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Spy-in-sky patrols over British cities in hunt for Taliban fighters

Jason Lewis
UK Daily Mail [1]
Sunday, Aug 3, 2008

MI5 is using a fleet of sophisticated surveillance aircraft to search for unidentified Britons who fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The manhunt has been ordered because it is feared the committed and highly trained fighters may have returned home to plot terror attacks in the UK.

Planes with eavesdropping equipment are now flying over British cities searching for returning Afghan fighters.

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They are attempting to identify suspects using ‘voice prints’ of fighters with British accents picked up by RAF Nimrod spy planes monitoring Taliban battlefield radio signals.

The revelation comes after the former SAS commander in Afghanistan yesterday confirmed that British Muslim extremists were actively supporting Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks on British troops.

He said there was also evidence that these people were then returning home to plot further attacks in the UK.

Brigadier Ed Butler warned: ‘There is a link between Kandahar and urban conurbations in the UK. This is something the military understands but the British public does not.’

Whitehall sources have never officially confirmed that the three Britten-Norman Islander aircraft based at RAF Northolt in West London are being used for covert surveillance by MI5.

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