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Shoppers “Frightened” By Man Using Open Carry Gun Rights

ksl.com [1]
Jan 19, 2011

OREM — A man who frightened shoppers at the University Mall in Orem by carrying guns in the open may be charged, though police say he did not break the law in how he carried the weapons. The man caused a lot of concern among people who saw him armed Saturday in a busy area of the city.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com [2]

Police received several 911 calls that morning about a man armed with a rifle and a handgun walking down the street in front of the mall at the intersection of University Parkway and State Street in Orem. Calls first started coming in as the man passed through the neighborhood around 1600 South and 800 East.

The man was wearing an unloaded assault rifle and had a handgun holstered. Officers also discovered a large knife. A witness told KSL the man was wearing a leather jacket and beret.

When officers found the man, they say he wasn’t pointing the guns at anyone, he was just carrying them. Since the guns were unloaded and he was not threatening anyone, officers determined he was not breaking the law.

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