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Paul Joseph Watson | Chorus of jeers greets globalists.

Breitbart | Migrant youths make up nearly half of the unemployed youth in France, according to statistics gathered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Breitbart | Belgian Senator and former Secretary-General of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Alain Destexhe has slammed “elites” for their handling of mass migration and the lack of debate on the long-term effects of migration.

RT | King Louis XVI’s refusal to embrace reforms led to his downfall, Emmanuel Macron told corporate executives gathered at Versailles. The meeting was held in part to alleviate investors’ fears after 10 weeks of Yellow Vest protests.

Zero Hedge | “We do not like that it is our citizens who are being punished.”

Breitbart | The Czech Republic is launching a programme to pay non-EU migrants to go home, noting that funding the scheme would cost taxpayers “far less” than if migrant groups remained in the country.

Reuters | Damascus did not say what damage or casualties resulted from the strikes, but a war monitor said 11 were killed and Syria’s ally Russia said four Syrian soldiers died.

Voice Of Europe | Marine Le Pen delivered a speech in Paris to thousands of her National Rally party supporters, who chanted “Macron, resignation!” as she spoke.

RT | The head of Iran’s air force has warned that Tehran is ready to “confront” and “eliminate” Israel. His fighting words come after Israel launched air raids on alleged Iranian targets inside Syria, killing 4 Syrian soldiers.

Zero Hedge | “There’s a rising tide of euroskepticism across the continent,” Bannon said. “This is a historic moment.”

Breitbart | Leave campaigner Nigel Farage has warned that Brexit is “on the verge of being betrayed” and Leavers must be prepared to continue the fight either in the face of Article 50 being delayed or a possible second referendum.

Sky News | The ex-UKIP leader says there will be another set of European elections if Article 50 is extended by as little as three months.

Zero Hedge | President Trump on Thursday scrapped a scheduled delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, citing the partial government shutdown. 

Free Beacon | Pentagon acknowledges Beijing seeks global supremacy.

Sputnik | The Charleroi municipality court in Belgium has sentenced a Syrian refugee to five years in prison for plotting a terrorist attack in the country, the RTBF reported on Thursday.

Sputnik | The recent spate of sexual attacks on underage schoolgirls as young as ten has spurred the Finnish authorities into action.

Breitbart | France has seen a 22 percent rise in asylum applications in 2018, while populist-led countries such as Italy and Austria have seen sharp declines in claims.

Breitbart | Support for the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) waned somewhat over the Christmas period but has found newfound momentum as a poll shows nearly 70 percent of French people now back it.

RT | Even if Westminster manages to push through a new Brexit referendum, a new vote would actually show even bigger support for the idea of leaving the EU, Farage argued.

Zero Hedge | When in doubt, desperately reach for the Reductio ad Hitlerum argument.

London Independent | Officials have decided to remove entire exhibit – not just Saudi flag.

RT | German Foreign Minister has signaled the EU’s readiness for new talks with the UK on Brexit if Theresa May’s plan is rejected by Parliament.

Breitbart | Police in the German city of Jena have arrested a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan following the discovery of the body of an 87-year-old German woman believed to have been murdered.

Mediaite | President Donald Trump said the United States will “devastate Turkey economically” if the country attacks Kurdish fighters in Syria.

Westmonster | The Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AFD) has agreed that it may campaign for an exit from the European Union unless significant changes take place.

Breitbart | European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) leader Syed Kamall has slammed policies to limit mass migration.

RT | British Prime Minister Theresa May is appealing for the Brexit deal on Monday, arguing it is MPs’ duty to split with the EU.

RT | The mayor of Poland’s northern city of Gdansk is in critical condition after a brutal knife attack during a charity concert performance.

Zero Hedge | Turkey has threatened to strike the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia if the United States delays its troop withdrawal from the country, according to The Guardian. 

Breitbart | An MP belonging to French President Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche! (LREM) has proposed that “foreign powers” could be behind the violent Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protesters, naming Italy specifically.

London Independent | Growing backlog of key bills that must be passed could force delay.

RT | Dozens of people would have been killed in an unprecedented terrorist attack in the Netherlands if a seven-strong terrorist cell had not been stopped in time, a Dutch public prosecutor told a court on Thursday.

RT | Swiss police have defended their decision to fine a man who shouted “Allahu Akbar” in public, arguing that they would have reacted the same way if someone had been shouting obscenities in public, local media reported.

Voice Of Europe | The Trump administration has downgraded the diplomatic status of the EU in Washington, without informing Brussels, officials confirmed on Tuesday.

Breitbart | Italian police have arrested 15 suspects alleged to be part of an organisation that helped smuggle radical Islamic terrorists into the country as illegal migrants and asylum seekers.

Sputnik | An international group of hackers is threatening to “bury” the US government with so-far-undisclosed sensational information regarding the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers.

Zero Hedge | Brazil has been swept with a rash of violence as gangs react to new President Jair Bolsonaro’s crackdown on crime.

Paul Joseph Watson | The truth about the European Spring.

Breitbart | James Goddard, leader of the British Yellow Vests who challenged EU loyalist Anna Soubry on the street and branded her a fascist, has been purged from Facebook and PayPal.

Anne Marie Waters | If you dare to suggest that the words of Mohammed may inspire the actions of a devout Muslim, you will find that you’re a hate-filled Islamophobic fascist.

RT | As the US is experiencing “certain difficulties” with the pullout from Syria, the process should be coordinated with Iran and Russia to prevent “terrorists” from taking up the vacated space, Turkish Foreign Minister suggested.

Voice Of Europe | Two professors have warned for the future as more Germans are ‘radicalising’ and the welcome culture is over.

Voice Of Europe | “It’s a meeting at the highest level.”

Zero Hedge | Mike Pompeo sought to reassure the public that Turkey’s President Erdogan has made a personal commitment to President Trump.

Breitbart | The anti-Brexit People’s Vote march was just one-third of the size organisers claimed, it has been revealed.

Voice Of Europe | Two men are being prosecuted at Skaraborg District Court for having strangled a dog to death and thus subjected it to suffering.

Reuters | Emmanuel Macron intended to start the new year on the offensive against the ‘yellow vest’ protesters.

RT | A Frenchman who was captured pummeling a riot police officer during Yellow Vest protests in Paris has been revealed to be a former professional boxer.

Paul Joseph Watson | “An attack on the rule of law”.

Gareth Porter | Hopes remain high that H. Con. Res. 138 will help to end the Yemen war itself.

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