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Sharpton, Obama, and the “Hate Crime” Fraud

Thomas DiLorenzo
LewRockwell.com [1]
December 27, 2013

For the past several months, gangs of mostly black thugs have been sucker punching mostly elderly white, Asian, and Jewish men and women, even killing several people, in what they call the “knockout game.”  Self-appointed “civil rights leaders” remained silent about it until some black conservatives shamed at least one of them — Al Sharpton — into denouncing this racist thuggery.

Sharpton held a press conference and announced that “We would not be silent if it were the other way around” (i.e., white teenage thugs sucker punching elderly black people at random).  “We cannot be silent . .  when it comes from our community,” said Sharpton, who denounced the “knockout game” as “insane thuggery.”

A few arrests have been made but the ruling class was quick to declare that there is absolutely no reason to believe that any of these vicious attacks was a “hate crime.”  That is, until the first instance recently of a idiotic young white guy who sucker punched an elderly black man.  The federal government immediately charged him with a federal “hate crime.”

Inequality under the law in a way that may well lead to a race war is the mantra of the Obama administration.