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World News

Zero Hedge | According to reports circulating widely in Israeli media today, the United States has quietly given Israel the green light to assassinate Iran’s top military officer.

Bloomberg | This year could see a geopolitical crisis on the scale of the financial crash a decade ago, Eurasia Group warned in its annual outlook.

Sputnik | Iran is claiming that the ongoing protests inside the country are as part of a “hybrid war”.

Information Liberation | Video out of Champigny-sur-Marne in Paris shows a mob of rioters overturn cars and violently kick a policewoman on the ground after being turned away from a New Year’s Eve party.

Sputnik | “Philip was wishing lots of people a Happy New Year and then he spotted this guy with his distinctive beard.”

Zero Hedge | It fits a familiar script which seems to roll out when anyone protests for any reason in a country considered an enemy of the United States.

PJ Media | An American-accented ISIS fighter who apparently lost a leg fighting with the terror group was featured in a new Islamic State video calling on Western supporters, including the disabled, to conduct knife or gun attacks.

Breitbart | Approaching a third of German and French people want the European Union (EU) to become a single country, or ‘United States of Europe’, but only 10 per cent of Brits agree.

Caitlin Johnstone | When you zoom in and focus on any individual part of their conspiracy theory, it falls apart.

Zero Hedge | An official statement from Chinese officials tonight smacks of Obi Wan Kenobi – ‘these are not the secret oil trades you are looking for’.

Breitbart | Iraq and Syria have both declared victory over Islamic State in recent weeks.

Breitbart | Newly elected Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has urged the European Union (EU) to create safe zones within migrant-origin countries and deploy member states’ armed forces to stop the flow of migrants.

Metro | People are being warned to stay alert this week after an Isis propaganda video called for attacks on New Year’s Eve celebrations.

RT | Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday’s blast in a St. Petersburg store was a terrorist attack.

Zero Hedge | North Korea’s neighbors fear Pyongyang is conducting illegal biological weapons tests.

RT | The US is hosting training camps for militant groups in Syria.

Louder With Crowder | The rapery is at such a critical mass, their government is taking action to put a stop to it.

Bloomberg | CEBR publishes World Economic League Table and predictions.

RT | The Royal Navy’s HMS ‘St Albans’ shadowed the cutting-edge Russian missile frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’ as she passed near British waters in the North Sea on Christmas Day.

AP | France’s government is deploying nearly 100,000 police and soldiers for the holiday season as fears of extremist attacks remain high.

RT | Pyongyang considers the latest round of UN sanctions, which severely crippled its remaining imports and exports, to be an “act of war,” the country’s foreign ministry has said.

Sputnik | The Korean crisis risks spiraling out of control, and faces a danger horizon that is “very, very acute and drastic.”

Breitbart | 35 countries abstained and 21 countries did not turn up to vote.

Al-Masdar News | Russian jets flying out of the Hmaymim Military Airbase began their attack by launching airstrikes over the towns of Abu Dali and Musharifah.

Breitbart | A new report has revealed the extent to which Britain’s housing crisis has been driven by mass immigration.

Breitbart | Voters across the EU agree terrorism and immigration are the most important issues facing the bloc.

RT | The Pentagon has disclosed that it carried out “multiple ground operations” in Yemen this year.

Breitbart | European Commission First Vice-president Frans Timmermans has confirmed the EU executive is seeking to impose unprecedented sanctions on conservative Poland.

Zero Hedge | This most recent defection marks the second in two months. A rate unprecedented in recent memory.

RT | Pyongyang accused Washington of fabricating yet another “false pretext” for a surprise attack.

Sky News | The 34-year-old was detained after getting off a flight from Stockholm just before 8am on Tuesday and remains in custody in Essex.

Breitbart | Swing, a former U.S. ambassador, has previously demanded the European Union (EU) open her borders to migrants.

Zero Hedge | “We would be pleased about tips regarding where they live or can be met privately.”

The Hill | “I mean, if North Korea has a nuclear weapon, I mean who are you going to try to prevent from getting one?”

Westmonster | Issue of ending EU open borders is being completely buried.

Breitbart | Populist leaders meeting in Prague this weekend said the EU is “killing Europe.”

Mac Slavo | A disturbing tweet about this event, which is hardly even back page news, is almost all there is for media coverage.

Sputnik | The Kremlin has commented on the new US national security strategy, announced by Donald Trump on Monday.

RT | The Saudi-led coalition has reportedly shot down a ballistic missile targeting a meeting of royal leaders at the al-Yamama palace in Riyadh.

RT | Washington has allocated $214 million to build airfields, training sites, ranges and other military installations in an unprecedented military buildup in Eastern and Northern Europe aimed at countering “Russian aggression.”

Sputnik | US President Donald Trump is expected to present his “America First” national security strategy on Monday, with the White House arousing the public’s curiosity by publishing excerpts of the document.

Westmonster | Juncker’s poodle Michel Barnier has said Britain must “face the consequences” of Brexit.

Reuters | “I do not want Finland to become a province of EU, Finns must stand up for Finland’s interests.”

RT | The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained seven people suspected of being members of a terrorist cell linked to Islamic State, the agency reported.

American Mirror | The northern Israeli town of Nazareth, best known as the childhood home of Jesus Christ, will not be celebrating his birthday this year, and the Muslim mayor is blaming President Trump.

RT | US President Donald Trump is taking an “extremely dangerous” and “big step” towards nuclear war by seeking a naval blockade, North Korea has stated, according to the official KCNA news agency.

Breitbart | The European Union has descended into vicious infighting as it continues to struggle with the migrant crisis, with the President of the Council and the European Commission at each other’s throats.

RT | As one of the world’s top energy importers, China has successfully completed its fifth dry run in yuan-backed oil futures contract trading.

The Hill | In the wake of President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

RT | A “right-wing nationalist” German soldier has been presented with new charges of plotting to carry out false flag attacks that would result in retribution against immigrants, after an earlier case against him was thrown out of court.

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