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World News

Voice Of Europe | Under the migration policy of Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, migrant arrivals in January 2019 are down by around 95 percent compared to January 2018.

Sputnik | The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Moscow is concerned over the fact that terrorists have not abandoned their attempts to stage chemical attacks against Syrian civilians.

Zero Hedge | “You’re talking to our allies over there and you wonder whose side they’re going to be on.”

Breitbart | “In so doing, they betray the European project and citizens’ expectations.”

RT | Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed that Donald Trump ordered the Colombian government and mafia to assassinate him, but insisted that he’s well protected from the threat of assassination.

Zero Hedge | It’s probably just a coincidence.

Free Beacon | China spreading communism to replace U.S.-led democratic, free market system.

Zero Hedge | The UAE government was essentially handing out government “gender equality” recognition awards to itself. 

Fox News | The White House on Monday announced billions of dollars in new sanctions against disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Sputnik | In Norwegian textbooks, Europeans are systematically portrayed as abusers, imperialists, and exploiters.

Zero Hedge | “If confirmed this would be a pretty terrible OPSEC [operations security] breach.”

Free Beacon | Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) said on Sunday that it is in the interest of the United States to support the Venezuelan people.

Breitbart | Samir Kouider has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for the murder of his sister’s French, non-Muslim boyfriend.

Voice Of Europe | Häme Police Department personnel received internal communications instructions on police information related to the current situation of asylum seekers.

Zero Hedge | A 40-year-old French construction worker known for his role in organizing Yellow Vest protests has been “handicapped for life” after he was struck in the eye with a rubber police bullet, his attorney said Sunday. 

The Mises Institute | The crushing majority of the Yellow Vests were peaceful, non-violent and largely unaffiliated with any particular political direction.

Breitbart | Official crime figures have revealed a 14 percent jump in the number of homicides recorded in England and Wales, with knife offences hitting the highest level in eight years.

CNBC | “The reality is that we are in a cold war that threatens to turn into a hot one,” Soros said at a private dinner event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

RT | Undeterred by Chinese jet overflights and previous warnings, the US Navy has once again challenged the ‘One China’ policy by sending its vessels through the Taiwan Strait in what it called a routine freedom-of-navigation exercise.

Free Beacon | Report reveals electromagnetic war scenarios.

Breitbart | The Italian secret service has warned that people-smugglers in the Mediterranean may seek to engineer a mass drowning in order to garner Western sympathy and resume the flow of migration.

Breitbart | “You know, what’s the worst [case] scenario? No Deal, [World Trade Organization] rules — the whole world is running by WTO rules these days.”

CBNBC | German Chancellor Angela Merkel has “grave doubts” about a changing approach to global affairs in which compromise and multilateralism seem to be lacking.

Michael Snyder | And if Israel and Iran go to war, guess who else will almost certainly enter the conflict?

RT | The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to prevent President Donald Trump from withdrawing the country from NATO, but called on European allies to pay their dues – just like Trump has demanded.

RT | Salvini’s jibe is the latest salvo in an ongoing feud with Paris.

Sputnik | German Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to deliver a speech at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Zero Hedge | “At a time when Europe is threatened by nationalism, which is growing from within… Germany and France must assume their responsibility and show the way forward.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Chorus of jeers greets globalists.

Breitbart | Migrant youths make up nearly half of the unemployed youth in France, according to statistics gathered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Breitbart | Belgian Senator and former Secretary-General of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Alain Destexhe has slammed “elites” for their handling of mass migration and the lack of debate on the long-term effects of migration.

RT | King Louis XVI’s refusal to embrace reforms led to his downfall, Emmanuel Macron told corporate executives gathered at Versailles. The meeting was held in part to alleviate investors’ fears after 10 weeks of Yellow Vest protests.

Zero Hedge | “We do not like that it is our citizens who are being punished.”

Breitbart | The Czech Republic is launching a programme to pay non-EU migrants to go home, noting that funding the scheme would cost taxpayers “far less” than if migrant groups remained in the country.

Reuters | Damascus did not say what damage or casualties resulted from the strikes, but a war monitor said 11 were killed and Syria’s ally Russia said four Syrian soldiers died.

Voice Of Europe | Marine Le Pen delivered a speech in Paris to thousands of her National Rally party supporters, who chanted “Macron, resignation!” as she spoke.

RT | The head of Iran’s air force has warned that Tehran is ready to “confront” and “eliminate” Israel. His fighting words come after Israel launched air raids on alleged Iranian targets inside Syria, killing 4 Syrian soldiers.

Zero Hedge | “There’s a rising tide of euroskepticism across the continent,” Bannon said. “This is a historic moment.”

Breitbart | Leave campaigner Nigel Farage has warned that Brexit is “on the verge of being betrayed” and Leavers must be prepared to continue the fight either in the face of Article 50 being delayed or a possible second referendum.

Sky News | The ex-UKIP leader says there will be another set of European elections if Article 50 is extended by as little as three months.

Zero Hedge | President Trump on Thursday scrapped a scheduled delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, citing the partial government shutdown. 

Free Beacon | Pentagon acknowledges Beijing seeks global supremacy.

Sputnik | The Charleroi municipality court in Belgium has sentenced a Syrian refugee to five years in prison for plotting a terrorist attack in the country, the RTBF reported on Thursday.

Sputnik | The recent spate of sexual attacks on underage schoolgirls as young as ten has spurred the Finnish authorities into action.

Breitbart | France has seen a 22 percent rise in asylum applications in 2018, while populist-led countries such as Italy and Austria have seen sharp declines in claims.

Breitbart | Support for the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) waned somewhat over the Christmas period but has found newfound momentum as a poll shows nearly 70 percent of French people now back it.

RT | Even if Westminster manages to push through a new Brexit referendum, a new vote would actually show even bigger support for the idea of leaving the EU, Farage argued.

Zero Hedge | When in doubt, desperately reach for the Reductio ad Hitlerum argument.

London Independent | Officials have decided to remove entire exhibit – not just Saudi flag.

RT | German Foreign Minister has signaled the EU’s readiness for new talks with the UK on Brexit if Theresa May’s plan is rejected by Parliament.

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