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‘Stalinist’ social workers ‘took children from loving mothers’

Laura Clark and Paul Bentley
UK Daily Mail [1]
April 13, 2010

Social workers behaved like officials in ‘Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China’ in attempting to remove children from loving mothers, senior judges have said.

They warned that social workers in two separate cases tried to put children in foster care without giving their mothers a proper chance to prove they were fit parents.

Their actions risked fuelling public perceptions that social workers are ‘arrogant and enthusiastic removers of children from their parents’, Lord Justice Wall said.

In one case, Devon County Council was attempting to remove a baby from his teenage mother because social workers believed she had a habit of forming relationships with dangerous men.

But Lord Justice Aikens warned that social workers were effectively saying to the mother: ‘Whatever you may do doesn’t make any difference – we are going to take your child away.’

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