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Stop Anthropogenic Solar Cooling Now!

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Here I go again
Monday, Oct 6, 2008

As most scientists know, the Earth emits as much radio energy as a small star and with the advent of WiFi, Bluetooth and the iPhone, we as a society are continually emitting ever increasing amounts of electromagnetic (EM) transmissions. These EM emissions are interacting with the solar wind, forcing it back upon itself and therefore interfering with the Sun’s ability to generate sunspots. This is predicted by peer-reviewed models showing ever lower solar cycles in the future and is proven by the delayed start of cycle 24.

There is a scientific consensus that humanity is emitting ever larger amounts of EM radiation. It is this radiation that is the cause of Anthropogenic Solar Cooling (ASC) – a major threat to not only the Earth, but life on Mars and Venus as well. The science is settled as almost every solar specialist with whom I have spoken on this issue agrees with the ASC hypothesis (there is one exception to the consensus, a Leif Somebody, but we ASCer’s write him off as a skeptic, a crank and a neer’do’well).

It is only a matter of time before the Mainstream Media realizes the scope of the approaching catastrophe and headlines ASC to boost failing circulation. This free publicity will shift priority funding away from other research and get Al Gore and Greenpeace to further publicize the threat of ASC by using it to raise huge piles of cash from the ordinary and pseudo-scientifically intimidated citizens.

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We MUST stop ASC now – Turn off your cell phone, wireless router, motors, lights, generators, and all other electric devices to reduce your EM footprint and save not only all life on the Earth, but on Mars and Venus as well.

Can’t get your EM footprint any smaller? Please visit my website and consider buying EM credits to offset your emissions. The poor third-world people who live in harmony with nature and lack the able to generate man-made EM waves will gladly sell their unused EM credits using my corporation as the sole broker.

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Be Free, Be EM Free ™

UPDATE (10/6/2008): For those who doubt the scientific validity of ASC, here is poof of the delayed start for Solar Cycle 24 – NASA moves the goalposts on Solar Cycle 24 again

Continued growth in anthropogenic EM emissions will soon reach a tipping point and Solar Cycle 25 may never start at all!

This article was posted: Monday, October 6, 2008 at 3:44 am

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