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RT | North Korea is said to have blown up the facility, which was inaugurated by the two countries back in 2018, on Tuesday.

London Metro | A huge queue of people rushed to be the first customers to re-enter Nike Town as London joined other shopping hubs across England to reopen for the first time in three months.

UK Express | FIVE Chinese soldiers were killed and 11 were injured during violent clashes at the China-India border, which has sparked fears of World War 3.

Zero Hedge | The Rubin Report’s Pavel Zarubin interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, where he said social unrest across the US reveals the deep internal crisis in the country, reported TASS News. 

RT | The new outbreak in the capital was linked to a large food market, Xinfadi, which was promptly shut down on Saturday.

Breitbart | The racist posters were found plastered on a pavilion in Baxter Park in Dundee by a dogwalker, who said there “has been a lot of signs [in the area recently] but nothing this bad”.

National File | The response to those seeking to protect statues was far different from the response to those seeking to remove them.

Daily Mail | Reports suggest he was badly beaten by some demonstrators, before other protesters stepped in to protect him.

Breitbart | “To be sure, malice and violence, abuse and corruption abound.”

Daily Mail | Sadiq Khan says boarding up of sculptures was necessary due to threat from far-right as 5pm curfew is introduced.

Zero Hedge | A top Pyongyang official now says there’s “little reason” to maintain ties. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Aussies refuse to cave in to mob.

Steve Watson | Black lives matter CANCEL demonstration to avoid clashes with counter protesters who vowed to defend monuments.

Daily Mail | ‘It’s not racist when we do it Priti’.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I will fight you!”

Paul Joseph Watson | They “defile the memory of our ancestors.”

Steve Watson | White, Oxford-educated curator said next target should be ‘racist’ Winston Churchill.

Breitbart | The scheme is part of China’s “Thousand Talents” program, which sees to pay western academics to hand over research funded by the government of their home countries.

Steve Watson | “Churchill was in no doubt a racist and a white supremacist.”

Steve Watson | Clashes are set for this weekend.

Breitbart | A senior Chinese official dismissed the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, which has attracted millions of protesters in the past year, as supporters of “terrorism” who had “gone too far” in remarks on Monday.

Paul Joseph Watson | Will likely end up in a museum as petition by migrant teenager calls for all statues to be toppled.

Breitbart | Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has compared the New Iconoclasm of Black Lives Matter to the Taliban after the far-left group tore down the statue of a local historic figure who owned slaves.

Breitbart | “We need to wake up, get some facts into our heads, and understand what it is we’re fighting.”

Steve Watson | Footage showed police being literally chased and being pelted with projectiles by violent mobs.

Zero Hedge | On Friday President Trump directed the Pentagon to withdraw 9,500 US troops from Germany by September, following years of the administration severely criticizing lack of enough military spending from its European ally.

RT | Prince Andrew could be forced to provide testimony under oath in a UK court.

Daily Mail | Including woman PC hospitalised when her horse bolted – after tens of thousands gathered peacefully despite pleas for social distancing.

Paul Joseph Watson | Terror group welcomes riots in “infidel” countries.

Zero Hedge | Beijing banned the peaceful vigil – an annual tradition – for the first time this year amid a crackdown on Hong Kong’s freedoms spurred by the pro-democracy movement that brought chaos and disorder to the streets of HK.

Daily Mail | Face coverings are to be made compulsory on public transport from June 15 to help quell coronavirus, Grant Shapps announced tonight.

Paul Joseph Watson | Pathetic.

Steve Watson | 31st anniversary of anti-Communist protests.

Daily Mail | Riot police were called in last night to deal with a group of protesters who tried to attack a police van after the peaceful main Black Lives Matter demonstration in London had finished.

Breitbart | Authoritarian regimes are gloating over the bedlam unfolding in the U.S., the newspaper said, citing several examples from their respective state-run media.

Zero Hedge | “These lungs mine. I will take care of my lungs. Breathing is sacred.”

Breitbart | A pro-China petition circulating in Hong Kong claiming to include signatures by famous artists and celebrities featured names of people unaware the petition existed, some of the celebrities in question said this weekend.

Breitbart | “Donald Trump is doing the right thing.”

Breitbart | Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement of support to violent rioters burning down homes and businesses throughout the United States this weekend, asserting on Monday, “the world is standing with you.”

Steve Watson | Twitter allows enemies of America to gloat while censoring US President.

Daniele Pozzati | More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.

Breitbart | China’s National People’s Congress (NPC), one of its two communist legislative chambers, proposed drafting a sovereign immunity law on Wednesday to allow Chinese people to sue the American state in courts, an act of revenge for mounting litigation against China.

Michael Snyder | At this moment in history, the little nation of Israel has once again taken center stage, and what happens next is going to have staggering implications for all of us.

Zero Hedge | It’s clear that Indian authorities are watching with growing alarm what they view as an ‘invasion’ of their sovereign territory.

Steve Watson | “It was a cover-up. And we’ll get to the bottom of it eventually.”

Zero Hedge | The state-run outlet noted that officials also took “crucial measures for considerably increasing the firepower strike ability of the artillery pieces.”

Daily Mail | China has said that relations with the United States were ‘on the brink of a new Cold War’, fuelled in part by tensions over the coronavirus pandemic.

Breitbart | It was previously illegal under noise pollution laws.

National File | The unnamed African migrant has lived in Sweden for a decade

Daily Mail | Citing threats from Russia and China’ – but experts warn it could start an ‘unprecedented arms race’ and destabilize international relations.

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