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CNBC | He said that Europe would respond firmly to U.S. attempts to place its own economic interests before those of partners.

Breitbart | A friend of Chechen Paris attacker Khamzat Asimov has been revealed to be an employee of the French immigration agency and married a woman known to be a radical Islamic extremist.

Voice Of Europe | Yesterday night, four migrants set fire to the detention facilities of the Foreigners‘ Police Department of Athens in which they were being held in protest against their living conditions.

RT | French authorities have thwarted a possible attack using either highly toxic ricin gas or explosives, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has said.

Sputnik | On his Twitter account, the American journalist said, that the Ukrainian official encouraged Rogan after his provocative article met ill quarter from Russia.

WSJ | Figure includes spending on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria.

Voice Of Europe | Alice Weidel’s speeches are mostly spot on and don’t have any political correctness in them.

CNBC | North Korea abruptly canceled talks with South Korea and threatened to withdraw from talks with U.S. President Donald Trump slated for June 12 in Singapore.

Mac Slavo | As part of an Obama administration plan to arm “moderate forces” in Syria, United States military equipment and ammunition went instead to ISIS terrorist forces.

The Hill | Russian lawmakers on Tuesday moved to make observing U.S. sanctions a crime punishable by up to four years in jail.

Breitbart | Homeowners in Ireland have been asked to pledge spare rooms or vacant properties to house migrants for periods of up to a year as part of the government’s Irish Refugee Protection Programme.

RT | The European Union is planning to switch payments to the euro for its oil purchases from Iran, eliminating US dollar transactions, a diplomatic source told RIA Novosti.

CNBC | The Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle is expected to enter Russia’s arsenal by 2020.

Reuters | Britain called on Tuesday for an investigation after Israeli troops shot dead dozens of Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border.

RT | President Donald Trump’s national security adviser wants North Korea to ship all of its nuclear weapons to a US lab in Tennessee, to make sure Kim Jong-un follows through on his promise to dismantle the program.

Breitbart | X-team, a subsidiary of the Bandidos criminal network in Kalmar, Sweden, is recruiting unaccompanied ‘child’ migrants to serve as a “youth army” (ungdomsarmé).

Breitbart | The populist Five-Star Movement (M5S) and the anti-mass migration League (Lega) are ready to propose a prime minister and a programme of government to the Italian president.

Washington Free Beacon | Ahead of Jerusalem embassy opening, officials disclose peace plan progress.

CNS News | “Violence and terrorism should not be associated with any religion.”

Voice Of Europe | An overwhelming majority of French do not think that the hijab belongs in French society, according to a poll by Marianne le Mag magazine.

Information Liberation | This is a major concession. At this point, Russia has effectively done nothing to retaliate against the US-led strike on Syria last month.

RT | Europe needs to replace the US as the world leader as Washington is no longer fits this role, the EU Commission head said following Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Breitbart | North Korean state media warned America against “stupid behavior” in a piece Thursday after claiming that the U.S. has boasted of the efficacy of economic sanctions.

Breitbart | The populist anti-establishment parties Five Star and Le Lega look ready to form the next Italian government after La Lega centre-right coalition partner Silvio Berlusconi withdrew his opposition to the parties working together.

The Last Refuge | Vice President Mike Pence has shared part of a personal note he was handed this morning from a returning detainee.

Daily Mail | Iran is likely to launch cyber attacks on Western countries ‘within months’ in retaliation for the U.S. ripping up the nuclear deal, experts warn.

Zero Hedge | And crucially, there’s currently no sign that Russia came to the aid of its close ally as rockets rained down on Damascus overnight.

Information Liberation | The absolute state of Sweden.

RT | The speaker of Iran’s parliament has offered a particularly scathing review of US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Breitbart | Swedish police in the town of Växjö have granted a local mosque the right to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer, with the local Church of Sweden bishop supporting the move as a “well thought-out decision”.

The Last Refuge | This report out of South Korea, while not confirmed, makes sense.

Xinhua | Xi held talks with Kim and hosted a welcome banquet for him.

RT | The US State Department has been forced to publicly distance itself from the US President’s old friend and new lawyer, Rudi Giuliani.

Sputnik | Tore Rasmussen, a prominent figure of the anti-immigration movement Generation Identity, has become yet another right-wing activist banned from entering the UK for committing nothing but “thoughtcrime.”

Weasel Zippers | More enrichment.

Information Liberation | I wonder which aide this could possibly be?

RT | Critics are calling for harsher sentences for child abuse.

Bill Gertz | Incidents near Beijing’s Djibouti military base injured American air crews flying nearby.

RT | Even the US State Department seems to be having second thoughts about supporting the group, reportedly placing a freeze on its funding.

Information Liberation | NBC News reported Tuesday that US officials say Israel “seems to be preparing for war with Iran.”

Information Liberation | Will grant 800,000 immigrants citizenship.

Daily Mail | A federal judge found the Islamic Republic aided the attacks and provided material support to Al-Qaeda.

Voice Of Europe | Kasselstrand has serious plans to send migrants back who don’t integrate, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports. 

Zero Hedge | “We’re actually thinking of a sixth [military branch] — and that would be the Space Force.”

Information Liberation | On CNN Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Iran for allegedly working to develop nuclear bombs in secret, but refused to say whether Israel did the same (in violation of US non-proliferation law).

Breitbart | It was revealed that migrant-background children being taught lessons in their native language were actually just learning the Quran.

Breitbart | Jewish deputy mayor of Toulouse Aviv Zonabend could be fired after he allegedly said there were “too many Arabs” on an Israeli radio programme.

Sputnik | A crowd rushed out of bars in Nice, fearing a terror attack as a person shot a harmless flare gun during a dispute.

CNBC | Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the Trump administration’s tough economic sanctions against North Korea are the reason leader Kim Jong Un is considering peace talks.

Breitbart | There have been more than 6,000 grooming crimes recorded in the UK in less than five years.

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