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Some Good News Amidst All the Bad

Becky Akers
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
June 21, 2013

Most Americans – 76% of them, in fact – have never heard of the DHS’s propaganda, “See Something, Say Something.” In case you’re among that blessed set, “SS-SS” (such appropriate initials, don’t you think?) is Our Rulers’ effort to turn us all into snitches. Or as The Prospector puts it, SS-SS “encourages people to help prevent danger in their own communities  [2]by reporting suspicious activity.” You know: you see a guy wearing a yellow star who’s escaped the ovens, you phone the local Nazis and report him.

When “witnesses at a House subcommittee hearing” divulged this little factoid of Americans’ innocence, Rep[ulsive] Jeff Duncan (R-SC) actuallylamented. “It is disappointing to me that a country that leads the world in effective advertising and marketing cannot be as effective in communicating with its own citizenry on even the most basic policies related to homeland security,” Dunce said. Who is this jerk? Though of course we’d agree with him — if  his point had been to abolish the totally incompetent (thank God!) DHS.

But it wasn’t. And so Josef Goebbels-sorry, “Robert Jensen, DHS principal deputy assistant secretary in the office of public affairs,” responded, “We will continue to expand the campaign in the coming months and years.” Years. Years more of ham-fisted SS-SS. It’s enough to send a gal screaming over the border.

Perhaps SS-SS will add Mickey D’s to Wal-Mart as bastions of its brainwashing. Only the finer joints for Our Rulers.

Update: Ralph Carter writes, “See something, say something…..isn’t this what Snowden and Manning have done? Should they not be lauded for following this directive?” Ah, but mere serfs should never expect consistency from a police-state.