (D-CA) aides has apparently gotten cold feet.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Oh, nice.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Bizarre rant caught on camera.

Paul Joseph Watson | You can never be woke enough.

Breitbart | Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) confirmed Thursday that he will not mount a primary challenge to President Donald Trump, stating that the president will be the Republican presidential nominee and likely win re-election in 2020.

American Mirror | As rumors pick up that Hillary Clinton may, indeed, run for president again in 2020, a new book is bringing some of her old skeletons back out of the closet.

Breitbart | Planned Parenthood announced Monday it expects to spend $45 million or more during the 2020 election season, with the goal of winning the White House and snatching the Senate from Republicans.

Paul Joseph Watson | You didn’t beat him the first time.

Breitbart | The impeachment inquiry process so far is akin to a “kangaroo court” led by Democrats already convinced President Donald Trump is guilty of wrongdoing, Republicans said Tuesday.

Daily Caller | The acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection said in a speech about the current immigration crisis that the Trump administration plans to build hundreds of miles of new border wall by the close of 2020.

Zero Hedge | If it reads like a communist manifesto, centrally-plans like a communist manifesto, and redistributes like a communist mainfesto then it is probably a communist manifesto…

Washington Examiner | Border Patrol agents working along the United States-Mexico border took into custody approximately 851,000 people in the U.S. government’s fiscal 2019.

Paul Joseph Watson | Man identified as Alaa Soufi DaLua.

Paul Joseph Watson | Democrat attacks on Trump are emboldening his supporters.

Paul Joseph Watson | Here we go again.

Paul Joseph Watson | Accuses Democrats of conducting a “coup” to remove him from office.

Paul Joseph Watson | Could convince more Republicans to vote to remove him from office.

Paul Joseph Watson | To hide the fact they amplified another race hate hoax.

Paul Joseph Watson | Calls for Trump’s immediate removal.

Paul Joseph Watson | For inventing fake conversation and reading it during hearing.

Paul Joseph Watson | In a desperate effort to stop drug dealing.

Paul Joseph Watson | Trump on the cusp of destroying the deep state.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton, still lingering on the fringes as Joe Biden is turning wobbly, will be on national television on Sunday.

Daily Caller | Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib copied her viral video from earlier this year where she called President Donald Trump a “motherf****r” at an impeachment protest Thursday outside the United States Capitol.

Breitbart | “We now know where every member of the House is on impeachment. And we know it is purely partisan.”

Daily Caller | President Donald Trump told a journalist from Venezuela on Wednesday that “socialism won’t’ happen in the United States … unfortunately I have to use your country as the example of what socialism can do.”

Information Liberation | Multiple Republican Senators, including Utah’s Mike Lee, joined with the Democrats on Wednesday to pass “a motion to end President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to build a wall along the southern border,” Breitbart reports.

Zero Hedge | The acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) threatened to resign if President Trump blocked his testimony before Congress.

Paul Joseph Watson | Pressured Ukraine into continuing investigation into “Russian collusion”.

American Mirror | Despite being in office for nearly three years, Nancy Pelosi is still referring to President Trump as “President Bush.”

Prison Planet.com | Desperate.

Breitbart | Leftist Hollywood figures showered praise on Swedish teen climate change celebrity Greta Thunberg on Monday as she addressed the United Nations General Assembly chided world and warning that the planet is in the “beginning of a mass extinction.”

Daily Caller | President Donald Trump referred to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo as “Fredo” during a Monday press conference at the United Nations Summit.

Daily Caller | A tax warrant against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s failed business venture remains open over six months after her office said the unpaid state taxes would be promptly paid back.

Daily Caller | Former Vice President Joe Biden snapped at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, challenging him Saturday to “ask the right questions.”

Zero Hedge | House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler last week over his ‘Moby Dick’-like obsession with impeaching President Trump.

Prison Planet.com | Winning.

Breitbart | One woman profiled by the New York Times described being raped in Mexican brothels as well as in McAllen, Texas. She said, “They just told us, ‘You guys don’t have money, so you have to pay with your body.’”

Zero Hedge | “Medicare for All” is the critical platform upon which Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is pitching his tent in this year’s 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination campaign (oh, as well as free college, student debt writeoffs, and the green new deal).

Paul Joseph Watson | “Frank Underwood returns.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Wait, what?

Information Liberation | Democratic megadonor Ed Buck, the creepy sex pervert who allegedly drugs young black male prostitutes for sexual gratification, was arrested on Tuesday after a third man overdosed at his house in West Hollywood, Fox News reports.

Zero Hedge | During an interview with “CBS This Morning” on Monday, Snowden said he would ultimately like to return to the United States at some point if “I get a fair trial”. 

Paul Joseph Watson | “I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed.”

Daily Caller | Immigration and Customs Enforcement will soon beef up security at facilities in response to a recent slate of violence against the agency’s detention centers and offices across the country.

Zero Hedge | Police near Area 51 have arrested two vloggers for trespassing near the secret military base after planning an invasion of the site, according to the Daily Star.

Breitbart | Warren’s tweet also said that President Donald Trump should be impeached.

Paul Joseph Watson | Says it could be part of the “acceptance of diverse sexual identities.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Fact checking the fact checkers.

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