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Sesame Street songs were repeatedly played for days on end to torture Guantanamo Bay prisoners, report claims

UK Daily Mail [1]
May 31, 2012

They were written to teach children colours and strange words but distorted versions of bouncy Sesame Street songs have been used to torture Guantanamo Bay prisons for days, it has been claimed.

The staggering assertion has been made in a documentary from Al Jazeera and follows previous claims in 2008 that heavier tunes such as Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ and Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ were played incessantly to prisoners at the naval base in Cuba.

According to the report ‘innocent children’s songs were abused for inhumane purposes’ as music from the popular US children programme was blasted repeatedly into prisoners’ ears.

Christopher Cerf, the man behind the distinctive Sesame Street theme tune and a further 200 songs used in the show over the years, says he was shocked to discover that his music which was intended for good was used as a form of torture.

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