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Zero Hedge | A BBC correspondent in the region is describing “multiple strikes across Iran-backed groups’ facilities” which include “logistics and drone warehouses.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Gee, I wonder why.

Paul Joseph Watson | Virtue-signaling stunt intended to prove Italians weren’t racist.

Breitbart | President Erdogan of Turkey said that there is “no difference” between Greek forces trying to protect the nation’s border and the Nazis.

Information Liberation | Truly our greatest ally.

Daily Mail | Italy has said all shops except pharmacies and food outlets will be closed in response to the country’s coronavirus outbreak as the death toll from the disease in the country jumped sharply in the last 24 hours.

Paul Joseph Watson | Instant karma.

Voice Of Europe | German customs authorities have blocked a shipment of protective masks headed toward Switzerland, sparking fresh diplomatic tensions between the two countries as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout Europe.

RT | A trend of assaulting non-mainstream politicians over their views seems to be taking root in Germany, with a car owned by the head of the AfD party’s Berlin branch being set on fire in the second such incident in over a week.

Paul Joseph Watson | Parliament falls silent as German Chancellor drops shocking number.

Paul Joseph Watson | Video clip has post-apocalyptic feel.

Paul Joseph Watson | Thou shalt not pass.

Breitbart | Just four per cent of the supposed refugees who have breached the Greek border in recent days are Syrians, according to the Greek government.

RT | Austria is imposing a blanket ban on all people entering from Italy unless they have a medical certificate, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has proclaimed, though Austrians currently in Italy are strongly encouraged to return.

Zero Hedge | “The commander of U.S. Army Europe, along with several staff members, may have been exposed to the coronavirus during a recent conference, the Army said on Monday.”

CNBC | Italy will expand the lockdown of the Lombardy region to the entire country, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Monday as Italy’s case count surged, making it the country with the most COVID-19 cases outside of China. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Some kind of connection here.

Paul Joseph Watson | Unrest erupts at 27 different prisons across the country.

Paul Joseph Watson | Can’t fault them for honesty.

Paul Joseph Watson | Making spread of the virus more likely.

Zero Hedge | In their desperation, the regime is appealing to the people’s most base impulses.

Sputnik | Moscow previously stressed that global security had deteriorated due to Washington’s decision to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty last year.

CNBC | European countries are battling with the coronavirus as the number of infected people keeps growing, while the death toll in Italy —the region’s epicenter —rose dramatically Thursday.

Zero Hedge | Nearly 300 million students worldwide are enjoying an unexpected vacation as they face weeks at home, with Italy the latest country to shut schools over the deadly new coronavirus.

Zero Hedge | Russia and Turkey have announced a major ‘de-escalation’ and ceasefire agreement.

Continued to work at restaurant and deliver Chinese food.

RT | The leader of the anti-immigration Swedish Democrats is determined to discourage migrants right from the off, telling them that they shouldn’t be counting on Sweden’s famed benefits, as the Nordic country is already “full.”

Sputnik | A migration crisis on the Turkish-Greek border erupted after Ankara announced it would no longer be preventing refugees from going through its territory to Europe in violation of previous agreements with the EU.

Zero Hedge | Near daily new dead and wounded have been reported after 34 Turkish soldiers were killed on Feb. 27 in an airstrike blamed by Ankara on Syria — but widely believed to have been carried out by Russia.

AFP | Italy on Wednesday closed all schools and universities until March 15 as the number of deaths from the new coronavirus in the Mediterranean country hit 107.

Breitbart | An employee of Kenya Airways suspended for videotaping the arrival of a passenger aircraft from China announced on Monday that he will file a lawsuit contesting his suspension.

Paul Joseph Watson | Accuses establishment politicians of “treason” for failing to defend their people.

Paul Joseph Watson | Country currently besieged by migrants trying to reach northern Europe.

Sputnik | In the words of Progress Party luminary Christian Tybring-Gjedde, Norway must “put a complete halt to non-Western immigration”.

RT | Europe has been put to the test after Turkey provided free passage for waves of migrants heading westward, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, describing Ankara’s move as an “attack on the EU.”

Michael Snyder | This is already the most frightening virus outbreak that we have seen in the past several decades, and it appears that it is just getting started. 

Prison Planet.com | The Jooos are behind this? okaaaay!

Paul Joseph Watson | Says he is back in business as Erdogan warns “millions” of migrants are heading to Europe.

Paul Joseph Watson | Crowd chants “Allahu Akbar” as they carry his body away.

Sputnik | Earlier, several Iranian officials fell ill with coronavirus as Iran has become the epicentre of the outbreak in the Middle East.

Reuters | Austria will stop any migrants attempting to rush its border if measures to halt them in Greece and through the Balkans fail, conservative Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said on Sunday.

Breitbart | “We want to bring our people back home.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Tinned food, water, toilet paper & surgical masks all flying off the shelves.

Paul Joseph Watson | Diversity continues to be a strength.

Paul Joseph Watson | Says 17 people died in her hospital in one day alone.

Zero Hedge | The pope catching the coronavirus would certainly make an interesting sequel to Netflix’s “Two Popes.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “We stand in the way.”

Breitbart | Italy’s “patient one” was forced to wait 36 hours before he was tested for Coronavirus at a hospital, potentially losing the nation precious time in preventing the spread of the virus.

Zero Hedge | Covid-19’s effect on the global economy, energy markets, and the shipping industry have been absolutely disastrous, borderline crisis, if not, has already triggered the onset of the next financial crisis. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Concerns over shortages behind hoarding of products.

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