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Sen. Schumer calls for ‘random stings’ to catch TSA Officers who steal

Julie Tremmel
Fox23News.com [1]
October 5, 2012

Senator Charles Schumer says TSA Officers across the nation should be screening luggage, not stealing it.

But according to Schumer, that’s exactly what’s been happening at airports across America to hundreds of carry on items as they head through security checkpoints, and to checked baggage as it’s inspected by trained officers.

When Senator Schumer found out that nearly 400 TSA Officers have been fired for theft since 2003 he was appalled.

So, he wrote a letter to a TSA Administrator calling for more ‘random stings’ to weed out the bad apples.

Senator Schumer’s letter reads, in part, “…I write to raise two possible solutions you can immediately enact to address this problem. First, TSA’s Office of Professional Responsibility should immediately announce that it will be performing random theft audits at all airports to test whether TSA agents are acting in a trustworthy manner to protect passenger property. This announcement will have two immediate positive effects: 1) it will help catch bad actors who take property during these audits; and 2) it will positively alter behavior even during times when audits are not occurring because TSA Agents will not know whether lost property has been placed into their custody unintentionally or intentionally as part of an audit.”

Full story here. [1]