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Socialist Utopia: Venezuela Inflation Hits 248 Percent…

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Louder Than Crowder
August 10, 2017

Wherever socialism seeps, crapstorms follow.

Hurricane Venezuela is an obvious example (see Socialist Venezuelan Government SEIZES General Motors Plant and GUN CONTROL: Venezuela Confiscates Civilian Guns. ARMS Socialist Regime). News of Venezuela’s shortcomings (taking the form of human suffering) won’t be leaving the lips of champagne socialists any time soon. The western left is following in the footsteps of their socialist heroes. Venezuela’s current failure in chief seems to be rather mum on subject as well.

[Venezuelan] President Nicolas Maduro’s government has not published official data for more than a year.

The government says it is a victim of an “economic war” led by opposition-linked businessmen.

Ah, socialists. Ever the victim. President Madura is hiding something. And not a booming economy. Nor a robust healthcare system. Or plus sized models. Let’s take a look at the numbers he conveniently forgot to mention for the past few years.

Inflation in Venezuela’s crisis-hit economy quickened to 248.6 percent in the first seven months of the year, the opposition-led congress said on Wednesday in the absence of official data.

Economic hardship in Venezuela, where there are severe food shortages, is fueling unrest that has led to over 120 deaths in the last four months.

Monthly inflation [is] quickening, with the rise reaching 26 percent in July versus 21.4 percent in June.

So things have failed to improve under unfettered socialist policies. The shock of it all. Someone hand me a paper bag into which I can exhale.

andrew mccarthy shocked glass drop

Take notes, liberal college students. Socialism has raped Venezuela of all her riches and natural resources (see SOCIALIST UTOPIA: Mob of Starving Venezuelans Beg Government for Food). While helpless citizens starve to death, the government is greedily gobbling up all the country’s resources. Meanwhile blaming capitalism for all their problems. The numbers prove otherwise, but Venezuela’s ruling officials stay silent on the matter. Guilty conscience mayhaps?

And no, this cyclone of preventable garbage is not because “Venezuela isn’t doing socialism right” or “they didn’t take socialism far enough.” Because this is what happens in socialist countries. Every time. Pipe dreams about socialism do not change reality. Stop it.

The left will try to bury this story. Don’t let them. They’ll insist socialism isn’t actually the problem at hand. Instead, leftist windbags suggest the issue lies in the way this disaster was carried out (read Socialist Venezuela is Unravelling. Smug College Student Blames… Capitalism?!). Tis not so. See, Venezuela has every reason in the world to be successful. Rich natural resources, a once booming economy, located on the western hemisphere, and one can only assume an unending supply of tacos. Still, none of that saved them from the disease that is collectivism. At least now these South Americans have true equality. Everyone is equally starving.

This is what Bernie Sanders and his cronies want for America. Hard pass.

This article was posted: Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 5:48 am

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