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Smear Attacks Have No Effect, Ron Paul Still On Course To Win Iowa

The establishment media is losing its power to sabotage the march of liberty

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Despite a barrage of smear attacks from every single corner of the mainstream media over the last two weeks, Ron Paul’s chances of winning the Iowa Republican Primary have if anything increased, with a new poll showing Paul increasing his lead over Mitt Romney while the New York Times’ primary projection shows Paul’s chances of winning at 60% compared with Romney at 31%.

The sheer desperation of the establishment in its efforts to topple Ron Paul are staggering to behold. Everything from bitter former employees of the Paul campaign [1], to ludicrous You Tube videos of crying women [2], to the re-hashed debunked 15-year-old smears [3] about ‘racist’ newsletters, every single piece of dirt imaginable has been thrown at Paul – but nothing has stuck.

This phenomenon once again illustrates the fact, as we saw during Rand Paul’s senatorial campaign, that the corporate press is now so distrusted by a significant portion of Americans that their coordinated smear attacks, which used to have the power to sink candidates almost overnight, are now rapidly losing influence.

It also highlights the fact that the smear attacks against Paul have been completely hyped and exaggerated out of all proportion.

Whereas Herman Cain’s adventurous sex life cost him the frontrunner’s position and forced him to drop out of the race altogether, likewise with Gingrich when the exposure of his true political inclinations decimated his commanding lead, the so-called scandals about Ron Paul are so transparently weak and have been distorted out of all rational proportions, that their impact has been non-existent on the polling figures.

That assertion is proven by the numbers – which show Paul’s lead in Iowa has held firm.

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Ron Paul at 24% with Romney in second at 20% and Gingrich in third at 13%. That’s a one percentage point increase in Paul’s lead compared to the last PPP poll conducted ten days ago.

“Paul continues to have much more passionate support than Romney. 77% of his voters are firmly committed to him, compared to 71% for Romney. Among voters who say their minds are completely made up Paul’s lead expands to 7 points at 28-21. If Paul’s lead holds on through next Tuesday it appears he’ll have won this on the ground,” reports PPP [4].

In addition, the New York Times’ primary projection [5] shows that Paul now has a 60% chance of winning Iowa compared to Romney with a 31% chance. Last week, the two candidates were level by this measurement but now Paul has pulled ahead.

If there’s anything that frightens the establishment as much as Ron Paul gaining the kind of momentum that could catapult him into the frontrunner position in other primary states, it’s the fact that the corporate press and all their simpering hangers-on no longer have the power to dictate reality.

The smear attacks have failed – Ron Paul is still on course to win Iowa and his momentum will continue to build.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com [6]. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.