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‘Slate’ Demands we Stop Equating “Science with Truth.” They Can Screw Themselves…

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Louder With Crowder
August 10, 2017

In an unsurprising, hysterical over-reaction befitting a leftist rag like Slate, the online magazine has commanded their readers to stop equating science with truth.

All because a Google employee released a memo. Based on the post (which I read) it seems like Chandra Prescod-Weinstein, the writer of the Slate piece, didn’t read the memo itself. But totally read the knee-jerk reactions to the memo, then wrote about how sometimes people use science to do and say mean things. So much for citing the original source material.

Let’s be reasonable: tis easier to read angry tweets in 140 characters or less about a memo than the actual ten-page memo. Especially if you write for the science section at Slate between your important work as a Slate writer and “Philosopher of Science.” Neat title! I sometimes work as a “Rebutter of Bullshit.” Thanks for opening door number two, Chandra.

So let’s begin with this digital smegma, shall we? Chandra Prescod-Weinstein opens her piece thusly:

It’s 2017, and people are still debating whether or not women are intellectually inferior to men, and whether we are entitled to a workplace that isn’t toxic to people simply based on their gender and sex.

Uh oh. See, this is why I question whether or not you read the memo. Because it made no such assertions. If only you had bothered to read the opening of the memo, you could’ve saved yourself an impending deluge “this Slate article is completely asinine.” Including this post. Written by simple English degree-holding white (but gloriously tan, thank you very much) woman who’s tasked with mocking dumbasses for pay.

God, I love my job.

Because here’s how James Damore actually opened his memo:

James Damore fully acknowledges there is sexism, bias, and stereotypes. Which, sweet Chandra, you would have known had you read the memo. As a real scientist would have. Getting harder and harder for me to believe you, Chandra. Especially for someone who prides herself on being a scientist. Why weren’t you bothered to even read the source material you’re using to launch a feminist rage campaign?

Let’s continue down the menstrual path of your odious opening paragraph:

The Google employee memo about the apparent harms of diversity policies in Silicon Valley is both a shocking news story for the general public and for many women and gender minorities—especially of color—working in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine, a banal sign of normalcy.

See, that’s not what it was about at all, which again, you would’ve known had you read the memo. Is there an echo in here? Or are we just in your pompous, empty head?

Since reading is so hard for you, Chandra, a “philosopher of science,” here’s my “bro” Steven Crowder in video form to explain what the memo actually said. I’d like to note that Steven is a comedian. Not a scientist. And yet he cited the actual source document.

Now that we’re caught up, back to your drivel:

Much of the science that resulted from this system, conducted primarily by white men, is what helped teach us that women were the inferior sex.

Oops, pause again. See, here I have to make a salient point. Sometimes men are assholes. Much the same way that sometimes women are bitches. People, on the whole, can generally be horrible to each other. See also: the history of humanity. YES, sometimes men use “Men are physically stronger than women, LOL!” as a platform to say “Men are better than women, tee hee, make me a sandwich.” I don’t like it either. But some men being douchebags, using science as a cudgel, doesn’t mean we should just reject science because you don’t like the reality it dictates, or the dick men who use it to be dicks.

See, I don’t think it’s fair that I have to shell out fat stacks of cash to fly to Hawaii. Alas, “gravity” makes it impossible for me to long jump across the Pacific Ocean myself. Damn science is screwing with my finances. Should I just reject it?

Addressing the “Men are better than women because they’re physically stronger than women” isn’t a simple one, I agree Chandra. Because, as already stated, some men are pigs. But the wrong way to address it is just ignoring, or rejecting a biological reality. Instead, we might stop trying to compete in the same way as men, especially physically, as that just reinforces the idea that a person’s degree of physical strength equates personal value. I wrote a triggering OpEd about this two years ago. People hated it for the same reason you hate basic biology. Read Dear Feminist Hollywood: Stop Trying to Make Female Action Heroes a Thing.

Back to your written word vomit:

Racial taxonomies conveniently confirmed that enslaving African people was a perfectly reasonable behavior since, as Thomas Jefferson put it, black people were “inferior to the whites in the endowments of body and mind.” Of course, this apparent inferiority never stopped Jefferson from repeatedly raping his wife’s half-sister, Sally Hemings, herself a product of rape. Jefferson is remembered as a great thinker, but when one reads his writing about race, it becomes immediately evident that rather than being much of a scientist, he was a biased white supremacist who hid behind science as a shield.

Again, some men are ass wipes. Incidentally, a similar talking point used for slavery is currently used by feminist she-devils. I’m speaking of abortion. Since unborn children are not the same as born children based on their size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency, feminists (maybe like you, Chandra) think it’s fine to chop them up and suck them out of a uterus. Because of “choice.”

But tell me again about how much you just looooove science.

You, sweet Chandra either didn’t read the memo (likely) or barely skimmed it. While writing this piece, I tweeted you several times, offering you a chance to respond to my assumption you hadn’t actually read the material used to bolster your feminist rant.

The silence was deafening. Followed by a swift BLOCKING.

In conclusion, sometimes people are assholes. Let’s include you in that mix, yeah? Sometimes those people use biology to be assholes. Sometimes men, being physically stronger, use their strength to be rapists and murderers (see also Muslim men in Europe). Sometimes women use their cunning and art of manipulation to accuse innocent men of rape because other men have raped or simply wronged them (read JUSTICE! ‘Victim’ Who Falsely Accused Students of Rape Now Faces Prison Time). Sometimes “philosophers of science” have such a hatred of men, they use any excuse to write about it, without bothering to read that with which they claim to hate.


Maybe next time, Chandra, run a couple of Google searches first. Since you clearly love the Google with blind, slavish devotion.

This article was posted: Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 5:46 am

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