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World News

Daily Mail | Kim Jong-un has arrived in Beijing for a meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping where he is likely to reveal details of his unprecedented meeting with Donald Trump.

Zero Hedge | Police in Sweden are attempting to downplay initial reports of terrorism.

Breitbart | “Exactly like the European Commission itself: pro-immigration and pro-migrant”.

Voice Of Europe | The UN human rights commissioner has declared war against the Hungarian government.

Voice Of Europe | The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) have called for Sweden to hold a referendum on the country’s EU membership after the 2018 Swedish general election.

Oriental Review | Trump promised to replace what he termed as “fool trade” with fair trade when it comes to America’s economic partnerships, especially those with NAFTA and the EU.

Breitbart | Police in Paris discovered a Quran along with texts in Arabic in a car which was used to ram a police vehicle twice before the suspects fled on foot.

RT | Israeli Air Force jets have carried out a series of strikes on Gaza, reportedly destroying several Hamas military targets in retaliation to alleged arson attempts and “explosive kites and balloons” being launched at Israel.

Information Liberation | This is the same EU which says America needs to “build bridges, not walls.”

RT | Canadian authorities have admitted that a patch of an unapproved, genetically modified strain of wheat has been found in the wild, well outside of old Monsanto test areas.

RT | French authorities have foiled five terrorist attacks this year.

RT | Footage of the US President returning the salute of a North Korean general has set off his domestic critics, who have accused Donald Trump of showing respect for a “murderous regime” in Pyongyang.

Paul Joseph Watson | Activist’s safety in danger as a result of ‘high risk’ status being removed from his file.

Reuters | “President Trump has been incredibly clear about the sequencing of denuclearisation and relief from the sanctions.”

Voice Of Europe | Marcel de Graaff, co-president of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group, recommended making helping illegal immigration a criminal offense.

RT | In a landmark agreement, the interior ministers of Austria, Germany and Italy have banded together against illegal migration.

Zero Hedge | Italy has postponed high-level discussions with France on Wednesday.

Deutsche Welle | Man charged with producing biological weapon at home in Cologne.

Washington Free Beacon | Senator says Iran deal circumvented constitutional treaty ratification.

Voice Of Europe | Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban supports Italy’s decision to turn away a ship with 600 migrants from its ports, Reuters reports. 

The Daily Caller | President Trump’s odds of winning the Nobel Peace Prize just increased significantly in the wake of his Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

RT | “Good luck with your competition. I do hope that it won’t become such a mess as the one in Garland, Texas.”

Zero Hedge | Between 2004 and 2016, the European Union lost an estimated total of €180 billion ($212 billion) in GDP due to terrorist attacksaccording to a new RAND report.

The Hill | President Trump on Tuesday said that he “absolutely” plans to invite North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the White House. 

UK Express | THERESA May’s government has been dealt a stunning blow after Phillip Lee became the first minister to resign over her Brexit policy.

Breitbart | The Prime Minister has begged pro-Brussels Tory MPs not to rebel and support anti-Brexit amendments from the Lords this Tuesday, delaying a critical showdown on trade rules.

RT | The United States will halt military drills with South Korea while negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang continue.

Mac Slavo | The Russian Defense Ministry is claiming that United States special forces are helping plot chemical attacks in Syria to provoke a violent attack against the Syrian government.

Daily Mail | A ship carrying 629 migrants rescued while trying to cross the Mediterranean is stranded at sea after being turned away by both Italy and Malta.

Zero Hedge | “I think what is needed is defend the international system of norms and this is something that combines US, Russia, China and Europe,” Schuessel said.

Voice Of Europe | “They said they will kick our faith brothers out of Austria (…) do you think we’ll do nothing in response? That’s mean, we’ll have to take action.”

CNS News | Putin also said he was ready for a face-to-face meeting with Trump “as soon as the U.S. side is ready.”

Bloomberg | Chancellor Angela Merkel made a forceful pitch for Europe to play a more assertive role in global affairs.

Voice Of Europe | “Four-hundred-fifty radicalised prisoners will be out of jail by 2019 plus fifty Islamic terrorists,” said the French Justice Minister, Nicole Belloubet, to BFMTV.

Zero Hedge | Earlier this week, Taiwanese newspapers published reports that Taiwan’s military would be conducting a massive five-day live-fire war drill starting Monday.

Sputnik | The Austrian government’s decision follows the outcome of a probe into photos of children in a mosque backed by Turkey playing dead and reenacting the World War I battle of Gallipoli.

RT | A new world war could become “an end of civilization,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a live televised call-in show.

Breitbart | Der Spiegel magazine has aggravated tensions between Germany and Italy with a contemptuous article accusing the Italians of being ungrateful “moochers” who are pulling Europe into a crisis reminiscent of Greece’s.

Sputnik | 5,000 square meters.

Daisy Luther | A few weeks back, the government of Sweden sent out a booklet to every household in the country urging citizens to prepare for war or other crises.

Daily Mail | Britain is in the grip of a violent crime wave as thugs run riot on mopeds and motorbikes.

Breitbart | The poll, which was released Tuesday, shows the anti-mass migration party increase their support by 3.7 per cent to a total of 18.5 per cent.

RT | German MPs are rallying for the US ambassador to be expelled after he said that he wanted to “empower” conservatives throughout Europe.

Zero Hedge | Russian president Vladimir Putin gave a tense interview to Austria’s ORF television channel which at times got so heated, he spoke in German to ask host Armin Wolf to let him finish his answers. 

Information Liberation | John Bolton, who has been working tirelessly to sabotage Trump’s peace deal with North Korea, has reportedly been sidelined by President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

AFP | Iran has notified the International Atomic Energy Agency that it has launched a plan to increase its uranium enrichment capacity, nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi said Tuesday.

RT | Russia would least of all want to see a nuclear war with North Korea raging near its border, President Vladimir Putin told Austrian TV, adding that Moscow will “exhaust every effort” to resolve the tensions there peacefully.

Zero Hedge | The Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will start assessing bids this week from space industry vendors as it wants to disrupt the military space business.

Sputnik | A US Defense Department program to train and equip personnel around the world for the fight against terrorism has failed in more than half of its cases.

Paul Joseph Watson | Hysterically claims Salvini is Putin’s puppet.

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