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World News

Daily Mail | 16,000 people in the UK died in five weeks as hospitals shut down to deal with COVID while 25,000 died from the virus.

Zero Hedge | “Russia will perceive any ballistic missile launched at its territory as a nuclear attack that warrants a nuclear retaliation.”

Paul Joseph Watson | While police in Australia smash windows and drag lockdown violators out of their vehicles.

Paul Joseph Watson | Asylum seekers being accommodated in hotels at taxpayer expense while Brits ordered to quarantine without pay.

Breitbart | A prominent commentator in Lebanon suggested late Wednesday that a top Chinese construction firm could take up the herculean task of reconstructing the Port of Beirut after a massive explosion destroyed much of the site and surrounding neighborhoods.

Zero Hedge | When it comes to America’s allies in the Middle East, Washington has long “looked the other way” while they recklessly pursue questionable weapons technology.

Paul Joseph Watson | Only 17% of Syrian women have jobs 5 years after moving to the country.

Zero Hedge | Social media users are speculating without any evidence about a possible connection between this fire and the explosion yesterday in Beirut.

Steve Watson | “Our great generals seem to think it was an attack”.

RT.com | Moreover, one in four surveyed Germans insisted that the US military presence in the country should be reduced to zero.

Zero Hedge | We wonder if the WHO asked why Beijing ordered labs across China to destroy coronavirus samples in early January?

Steve Watson | “Before President Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell ‘well,’ they had mingled for years in the same gilded circles.”

Ron Paul | Unfortunately, while the Europeans are waking up, Americans are still asleep as our freedoms continue to be trampled.

Breitbart | The shooting took place in the municipality of Botkyrka on Sunday night outside of a local McDonald’s restaurant while the 12-year-old victim was walking her dog.

Paul Joseph Watson | Residents ordered to stay at the place they slept last night for 6 weeks.

RT | Microsoft appreciates the US government’s and President Trump’s personal involvement as it continues to develop strong security protections for the country

RT | Activists took to the streets of London a day after the UK cabinet expanded its guidelines for mandatory face coverings. The demonstration comes amid growing skepticism worldwide over the efficacy of such policies.

Zero Hedge | The SCMP is reporting that WeChat, a popular chat app developed and run by Chinese tech giant Tencent, will also be targeted by the Trump administration along with TikTok.

Daily Mail | Scotland Yard made the admission to a former Royal protection officer who told The Mail on Sunday he believed Andrew may have returned to Buckingham Palace in the early hours of March 11, 2001.

Daily Mail | Communications from within high ranks of the special forces reveal huge concern for the killings of over 33 Afghan people in 11 different night raids on homes by the same unit.

Daily Mail | Anti-racism protesters wearing stab-vests are branded ‘terrifying’ by Nigel Farage as they demonstrate in Brixton – with one yelling ‘F*** the police’ as she confronts officers.

Reuters | The move comes as the tech giants fend off calls around the world for greater regulation.

Steve Watson | Documents also contain explosive claims against attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Breitbart | The North Korea monitor website 38 North published satellite images on Tuesday that indicate uranium enrichment activity continues at the communist regime’s Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, one of the top facilities for the generation of nuclear fuel.

Daily Mail | ‘They’re there to protect Europe, they’re there to protect Germany, and Germany is supposed to pay for it.We don’t want to be responsible anymore.’  

Steve Watson | There will be “intergenerational consequences for child growth and development.”

Zero Hedge | “Look’s like it’s all across the country.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Powerful” cabal has been operating since the 80’s.

Paul Joseph Watson | After request from a Muslim interest organisation.

National File | The recently reelected president compared the LGBT community to “Neo-Bolshevism.”

The Mises Institute | It is common to read articles stating that Sweden has one of the world’s worst death rates for COVID-19.

Sputnik | Herd immunity in the UK may have reached the required level to shield the population of the country against a second wave of COVID-19.

Paul Joseph Watson | Conservative government proves completely ineffective once again.

Zero Hedge | It seems like Trump’s enemies over at Project Lincoln have some more explaining to do.

RT | The replacement statue itself caused controversy.

Zero Hedge | Last summer Iran began claiming to have busted a network of CIA spies within the country.

RT | It is said they worked as quickly as possible fearing that officials could arrive to stop them.

Steve Watson | “The police is no different from the KKK”.

Michael Snyder | In other words, it looks like COVID-19 is now a permanent part of our lives.

RT | “The prime minister has been clear that people should be wearing face coverings in shops and we will make this mandatory from July 24.”

Zero Hedge | A “misguided effort to evade detection.

Zero Hedge | “U.S. citizens may be detained without access to U.S. consular services or information about their alleged crime.”

Daily Mail | Including £10,000 to protect Winston Churchill monument which was vandalised during BLM protests

Zero Hedge | Yan believes her life is in danger.

Steve Watson | Biden promises to re-join if elected.

Zero Hedge | The United Nations released the results of an investigation into the January 3rd US drone strike on Iran’s top IRGC general Qasem Soleimani calling the killing  “unlawful” on Tuesday.

Steve Watson | “A disgraceful and shameful contrast” to denounce America in the face of Chinese tyranny.

RT | Americans should download the apps “only if you want your information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Zero Hedge | In the last four days, 15 states have reported record increases in new coronavirus cases, resulting in at least 40% of the U.S. pausing or reversing reopenings. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Locks down Twitter account after controversy.

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