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Sting’s Hypocritical “Green Tea Party” Lecture

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International jet-setting rock star calls for more big government to save us from our carbon emissions

Steve Watson
Monday, April 26th, 2010

I admit it from the off – I’ve never liked Sting. I find his voice grating and his music annoys me. So if Sting and Mrs Sting go on CNN and lecture the general public about how we are killing the planet and our only saviour is some form of vastly empowered big government, it’s going to get my goat.

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on Sunday, the rock star dubbed Earth Day celebrations in Washington a “Green Tea Party”, while simultaneously calling for “big government” to save the planet:

“Well, you can see the enthusiasm out there.” Sting commented. “And people are here to really tell big government that we want big government to make big decisions about the most important problems we face. And also to pressure our corporations to behave properly, as consumers, but we’re here to — we’re asking for big government, basically.”

“You want big government?” a somewhat baffled Lemon asked.

“Of course we do.” Sting replied. “This is a huge problem, and only the government can solve it. You know, the man on the street can do a little bit, but big governments need to make decisions. We need to stop clear-cutting forests. We need to protect the forests. That’s the simplest way of cutting greenhouse gases.”

Then Trudie Styler, eager not to be known as “the little wifey”, dropped a bombshell – there’s going to be no life on Earth in 50 or so years, unless we create and empower this big government to save us:

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“We have to really lean on our governments to do something. Because I think that we’re going to maybe not in my lifetime, but towards the end of our children’s, we’re going to reach a tipping point, that we will no longer be able to support life on this planet earth. I believe in that defiantly and passionately and strongly.”

Sting finished off the interview by singing his song “One World Is Enough” – presumably one world, run by one big government, with one big global accord; every breath you take – they’ll be taxing you (awful pun intended), while Al Gore and Maurice Strong rake in billions via the international carbon trading scam.

Watch the video:

“A climate skeptic is someone who jumps out of the 20th floor of a hotel, and for 19 floors he says to everybody ‘hey it’s fine’ nothing’s wrong”.

Nice analogy Sting, but what does that mean? I would say that a real climate change skeptic is someone who looks at the the available facts and the science from a neutral starting point and comes to his or her own conclusions, rather than blindly accepting whatever he, or she, is told by big government, wealthy elites and the cherry picked scientists they have gathered into their camp.

What is more, I would wage a bet that 99.9% of climate skeptics are greener than Mr Sting in any case. I fly once every two years (if that), I recycle anything recyclable, I do not own a car and I live in a modest energy efficient two bedroom flat. That doesn’t mean I believe we’re all doomed unless we de-industrialize the planet, keep the third world mired in poverty and cough up carbon taxes to a global regulatory body.

I do not need a “green” lecture from a man who has seven homes and jets a 750-person crew around the world all year round putting on massive rock concerts.

Who does Sting think he is? The leader of the green Police? (again, couldn’t resist).

You may think it bizarre after that rant, but I do believe Sting and Styler’s hearts are in the right places. Deforestation is a real environmental problem that can and should be conquered legitimately, without surrendering the power to govern ourselves and lining the pockets of the wealthy few.

However, throwing in alarmist claims regarding CO2 driven global climate change is irresponsible, screams of bandwagon jumping, and comes across as totally hypocritical.

The last thing we need is armies of emotionally charged middle aged dadrockers baying for more big government because their leader, Sting, has them believing it’s how you stay down with the in crowd.

Surely that’s a more frightening scenario than global warming could ever top.

This article was posted: Monday, April 26, 2010 at 11:39 am

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