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Something Fishy This Way Swims! Genetically Modified Population Control is Something to Beef About!

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Sovereign Independent
July 9, 2010

At a time when GM foods are rapidly polluting the planet, we’re now being told that Europe is consuming too much fish and that we need to cut back because we’re apparently only 189 days away from completely running out unless we empty the waters of other regions around the world.


Now correct me if I’m wrong but it appears to me that Ireland in particular, being the most Western European country sited on the East Atlantic shoreline, should have the biggest supply of fish in the EU. Yet we’re being told that our masters at the EU will be discussing cutting fishing quotas even more in upcoming talks.

I don’t know about you but I don’t that many people who can afford to buy fish so I don’t know who all these people are who’re eating it all and in light of the fact that Ireland’s food prices are still rising despite being in an economic depression, it’s becoming even less affordable.


Furthermore I do know that thousands of tons of dead fish are thrown back into the Atlantic because they’re either the wrong size, the wrong species or there are simply too many of a particular species in the fishing nets.


  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

To anyone with a modicum of common sense this would seem to be an act, not only of economic stupidity, but it strikes me that the more dead fish which are thrown back then the more fish have to be caught to satisfy demand.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to use all fish that were caught? Where’s the sense in throwing away perfectly good fish which will rot in the sea? Couldn’t we use dead fish, which perhaps aren’t suitable for human consumption, for our feline friends?

Throwing dead fish back into the seas is simply another example of the lunacy coming out of Brussels whereby bureaucrats who know nothing about fishing or agriculture dine out on expense accounts paid for by us in city center restaurants are abundant with lobster and caviar at extortionate prices all paid for by the gullible public.

But nevermind, there’s always a good beef stake to be had. But hold on, apparently we can’t have meat either because that too is unsustainable according to that other bastion of totalitarianism, the United Nations. According to them we can’t even have the cheeseboard!


So we’ve not to eat fish, meat or dairy products it seems because guess what, it’s better for our personal carbon footprint. I suppose that includes eggs but that’s ok because apparently all the chickens have the flu and we don’t want to be catching that do we!

 Nevermind, think of the energy you’ll be saving when you can get rid of the empty fridge.

But hold on; don’t sell the fridge for scrap just yet. It seems the solution lies, for the mission to feed the greedy world, in GM fish, pigs and yes even cattle!




Doesn’t that come as a huge sigh of relief? No more hunger!

So apparently we have a choice to make. We either become involuntary vegetarians or we eat GM foods.

Now I’ve nothing against being a vegetarian. In fact I don’t really eat alot of meat, not because I’m morally against it, but simply because there’s no taste in it anymore. I’m old enough to remember when there was.

However, if it comes down to a choice between going vegetarian or eating GM food then there is no choice. I’ll be a veggie; not a supermarket veggie though because alot of that is GM as well even in Europe where GM foods are spreading across the continent.


I’ll be doing my best to grow as much of my own as possible without the chemicals used by the big producers today.

I’ll be eating my own home-grown as much as possible because GM foods come at a price, not only a financial price, but at a severe cost to the health of every person who eats them.


The main effect of eating GM is sterility, along with various cancers and neurological disorders, which of course fits in nicely with the earlier article above describing how not eating meat will reduce our carbon footprint and save water for the planet.

I’ve asked the question of ‘greenies’ in the past as to where all the water goes that’s being used up and am still waiting for an answer. As far as I can surmise it doesn’t leave the planet and is a constantly recycled resource. I can’t see us drinking our way through the great oceans of the planet anytime soon so I have to come to the conclusion that we are never likely to run out of water.

Let’s face FACTS here. The human species is a carnivore. We have eaten meat and fish since the first human being came up with a tool giving him, or her, the ability to hunt and capture animals for food. Nothing has changed in the physiology of the human species unless it’s been done through pharmacology or other unnatural means.

To suggest that everyone on the planet should go vegetarian is utter lunacy when  at the same time, the UN amongst others are telling us that there are too many people to feed on the planet and that there will be food shortages in the near future unless we become more ‘sustainable’.

Well if we can’t manage to grow enough food now to feed the close to 7 billion people on the planet, how do we propose to grow enough for the projected high, which we’re told on page 1 of the report below, will peak at 9.22 billion in 2075.


This being case why can’t we simply plan ahead to feed 9.22 billion people? There is no shortage of land to grow food on, especially when you take into account the fact that throughout the European Union, farmers are paid not to grow food, to the tune of £60 BILLION, even if you’re not a farmer!


What we have here is nothing more than a thinly veiled population reduction program all in line with ‘sustainable development’ which by definition means NO DEVELOPMENT as Africa has found out to its cost for decades. The starving are still starving, the dying are still dying and the mothers and fathers are still being strerilised using ‘free’ vaccinations supplied by so called ‘philanthropists’ like Bill and Melinda Gates.

I guarantee you these people won’t be cutting back on their food supplies anymore than anyone at the EU, UN or any politician on the planet will be. No, cutting back is only for the ordinary folk that pay their wages.

It’s about time farmers woke up to the reality that they have sold their souls to the bureaucrats in Brussels and elsewhere for their free lunches. But the time will come in the near future when these free lunches will also be rationed, like meat, fish and dairy products when the only way to get them back will be to grow GM crops.

Therein lies the way to total control of the world food supply by a few multinational corporations. This of course will be used to ration food around the world and lead to death from starvation for billions of ‘useless eaters’ on the planet. After massive depopulation of course there will be abundant goodies for the rich whilst the remaining slave class will be fed enough junk science food just to keep them working long enough for their slavemasters.

Wake up and smell the coffee whilst you can still get it!

This article was posted: Friday, July 9, 2010 at 3:48 am

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