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World News

CNBC | Russia is carrying out a series of large-scale military exercises with China, India and Pakistan in what experts believe is Moscow trying to send a powerful message to the West.

Zero Hedge | Serious offer or some bold high level trolling? 

Zero Hedge | Iranian state TV quoted Khamenei, who said this is the position of the country’s leadership and that “all officials in the Islamic Republic unanimously believe” this.

Breitbart | Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga met with her European counterparts Monday and was grilled on the state of Hungary’s judicial system, freedom of expression, and corruption allegations.

Zero Hedge | “I don’t want to have war with anybody” but our military is prepared.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cautions that revenge attack on Iran could cause Middle East to “spiral out of control.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “We still have 300,000 people in Germany of whose identities we cannot be sure.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Now fully supports it with no strings attached following drone strike.

Paul Joseph Watson | Entire spare capacity of the world taken out.

Zero Hedge | The US is now back on the brink of all-out war with Iran.

Michael Snyder | If a full-blown war with Iran erupts, nothing is going to be able to calm the markets.

Zero Hedge | Hong Kong police once again deployed tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons after protesters defied a government-canceled march organized by the Civil Human Rights Front. 

Voice Of Europe | The main feature of a new art exhibition called the ‘banana sprayer’ by Thomas Baumgärtel in Dellbrück: a picture of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan bending over with his trousers off, with a banana coming out of his rear.

Breitbart | Figures from the French judicial police reveal that the number of murders and attempted murders in the country has dramatically increased over the last ten years.

Zero Hedge | A shocking exposé in Politico reveals the Israelis have for years been planting spy devices near the White House.

Paul Joseph Watson | They actually did something right for a change.

Paul Joseph Watson | A ham-fisted attempt at political correctness.

Sputnik | The famous “Storm Area 51” event that purported to prove the existence of UFOs by storming a secret US facility, allegedly concealing the truth from ordinary citizens has been cancelled, but that didn’t stop some participants from trying to enter the site.

Zero Hedge | The US has once again surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia to reclaim the No. 1 spot as the world’s largest oil exporter, according to data from the International Energy Agency.

Zero Hedge | The Pentagon released a video Tuesday highlighting continuing anti-ISIS operations in Iraq at a time there’s a major push gaining momentum in Iraq’s parliament for American forces to finally exit the country. 

Zero Hedge | The new video was released as al-Qaeda’s own “positive” commemoration of the 9/11 anniversary.

RT | Moscow and Beijing are working on a new way to cut their reliance on the greenback, as Russia plans to issue its first yuan-denominated bond, which may help the two in skirting US tariffs and sanctions.

Zero Hedge | Beijing warned on Monday that Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China and any form of secessionism “will be crushed.”

RT | A high-ranking member of Belgium’s Flemish nationalist party has appeared on the roof of a city hall in Antwerp to deliver a message about what he called a latent “occupation” by Muslims.

Sputnik | An average of five rapes per day occurs in the Swedish capital, while only 5 percent of reported rapes results in a perpetrator being sentenced, a development local politicians have described as “unacceptable”.

Zero Hedge | “The world’s top oil exporter says it wants to use nuclear power to diversify its energy mix, but enrichment also opens up the possibility of military uses of uranium,” Reuters noted.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Don’t kill your brother!”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Without families and children, the national community will disappear.”

Hong Kong Free Press | Brandishing a sea of American flags, tens of thousands of Hongkongers marched in Central on Sunday urging Washington to pass a bill that would punish those it deems responsible for suppressing freedoms in the city.

Zero Hedge | Over the next three years, 120 million workers in the world’s 12 biggest economies may need to be retrained as a result of widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in the workplace, according to a new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study.

London Times | Political chaos in Westminster and Boris Johnson’s failure to hold meaningful negotiations means that France will veto another delay to Brexit, the country’s foreign minister said.

Daily Caller | President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday night that he called off a secret peace meeting between leaders of the Taliban and the President of Afghanistan at Camp David.

Paul Joseph Watson | Somalis 4.6 times more likely to commit violent crime than their parents.

Zero Hedge | The suicide rate in Britain jumped 11.8% in 2018 vs. 2017 to levels not seen since 2002 – according to The Guardian. Among those aged 10 to 24, the rate was even worse at a 19-year high. 

Paul Joseph Watson | They’re not gonna take it anymore.

RT | Russian President Vladimir Putin had called his US counterpart George W. Bush two days before the 9/11 attacks in 2001, warning about an imminent terrorist plot coming from Afghanistan, a former CIA analyst has revealed.

CNBC | The world’s two largest economies are “already in the early stages” of a second Cold War, according to Niall Ferguson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Breitbart | According to a new poll, only 32 per cent of Italians are positive about the new coalition deal between the populist Five Star Movement and the establishment left-wing Democratic Party (PD).

Zero Hedge | It’s also possible that government-aligned thugs staged the attack as a “false flag”.

RT | While UK parliament has shot down PM Boris Johnson’s bid for a general election next month, there’s no excuse for further delays once the risk of a no-deal Brexit is removed from the table, former MP George Galloway told RT.

Paul Joseph Watson | Media largely ignores it.

Sputnik | Meanwhile, the idea of repatriating migrants once their counties have become more peaceful is catching fire across Sweden.

CNBC | Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam will reportedly announce the withdrawal of a contentious extradition bill that has sparked months of mass protests and dampened investor sentiment.

Breitbart | Brexiteers have called out the “betrayal” of MPs voting to take over Commons business in order to push a bill that could make a no deal Brexit illegal.

London Metro | Boris Johnson has announced he will seek to trigger a snap general election after losing a crunch vote on Brexit when 21 Tory rebels turned against him.

Paul Joseph Watson | “This is what happens when you have chemistry grads fighting against tyranny.”

Paul Joseph Watson | 51 total arrested over the weekend.

Voice Of Europe | Yesterday, the populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party made historic gains in two crucial east German state elections, significantly increasing its support but ultimately failing to dethrone the CDU and SPD.

Sputnik | The British Parliament is to rush a bill preventing Prime Minister Boris Johnson from leaving the EU on 31 October without a deal.

RT | After some verbal combat between Jair Bolsonaro and Emmanuel Macron, Brazil’s tourism ambassador – MMA fighter Renzo Gracie – upped the ante, calling the French leader a “clown” and threatening to choke him. Diplomacy in 2019.

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