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Daily Mail | Former Secret Service special agent Tim Franklin told Mashable that the agency was likely to look for repeated threats.

Steve Watson | Milo: Media created environment where it’s OK to call everyone you disagree with a ‘Nazi’.

American Mirror | Anarchists and leftist agitators rioted across the campus to stop a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Jerome Corsi | WH advisor cautions: “Google head Schmidt, a top Hillary advisor, cozies up to Trump.”

Washington Times | Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in November.

Kit Daniels | Trump wrestles control from Trilateral elite

NYT Live | This was NOT a grass roots demonstration

Daily Caller | Trump went after a Time Magazine reporter.

ABC Local 10 News | Suspect identified as Esteban Santiago.

Washington Post | They are happy to underwrite the wall themselves, at a potential cost of many billions of dollars.

Kit Daniels | Shooter had claimed he was forced to fight for ISIS.

Kit Daniels | Did Obama always intend to blame Russia if Hillary lost election?

Kit Daniels | Porn articles more credible than mainstream reporting, says Hustler founder.

Daily Mail | The future Commander-in-chief will ‘sign a series of executive orders’ on day one, so he can do two things.

Kit Daniels | Discriminated customer reviews purged from Yelp.

The American Mirror | “White fear” of the president’s (mixed) race.

Truth Revolt | US consumer confidence had soared to 113.7, the highest print since August 2001.

Breitbart | “I hate to say this but I think the biggest help to the Democrats going forward”.

Zero Hedge | Nothing like completely ignoring the will of the American people to pursue your own agenda.

Truth Revolt | You mean, told the truth.

Zero Hedge | “The rest of my body is replaceable”.

Kit Daniels | Royal family unquestionably pro-Hitler in the 1930s.

Kit Daniels | Despite active terrorist investigation, NYT avoids possibility Berlin attack linked to terror.

Kit Daniels | 59% say election not influenced by “Russian cyberattacks.”

Kit Daniels | Maximum alert: Globalists claim Americans did not choose Trump.

Kit Daniels | German companies blast Breitbart despite Germany falling to Muslim migrants.

Kit Daniels | But Trump’s victory proves Drudge more powerful than mainstream media.

Kit Daniels | Virtual mosque program to preach Islam at Methodist churches.

Kit Daniels | Leaked email: Comedy skits produced to make Clintons look good.

Kit Daniels | Wino Hillary hurling slurred insults at former campaign.

Allen B. West | After all it’s unfair: Hillary Clinton won the “popular vote” so she should win, right? Wrong.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton is looking for supporters who will help her contest the presidential election results in Michigan.

Dan Lyman & Kit Daniels | Famous blacks rejecting anti-Trump protests.

Breitbart | The murder took place on Sunday afternoon.

DCWhispers.com | When someone challenged Van Zandt’s position and called him stupid, the rocker refused to back down.

Q13Fox | Police say the woman, who they did not identify, admitted she fabricated the entire event.

Zero Hedge | “A battle is brewing between the GOP foreign policy establishment and outsiders over who will sit on President-elect Donald Trump’s national security team.”

Kit Daniels | Moral relativism leads to societal collapse.

Kit Daniels | Trump realizes isolation is dangerous.

Martin Armstrong | Any Democrat who is not angry at this is clearly just a biased fool.

Daily Mail | Police attacked with rocks and bottles.

Kit Daniels | We’re living in the future in which citizen reporting trumps mainstream media.

Kit Daniels | Polls disappear showing major Hillary collapse among likely voters on election day.

Kit Daniels | Undeniable proof CNN is in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

Kit Daniels | Mainstream media use zoom lenses to hide low attendance.

Kit Daniels | Assassin stopped in Reno.

Kit Daniels | Evidence of child sex would explain why FBI reopened investigation into Hillary.

Kit Daniels | Hillary was attending a Satanic church, says Clinton insider.

Vox | It’s shifting hundreds — if not thousands — of third-party votes to Clinton.

Kit Daniels | 2016 a year of seismic shifts in world history.

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