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Paul Joseph Watson | Tragedy of cultural relativism strikes again.

Paul Joseph Watson | Modernity in a nutshell.

Paul Joseph Watson | Video shows children chanting “Allahu Akbar” as flag of jihadist group flies high.

Paul Joseph Watson | African migrant Kobili Traoré threw victim out of a window after vicious beating.

Breitbart | Migrant transport NGO Captain Carola Rackete has demanded that Europe take in all asylum seekers from Libya, a number believed to be over half a million people.

Sputnik | Last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen sat down for national anthems although the protocol would usually require them to be standing.

Zero Hedge | Years ago both Gaddafi and Assad famously warned that as their nation’s borders were being flooded with NATO-backed arms and insurgents, the weapons and terrorist flow would soon go the other way into Europe. 

American Mirror | A woman who reportedly has mental issues jumped on stage at a closing ceremony for a youth camp in Brazil and shoved off stage a priest who was addressing some 50,000 attendees.

Free Beacon | ‘They have engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military’.

Paul Joseph Watson Nearly 300 arrested across France in second night of chaos.

Breitbart | “London is open”

RT | France’s major national holiday didn’t proceed smoothly.

Voice Of Europe | Germany recently admitted they do not know where the Jihadis are, and also confessed having “no plan” to deal with 120 others who are locked up in the Middle East.

Zero Hedge | French riot police squared off once again with protesters after the Paris Bastille Day military parade, according to AFP. 

Paul Joseph Watson Riot cops deployed across major cities.

Military.com | A majority of veterans taking part in a new research study says that the cost and burden of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan outweigh any successes or progress made in either conflict.

Breitbart | The BSA also revealed that acceptance of gay sex has fallen for the first time since the height of the 1980s AIDS crisis.

Sputnik | Earlier, the government of Britain’s overseas territory Gibraltar detained an Iranian tanker purportedly carrying oil to Syria and claimed that Tehran had violated international sanctions.

Politicalite | The super-max prison in London is allegedly run by a group of jihadi terrorists who have dubbed themselves the ‘brothers’.

Paul Joseph Watson “Our goal is to spread Islam to all”.

Breitbart | German prosecutor Ralph Knispel has claimed that courts in the German capital are so overburdened, they lack the capacity to carry out litigation against suspects.

Sputnik | The judge described the Muslim family, where the Russian’s daughters were placed, as a culturally and mentally alien environment for the Christian girls.

Sputnik | Russia’s RT broadcaster and Sputnik news agency, which were barred by London from participating in the Global Conference for Media Freedom, were at the centre of discussions at one of the event’s first plenary sessions on Wednesday.

Paul Joseph Watson German Chancellor tells reporters she is “feeling good”.

Paul Joseph Watson His privacy rights were violated.

Breitbart | The prosecutor’s office of Agrigento has confirmed the seizure of the migrant transport ship the Alex after it brought 41 migrants to Lampedusa, as the government prepares to enact even larger fines against NGOs.

Zero Hedge | The British pound is hitting fresh 2019 lows.

American Mirror | Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren told IfNotNow that if she’s elected president in 2020, she will pressure Israeli government to end its “occupation” in the Middle East.

Zero Hedge | The meetings are a sign of “nascent upheaval” in the Iranian government, the report said.

Paul Joseph Watson “The future seems promising”.

Paul Joseph Watson “You know, I’m just at a loss, it’s very hard to explain it all”.

Breitbart | Theresa May is standing by Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador in Washington D.C. who insulted President Trump and suggested he could be in hock to “dodgy Russians” in leaked memos.

Voice Of Europe | “We believe political pluralism is one of the most important issues in modern society.”

Zero Hedge | As the tanker and pipeline wars in the gulf continue to heat up, Saudi state sources are claiming to have thwarted a new “terror attack” on a commercial ship targeted by Yemen’s Houthis. 

Paul Joseph Watson “Protecting borders is necessary, otherwise the population will rebel against the government”.

Breitbart | Populist Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini is said to be reworking the security and migration decree to allow the government to confiscate ships flying under the Italian flag.

RT | China has made clear its ambitions in space with the announcement that it has completed construction of its first Mars rover, with a mission pencilled in for launch sometime in 2020.

Politicalite | Alexis Tsipras and his left-wing Coalition of the Radical Left, known as Syriza, suffered a humiliating defeat on Sunday at the hands of the centre-right New Democracy party.

Sputnik | US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iran of “further isolation and sanctions,” following Tehran’s move, claiming that an Iran “armed with nuclear weapons, would pose an even greater danger to the world”.

Paul Joseph Watson Blaming “frustrations” of young people isn’t good enough.

Sputnik | May and Johnson, who eventually parted ways due to Brexit strategy-related disagreements, have reportedly reached a compromise which saw him get acquainted with all the intelligence he needed to see.

Breitbart | While the number of migrants entering Europe has declined, reports claim that as many as 660,000 individuals still remain in Libya looking for a way into Europe.

RT | Tehran should seize a British tanker if the UK does not release the oil supertanker captured by Royal Marines near Gibraltar on Thursday, a senior official in Tehran has said.

Daily Caller | Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdicombe unloaded both barrels during her maiden speech before the European Council Wednesday, making the case for Britain leaving the European Union.

Zero Hedge | a “truly disturbing” violation of President Xi Jinping’s 2015 statement that China “does not intend to pursue militarization” in the water body.

Futurism | And it may have been nuclear-powered, too.

Voice Of Europe | United Kingdom has by far the highest rate of “exceptionally dangerous” returning Islamist fighters in the whole of Europe.

Paul Joseph Watson “The liberal idea has become obsolete”.

Breitbart | Thefts on the iconic London Underground subway system have surged by more than 80 per cent since 2016/17, around the time Sadiq Khan became city major.

Sputnik | In 2016, several French municipalities banned the wearing of burkinis, claiming it was a security threat, only to have the bans later overturned by a court.

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