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Soros warns Europe of disintegration

Gillian Tett and Chris Giles
Financial Times [1]
April 12, 2010

The eurozone area and wider European Union is now “on the brink” of disintegration unless Germany steps up and provides loans at below-market rates to Greece, George Soros, the hedge fund manager, has warned.

However, Mr Soros added that he still hoped that Germany and others would be willing to forge a last-minute solution, since the consequence of a break-up would be so dangerous. He was speaking before an announcement on Sunday afternoon by eurozone finance ministers of the terms of a support package for Greece.

“It is 50-50 whether the eurozone breaks up. The damage that break up would cause is so great, that I think that as people realise it, they will pull back from the brink,” Soros told the Financial Times in an interview. “But we are at the brink now…a solution has to be found in a matter of days.”

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