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Sesame Street to Feature Cross-Dressing LGBT Activist Billy Porter

Moonbattery [1]
February 4, 2020

LGBT activist Billy Porter must be the liberal establishment’s point man in the campaign to corrupt young children.

As noted earlier [2], the cross-dressing freakazoid was chosen to play the Fairy Godmother in a debased Sony Pictures remake of the wholesome 1950 Disney classic Cinderella. Now they are going to feature him on Sesame Street.

Via LifeSiteNews [3]:

Porter, best known [4] as Pray Tell in the FX’s LGBT ballroom drama Pose and for wearing extravagant dresses [5], will appear during the 51st season of the beloved children’s show, according to [6] Sesame Street’s official Facebook page.

This isn’t entirely new ground for Sesame Street. In 2017…

…its song “Anyone Can Play” purported to smash gender norms for children’s toys and costumes, including the lyrics “some boys like to play dolls” while the male character Grover is seen in a purple dress.

In the absence of significant pushback, liberal social engineers have predictably escalated their attack on wholesomeness and normalcy.

At this point, the Culture War is a mop-up operation. There’s no need to be subtle about the agenda.