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Shampoo Banned in China for Containing Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Wang Manna
Central News Agency [1]
Wednesday, Jan 14, 2008

HONG KONG—Chinese authorities have recently banned a shampoo under the brand of “Wash Black (yi-xi-hei),” which claims to contain medicinal herbs to trigger the growth of black hair. The shampoo, made in Guangdong Province, is believed to contain cancer-causing chemicals.

According to Southern Net, China’s official TV station, CCTV, aired a report on January 4 about the quality of four products under the “Wash Black” brand. Instead of medicinal herbs, the shampoo contains cancer-causing chemicals such as benzenediamine. Consumers of the shampoo often suffer from allergic reactions and other symptoms.

The Guangzhou Provincial Drug Administration has been investigating four products, which have been banned from the market. The factory has been ordered to stop making these products.



Experts say that these products are chemical dyes, not shampoo. If used as frequently as shampoo is used, they may cause mutations in genes and cell chromosomes, potentially leading to cancer.

A site visit to the “Instant Black” factory revealed no evidence that medicinal herbs were used in the production process.

Benzenediamine is an industrial chemical used to tan leather and harden cement. It is recognized as a cancer-causing agent. It is prohibited in cosmetic formulations.