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South Korea to defy North by sending in troops

London Evening Standard
Nov 25, 2010

South Korea’s president vowed today to increase the number of troops on the island hit by a North Korean artillery barrage.

The North immediately countered by warning of more attacks if the South carried out any “reckless military provocations”.

Seoul and Washington increased the pressure on China to use its influence on its ally North Korea to ease tensions after the exchange of fire on Tuesday that left four South Koreans dead, including two civilians. China responded by simply urging both sides to show restraint.

“We should not let our guard down in preparation for another possible North Korean provocation,” South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said during an emergency meeting in Seoul. “I think a similar North Korean provocation could come at any time.”

“The government has decided to sharply increase military force, including ground troops, on the five islands in the Yellow Sea and allocate more of its budget towards dealing with North Korea’s asymmetrical threats,” said Hong Sang-Py, the president’s senior public affairs secretary.

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