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Daily Mail | China has said that relations with the United States were ‘on the brink of a new Cold War’, fuelled in part by tensions over the coronavirus pandemic.

Breitbart | It was previously illegal under noise pollution laws.

National File | The unnamed African migrant has lived in Sweden for a decade

Daily Mail | Citing threats from Russia and China’ – but experts warn it could start an ‘unprecedented arms race’ and destabilize international relations.

Steve Watson | Report: Universities refusing to co-operate with investigation into Chinese infiltration.

Breitbart | The French coast guard ship filmed by Brexit leader Nigel Farage escorting illegal migrants into British waters is a regular visitor, its own safety transponder data reveals, and can be proven to have made such missions at least twice in the past week.

Paul Joseph Watson | 19-year-old Tommie Lindh was stabbed to death while try to stop woman being raped.

Paul Joseph Watson | While illegal boat migrants are given a de-facto taxi service to enter the country.

Paul Joseph Watson | Banlieue bonfire.

Daily Mail | The worst day yet for new cases of coronavirus cases has been recorded, with 106,000 people newly infected around the world, the WHO said on Wednesday.

Breitbart | NGOs and mainstream media outlets characterised the country’s right-wing populist leader, Viktor Orbán, as an “autocrat” in pushing through the legislation.

Daily Mail | There are fears Britain could be dragged into a global trade war with China after Beijing slapped an 80 per cent tariff on Australian exports as punishment for demanding an independent coronavirus inquiry – which 100 nations including the UK supported.

Steve Watson | Resolution demands investigation of “the actions of WHO and their timelines pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Zero Hedge | China’s Ambassador to Israel has been found dead inside his home near Tel Aviv Sunday morning, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed.

RT | In arguably the most high-profile outcry last week, an Italian MP for Rome Sara Cunial delivered a speech rarely (if ever at all) heard in any parliament.

Daily Mail | Study suggests it was taken into the area by someone already infected – as Beijing thwarts efforts to establish source of Covid-19.

Breitbart | Ready to Accept Apologies for ‘Dictator’ Accusations.

Paul Joseph Watson | Claims “elite” wants to re-open society, despite the opposite being true.

Steve Watson | Devastating report details crackdown on dissenters.

Bill Gertz | China’s space warfare capabilities, including anti-satellite missiles and directed-energy weapons, pose growing threats to U.S. national security, according to a think tank report made public Wednesday.

Steve Watson | 71% say China should be “penalized” for its role in the pandemic.

Michael Snyder | Are we supposed to have shutdowns every year whenever a new wave of COVID-19 infections starts happening?

Paul Joseph Watson | Beaten to death with an iron rod as he slept.

Steve Watson | ‘Webinar’ had been organised by the National Association of Black Journalists.

National File | China refuses to acknowledge Taiwan’s independence, and will be included in the WHO meeting.

RT | “In order to cut off the spread of the epidemic, we have decided to implement control measures in the urban area of Jilin,”the city’s vice mayor Gai Dongping told local media on Wednesday.

Sputnik | A CIA report claims that China had tried to stop the World Health Organisation from issuing a global warning on the coronavirus, according to Newsweek.

Paul Joseph Watson | “This has become a middle-class wet dream of what the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism would look like.”

Paul Joseph Watson | German government denies conclusion reflects their official position.

Paul Joseph Watson | The same WHO that silenced its own doctors who called for border controls to stop virus.

Paul Joseph Watson | Worship of health workers reaches new level of hysteria.

Steve Watson | U.S. educators are allegedly on the take from China’s communist government.

Vanessa Beeley | “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.”

RT | The measure was announced as a response to the six new locally-transmitted cases that were recorded in Wuhan on Sunday and Monday.

Paul Joseph Watson | Police viewed by migrants as “foreign forces.”

Steve Watson | Only 4% want government enforced home confinement scrapped.

RT | In addition to five indigenous cases in Wuhan, three others came from Jilin province, one from Liaoning, which borders North Korea, and another from Heilongjiang province, which borders Russia.

Daily Mail | President Xi was accused of ‘personally asking the WHO to hold back information and delaying the global response by four to six WEEKS’.

Zero Hedge | Iran’s military has stumbled into another epic f*ckup.

National File | Damning report shows Britain as only country not to take any drastic measures for border security.

Zero Hedge | The document asserts that if the virus truly did spread in November and December, then there is reason to suspect that it might have leaked from a lab, or been intentionally released.

Breitbart | Scientists around the world have expressed distrust towards both China’s and Venezuela’s official coronavirus case numbers.

Steve Watson | The EU rolled over twice for China’s communist government, altering a letter by 27 ambassadors and a report on the coronavirus to soften criticism.

Steve Watson | “The US is the one to be held accountable and it should compensate the international society, for the Spanish Flu, AIDS and other epidemics.”

Breitbart | “Against a backdrop of populist politics in many countries, the search for political solutions to economic and social challenges has become a competition of absolutes.”

Breitbart | On Wednesday, Maduro appeared on television flashing what he claimed was a copy of the contract and proof that President Donald Trump was directing the operation.

Steve Watson | Biological warfare and vaccine experts have been targets for at least a decade.

Breitbart | China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO), the top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) political office in Hong Kong, on Wednesday condemned pro-democracy demonstrators as a “political virus” that “must be eliminated” before Hong Kong can return to prosperity.

Information Liberation | Seems plausible.

National File | The president of Tanzania decided to reject COVID-19 tests after a piece of fruit and a goat turned up positive.

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