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RT | A Norwegian state report says the officials “had very limited knowledge” of what was going on in Libya, but promptly decided to join the US-led intervention, turning the once thriving North African nation into a terrorist hotbed.

Voice Of Europe | Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is pushing back against the bombardment of criticism over his strong stance against illegal immigration.

Breitbart | German Chancellor Angela Merkel will allegedly fire the head of the country’s domestic intelligence service after he countered claims of “migrant hunts” during one of the many Chemnitz protests.

RT | “Leave our children in peace. Let our children play, stop ‘playing’ with our children.”

RT | A knife-wielding man has attacked and wounded an officer in Brussels, police said, adding that they had shot and injured the assailant.

Breitbart | Amnesty International is taking legal action to try and block a ‘traditional family’ referendum on whether to define marriage as a union between a man and woman in Romania.

Voice Of Europe | A 17-year-old German girl, who was five months pregnant, was the victim of a brutal knife attack by four boys with migrant backgrounds, tabloid Bild reports.

Breitbart | 28-year-old Syrian national Ibrahim Ali, who came to Canada as a refugee, has been accused of murdering a 13-year-old girl in Burnaby, British Colombia, whose body was found last year.

Zero Hedge | German Chancellor Angela Merkel was heckled as she condemned thousands of right-wing protesters in eastern Germany.

Breitbart | Four political parties are pushing forward laws that could prohibit the pro-sharia Partij Islam ahead of Belgium’s upcoming municipal elections.

Voice Of Europe | French Journalist and essayist, Éric Zemmour draws a damning portrait of modern day France, broadcaster Europe 1 reports.

Voice Of Europe | The Minister went on to say “Arabic is a wonderful literary language that should be learnt by all, not just those with a Muslim background.”

Sputnik | The leader of the Swedish nationalist party’s parliamentary group said his nation was “in deep trouble,” fighting for its very existence and the survival of its culture.

Free Beacon | Haley on Wednesday warned the regime of Syrian President Bashar al- Assad, along with its allies Russia and Iran, not to use chemical weapons against the last rebel stronghold in Syria.

Breitbart | Irish rock star Bono gave a Nazi salute during a show in Paris, while mocking the success of the Swedish populist party, Sweden Democrats, in Sunday’s general election.

Sputnik | The scenario comes as former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made it clear that he would not support the ouster of the UK Prime Minister, but added that her soft Brexit blueprint is “substantially worse” than staying in the EU.

Zero  Hedge | “You are going to denounce Hungary that has been a member of the family of Christian nations for a thousand years.”

Daily Mail | EU President Jean-Claude Juncker has called for a 10,000-strong EU border and coastguard force to tackle the migrant crisis engulfing the continent. 

Breitbart | The Sweden Democrats took 17.6 percent of the vote.

Breitbart | Police reassured the public they do not believe there is a terrorist motive behind the mass-stabbing.

RT | No-deal Brexit might result in lengthy civil unrest and surge in crime.

Zero Hedge | North Korea announced it would pursue denuclearization by the end of President Trump’s first term.

Economic Collapse Blog | Do they know something that the rest of us do not?

Bloomberg | Years of doomsday talk at Silicon Valley dinner parties has turned to action.

RT | Authorities have dropped the case.

Zero Hedge | London Mayor Sadiq Kahn has been dressed down in a scathing attack.

The Telegraph | Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday pledged $60 billion in financing for projects in Africa in the form of assistance, investment and loans, as China furthers efforts to link the continent’s economic prospects to its own.

Zero Hedge | A surge in populism has sent Sweden’s far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) Party surging in the polls leading up to the country’s September 9 election – placing them neck and neck with the Moderate party.

Breitbart | French President Emmanuel Macron has blasted populist Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson claiming he is “not compatible with Swedish values” during an interview one week before the country’s national election.

UPI | The U.S. Department of Defense suspended $300 milllion in military funding to Pakistan, citing the country’s failure to suppress militant groups.

Breitbart | French farmers lit flares and sowed grass seeds on land bought up by firms from China, complaining locals are being squeezed out of the countryside by foreign investors.

Information Liberation | A 10-year-old boy was allegedly pinned down and raped by a 10-year-old Afghan classmate and his two Afghan and Iraqi 11-year-old friends while on a school trip to a castle in Germany shortly before the summer holidays.

RT | A migrant suspected of committing hundreds of crimes has been let roam free in the German city of Frankfurt because the authorities have been unable to establish his identity and country of origin for decades.

RT | A member of the Swedish right-wing Alternative for Sweden (AfS) party, who is currently running for parliament, says he was “punched in the face” by a young immigrant during an election campaign stop in Western Sweden.

Information Liberation | Subjecting him to a blatant witch hunt like this may indeed “boomerang” and only make him stronger.

Reuters | Bidding to stem the rise of the far-right AfD, Germany’s left next week launches a grassroots movement aimed at emulating the success of Britain’s Momentum group which propelled hardliner Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party.

RT | Moscow has briefed US diplomats on a plan by militants to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Idlib province meant to frame Damascus, the Russian ambassador in the US has said.

Zero Hedge | President Donald Trump threatened that he could begin joint military exercises with South Korea and Japan that will be “far bigger than ever” if progress stalls on North Korea nuclear talks.

Breitbart | Following the docking of the Aquarius in Marseilles, no migrant transport NGO vessels are currently operating in the Mediterranean as some face increasing legal pressure from European countries.

Dawn | Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that the absence of an international policy against the generation of blasphemous content is a “collective failure” on part of the Muslim countries.

Breitbart | “However, we have heard evidence as part of our work to suggest that a significant volume of gun discharges and gun crimes go unreported.”

RT | A bill allowing the South African government to seize private land without compensation has been withdrawn by the Portfolio Committee on Public Works pending further study, according to the ruling African National Congress.

Sputnik | The head of the Netherlands’ opposition right-wing Party for Freedom, or PVV, Geert Wilders, is known throughout Europe for his promising to ban the Koran and close down mosques.

RT | The US may have plans to use a fake chemical attack in Syria to hit government forces with airstrikes, the Russian Defense Ministry has said. Washington is already building up strike capability in the Middle East, it said.

Breitbart | A boat packed with around fifty illegal migrants beached itself on a luxury resort in Spain’s Costa de la Luz on Sunday.

Breitbart | Over 1,000 right-wing supporters spontaneously gathered in Chemnitz city centre on Monday following the fatal stabbing of a man, allegedly by migrants, with some attacking foreigners and yelling anti-migrant slogans.

Jon Hall | Thirty men and one woman have been charged with sexual crimes in Huddersfield, England – including the trafficking and rape of girls as young as 12-years-old, along with the facilitating of sexual abuse.

Daily Mirror | Full list of those killed after epidemic of knife crime sweeps the capital this year piling pressure on Metropolitan Police.

Voice Of Europe | Last week a doctor was stabbed to death by a 26-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia in Offenburg.

Sputnik | A public backlash against the arrival of hundreds of thousands of seaborne newcomers in the past five years helped bring to power the new Italian government, which has made the fight against illegal migration one of its top priorities.

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