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World News

Zero Hedge | The fact that the White House considers barrell bombs a catalyst for escalation is surprising.

Information Liberation | CIA agent turned Republican congressman Will Hurd comically blamed Bashar al-Assad for the refugee crisis and the rise of ISIS Monday on Fox before calling for him to be overthrown.

Mediaite | U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper about the recent Syria strikes and said, “We don’t see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there.”

UK Express | SWEDEN’S prime minister vowed his country would “never go back” to the days of mass immigration after it emerged the Stockholm attacker was a failed asylum seeker.

RT | Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has provoked a backlash from senior Democrats after refusing to take Syrian President Bashar Assad’s complicity in the Idlib chemical attack at face value and demanding proof

Information Liberation | The refujihadist who killed four people in Sweden on Friday was an ISIS sympathizer from Uzbekistan who has his asylum request rejected in December.

Breitbart | Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain, two of the biggest critics of President Barack Obama’s failure to act in Syria, issued a joint statement.

RT | Russia has suspended the memorandum of understanding on flight safety in Syria with the United States.

Sputnik | The US missile attack in Syria was “de facto” in the interests of Daesh and other terrorists, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Zero Hedge | Pentagon Spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis has issued the following statement on the U.S. strike in Syria in which US ships launched 59 Tomahawk cruide missiles at Syria.

Michael Snyder | I can’t believe this is happening, and a lot of other people apparently can’t either.

London Telegraph | Israel’s opposition Labour party has postponed its July primaries by one day to avoid clashing with a Tel Aviv concert by US singer Britney Spears, a senior lawmaker said Wednesday.

Daily Caller | Christianity is dying out in Europe.

Daily Caller | Leaked documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations reveal how Soros works to defeat populist candidates and movements in Europe.

RT | The South Korean Defense Ministry would neither confirm nor deny the success of the test.

Reuters | Russia denied on Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was to blame for a poison gas attack.

RT | The Syrian Air Force has destroyed a warehouse in Idlib province where chemical weapons were being produced and stockpiled before being shipped to Iraq, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Gatestone Institute | The new data released by Italy’s National Institute for Statistics for 2016 sounds again like a death knell.

Michael Snyder | “All options are on the table.”

Breitbart | France and Germany, along with a host of up to 21 other countries, are set to demand Hungary and Poland either accept migrants under the quota system or leave the European Union (EU).

UK Express | A HOST of EU countries are set to demand Poland and Hungary accept their quota of migrants or they will face being booted out of the crumbling bloc.

RT | You won’t see the expression of solidarity in European cities often displayed when other nations suffer similar heinous attacks.

Sputnik | According to a daily poll by Opinionway, French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has widened the lead over centrist rival Emmanuel Macron to 2 percent in the first round of voting.

Paul Joseph Watson | Al Jazeera Facebook page flooded with positive comments & emoticons.

CNS News | The number has steadily declined.

AP |  President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, flew to Iraq with the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford on Monday.

Sky News | The President says he could “totally” tackle Kim Jong-Un on his own if China fails to take a harder line against the pariah state.

RT | Julian Assange has “cordially” invited the losing presidential candidate to “leave Ecuador within 30 days”.

Westmonster | There must be an election coming up.

NBC News | After years of North Korea thumbing its nose at the international community, on Friday Defense Secretary James Mattis appeared to signal enough was enough.

Washington Examiner | The Trump administration is poised to appeal a Hawaii federal judge’s decision to extend an order that temporarily blocks President Trump’s revised travel ban, according to a report Thursday.

Sky News | Defence Secretary Michael Fallon today joined with the US to put pressure on NATO states to pay their “fair share” on defence.

Sputnik | On Thursday, the German company Optronic HR confirmed recruiting Russian speakers for upcoming NATO drills involving US troops.

Louder With Crowder | And they wonder why Islamophobia is a thing…

Breitbart | Police in Uppsala, Sweden, have arrested one man in an ongoing investigation into a gang rape which was filmed and posted on the social media app Snapchat.

UK Express | Juncker said he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.

Sputnik | Military officials continue to play the spooky Russian card in order to lobby for more political, economic and strategic support from leaders in Washington.

CNS News | Sen. John McCain’s characterization of Kim Jong-un as a “crazy fat kid” drew a sharp response this week from Pyongyang’s foreign ministry.

Zero Hedge | The commander of U.S military forces in Europe told lawmakers Tuesday that he needs a larger combat force.

Sputnik | The warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are carrying out missile-firing drills in Crimea, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet spokesman said Wednesday.

RT | Islamic Council Norway has hired a woman that wears a traditional Islamic full-face veil, the niqab, as its communications officer.

Information Liberation | The Democrats’ conspiracy theory claiming Russia “hacked our election” is falling apart.

Breitbart | Hungary has refused a request by the Swedish government to take in 5,000 asylum seekers, and the Swedes want to take the matter to court.

Sputnik | The amount of weapons and other dangerous items seized by the Swedish Customs has been increasing dramatically over the past few years and is still rising.

Mac Slavo | Russia claims to have created a devastating hypersonic missile that travels five times faster than the speed of sound and could rip through navy warship defences because it’s too fast to stop.

Information Liberation | Asian mobs rioted in the streets of Paris on Monday night after police shot a 56-year-old Chinese father of five who they say charged them with a pair of scissors and stabbed one of their officers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Two migrant groups pelt each other with stones during chaotic scenes.

Speisa | Because white Swedes are not deported.

Zero Hedge | The country’s limited capacities to host people are already on the brink of collapse.

RT | Terrorist sent messages that he was planning an attack.

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