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World News

Sputnik | Germans were initially supportive of their chancellor’s open-door policy towards people fleeing Middle Eastern war zones, however the huge influx led to unprecedented social upheaval.

Zero Hedge | No. 10 confirmed almost immediately that Williamson would be replaced at the MoD by international development secretary Penny Mordaunt.

Breitbart | A 22-year-old Syrian asylum seeker was arrested in the German city of Augsburg for injuring four police officers after they attempted to identify him in a routine check.

Breitbart | Following the arrest of four radical Islamic extremists on Friday, French authorities have now halted five radical Islamic terror attacks in the first four months of 2019.

Zero Hedge | After footage from yesterday’s riots showed regime tanks brutally crushing opposition supporters, Mike Pompeo appeared on Fox Business this morning and said that the US hasn’t ruled out military intervention.

Information Liberation | The controlled media chopped off the beginning of a National Guard truck ramming incident in Venezuela.

Michael Snyder | Juan Guaido has initiated a violent uprising in an attempt to overthrow Nicolas Maduro, and it appears that the U.S. may be preparing to intervene in the conflict militarily. 

Jon Hall | According to officials in Stockholm, Swedish residents have nothing to fear fromIslamic State fighters returning from the Middle East to live peaceful, crime-free lives in Sweden.

Paul Joseph Watson | Socialist hellhole teeters on brink of collapse.

Voice Of Europe | Over two million migrants have received anonymous debit cards at a cost of €1.55 billion, according to the Hungarian government.

RT | Self declared Venezuelan ‘interim President’ Juan Guiado has called for a military uprising in a video shot at a Caracas airbase.

Breitbart | Over 80 per cent of Somalis in the country taking state handouts.

Zero Hedge | So-called Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has appeared in a video released by the group’s media arm on Monday, for the first time in five years amid widespread speculation about his death.

Breitbart | Stockholm residents have nothing to fear from Islamic State fighters, as they have returned from the Middle East to live peaceful, crime-free lives in Sweden — according to officials in the nation’s capital.

Sputnik | Jewish teenagers from Germany are opting to study and possibly settle in Israel citing the hostile environment and growing anti-Semitism, in the country where they grew up, the German outlet Die Welt indicates.

Daily Mail | Sri Lanka announced a ban on face coverings, including veils and burqas, in the wake of the Easter suicide bombings that killed 253 people.

Zero Hedge | The Kremlin has responded to a major report in the Washington Post which revealed last week that President Trump has sought to set a new course for arms control.

Tom Luongo | The U.S. is welcome at the negotiating table but they are not necessary to resolving the situation. Russia, however, is.

Epoch Times | The pregnant wife of a Sri Lankan suicide bomber detonated a suicide vest when police raided the family’s Colombo home, killing herself, her children, and police officers.

Westmonster | With the poll indicating that Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is in the mix to win the European Elections next month, Farage has confirmed that the party will be looking beyond those set of elections and at Westminster as well.

Breitbart | As knife crime continues to be a major issue in Germany, one German women’s magazine has written an article on the treatment of stab wounds in its “health and fitness” section.

Zero Hedge | The United Nations has put the number of displaced due to Haftar’s offensive on the capital at more than 30,000 civilians.

Information Liberation | Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Rep Tulsi Gabbard said Wednesday that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are continuing to “hide the truth from their Christian supporters”.

Fox News | President Trump on Wednesday warned Mexico after their soldiers reportedly drew guns on U.S. troops at the border last week, while also calling on America’s southern neighbor to do more to halt another north-bound migrant caravan.

Breitbart | A 26-year-old Senegalese migrant was arrested after attacking a pair of Italian police officers with an iron bar in the city of Turin while allegedly yelling “Allahu Akbar” as he attacked them.

Sputnik | The Donald Trump baby blimp, which highlighted protests against the US President’s visit to the UK in July last year, will take to the skies once again during Trump’s state visit.

Daily Mail | Donald Trump will make a three day official state visit to the UK in June, Buckingham Palace announced today.

Voice Of Europe | The leader of the right-wing populist Vox party who has vowed to “make Spain great again” has been banned by the Spanish election authority from the only confirmed televised debate ahead of country’s general election on April 28th.

Sputnik | Multiple explosions took place in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, hitting several churches with Catholic worshippers as well as hotels in Colombo and other cities.

Breitbart | “There is an impression, sometimes, of there being hierarchies in place regarding these emotions.”

Voice Of Europe | Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl recently sent a letter to the EU commission, warning of a renewed migrant crisis and calling for immediate preventative measures to be taken.

RT | If the West does not want a new Cold War, it must remain open and accept the rise of other countries.

Charles Hugh Smith | The entire world’s ruling elites are silent because they’re terrified that even mild murmurings might limit the blood-soaked billions they want to reap from trade with China.

Breitbart | Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo is set to stir controversy once more after depicting French President Emmanuel Macron mixed with Notre Dame cathedral on fire on its latest cover.

Sputnik | At least 23 people were arrested following unrest which swept the immigrant-heavy district of Nørrebro after an anti-immigrant rally that featured what was perceived as a desecration of the Quran.

Information Liberation | We need to keep the war going so President Kushner can hopefully get some of that sweet, sweet Saudi money to bail him out on his 666 Fifth Avenue property!

RT | The US should step away from belligerent rhetoric and wind down its wasteful militaristic policies, former congressman Ron Paul told RT, after its Secretary of State accused Beijing and Moscow of bankrolling the Venezuelan leader.

Daily Mail | ISIS fanatics are heartlessly revelling in the inferno at Notre Dame Cathedral just days before Easter calling it ‘retribution and punishment’, according to terror intelligence researchers.

Daily Mail | Violence broke out in Denmark with cars and rubbish bins set on fire yesterday after a far-right anti-Islam activist threw a copy of the Koran into the air. 

The Sun | Details of the chilling plans were discovered on a hard drive dropped by a militant in Syria.

Sputnik | Sweden embraced immigration and is undergoing a rapid change in the demographics of its population; now Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has threatened to sanction others who don’t share the same attitude.

Breitbart | Labour’s David Lammy has insisted that comparing the Brexit-supporting European Research Group (ERG) to the Nazis “wasn’t strong enough.”

Politicalite | BORIS Johnson has seemingly hit back at Theresa May’s Brexit clusterf*ck and demanded that Britain leaves the EU, and has promised angry Brexiteers that it WILL happen.

RT | The Ecuadorian authorities have fabricated claims about Julian Assange’s alleged “gross misbehavior” at its embassy as a pretext to surrender him to the UK police, the WikiLeaks founder’s lawyer said.

Paul Joseph Watson | Demands all men take collective responsibility for rape.

Voice Of Europe | Two Moroccan migrants who reside in Italy are under investigation for their connection to the bombing of an office of Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s League party.

Breitbart | Nigel Farage is launching his Brexit Party on Friday to campaign Britons to support a clean break from the EU and “to begin a political revolution in the UK. “

Politicalite | THERESA May and the Tories face a ‘complete meltdown’ following Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, polls show.

RT | Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on Thursday morning.

Paul Joseph Watson | President to side with his base or the deep state?

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