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Special Operations Elite and the Osama Death Op

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Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama’s raid inside Pakistan that reportedly killed Osama bin Laden and members of his family was conducted by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) who dispatched special operations elite hunter-killer commandos. It was likely run out of a new JSOC fusion center staffed by elite military and selected members of the government.

On Monday, the Air Force Times wrote the following about the raid:

“The moment a Navy SEAL forced his way into Osama bin Laden’s bedroom and put two bullets into the al-Qaida leader was not only the culmination of a manhunt that stretched back to the 1990s, but also Joint Special Operations Command’s finest hour.”

NPR described JSOC as the command responsible for conducting US counter-terrorism operations. “JSOC is reported to command the US military’s Special Missions Units,” writes Beth Ford Roth for KPBS in San Diego. “These SMUs are tasked with conducting CT operations, strike operations, reconnaissance in denied areas, and special intelligence missions. Much of the hunting for senior Taliban and al Qaeda members in Afghanistan is being conducted by a unit called Task Force 11, composed mostly of Delta Force soldiers and SEALs.”

The secretive counter-terrorism Delta Force created Task Force 11 on September 11, 2001. It was designed primarily as a hunter-killer group roaming the globe in search of terrorists. Delta Force, JSOC, and the Pentagon are connected at the hip to the CIA and its Special Activities Division.

On January 5, a new military targeting center was unveiled. The Associated Press reported it was run by JSOC and “would be a significant step in streamlining targeting operations previously scattered among U.S. and battlefields abroad and giving elite military officials closer access to Washington decision-makers and counter-terror experts,” according to the usual officials who insisted on a condition of anonymity when discussing classified matters.

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“The creation of the center comes as part of the administration’s increasing reliance on clandestine and covert action to hunt terror suspects as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have tested the country’s patience and pocketbook,” the AP explained. “The White House has more than doubled the numbers of special operations forces in Afghanistan alone, as well as doubling the CIA’s use of missile strikes from unmanned drones in Pakistan and expanding counterterror operations in Yemen.”

The center operates as a federal fusion centerand “is similar to several other so-called military intelligence ‘fusion’ centers already operating in Iraq and Afghanistan,” the AP continues. “Those installations were designed to put special operations officials in the same room with intelligence professionals and analysts, allowing U.S. forces to shave the time between finding and tracking a target, and deciding how to respond.”


The center is run out of the Pentagon and Congress is out of the loop, although congressional committees have been briefed on its operations, according to officialdom.

The JSOC concept was forged in Afghanistan under Gen. Stanley McChrystal. According to the AP report, McChrystal’s intelligence chief, Brig. Gen. Michael Flynn, recognized early innovations by special operations forces in the field and then refined the intelligence sharing process among the military into the “counter-network” system.

Under Flynn’s system, “special operations forces have acted as police crime scene investigators, quickly combing for evidence after capturing or killing their targets,” writes Kimberly Dozier. “They bring their data back to a team of defense intelligence analysts who work with interrogators questioning captured suspects. Their teamwork, officials said, speeds up the targeting of new terror suspects.”

This military operation is plugged into the domestic intelligence apparatus. Its cloud-computing network is fused with all elements of the national security state, including the advanced high-tech snoop capabilities of the NSA and Homeland Security.

Homeland Security considers a number of domestic political groups to be threats to national security. A fusion center in Missouri designated Ron Paul supporters as potential terrorists. The DHS, taking its cues from the Southern Poverty Law Center, released a report that claimed returning veterans may threaten the government and the president and support white supremacists.

However, according to officials, we don’t have anything to worry about because “if the suspected militants turned up inside the U.S., the FBI and other domestic law enforcement would take the lead, officials said.”

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The FBI has made a virtual cottage industry out of dispatching agents provocateurs and informers to convince mental deficients they are part of an al-Qaeda terrorism plot.

Drawing distinctions between the Pentagon, the CIA and various associated agencies, Homeland Security, the NSA, federal and state governments, local law enforcement – all apparently plugged into the military’s new high-tech hunger-killer (and torture) network – is now almost completely an exercise in futility.

This article was posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 8:14 am

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